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Logitech G Play: G703 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse

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Featuring a 1 ms report rate and our end-to-end optimized wireless connectivity, G703 features LIGHTSPEED wireless technology to deliver incredible responsiveness for competition-level twitch targeting. G703 comes equipped with the PMW3366 optical sensor—widely regarded by esports professionals and gaming enthusiasts as the best gaming mouse sensor on the market. Advanced button tensioning uses metal springs to help keep the left and right mouse buttons primed to click, delivering exceptional click feel, response, and consistency. With a lightweight, ergonomically designed body, G703 was made to mold to your hand for long-lasting comfort during gameplay. Add POWERPLAY to keep G703 charged while at play and at rest. When you want to push the boundaries of play, Play Advanced with Logitech G. http://www.LogitechG.com http://www.twitter.com/logitechg http://www.facebook.com/logitechg http://www.instagram.com/Logitech_G
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Text Comments (212)
daniel leong (8 hours ago)
my adapter spoiled in less than a month it could not detect the mouse?? someone help pls
NitroVAC (5 days ago)
I prefer: Razer For Keyboard (*i know its overpriced, but I have a high budget so it's sort of okey for me*) Logitech For Mouse (YES, ITS BUDGET FRIENDLY AND ITS GUD)
TheoTheOreo (22 days ago)
Hol up. This might seem like a stupid question but how exactly does it comnect to the pc? Through the long wire and adapter or bluetooth or at least a dongle. Im actually looking for a wirless mouse for my laptop. Thanks in advance!
Pepe (22 days ago)
RIP G703. The new Logitech g pro wireless battery lasts 2x longer, mouse is 25% lighter, a better sensor and better feet.
Flame (9 days ago)
But its 150 dollars (for now) This mouse is still good though
Can Mert (1 month ago)
this is 403 or 703
Calvin (23 days ago)
Can Mert Wait until the Logitech G PRO mouse comes out. It’s quoted one of the only wireless mouse to last a gaming tournament and it uses Logitech’s best DPI sensor.
Ahmad.natour71 (2 months ago)
i have click lag (ads lag,aiming) with G703 its rly bad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vj7lttKm8fc&t=0s&list=WL&index=49 i hope some on can help me
Zuubytron (2 months ago)
LOGITECH, I have a g703 with a scroll issue and have not been responded to in a couple of days. I am going to purchase this keyboard, but if I can't get my mouse fixed, I will switch to Corsair. Please help
Thane (2 months ago)
Just f*ing tell me if this works from 3-4 meters away. I already ordered it and i still don't know if it works from distance for god's sake. Someone ANSWER!
Zuubytron (2 months ago)
Thane I held it 6 feet away still worked like it was wired, but mine developed a scroll wheel issue, and I'm returning mine
xWomvio (3 months ago)
so whats the difference between this and the wireless g403
Hazrrd (3 months ago)
i like the feel but not the side buttons its stopping me from buying plz make em smaller
Sam Fisher (3 months ago)
Just wondering but how do you program the left/right main buttons? In my LGS it only allows me to swap the two main buttons, but I cannot assign any other functions to the main buttons.
The Power of Sky (4 months ago)
It's fairly outdated if it is a plastic and isn't a silent mouse.
SomR (4 months ago)
Logitech <3 if only you would keep doing what your doing, BUT!!!! make headsets that compete against Sennheiser and not just other horrible gaming headsets.. because your gaming headsets suck.. just like any other gaming headset. Only Sennheiser has "gaming" headsets that are AMAZING, mostly because it isn't really gaming headsets, but re-branded audiophile headsets. This is the best mouse I've owned btw. love the shape, perfect for me.
J C A (5 months ago)
Can I use a regular microUSB cable and wall charger to charge this mouse?
N nOni (5 months ago)
10 hour battery/charge life. you will get bored after a week and you will attach the cable permanently. I own G602 which claim >1.4k hours life and i have to replace the battery every month even when its on economy stat. still i love it but i hope they release an upgraded version of G602 which is the best mice i ever got.
LOLESKI (7 months ago)
by far the best mouse I've ever used, I own both the g703 and g403
Venoze (7 months ago)
2 weeks after getting mine, left click already messing up
Fixed (8 months ago)
I can charge it with a powerbank and play with it?
Miloš Domuz (8 months ago)
Embedded battery, it's a no from me. At least with G602 you could install your own rechargeable high grade AA batteries and control the weight of the mouse by installing only one.
MU GI (9 months ago)
Lifted Andreas (9 months ago)
POWERPLAY WORKS WITH G403 WIRELESS - http://www.legitreviews.com/found-logitech-powerplay-works-older-mice_198377
bopp9 (10 months ago)
Once you put the weight in you can't get it back out again :,(
Olena Burkatska (10 months ago)
zz zerolt (10 months ago)
Why logitech make the optical mouse and the out look is cheaper than before, such as G700s, G602. it look like razer!!!!
N nOni (5 months ago)
G602 is laser edit : yeah seems its not laser after i checked.
JarAxe (10 months ago)
I use the G403 wired mouse because it's less heavy than the wireless ones. I don't use the weight. Logitech, please tell me you're working on a much lighter wireless mouse in this shape.
OFFiciaL-STuNNa (10 months ago)
It being compatible with multiple grips style makes it not suitable for my relaxed palm grip style could of been great but I shouldn't get fatigue when trying to grip this mouse which matters the most
ColdPaw (11 months ago)
What mousepad is that? Not the powerplay one
Change the cable, otherwise it's the same G403. thank you for your products
darius darywow (11 months ago)
Very high quality mouse after 2 weeks the scroll its fucked. I have my g403 for 1 year not a single problem. I will return this g703
iMachi (11 months ago)
So can you play with the micro usb cable connected the whole time and not use the wireless adapter at all?
Daumex (11 months ago)
This doesn't have Hyperscroll i suppose?
RSBot2jar (11 months ago)
Wait, how can you say that lightspeed is actually faster than wired? I mean, you literally put an adapter at the end of the usb cable you'd normally plug in the mouse, which then reveives the signal from your wireless mouse, which then has to pass it through the wired cable? I mean, shit is still going through the same cable here. I can't understand how this would be faster, rather than directly plugging the cable into the mouse?
Arcade (4 months ago)
some stats actually do show that this is faster than some wired mice like the razer deathadder. milliseconds can matter but not this precisely, still it's more of a way of showing: hey, there's no lag. there so no lag that we're even faster than wired mice.
Oliver Cairn (6 months ago)
RSBot2jar because its lightspeed plain and simple
2manyusarnames (1 year ago)
Does it have scroll rattle? Our side button noise? Does mouse1 and 2 feel and sound like it should? How many replacements should i expect? Thank you
Willy G (1 year ago)
Wait so the g900 and g703 are basically the same on latency but are different shapes
r0bsen (1 year ago)
Does this mouse have the same clicks as the g403? Because they were too light for me, I accentially clicked them when i did fast movements with it etc.
vidyagaemer350 (1 year ago)
What the hell is that charger and USB dongle? Seriously? They can't make a simple little charging station you can sit the mouse on that doubles as the wireless receiver? Messing with USB wires and unplugging shit to charge and use wireless is so hack.
MightyRaptor (1 year ago)
I bought this white edition :D
Paul Worster (1 year ago)
LOGITECH TAKE NOTE!!! Please G403 Logitech i ask only 2 things!!! 1) offer a smaller version of this mouse, this is a medium Mouse and i and many others want a smaller version like the Pro gaming mouse size!! 2) sort the middle click out to be a Super soft click, its important to me and my work!!! i have the Pro gaming mouse but it again suffers from the Middle Mouse being MEGA Hard to press. it may not be massive issue to Gamers but when the games get closed i have worked to do in 3D modelling where the middle click is MEGA important, why over look it Logitech???
serpathius (1 year ago)
Logitech CEO: Sell Canadians the mouse but DO NOT sell them the charging pad. Good business strategy.
Timothy Hinson (11 months ago)
it's not the CEO ... it's Canada
Andres Gallego (1 year ago)
G403 Wireless is the best mouse in the market for me, i think the G703 is exactly the same G403 but with the power play compatibility.
Below Average Gamer (1 year ago)
This reminds me exactly like a mamba
Below Average Gamer (1 year ago)
But sorta different
ZiMRA (1 year ago)
LIGHTSPEED! LIGHTSPEED LIGHTSPEED! were not saying just cause its marketing. but cause its true LIGHTSPEED XD almost shit my pants
Oliver Cairn (6 months ago)
ZiMRA what the fuck
KBM Racing (1 year ago)
Best mouse shape Logitech ever made was the M500 ..... make the M500 shape in a gaming mouse and I'm sold! also hard Teflon skates and not that cheap stuff you've been using!
FelixFTW (1 year ago)
Could someone tell me the difference between this and g403? Because the mouse in the video looks exactly like a g403
장두혁 (7 months ago)
using the same sensor
Takamatsu (1 year ago)
Its way lighter and may have a better sensor
Hotto andu Freshu (1 year ago)
I bought the G703 today and I already owned the G403 wired, since near release, and I can say for sure that there is no noticeable latency and the new switches feel better than the old ones, also the scroll wheel has more distinct steps. Having a wireless mouse is nice since there is no cable drag and I feel that I can lift and move the mouse more freely now. The battery is a bit of a concern since one day it will no longer hold a charge and it will most likely be after the warranty expires. I did see the G433 in store on display at my local BestBuy and the material felt scratchy, cheap, and rough.
Leo (1 year ago)
And I wonder when the G403 version will be available in my country...
is there any difference in wireless tech with g403? i feel delay in g403.
some asian guy (1 year ago)
Can i use the wireless feature with just connecting the small usb that is attached to the wireless adapter?
Timothy Hinson (1 year ago)
Despacito Reichwald (1 year ago)
just get a g403 wireless...
mr17krm (1 year ago)
I can't see any difference compared to my G403, is it only new colors?
ssophiee (1 year ago)
and powerplay apparently
Gundurr (1 year ago)
soooo is this just a slightly better g403? they both have they same design to them
Ivan (1 year ago)
So the only difference is the power play charging.
895 2341 (1 year ago)
is it that hard to make a lighter shape wireless mouse instead of refreshing these same ones over and over? how about the G Pro wireless? or G303 wireless? i understand the battery may be heavier, but still not everyone is a PALM grip user
iTechReviewer (1 year ago)
so this is the G700 replacement? looks like a radical update
Kid Buu (1 year ago)
just when i was needing a new mouse nice timing
Rezii (1 year ago)
Hell yeah this is why I love logitech
JiJi (1 year ago)
Still rocking my g102/g203 thanks Logitech for great product
Donitron (1 year ago)
So from what I understood, the only real difference between the G403 and the G703 is powerplay and a white color option?
JoeDerk Gaming FR (1 year ago)
and the lightspeed gimmick not sure if its just marketing
Jeff T (1 year ago)
Is the middle click button still stiff as all hell? If I didn't get my 403 on sale I would have returned it. A $100 mouse shouldn't have such a shit middle button.
greg kotlyar (1 year ago)
So this a g403 that can pretty much use there new wireless charging mousepad from what i understand
Drink Me (1 year ago)
The only reason I'm getting the g703 instead of the g403, is because it has a white version.
relog (8 months ago)
And Omron switches and better tech
Ahmad Fadli (1 year ago)
can i have smaller ver please?
rästik (1 year ago)
how to get ridof speed tongle?
Leo (1 year ago)
wish i had this
ryan xie (1 year ago)
can i exchange my g403? its basically new
Curtis Williams (1 year ago)
Logitech, can you PLEASE make a larger version of the powerplay mat? 12" width just isn't enough for me in CSGO. I am a rather low sens player.
Ruben Evensen (1 year ago)
Nice update to an already great mouse. For the next update i'd like it to be constructed of some premium light weight material, or for it to be an option. They've solved all problems with wireless mice but the weight, as far as i can tell. Great job Logitech. Oh... And the power play mouse pads should come in extended editions aswell. I use Steelseries Qck XXL for my mouse and keyboard and it's the best ever.
Bk sun (1 year ago)
Those guys neck are bent like 45degree, is this called ergonomic mouse ?
RainXD (1 year ago)
When will the white version be available?
ssophiee (1 year ago)
im pretty sure it's now available :)
Cool but if you want to spend 310 euro for g903 and g play or 250euro for g703 and g play, for a fucking mouse???!!! I toucht The g900 was expesive af but this is insane, and THE only thing that you ghet over The g900 or g403 is that you don't have to charge iT??!! NO THNX I WON'T SPENT 300 EURO FOR NOT HAVING TO CHARGE MY MOUSE ( i don'tknow what THE prises are in THE us but in europe they are insane
ZovkX (1 year ago)
Same Ergo we the G403 ? or little Lighter ? the weight and Ergo from G403 is bad.
Otakbyrd (1 year ago)
so is the g703 faster or better than the g403. or is it just power play that's the upgrade
Dan (1 year ago)
Same wireless architecture. Difference between G703 and G403 is that durability click buttons have been doubled from 20million to 50million click buttons on G703 and also compatible with Powerplay to have infinite power, unlimited play which basically means no longer need to fret battery life issue and also improves input latency, thanks to its Powerplay technology.
Xyn (1 year ago)
Next time please "same" shape but more flat... the back even after months feels still weird
ssophiee (1 year ago)
sooo, not the same shape cause youre making it more flat?
MightyRaptor (1 year ago)
which is better? I'm getting a mouse and I want to know?
ssophiee (1 year ago)
this one, because of the new features i guess. sorry if im late.
VoltBolt Games (1 year ago)
dude the 403 wired is better xd
dergescheitepenner (1 year ago)
i ordered my g403 yesterday... i feel betrayed
2klogic (1 year ago)
Romans 8:38-39 (6 months ago)
They have the same sensor. Being 'better' or not is simply preference at that point. In general the 703 would be better for fps while the 900 would be better for games that require more buttons.
AB THE GOD (6 months ago)
Isn't g900 better ?
Hrafn (11 months ago)
g903 is considered better
Kang-il Park (1 year ago)
Then get a refund.
Dan (1 year ago)
Now make future wireless version of G502 Proteus and needs to also support Powerplay to have unlimited recharging capability. And last but not least, the new name should be G503 Proteus as the new flagship wireless gaming mouse product.
Dan (1 year ago)
I hope first batch of G703 doesn't cause rattle noise issue, just like first batch of G403 Prodigy which many customers complained about scroll wheel rattle noise at launch date.
O Balls (1 year ago)
I got one off from RMA service just a week ago and that one has it as well still lol! Waiting on their reply again.
ryan xie (1 year ago)
It happens to the wireless aswell
ryan xie (1 year ago)
I bought a g403 half a year after launch and I still get one with the scroll rattle, ;-;
Qponk (1 year ago)
i don't think it'll be a problem but it happened to the wireless ones to using one with it right now
Dan (1 year ago)
Who knows. Time will tell.
Navic (1 year ago)
Half the comments are praising the G703 and powerplay, and the other half are complaining about how recent they just got their G403 xD
JagerMainsAreNotScum (1 year ago)
xIpodTouchGoeroex listen up here half of my country history was about war. We literally fight in war for more than 2 or 3 centuries or even more and we fight like some of the biggest juggernaunt like france china and america right after we were done fighting against the french
xIpodTouchGoeroex (1 year ago)
privileged country my ass our forefathers worked hard for this, sucks that your forefather was a lazy drunk and couldnt get shit done
Spectrum Fenix (1 year ago)
I am going with G703, because it has increased durability up to 50 million clicks (OMRON)
Navic (1 year ago)
that escalated quickly...
Jeff T (1 year ago)
Well apparently, Kei, some people like you don't realize that the entire world doesn't operate the way you think it does. Just because you live in a privileged country where you're allowed to go to the store and cry about "I bought a mouse and they came out with a new one, give me my money back even though there's nothing wrong with it!" doesn't mean everybody else does.
crix (1 year ago)
Want the G502 with lightspeed or some kinda wireless method.... ♥
gelul12 (4 months ago)
crix 502 master race
Synoxia (1 year ago)
thommyf (1 year ago)
Looks cool but when they release the price it's gonne Be over 100
beniS (1 year ago)
hahaha Corsair and Razer left in the dust again! Logitech master race!
NitroVAC (5 days ago)
Corsair is good for keyboards, Logitech is good for mices, and Razer is good for headset
TAMPGaming 1216 (10 days ago)
Razer left in the dust but Corsair I don't think so
Koriander.K (12 days ago)
+Samiyul Islam i agree
Samiyul Islam (13 days ago)
The best is Corsair Keyboard and Logitech. The best setup.
Prabhu Khairnar (3 months ago)
beniS Jesus Christ, you must be new to PC gaming! The whole point of the "PC Master Race" is to provide options and freedom to the consumer to customize anything hardware or software on their PC to your own liking. There is a reason why there are so many brands and types of peripherals to chose from, each one having their own pros and cons. There is no true "perfect" mouse as everyone is different and have different needs. Stop being a fucking fanboy, you are just making things worse... Sorry, if I sound a bit harsh. I had a rough day xD
kb lin (1 year ago)
This is not working with g403 or g900 right? releasing this right after i bought my g403 just 3 days ago great just great
CombedUs (4 days ago)
LOL se fudeu otario
RAY.S 3523 (4 months ago)
Pablo González Hermosilla Razer also has the Abyssus and Naga (The two razer mice I am ok with :3) and I agree Zowie is one of the best mice in the market, but I do prefer Logitech mice (for software and G-shift and I like the shape of most of their mice)
xIpodTouchGoeroex wtf dude? Zowie is one of the best brand in the market, along with steelseries, Logitech, Roccat, Cougar and Corsair (Razer's only got the Deathadder, all other mice are crap tho).
Sean Sinha (11 months ago)
PowerPlay works on the G403 Wireless! http://www.legitreviews.com/found-logitech-powerplay-works-older-mice_198377
Zong Hao Lai (1 year ago)
same as here :(
김재원 (1 year ago)
How much is it?
iHyRisk (1 year ago)
MrTTDARK (1 year ago)
Why use the 7xx number if it doesnt even look like the G700?
syahiranzamaruddin (7 months ago)
becuase it's wireless like the g700
Aiinz sama (1 year ago)
g403 doesnt look like g402 too
END films (1 year ago)
Well most of the G3xx look nothing like the G300s so....
Kang-il Park (1 year ago)
It should have been a G404.
Deus Vult (1 year ago)
MrTTDARK Only the last two numbers matter
Kaiser Indrasil (1 year ago)
Lightweight. Ergonomically shaped. 50M lifetime buttons. Wireless. Wireless charging. WHITE. I've found my promised land of PC mice.
Yuko (1 year ago)
My G403 is 83g with a paracord so the cord is not an issue at all. Wireless G403/703 is heavy as a brick.
Leon (1 year ago)
It's just a simile man. It's probably just too heavy for his own preference.
Arnel Sangalang (1 year ago)
That's a bit exaggerated.. Unless you're incredibly weak, the G403 wireless is not heavy.
copi lada (1 year ago)
then what is the point of it? same shape, same sensor, same dpi, same wireless Speed.. owh I got It, it is "Powerplay" added
Splat ninja64 (10 months ago)
Actually the buttons feel more clicky on the g703
MoonSaiyan (1 year ago)
Buying the same mouse for the same price. Got no issues there. Maybe G403 price will go down.
copi lada (1 year ago)
sonic bro okay i got it.. and i got their marketing thingy.. so people Will buy this mouse for the same price as g403.. But they have to pay extra cash for the freaking mousepad to activate the extra feature.. wow dammit!!
SONIC (1 year ago)
copi lada did you even watch their video on powerplay charging system? thats what its about not a marketing thing
Noah O'Donnell (1 year ago)
g304 when?
Matt B (1 year ago)
what's even the difference between the g403 and the g703? powerplay compatibility?
NullPxl (1 year ago)
Dilip M no it's not
Dilip M (1 year ago)
It is lighter
sl4p3z (1 year ago)
hmm ok sorry :D
Sprite (1 year ago)
1:25 and it has a white edition too
iCamskiez (1 year ago)
literally bought the g403 a couple weeks ago...
A couple of weeks ago= possibly more than 14 days which means he might not be able to.
Kang-il Park (1 year ago)
Then get a refund.
Stefanus Rianto (1 year ago)
I own both G502 and G403 side by side now, and I can tell you that the clicks are different.
JagerMainsAreNotScum (1 year ago)
Stefanus Rianto they did i think
Stefanus Rianto (1 year ago)
pffft I just bought it almost a week ago. I don't really care the powerplay tho, I just care about the clicks, if they change the click of G403 than I'll be damned. The click of G403 doesn't sound & feel as good as G502.
Jimmy B (1 year ago)
Come on I just bought the G403... Seriously, every time I buy a Logitech product, they come out with an updated version a month later.
Timothy Hinson (11 months ago)
POWERPLAY is sold with the POWERCORE mouse charging connector
xIpodTouchGoeroex (1 year ago)
g403 can do the same but you'll have to buy the powerplay connector separate. g703 is just a g403 with a powerplay connector. Not everyone wants wireless charging because its fucking expensive, guess this is the way they deal with that issue
Julian Haddad (1 year ago)
FUCK ALL OF YOU :( I'm going to kill myself
Kang-il Park (1 year ago)
Then get a refund.
Jimmy B (1 year ago)
LittleTyson91 True.
kevinambida (1 year ago)
Just when we thought the razer lancehead had put the nail in the coffin
JagerMainsAreNotScum (1 year ago)
ReziiCS the sensor is shit tho
Ridley (1 year ago)
Razer products are cheap shite, seriously. they're disposable and feel extremely cheap.
Jesse Anh Pham (1 year ago)
ReziiCS I explicitly said Razer Lancehead wireless sucks. How can your reading comprehension so poor that you think I said all wireless mice sucks?
Jesse Anh Pham (1 year ago)
Lancehead wireless sucks
João Paulo (1 year ago)
AmbidK Lancehead wireless use a laser sensor. :/

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