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Resident Evil 7: 10 Things To Know When Starting a New Game

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Resident Evil 7 (PS4, PC, Xbox One) is a challenging game based on the classic survival horror genre. Newcomers and the familiar alike should prepare with tips from Jake. ★Follow Jake on Twitter: https://twitter.com/jakebaldino Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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gameranx (1 year ago)
It's a tricky game so newcomers and rusty fans should check out these tips from Jake.
Angel Ramirez (5 months ago)
How the hell do you start a new game plus?? At the end of the game, when you beat it, it doesn’t ask you to save?!
lacked thrower86 (1 year ago)
Domiel exactly I went through it on mad house using the Albert pistol and the shotgun and grenade launcher but the bosses took me the most time it would have been less time if it hadn't been for them mainly jack final form
Domiel_Angelus (1 year ago)
Hey Abollo, my screenshot for my endcard is on my channel. I made it in 5 hours and 11 minutes and no deaths. Don't automatically assume because you can't doesn't mean we're all that bad at games.
lacked thrower86 (1 year ago)
abollo Al-sharif I was not lying I would have taken a screen shot but I don't have the game anymore cause i rented it from family video but I was not lying trust me it was agonising nothing but anger
abollo Al-sharif (1 year ago)
9 hours! that's a nice lie
prod gbc (30 days ago)
“Going through the game without a shotgun... your fuckedddd dude”
prod gbc (30 days ago)
Ur Ex gf chops off ur hand with a chainsaw U get trapped in a house with a infected guy named jack Play with the brightness up and the sound off Helps make this game less scary
Tristan Steinhelfer (1 month ago)
Also remember that every item you can pick up has a purpose, even a toy axe or fake shotgun
N R (3 months ago)
There definitely are checkpoints in Madhouse. I don't know what you're talking about.
Google_Knows Me (3 months ago)
Tip Just because you have completed this game on normal once or twice dosent mean that you ready to play it on madhouse....madhouse difficulty is a difficulty which take this game on a whole knew level.....so what i say is that you really need to know every nook and cranny of this game and also you need to learn how to headshot an enemy every bloody time(especially mia she becomes a total bitch on madhouse difficulty).
Cisumeht Esresre (3 months ago)
mark barrett (3 months ago)
Hate the way key don’t discard when all doors opened
Caleb Murphy (4 months ago)
U meet Chris at the end of the game
Himanshu Swt (4 months ago)
One of the worst decisions I made was to remove the antique coins from my inventory. I just defeated Jack in the chainsaw fight and after I got out of the house and entered the tiny room where the 44 mag gun was stored, I couldn't get the gun as I discarded the antique coins from my inventory. It was such an amateurish decision. One of the most challenging aspect of this game is to manage items in the inventory. I mean, u will get fucked if you discard an item which you think is not important, but later it becomes one of the most Important things in the game.
Tristan Kowalik (5 months ago)
The mom scares me the most
Muhammad Prabowo Negoro (5 months ago)
You know what makes this game hard? Because the main character is Ethan not Leon 😂
Iron Dante (5 months ago)
Meh.. i already knew about this.
Void Of Me (5 months ago)
Bitch I just found out I can play this game on my jurassic Acer Notebook with Intel HD graphics and I'm shook. I choose normal difficulty and I died like 4 times for the first girl enemy. Like, bitch, I'm shook. I think I'm gonna restart the game with easy as I'm more interested in the story itself than the fighting sequences. And here I was thinking this piece of shit of a notebook would lag in minecraft.
Jae Wolf (6 months ago)
Yes, block an ax swing with hands
Miep (6 months ago)
Just finished the game yesterday and I mostly never closed the doors, never used the drug (unless my space is running out) and missed a lot of things like the grenade launcher (yeah when I realized it I face-palmed myself). And well... at least I'm done on normal difficulty 😂
Kelly Guevara (7 months ago)
Best game ever
Ju1069k (7 months ago)
wow, I threw all my coins away like 1 h before I watched this vid.....
Nemesi (7 months ago)
basically dont be stupid haha
Bryan Mitchum (7 months ago)
I can't wait to play RE7
Jaxson Smith (8 months ago)
If you beat the game under 4 hours you can get a circular saw
Rimerez (8 months ago)
btw when you say fuck, the comment times out, damn youtube
Rimerez (8 months ago)
... wrong, just get advanced handgun ammo, save shotgun ammo, block allot, get headshots, other weapons dont matter, infact, this is a game where you don't want help, you jump in and that makes it fun, the confusion, the panic, the stuggle, too bad the games too easy, only madhouse is difficult, just because of those licker molded, f them
Rimerez (8 months ago)
... wrong, just get advanced handgun ammo, save shotgun ammo, block allot, get headshots, other weapons dont matter, infact, this is a game where you don't want help, you jump in and that makes it fun, the confusion, the panic, the stuggle, too bad the games too easy, only madhouse is difficult, just because of those licker molded, fuck them
Rimerez (8 months ago)
... wrong, just get advanced handgun ammo, save shotgun ammo, block allot, get headshots, other weapons dont matter, infact, this is a game where you don't want help, you jump in and that makes it fun, the confusion, the panic, the stuggle, too bad the games too easy, only madhouse is difficult, just because of those licker molded, fuck them
Ai Sales (8 months ago)
This review gave me anxiety! Im would not be able to handle this game
ShikariBaller (8 months ago)
I did not know that you can close doors. I have played every single Resident Evil game, including the spin offs and this is the one thing I kept finding myself trying to do, but didn't know how. If there's an instruction on how in the beginng, I must have missed it because my cousin played the first hour
ICallsEmLikeISeesEm (8 months ago)
This video is good advice. Here's my experience which was a bit different in some ways: The game IS pretty challenging and can sometimes be frustrating so don't feel bad starting with easy. Inventory management was NOT the crazy important, super focused activity for me that it was in this video. On normal I spent pretty much the whole game with at least two weapons, one full slot of meds, and two slots of spare ammo and only occasionally did I ever have to make a special trip to the save room to sort my stuff. The save rooms (which are completely safe from enemies, something to keep in mind) are spaced well enough that just encountering them through natural game progression was usually sufficient for me. In other words no, you don't want to roam around with more stuff than you need, but I didn't spend my playthrough particularly concerned about it either. Ammo, while scarce, was also not QUITE as bad as this video makes it sound. Don't get me wrong, while the handgun ammo is relatively common (and easy to produce, which I'll get to shortly) ammo for better weaponry is much less common so you obviously want to pick up everything that you see, yes. Just don't go thinking that items are delicately metered out to the point that you're going to be doomed to an unwinnable game state if you happen to miss some here and there. Speaking of ammo, don't waste any on Jack if you can help it. Just firing bullets at the guy won't kill him, taking him down requires more specific strategy (and don't fight him when he's wandering around the house looking for you, he's invincible during that time). Shutting doors isn't too important for the first few hours of the game, but it's not a bad practice either. I was doing quick turns (down plus B or circle) and shutting doors behind me only later in the game when the molded monsters began appearing more frequently. Similarly the sneakier behavior of the molded monsters - approaching you from behind, trapping you in groups, etc. - doesn't seem to happen too much until you get closer to the end of the game. Again, it's not a bad habit to quick-turn and shut doors and whatnot, it's just not really * necessary * for the first few hours of gameplay. The game is tense, but if you learn to tread carefully and fully investigate your surroundings you're not going to be getting jumped all the time or anything. Similarly, if you find yourself overwhelmed you can (and should) usually back up and run around some corners, up or down some stairs, and just generally get a few rooms away. The molded won't follow you that far, and can't get through doors. They will, however, retreat back into the walls or floors or whatever as they wait for you to come back, so you can't turn around and get the jump on them. You'll find chem packs scattered fairly regularly throughout the game (maybe a few dozen in total) which can make herbs more potent or create handgun ammo from gunpowder. Should you spend the packs to make meds, or should you spend them to make bullets? I went with about a two to one ratio, usually making meds and sometimes making bullets. By the time I finished the game I still had a fair amount of each. I needed herbs more often in the early parts of the game and ammo more often in the later parts of the game, but by that point handguns aren't very reliable anyway, so I basically just stuck to the 2:1 ratio of meds to ammo the whole time. There is a point where you'll be able to spend antique coins as described in the video, so grab them whenever you see them. They're not just there for collecting. There are about two dozen depending on which difficulty you're playing on. One of the items you can buy will give you a permanent health boost. Another will give you faster reloading, also permanently. I'd choose to buy those two items, in that order (you can also find a couple more throughout the game, their effects seem to stack). The gun you can buy is powerful but you'll find very, very few bullets for it and there's a free broken gun (and the kit to fix it) in the area of the purchasable items anyway. When you get keys, which will happen a few times in the game, try to save and then backtrack to doors that can be unlocked by them. Sometimes, if you continue with what you're doing instead of turning around to head straight back to those doors, you can miss an item (like a stronger weapon) that might have come in handy in the situation you were about to face. I can't speak for relying on the knife. The molded can take you down in three or four good hits and I didn't want to get close to them with nothing but a weak blade in my hands. Try to resist walkthroughs. The "puzzles" in this game are all very easy (there's one exception that's more complex but it limits the guesswork by taking place entirely in a small confined area) and you should be able to figure out how to take the bosses down on your own even if you might have to die and retry a few times in the process. If you need help remember to look at the tips when the game loads, they're often specific to what's going on in your current situation. Pay attention to the VHS videos, they usually show you places that you'll be encountering or useful things that you'll need to find in the near future. You don't have to study them super carefully, just try to "watch" them as soon as you find them and take the time to explore them as much as you're allowed to. TL;DR: Here's the bottom line: Just try to use some basic common sense. Play smart, yes, but don't let yourself get all worked up over fears of missing an important item, making micromanagement mistakes or running out of bullets and health. The game is well-made and my experience with it unfolded pretty naturally without the need for anal-retentive cautiousness. It's challenging, sure, but it's not out to punish you. Enjoy yourself. Take your time exploring. Avoid rushing into things. In general just don't play recklessly and you should be fine.
glitchhunter09 (8 months ago)
Guarding actually isn't new. Mark type characters in the outbreak games can block as a special ability.
alex r (8 months ago)
You have to play the older ones because of the end and dlc or you react like pewdiepie
Ty Scott (8 months ago)
Most important thing do NOT overwrite your saves , make individual ones or you will not be able to go back if you missed something
Eiffel R (8 months ago)
Y u no show psychoserum effect?
Kae McSpadden (8 months ago)
Another tip is reloading the weapons is a good way to free some space.
Nom (9 months ago)
Save as many bullets as you can *proceeds to miss 4-5 shots* :D
Satan N (9 months ago)
OMFG! Thanks you just told me where the shotgun was haha
Nena Green (9 months ago)
did anybody see the arm in the gaint hole
Oaxy gaming (9 months ago)
Don’t get rid of antique coins you can use them later on
Mr. Kreb (9 months ago)
I learned that you can actually keep both the broken and pump shotguns and fix the broken shotgun I learned this from a youtuber named calloftreyark and so to fix the broken Shotgun first you need the broken shotgun from grandmas room then you need acsess to the outside and under the porch of the new house you can find a hole in the porch covered by bits and scraps of metal and then after going in that hole you acn find a repair kit in which you can repaor the shotgun How to get both shotgun in your inventory at the same time first you need to go the kids room and go into the attic then you need to find a model shotgun it looks like a wooden pump action shotgun then you can have both shotguns.
PandaPants (10 months ago)
I've never played any of the resident evil games, I have anxiety and tend to panic- _(If you don't think I'm ridiculous for this, you can skip this paragraph.)_ I'm gonna say right here- I know, I sound like a big baby, but I have had this problem my whole life, have seen doctors and therapists, and have been confirmed that it is an actual disorder and it's hard for anyone to understand when they've never had it. It doesn't make sense, it's not always triggered by the same things, and it goes against all logic you have. I know it's dumb, and I already hate myself for it, you don't need to say awful things about it. I already tell myself everyday, so you'd be wasting your time. If you're already rolling your eyes, you may just be aggravated by reading further, but I do have some problems that aren't anxiety related, if you could suggest anything for those. If there's something in a game that really scares me I sometimes cover my eyes and/or freeze, including when I need to be actively playing, like when I'm being attacked and need to run or fight back. This really screws me over and fear is usually my main problem, but sometimes if I have to redo it and see it over and over I get used to it enough to get past it. This is usually in specific situations when certain scenes and jumpscares are used, if it's just a general feeling of helplessness and dread due to the gameplay, I'm pretty much screwed. This is why I couldn't play Amnesia. It would also help to list some other games like this, so I know what to avoid. It seems that you can fight back on this game, which might work in my favor, usually the only thing that gives me panic attacks so bad I can't play is when I am powerless against an enemy and I have to just avoid them or run. This is the reason I really hate horror stealth games. Often I just do things out of panic without thinking about it, (Which I know screws me over and in hindsight is really dumb, but I can't stop doing it.) I'm not great with limited items, I'm not good with survival and being fast, I have a tendency to want to keep absolutely everything, so I'm not good at limited inventory space either. (I'm more used to a weight limit, like in Bethesda games.) I'm good at finding things only if I'm in a "safe zone" if I have to be avoiding something or worry about being attacked, I'm likely more concerned with just getting out of there. Surprisingly I'm not really bothered by horrific imagery, gore, screaming/terror, etc. I played Saw no problem (I know that game really isn't that scary or well made at all, but just an example for the gore and terror.) Jumpscares do scare me quite a bit, but I'm usually okay if I'm alert and expecting them (Which I try to make sure I am before horror games anyway.) but that's kind of their nature, they take advantage of our survival instincts to give us a burst of fear, and they're pretty much everywhere in games, even non-horror games, so I've just learned to kind of deal with it. Dang, I have a habit of writing a lot, hopefully that's plenty of info to go off of! Does anyone have any recommendations, advice, or workarounds? I know the actual gameplay part likely won't be great for me, but I want to get into this game mostly for the story. I know the general premise, and I saw the dinner cutscene, and I know a bit about the family and why they are like that and the story seems interesting. The characters are complex and they are crazy and creepy but also kind of have other personality traits besides the typical "Stone-cold creepy antagonist family" None of the family even scares me very much appearance-wise except for Marguerette (I don't think I spelled that right.) She is one creepy bitch.
Planet Brucifer (10 months ago)
I just got this game for Christmas omg it’s terrifying after I play I end up washing my hair with my eyes open to make sure the bakers don’t sneak up on me ...maybe I have lived alone to long 😂
Josh Menza (10 months ago)
Resident evil 7 is easy as fuck tho
Felhek Lehrian (10 months ago)
Capcom should give us a new evil clown skin costume for jack. An replace the molded by more evil clowns
Illuminus Maximus (10 months ago)
😎Resident Evil 4 is still the best one hands down 👍
Tyler Fournier (10 months ago)
It is a very hard game I just got it for Christmas I hade it for a few day’s and I’m only in the main house basement trying to get the scorpion key
Indoraptor 312 (10 months ago)
Waste of bullets 7
leo jones (10 months ago)
Thanks Jake, for the tips.
bonnie bros (10 months ago)
just started the game so scared
Stinkyremy (10 months ago)
6:04 lmao
X Snake31 (11 months ago)
Is there a way to keep ammo or weapons from previous game passed? Just like other RE games
alex (11 months ago)
YEah the only big reference to resident evil is chris at the end
Emperor Palpatine (1 year ago)
good challenge,but revelations was harder!
Michael Barrett (1 year ago)
Try finishing it on easy in under 4 hours and you get the circular saw which saves a bucket load of ammo
Noob Gaming (1 year ago)
RE7 is tied because of Umbrella Corp appearance. This game is just a different case scenario of the infection and not the usual Leon Kennedy killing zombies and monsters in the city
Mc Mossey (1 year ago)
Even Better idea find the model shotgun and a repair kit to fix the broken shotgun because the broken is actually better
Vice Troll (1 year ago)
The way you said "You're fuuuucked dude" made me crack up so much
P Estrada (1 year ago)
I'm excited I just bought this game I can't wait to hit this up
Ty Scott (1 year ago)
Is there anywsy to backtrack and get to guesthouse
DEAD 2RITES (1 year ago)
'Save those bullets!' While spraying wildly into the dark.
Wiz Gi (1 year ago)
"burner fuel is rare" one if the most common dropped ammo types
Robert Bell (1 year ago)
Im a old school resident evil fan from the 90's and this game ain't no resident evil game at all
NitebreedGaming617 (1 year ago)
What's better to have; the .44 magnum or Albert gun?
Horrid Jakers (8 months ago)
NitebreedGaming617 late reply but the magnum requires a certain ammo type where as the Albert just uses the common hand gun ammo while still being good
shane ltompkins (1 year ago)
Here is a tip for the garage fight don't use ANY bullets
Berk Zegrek (1 year ago)
Unlock the chainsaw before attempting madhouse mode and it becomes a cakewalk
Kris Mcnelis (1 year ago)
i fucked myself at the end of the game. no ammo and had overridden all my saves so I start out in the first house with only 60 rounds in my bizon.
Ayoub Blanc (1 year ago)
First analysis flavor park little photographer count support.
Shaun Lowe (1 year ago)
easy way to get the shotgun, run past all the black monsters in the processing area, get scorpion key and keep going until you get to the dissection room and you see jack pick up the dog head emblem and talk to himself, then go down to the double doors where the boss fight is BUT DONT GO IN! get as close as possible then turn around and head back towards grandma's room and you will notice jack is no longer checking around for you, you have free run of the house! so you can easily get the shotgun without worrying about him coming up behind you or something :)
frogflame (1 year ago)
Number 5 applies a little less on madhouse cause most enemies can now open doors fun times for all
Heraizen (1 year ago)
Nope, only Jack can open doors on Madhouse. The regular molded are still the same and unable to open doors.
Alex TT-zer0 (1 year ago)
The most casually shitty thing u need to know when starting a new Game!
Hey, Wanna Play? (1 year ago)
i need help i beat resident evil 7 in normal mode. i wanted to get Alberto gun so i can play madhouse but never got weapon. Why?
Later on in the game when you're finding the keycards and you get in the attic there's a model shotgun on a shelf. Take that model shotgun and get the broken one back and keep it because 10 maybe 20 minutes after there's a weapon repair kit under a mannequin head with a baseball cap. repair the shotgun and now you've got yourself 2 shotguns
Bajorca (1 year ago)
Was the gameplay of this video recorded on a PS4 or a PS4 Pro?
Vincent Styles (1 year ago)
Hello Gameranx, I love your videos so great hoping you reply :)
mrkiiprototype (1 year ago)
This was a game I picked up and was good at lol
Lukas Petersen - old (1 year ago)
if you did complete the game, and want to do it again, can you then keep you stuff from the last game if you know what i mean?
Heraizen (1 year ago)
No, only the specific unlocks.
The Meme Lord (1 year ago)
RE7 logic: block an axe by holding out your hands, die to a big bug
_Shligstudios AMV (1 year ago)
there is a projector outside right next to the house hiding in the bushes that can be easily missed if your not looking for it
James Hisle (1 year ago)
why is reasedent evil 7 so scary😀😀😀😀😀😀
Fernando Diaz (1 year ago)
when i first started i went without a shotgun
AN 213 (1 year ago)
I chose normal... And I regret doing that
JOSUE Ortiz (1 year ago)
I just want to find out how to kill giant bugs when they move to fast.
Chris G (1 year ago)
Chris Redfield will be part of RE7!!
Blocking was in a another resident evil game before this one
Kekzilla (1 year ago)
1:21 Hey guys Scarce here.
Raymond David (1 year ago)
Am totally fucked. Left the shotgun
Ayoub Blanc (1 year ago)
Guys, Omg flavor I please this work violjntly except :<
hugesean7768 (1 year ago)
With the broken shotgun you can repair it and get personally a better shot gun by trading in the model shotgun
Andrew Cruz (1 year ago)
Such n00b such basic
TeamAtFort (1 year ago)
Number 11: play with a mouse
rocketeer101 (1 year ago)
my hoarding tendency was switched on by this game... I finished the game (normal though) with tons of bullets enough to "rambo"... going to start a second run in a while :)
ninjaguy2511 (1 year ago)
M in reality, it did not add much to the lore if anything contributed very little. I would however say its a fun stand alone game with a couple of the same items because the puzzles at least to me most of the time were too easy to call puzzles.
Domiel_Angelus (1 year ago)
My biggest tip is run both easy and normal before trying Madhouse, do your best to find all of the files and Mr. Everywhere statues to unlock their bonuses as you'll need them. The Secrets and Essence of Defense unlocks are almost essential in Madhouse, and if you got the pre-order defense coin you're a step ahead already. They save your butt big time against the bosses at the very least, yes you can guard against the car......... The Circular Saw will help you save a ton of ammo because you can stun-lock both Jack and Marguerite with it if you're able to strafe and stay with them to keep it attacking them. The Albert-01R is decent but it doesn't pack nearly as much punch as it should, it stayed in the crate for my two MH runs. It's also a low capacity weapon so you have to reload often which can put you at risk for otherwise easily avoided damage. X-Ray Glasses are good if you're trying to get all 33 coins in MH without looking them up. They'll also keep you from running around like a chicken with your head cut off when it comes to lockpicks. The Walking Shoes are a nice upgrade but I'd prefer if they were Running Shoes and boosted the run speed instead. If you survive Madhouse the first time you get the cheesy reward of Infinite Ammunition, which in previous games also meant no reloading but this one doesn't do that for ya.
Joey (1 year ago)
I beat the game with no deaths . Thxs jake for helping me out on my journey through the baker proptey
Luděk Bis (1 year ago)
You are making the game look harder than it really is
Jamie Linsday (1 year ago)
I swear I will get this game when I get a PS4. Also, I have seen gameplay of this game and one guy I saw make huge mistakes on was discarding ammo, med kits, and Chem fluid to clear up inventory space. A different person who I saw, which I may do this strategy is that certain stuff as soon as you pick up head back to a save point and put what you picked up or other unneeded items into the supply box. Don't carry stuff you don't need, and if you have to go back and forth between going to the supply box and dropping off things in there then do it. It may be annoying, but it'll help for later
Sub Zero Sensai X (1 year ago)
very helpful vid
Mr. Stitches (1 year ago)
You helped me Get the shotgun Thank you
sorafan26 (1 year ago)
6:03 I dont know about that, Davis was A-OK.
jmek08 (1 year ago)
I think you shldve mentioned 'blocking'. The new mechanic can be underestimated when it can actually prove quite useful... imo :p
ΣЯΙСК Unknown (1 year ago)
its a great game and like someone said in the comments finally Resident evil went back to its roots. but where r the zombies. isnt resident evil base on zombies n b.o.w ?
BarryBear (1 year ago)
I was hoping for not popping any of the drugs I'd get an achievement or something. I was wrong and now sad.

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