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NEW Zelda Coming to Nintendo Switch - Here's What We Know! | RGT 85

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A job listing on Nintendo of Japan's website confirms that a new Legend of Zelda is coming to the Nintendo Switch. What do we know about the game so far? Let's talk about what we know so far! Resetera Thread: https://www.resetera.com/threads/job-postings-for-the-next-zelda-project-newly-posted-on-nintendo-website.79272/ Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/shawnlong Twitter: @ShawnLong85 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/rgt85 Merch: http://rgt85.spreadshirt.com #LegendofZelda #Zelda #NintendoSwitch
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RGT 85 (9 days ago)
ENTER TO WIN $100 ESHOP GIFTCARD HERE! https://gleam.io/KCOgT/100-eshop-card-giveaway Do you think it's a remaster or a NEW game? Lemme know!
Michael 1980 (3 days ago)
I know this is kind of off the topic but why wasn't the GameCube successful as other Nintendo platforms
Alex Greco (4 days ago)
I think new game... my reason is because why would they post a job about concept art. If it was a remake, they wouldn’t need to remake the concept art.
Logan Powers (5 days ago)
Link's Awakening would be amazing. Great game. However, it's gonna be another Zelda game. I love them all for different reasons. They're all masterpieces as far as I'm concerned.
Frankie Cycle (7 days ago)
Zelda is the reason i got the switch, sign me up for another !!
Francisco Sandoval (8 days ago)
RGT 85 Damn click bait 😤
Ran Mouri (8 hours ago)
I think the new Zelda game will continue the breath of the wild tradition, bcuz they said that breath of the wild is the new beginning for the Zelda series, ofc with the dungeon and all
Redstone Potter (11 hours ago)
First of all, I hope it's BOTW 2, and i think it'll at least be something new because while the backround designer makes sense, i don't see why they would need a dungeon designer if its a remaster. Also, I was expecting this to be one of those clickbait videos or one that would just be like "this is our sponsor" "this is a giveaway" and never get to the point so congrats on making an actual INFORMATIVE video unlike some other youtubers.
Dann Wilson (14 hours ago)
I wouldn't hate to see a 3rd DLC released for BOTW. Maybe incorporate the Dark World to double the size of the map, but toss in some dungeons?
Ozzie P (16 hours ago)
My god man, get to the point.
Christopher Walden (1 day ago)
Botw 2
AceGaiden (1 day ago)
You guys all forgot that ocarina of time 20th anniversary is this month so we might get a remake
Matt West (1 day ago)
You look like you're dying.
CyberXarex YT (1 day ago)
Probaly a port
Josh Bass (2 days ago)
The Skyward Sword levels in Hyrule Warriors give us a preview of what the game could look like in HD on the NS. The graphics were night and day comparison against the original. I would definitely pick up a copy!
Jameson Arthur (2 days ago)
It's worth mentioning that Nintendo stated in an interview that they plan on continuing to release more DLC for their top selling switch games, including botw, splatoon 2, Mario Odyssey, etc. So they could also just be making more content for botw especially considering that it took over 5 years to make botw so even though a new game wouldn't take as long to release as botw if they reuse botw's engine, it would still take a while and they probably want to capitalize on the current popularity of the switch while it's still growing.
Blade (2 days ago)
Hope it's an OoT HD remake made in BoTW engine.
Donald Violette (2 days ago)
Skyward Sword, if it's a remaster/re-release, for sure. Lots of ppl didn't play it because of the Switch Beta (Wii/WiiU), but now most everyone has a Switch so it would be perfect.
Van Santos (2 days ago)
Maybe added DLC for BotW?
blinkingred (2 days ago)
probably going to be delayed until their next console.
skins4thewin (2 days ago)
Omg, how freaking awesome would it be to get a 3D remake of Link's Awakening?? Fingers crossed! EDIT - Lol I actually posted this before I even watched the entire video. So I guess not everyone has forgotten about this absolute gem of a game! If i'm being honest tho, a Skyward Sword remake is the last thing I would want to see...
skins4thewin (2 days ago)
BOTW was so amazing that I feel like they wouldn't be able to top it with a whole new Zelda game, so I think they should do like they did with Majora's Mask and make a direct sequel to BOTW using the same style of gameplay and graphics engine. Maybe they can have the same formula but make some improvements to the core game such as having a blacksmith and harder to break weapons or something of that nature.
T3hHappyEmo (2 days ago)
Are the BotW sales figures you mention Switch only? It also came out at the end of the Wii U's lifecycle, which is the version I bought.
Chris Phoenix (2 days ago)
A remake of the original LoZ or Z2 would be great, in my opinion.
Joe Bailey (2 days ago)
I would totally freak if Links Awakening was remade for Switch. It was the first Zelda I played on my Gameboy colour way back. That said, I would also be totally hyped for a brand new Zelda with the BOTW engine and mechanics!
Ashleigh Cartwright (3 days ago)
The legend of Zelda II the Adventure of link. One key point being overlooked is that they are looking for someone experienced in Action games. Not so much in adventure games. One would think they already have the talent there since they made breath of the wild, so this is someone they haven't got to make a different type of game whilst maintaining that freedom.
LinkVsGanon (3 days ago)
I don't think they'd call it Breath of the wild 2..sounds a bit cheap and tacky
LinkVsGanon (3 days ago)
Ocarina of time for switch would be a huge hit!
Xervantez Xvi (3 days ago)
Hopefully the next Zelda game link has a Gun weapon and flying wings
Brewdiver82 (3 days ago)
I'd love to see a 3d reboot of zelda 2.
Luke Barton (3 days ago)
I want Skyward Sword HD so BAD.
honeytos28 (3 days ago)
Jason Park (3 days ago)
President of Nintendo came out saying he wants more DLC on BOTW. I think thats what its about.
Vivian AmarielSkorm (3 days ago)
just a thought . ... i don't believe the zelda franchise wants to take steps backwards in what they have accomplished in breath of the wild .. i do believe however that there could be dungeons and other items added to a bigger expansion on what they all ready have .. you have other game markets doing just that ..
Ali Agha (3 days ago)
*unrelated to this new game coming out* what if they made a mobile zelda like they made a mobile club penguin? lol
G.T.Gaming (3 days ago)
What I want: New Zelda game, prequel to botw, set in the prime of Ganon before Link's nap, somewhat linear, same botw map, *really* expand upon the bland story of botw, permanent items and weapons. I'm no game designer but I think that'd be amazing 🤩.
Julio Gonzalez (3 days ago)
Ocarina of time remake . ff7 remake . Soul reaver remake.
Treforis (3 days ago)
This could also be a mobile game.
Conrad Sly (3 days ago)
BoW had dungeons, they were just structured a little differently and called Divine Beasts.
Caleb J. Ross (3 days ago)
Wait, did RGT just say "flash in the pants"?
ultimata (3 days ago)
Please, i only played for 2 months... dont zelda overdose me 😊
Calvin Torgerson (3 days ago)
While botw is a great game I was kinda disappointed in the lack of enemy variety and dungeons. Not to mention that the story was pretty uninteresting once one finish it. Also, the final (final) boss was stupidly easy. Still great game tho.
SCMartin27 (3 days ago)
I wouldn't be surprised if they are just remaking a game... maybe making a former 2D game into a 3D?
Ariana Dove (3 days ago)
I vote Majoras Mask
Jacob Yorton (3 days ago)
Didn't you say the job listing highlighted 3D development? That would exclude any top down games like Link's Awakening. If it's a remake, I hope for Skyward Sward. I really want to play it, and not be forced into motion controls!
Jason Goodnight (3 days ago)
I don’t think it’ll be a second of any previous Zelda game cause they’ve never really made a part two of any Zelda they usually seem to be tied together with certain similarities whatever it is it’s going to be sick
Black Cat Gaming (3 days ago)
I’d like to see another Ocarina of Time but have it done in the “Open Air” style of Breath of the Wild. Both of these are considered the best Zelda games so I believe if you merge them into one game you will get a masterpiece if done right
Johnray Tafoya (3 days ago)
Dude you and wulf den are the only one I listen to when it comes to this new Zelda game.
David V (3 days ago)
Maybe a remake, maybe another kind of zelda game. Maybe they are doing smaller old school like dungeon crawler, something like octopath traveller but with zelda.
Naji Zibarrah (3 days ago)
Shad Stewart (4 days ago)
Keep the open world , focus on purpose and use of items beyond buffs , expand on physics effects and variety in puzzles, create more exciting rewards or experiences , bring back the twilight princess fantasy feel or something more akin to ff7 or 9 . Please bring back secret dungeons and discovery get some Metroid prime elements in there. Don't make it a speed run game any faster than 5 hours max. It shot my interest down hard when speed runs were being promoted.
John Vu (4 days ago)
You have a good point about Skyward Sword but how about Majora's Mask?
Michael Barrett (4 days ago)
Similar style to Twilight Princess please
Lugi Recarte (4 days ago)
I wish that the creators of zelda would do like the creators of call of duty.( 2 different games) I would love for 1 year do the old school with light worlds and dark worlds and dungeons, and next game after that be like breathe of the wild. I would love to have the best of both worlds rather than just stick with on type.
Andres Rivera (4 days ago)
I'm ready for a new BOTW game.... ala Majora's Mask!
Devon Smith (4 days ago)
Link's Awakening on Switch wouldn't be a remaster, it would have to be built from the ground up, translating the 2d world into a 3d space. It's definitely something I can see happening; especially if the Eventide Island trial from BoTW was as well received as I imagine it was. That trial was based on the start of Link's Awakening,, after all, being stranded on an island with nothing. I'd love to see how they'd redesign that game with the open world philosophy they've decided to focus on for The Legend of Zelda.
Master of the Bulb (4 days ago)
Might be a 3D remastered of the original legend of Zelda. Like if you agree.
AGATH0R (4 days ago)
Make wind waker number 2!
PedroAlvaradoUo (4 days ago)
Have you guys saw any concepts of monsters of breath of the wild? Man i want that kind od style in the next one, so freaking sick
tomchrist777 (4 days ago)
What if they remade the first 3 zelda games in the style of breath of the wild?
N A (4 days ago)
BotW deserves all of the accolades it received, but it just wasn't the Zelda for me. Mostly just personal preferences. For me, I'd probably enjoy the upcoming title more if Nintendo brought back the classic dungeons, reduced all of the mindless puzzle-solving, fixed the weapons breaking issue, incorporated a more in-depth traditional RPG character build layout (gear drops, random loot, colored rarity gear, etc). Kept and expanded on the open world component. Either go full-voice acting or keep it text-based only. The quasi voicing (huhs, ohs, hmmms) really got annoying. I enjoyed the art style. Zelda's voicing was acceptable.
Grant Harlor (4 days ago)
The breaking weapons ruined the game
Andrew Markhus (4 days ago)
I'd want something from the wind waker universe
theengineerbox (4 days ago)
Wind Waker!!!
vito libido (4 days ago)
BOTW has four dungeons.. I really hope they do bring back old style dungeons because that’s what makes for a great Zelda game.. They kinda ruined the formula by making Zelda into a GTA game. That’s why BOTW doesn’t make my top 5 Zelda games
Casey Campbell (4 days ago)
I mean.... Isn't Nintendo always working on the next zelda game?
Lhûgion (4 days ago)
I still want a Twillight Princess Port for the Switch ^^' never had a Gamecube, never had a WiiU xD I feel cheated
Frank Ayers (4 days ago)
Long story short, A Zelda title is coming out. We do not know what it's called.
Maya Manssuri (4 days ago)
I really really want a botw 2
Raun Smith (4 days ago)
Skyward Sword is actually in my top 5 Zelda games. And from what I understand, and all of the research I've done, this new Zelda game will be a direct sequel to Breath of the Wild, and will be based off the same formula..., i.e. Majora's Mask to Ocarina of time.
Dave Birch (4 days ago)
I think it will be a BOTW sequel/prequel using the BOTW engine, like they did with MM straight after OOT, it will have dungeons and more enemies
Roger Sallee (4 days ago)
I wish they would come out with more Mario games instead of Zelda. The Mario games is as popular and quite possibly more popular then the Zelda games.
b101 (4 days ago)
I think they've done two Zelda games on every console to date, right?
Gehtdich Nichtsan (4 days ago)
Looking forward for a real zelda game again, not like botw
Tim Liebrock (4 days ago)
I want BOTW open world with full regular dungeons that can't be accessed without a certain item therefore keeping the story line linear.
Michael Woodard (4 days ago)
Maybe a final 3DS game and a switch game as well?
Bubby The Brow (4 days ago)
Maybe someone did tell this guy it also came out on the WIIU
Eusticom (4 days ago)
a 97 second intro? That's too long! Dont waste time babbling 9n and on about it, just say "The Legend of Zelda games are very popular and the latest release Breath of the Wild on the Switch only pronounced that fact. What will the next installment entail? Let's Find out!" (Intro) Just some feedback to make your videos better, and also, cut all the filler content to make it to the ten minute mark! Short and sweet and to the point is how it should be!
J Flowers (4 days ago)
a remaster of link to the past please
Robbie Burns (4 days ago)
thumbs down because you don't have CC on your videos. Big question.. some gamers are hard of hearing and turn subtitles on in games.. other youtubers have CC on - serious question dude - why??
residentgood (4 days ago)
One of best game breath of the wild
Colonel482 (5 days ago)
I think its too early for a new Zelda game. Even if it were to come out next year. An HD remake seems more likely.
Joseph Nasrallah (5 days ago)
i saw this video many months ago... you just reuploaded the same video...
rcshaggy 7 (5 days ago)
I do hope we get a Legend of Zelda that has dungeons and you use the item in said dungeon to beat the boss... Still too it would be nice if the stuff from Skyward Sword made a return, Twilight Princess with some stuff too, and more... Not Breath... Completely lost interest in that game...
I really really hope they bring back dungeons but still have shrines as well because some of the shrines are just plain fun.
R M (5 days ago)
Zelda botw was fun but I think Zelda in general is overrated in my opinion Zelda will benefit greatly if it goes completely rpg
Alex G (5 days ago)
Sorry, but this could have been a 2 min video. You just repeated the same thing over and over for 10 mins
Edwin Amaya (5 days ago)
What about open world Four Swords.....just saying. A Legend of Zelda co-op experience might be interesting.
Vinny Freeman (5 days ago)
Why not speculate an HD remake of Ocarina of Time? The game has dungeons and one of the most if not the most famous Zelda of all time.
Evi Evenaar (5 days ago)
It would be so cool if they took a old 2D zelda game and remake it into a 3D game.
Ezekiel Morgan (5 days ago)
This guy has one of the most asymmetrical faces i have ever seen.
Randolph D (5 days ago)
Majora's mask came from the engine of oot, perhaps we will get our next Majora's mask from the engine of botw.
Gabriel Rojas (5 days ago)
I would love a new top down adventure. I hope that they still make LoZ games in its iconic style.
I hope I can play as princess zelda
R. E. Page (5 days ago)
I am a HUGE Zelda/Link fan and live 90% of their releases. I own at least 80% of them currently (lost a few over the years but currently trying to repurchase those I no longer have) and would love to see the transition of the older games into a new world view... However, a new game all together would be crazy since the story line can only go so far. To reconstruct the older ones would be more logical since the older games where so well made, a new look for them would be ideal. Please do not change the game just the graphics.
R. E. Page (5 days ago)
4k switch would be an ideal upgrade since they did out do PS and XBOX on have a 'mobile console' which is a brilliant idea. Love the mobile ability of the console.
mudkip games (5 days ago)
The only zelda game I played was BOTW but i should play the rest
Thunderbird1337 (4 days ago)
You definitely have to play A Link To The Past. That's the real timeless masterpiece of this series. After playing this, you know what really makes a Zelda game. Unfortunately with BOTW they skipped some very important elements that made the series so great. It's still a very good game with a fascinating world, but it's no longer a real Zelda game unfortunately.
Shawn Kangiser (5 days ago)
BOTW2! I want to play coop with link and zelda in the botw world!
Emilio Hernandez (5 days ago)
It'll be interesting to see how they plan on topping Breath of the Wild. It's just so good!!
Emilio Hernandez (5 days ago)
+ifunny Stuff Maybe Nintendo would be better off not trying to top BoTW and just try to make another great Zelda game
ifunny Stuff (5 days ago)
Emilio Hernandez I’m confident that it won’t top breath of the wild, unless it’s a breath of wild 2.
Manny Jimenez (5 days ago)
They need to keep a lot of the aspects of botw but go further with it with maybe more elaborate dungeons
Patrick Richards (5 days ago)
Id rather see another wind waker.
FNAFFAN 010705 (5 days ago)
Cam we get skyward sword HD with fixed controls
Morlabon (5 days ago)
In my Opinion, new Zelda game should be guided. With that i mean you NEED to do Temple A to Succes in Temple B and then complete Temple C. In BOTW i had the feeling that it was way to easy to do the last 3 Titans. Because you potentionally can start at any of them. You don´t need to do Water first and that is the problem. If the developers0 know where you at, if you completed 2 Temples, they can make the riddles difficulty according to your strenght and equipment. This mobscaling is just not fun the way i used to play Zelda before on Wii, GC or n64. My Plan: -Keep open world of BOTW -you need an artifakt from Temple A to open temple B and so on. -Leave this amibo thing out of the game. Give goodys but not gear! -give me a sword which has low damage but can´t get broken. -Gear which affekts your interaktion with the world. Goron-gloves or Zora diving mask. Orni flyingsSuit which needs an artifkat for 2 mins to fly. If it is on cooldown you can levitate. -missed diving or lifting big rocks.
TheBrilliantShadowFox (6 days ago)
I want to see breath of the wild links awakening and the oracle games
AmonRa (6 days ago)
naaah BOTW had real dungeons bro there were 4 of them and they were fairly unique, i really do want botw 2 though
Kyle (6 days ago)
If they don't continue the open world concept, the new title will flop

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