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10 Disappointing Moments from E3 2018 That Are Unforgivable

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E3 2018 was definitely a highlight of the gaming year yet again with a lot of pleasant surprises thrown in. That isn't to say there weren't disappointments though. Games we were almost certain would be making an appearance completely no showed. What did you think was the worst no show of E3 2018? Let us know in the comments down below. ======= ► SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/fragherosub ► http://www.fraghero.com ► http://www.gamebyte.com ► http://www.facebook.com/fraghero
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Text Comments (34)
jzero3 gaming (29 days ago)
Mark zampela?? Who is that?
where is aoe 4???
xxxEIGHTBREAKERxxx (3 months ago)
Hidetaka Miyazaki is a fucking failure and he abandoned Armored Core 6. #HidetakaMiyazaki #ArmoredCore6
Fataudama (3 months ago)
Give me your tears gipsy
Chris Kritikakis (3 months ago)
No Prince Of Persia announcement.
Pedro Brás (3 months ago)
What about Command & Conquer Rivals. Worst than not anouncing X game is anouncing a game that kills the franchise.
Carlos Silva (3 months ago)
Avengers is being developer by crystal dynamics the same developer of tomb raider, and tomb raider is being developer by eidos the same developer of Lara croft and the Guardian of light . And since avengers is from Disney i don't know if square will publish it And the developement of avengers may have started in 2016 since the last dlcs of rise of tomb raider was developed by them so wait abit more
PH- X -PLAYER (3 months ago)
I will give you "THE SHIPWRECK". the new COMMAND & CONQUER game
Mr. Tiny (3 months ago)
It said no notable announcements, but... ES6?
Splitcast (3 months ago)
Definitely the worst disappointment was overkill’s the walking dead. What a pile of shit.
underfire987 (3 months ago)
i would say the entire fucking show no interesting games coming up at all
STEALTHY JD (3 months ago)
Biggest disappointments for me was no bloodborne 2 although I'm hoping sekiro will play fast just like bloodborne and also nothing about a new splinter cell
Rakin al islam (3 months ago)
square enix published just cause 4 right?
Rakin al islam (3 months ago)
FragHero why don't you uplode more often like you used to do befor?
FragHero (3 months ago)
They will be doing 😁
Vegeta san (3 months ago)
Guro _ (3 months ago)
There is the game awards..gamescon..psx...etc
Guro _ (3 months ago)
TheSpojak19 well its what the companies decides to show or not lol i dont understand the butthurt. The conference was good. Not outstanding but good and yeah we have all the other events happening remember psx last year they showed off Ghost of tsushima..then game awards they showed Soul caliber and etc.
TheSpojak19 (3 months ago)
Guro _ still, if they really wanted a reaction they could have at least teased throughout their speaches instead of talking 24 minutes talking about a game thats already been hyped *cough* nintendo *cough* that way they could drive up attention to other events this year, like bethesda with doom and quake
Guro _ (3 months ago)
TheSpojak19 gameawards get broadcasted too and gamescon is pretty cool along with quake con for doom eternal and..tgs with more square enix and possible DMC 5 trailer again
TheSpojak19 (3 months ago)
Guro _ still e3 is the biggest and most televised
Blacksea Sura (3 months ago)
No bully 2 announcement
Waffle Mayhem (3 months ago)
It's rumored to be released after red dead. So like late 2019-20 hopefully.
FragHero (3 months ago)
One day it will happen!
Mighty Bradley (3 months ago)
Alex Jaeger (3 months ago)
Yves did say 'wait for it' but I'm praying to the dancing pandas that Splinter Cell might appear next year.
jainam shah (3 months ago)
Biggest disappointment is definitely no splinter cell announcement
St. PaddyMad! (3 months ago)
My opinion. No Metroid Prime 4 but Fortnite on Switch. Wasn't quite pleased with Nintendo. And for the record, I don't trust that Reggie.
Cash Money (3 months ago)
It was fine I don't know why yall got a stick up your arse hole
Kys Kms (3 months ago)
Cash Money yeah! '76 was great!
Techno Gamer (3 months ago)
Eduardo Valencia (3 months ago)
Not First! 😢
Dr Eggman (3 months ago)
Jiff B0b (3 months ago)
First hi

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