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GameCube and Game Boy FINALLY in HD?! - GCHD Review

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Someone has finally made an easy way to play the GameCube with an HDMI adapter. This makes all the games look WAY better and allows for some great extra options when playing Game Boy Advance stuff but is all this worth the price? Find out in my review! Order GCHD from Castlemania Games - https://goo.gl/ou336S *Save 10% by using code DCG This is not sponsored. I get no money from this. Just want to save you cash! Share and subscribe if you liked it! Consider supporting the show on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/DreamcastGuy Follow me on social media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dreamcastguy Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/dreamcastguy Instagram: http://instagram.com/dreamcastguy Business email: Mark.shockley@yahoo.com All clips of audio and video used in this work are used for entertainment or education purposes under the fair use clause found in sections 107 through 118 of the copyright law (title 17, U. S. Code). If you have any dispute please contact me. "EDM Detection Mode" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 GCHD is a no-mods required HDMI converter that allows real Gamecube hardware to produce the highest native resolution possible on any HDTV while eliminating all input lag. ​ Simply plug GCHD into a compatible Gamecube console (Model DOL-001), attach an HDMI cable, and enjoy true 640x480p progressive scan. ​ These resolutions have previously been locked behind rare and expensive Gamecube component cables, but no more! GCHD is the simple, reliable, and affordable solution for getting the best experience possible using real Gamecube hardware.
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DreamcastGuy (5 months ago)
If you do end up wanting this GameCube HDMI adapter they gave me a coupon code that anyone can use. Order GCHD from Castlemania Games - https://goo.gl/ou336S *Save 10% by using code DCG This is not sponsored. I get no money from this. Just want to save you cash!
Drs 43 Gaming (5 months ago)
The GC was not as powerful as the Xbox by a mile. And having bought this adapter I wonder if you noticed the sound issue that pop up now and then?
DDub 64 (5 months ago)
DreamcastGuy u named ur link nipples. that's fukkin awesome. hope to see u on spawncast this week, that is unless u get lost at the zoo?... haha have a good day
linktheslayer15 (4 months ago)
Anyone know any cheaper options?
Carl7119 (4 months ago)
F-Zero GX has a widescreen 16:9 mode. You need to enable it in the options menu. Also when you turn on the gamecube, you need to hold the B button to enable progressive scan mode for games that support it like F-Zero GX.
I want that cat (4 months ago)
what would dreamcast look like in HD.I always thought the graphics were better than ps2 and ps3
Otaku_GameFan (4 months ago)
The PS4 & XBox One Versions of Resident Evil 4 were based on the Ultimate Edition on PC, but I can't figure out how to enable the Subtitle function. However the advantage that the original GameCube Version has over the HD Versions is the main game's ending: The water effect in the original GameCube Version and Wii Edition looked amazing, but in the PS3 Version it looks like it's down graded. Even in the PS4 Version Capcom still hasn't fixed it. 😟 By the way, did you know about the HD Remastered Versions of Zelda: Wind Waker & Twilight Princess? There should be a Mario Collection someday.
Timogen Viente (4 months ago)
I have a modded wii and can play wii games on hard disk and game cube games on sd card using nintendont homebrew. Resolution is fair enough progressive scan 480p via component cables.
RandomBlackGamer (4 months ago)
Gotta work on your video bitrates or invest in getting a better capture device. The visual quality in this video doesn't necessarily motivate me to by the adapter especially at that price.
Stefan Eilenbrock (4 months ago)
Wii hdmi adapter 👍
74Vidgamer (4 months ago)
Great video but the og Xbox was superior to Gamecube. It had a more powerful CPU/GPU combo. Power ranks for that era were Xbox, Gamecube, PS2. Gamecube was no slouch especially given it's much smaller design.
HaSTe_CM (4 months ago)
i live in mexico, and I would love to buy this but $150 dlls is like $3000 mexican pesos here, for a couple of thousand pesos more i could get myself a PS4 which I still don't have.. (i know is 2018 but I always buy games super late, like years late) GCHD will have to wait for idk how long lol...
riccccccardo (4 months ago)
I want hd cable but refuse to spend more then £30
Phil Dawson (4 months ago)
149 dollars are you fucking kidding me .it's basically the same as the wii hdmi converter that I paid 5 pound for
C H (4 months ago)
Waaaaaay to overpriced!!! The adapter for the original xbox by pound is overpriced also- saw it on amazon for $30.00, ordered it, then they canceled my order and relisted it for over $100.00. Guess they saw how much people were paying for the gamecube adapter and thought they could charge similar. Hyperkin makes a great Wii hdmi adapter/cable that is not expensive. There is also a ps2 hdmi adapter that is not bad at all and cheap. There are even a couple of Wii hdmi adapters from china that are cheap and work very well. Why are the eon gamecube and original xbox hdmi adapters so overpriced?? I refuse to pay more than $40.00. Not worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vanessa Palmer (5 months ago)
Yeah PSO!!!
The Gamer Who Does Life (5 months ago)
4:48 the xbox had WAY better visuals than the GameCube. What are you talking about???
Del Bedinotti (5 months ago)
How to spot clickbait. Does the title end with a ?
Nicholas Wilson (5 months ago)
There’s no “D” on the end of “GameBoy Advance.”
Mark Wheeler (5 months ago)
Back in the day I had my GameCube day 1 and had a fair few games for it, my purple box broke so I got a cool silver bundle with Zelda WW...and I traded it in towards something or other as the next gen came! OH how I regret that decision so much! I'd love my Cube and all my games back like Super Monkey Ball for e.g which I loved! Pikmin 1 n 2, Paper Mario TYD, I looked at buying a Cube recently but was surprised how much the console was going for and when I saw the games prices I was out! Think before selling ur consoles and games folks is my advice to u and learn from my mistakes
Danny D (5 months ago)
Man you soyboys get so wet every time something retro related is released. Isn't it time to grow up already little boys?
Paul Estrada (5 months ago)
I don't have a Gamecube. I play my Gamecube games on my Wii. It's fine, though. I don't care too much about the resolution since these are older games.
HarbingerOfDeath0 (5 months ago)
No idea what you're talking about, Metroid Prime looked amazing to me back in the day too. I won't lie, I was playing the game for almost 8 hours a day with my mouth on the floor xD
NYCJoeBlack (5 months ago)
I love my GameCube Nintendo as it is one of my all-time favorite home console besides the Super Nintendo and SONY PS3, but even I have to admit that Microsoft’s XBOX is more powerful than the GCN. Just compare the first two Splinter Cell games. The GameCube can handle fast action on screen better and it has the ability to have up to 8 different textures in one passing (XBOX, I believe is 6 and PS2, I believe is either 2 or 4...someone correct me if I am wrong). The XBOX can output at a higher resolution, although not all games took advantage of that and the XBOX had better sound output. Game storage is bigger on their disk compared to the GCN and the XBOX had a pretty decent online service, whereas the GCN did not. I own both systems and love them for different reasons. I have about 60 games for the XBOX with a few more that I really want to get and I can tell you that the XBOX beats out GCN overall in hardware power, but not by an extreme amount. The PS2 is the weakest link in that generation, but outsold both, GCN and XBOX combined...Go figure! 😂 I kinda wished that Resident Evil 4 was released on the XBOX just to see how close or distance the graphics would be to each other as the PS2 versions was close to the GCN version with some sacrifice in lighting, textures, load times, etc.
kuma138 (5 months ago)
No, the gamecube didnt have a better graphics card than the xbox.
ITCHYisVegeta (5 months ago)
DreamcastGuy, have you had any distortion or issues with the sound while using this device? Other reviews have mentioned this, and this is one of the two things holding me back from buying one. The other thing is, I am already happy with playing Gamecube games on my Wii with component cables. The main reason I got a Gamecube recently is for GBA games (also scored the Game Boy Adapter for super cheap). But with Woozle's GBA HDMI mod coming out, would the money be better spent on that?
King Majin (5 months ago)
Great job Dreamcast Guy. Very nice to see someone cover the Gameboy as I've not gotten one because I've wanted to know Gameboy looks on it.
Mark Petocz (5 months ago)
I remember ordering the component cables off of Nintendo's website back in the day. They used to be $40 plus shipping. Quite a bargain compared to today. Also, progressive scan was just a marketing name that was given to 480p. The p stood for progressive. This adapter is great but if you ever get the chance to use a GameCube via 480p component on a pvm or bvm that supports it....oh man, you'll be blown away.
James Jamias (5 months ago)
This is the 3rd video the Dreamcast guy has pissed me off with inaccurate information. This video he said GameCube was more powerful than Xbox. The other video he said Naughty Dog isn’t owned by Sony. And a different video he lied about playing certain Dreamcast games because when he was describing them, it wasn’t even close to being accurate. Plus some of his rants seem forced and hard to justify sometimes. He’s becoming a clown like RGT85 now
Jason Pollywog (5 months ago)
Be careful. Metal Jesus had his game cube get fried by an HDMI adapter that he actually really liked. Might not be the same one but just giving you a heads up.
blvk3 (5 months ago)
@6:30 the hd version is based on the PC version, and that one is based on the PS2 version, which is known for washed out colour
Twisted Soul (5 months ago)
Infectious Kanine (5 months ago)
I think a reason the adapter requires so much force is to make sure it has a snug fit and won't move. There is another Adapter that is only $99, and while the new 3.0 version of it claims to have fixed the issue, the older version of the adapter kill the Gamecube via short circuit if the adpater was moved while in use.
John Winzer (4 months ago)
the new 3.0 did fix the issue, I have one it's the better option. Cheaper, more compatible with tvs, smaller, upgradable.
MrBrocephus (5 months ago)
I want a dreamcast so bad.
wiseguy240 Winston (5 months ago)
Now if we can get ps2 on HDMI my life will be complete,
Gina Garcia (5 months ago)
Meanwhile I’m using an emulator. Cost: $0
Guangsi Han (5 months ago)
The Nintendo component cable part in the beginning makes me think the metal gear footage was recorded using that cable, because: The video says the Nintendo component cable is rare to get and outputs to 480p while gamecube usually outputs in 480i, but "these cables" allow you to output 480p, and it then says the footage was recorded in 480p (but it didn't say it's using the GCHD adapter) so this makes me think it was recorded using that Nintendo component cable judging from the context (am I the only one?). And then I was looking for the HD picture using the GCHD adapter but I don't know starting from which game/footage, it is using the GCHD adapter, it's not mentioned in this video explicitly, which confused me. After watching the whole video in 720p, which is the highest resolution I found at the time I am writing this, I am guessing all the footages were recorded via the GCHD adapter? But still, the component cable part in the beginning is confusing. If it says something like "...The gamecube usually outputs in 480i and blurry... but (Now) the GCHD adapter allows you to output 480p (through HDMI) and these footage were recorded (in 480p) through the GCHD adapter..." in the beginning part, would it be clearer to me.
Ljink (5 months ago)
Wow, RE4 and Metroid Prime look like early to mid gen 7 games with this adapter.
Reaper World (5 months ago)
Hyperkin HDMI Cord for the Wii $20
Rift Shredder (5 months ago)
I just play my Gamecube games on my Wii, it's way cheaper and it looks great
Bradley Cattoni (5 months ago)
Hey Dreamcast Guy can you do more retro videos like this one. I mean you are the Dreamcast Guy!! I especially love videos showing how to play retro games and consoles in the modern era.
Otis Whitaker (5 months ago)
Almost certain that the PS4 RE4 is being displayed in RGB Limited while a source is expecting RGB Full. That washed out look is a tell-tell sign of that. A lot of people do that, too, with consoles. Several Youtube channels (Notably, Game Grumps, for example) blatantly do that, and it's massively annoying. It usually stems from general misinformation that you shouldn't be using RGB Full unless you're a using a PC monitor (Which isn't true. Modern TV's handle RGB full fine. But if you are using RGB limited, you need to make sure the input source is also set to Limited, otherwise you get washed out blacks)
Chaoslink1 (5 months ago)
Why is it called the CGHD if it’s only 480p? Shouldn’t it be atleast 720p to be considered HD?
knoble1985 (5 months ago)
RE4 for ps4 looks bleached compared to the Gamecube!
Vance G (5 months ago)
The thing that hurt the Gamecube was the disc media Nintendo used. Reason why so many third party games were a no show. Why didn't Nintendo include the 480p cables with every unit? That was seriously dumb to limit it to 480i unnecessarily.
Positive Gaming Space (5 months ago)
Lol, I knew people would be here complaining about the GameCube comment being more powerful than Xbox. Yes, he made a mistake but get over it. You remind me of those people who read a carefully written post online and all you see is (you spelt that one word wrong), lol. 😜 I hope he noticed the mistake but chose to keep it anyway
MadMike (5 months ago)
I watched a few videos on it when it came out and when the other guy did one before that. Very cool! I would like to get one, but for the money I need to wait lol. Looks like I am sticking to the Wii and component for awhile lol. Although it doesn't look bad at all on the wii thru component.
SESWRT (5 months ago)
Vegito Charmara (5 months ago)
The blur in the distance is probably texture filtering
Beany mane (5 months ago)
You should have done a side by side comparison, standard def vs gchd. Also, do you continuously have the fat black borders? if so I will not buy the gchd.
T Zero (5 months ago)
@1:00 "but is it any actually good?" 🤣
Arsonloke (5 months ago)
It doesn't make that big a difference
Byron Cazares (5 months ago)
Did you name link "Nipples" lmao
McCarthy was right (5 months ago)
@4:40 GameCube Gamecube-162MHz ATI GPU Xbox-230MHz nVidia GPU Little bit of wrong info there. You have to remember xbox was essentially a high end PC that could run hd picture from up to 480-720p before the 360 or Ps3. Just compare games like panzer dragoon orta or chronicles of riddick in hd to any other game from that time and be blown away.
Thank you for not being the 80th person to show footage of Luigi's Mansion. It's obviously an amazing game, but some YouTubers act like it's the only GC game on earth.
Silver Flame (5 months ago)
Metal Jesus covered this awhile ago. His one landed up breaking. Supposedly the creator of it has now fixed that problem.
Drs 43 Gaming (5 months ago)
Dreamcast Guy I love you but the Xbox is clearly the most powerful system of that generation.
McCarthy was right (5 months ago)
Gamecube-162MHz ATI GPU Xbox-230MHz nVidia GPU Yes it was. Hell, it could run games at 720p. I don't know why he didn't research this.
oasisbeyond (5 months ago)
Hmm Metroid Prime always looked great. Maybe you played with av wires, I had s video wires, so it looked nearly has good as component on a nice flat screen tv they looked awesome. Re4 Cube is still the nicest version, the pc port was always flat looking and that's what 's on ps4 and all the other console versions. You should see games running on Dolphin Emulator at 4x to 8x Resolution, Eternal Darkness looks pretty much next gen :)
wsugj (5 months ago)
Its nice, but not worth $150. The most I would pay is $50.
ImaFnT-Rex (5 months ago)
StarFox Adventure is suppose to have a Progressive Scan also
Cikatriz87 (5 months ago)
I play my gamecube games on Dolphin with HD texture plug in if availability. It can even play some titles in ultra wide 1440p format without glitches. This adapter does sound nice
Kaito .Link (5 months ago)
someone hasn't experienced the power of Dolphin, a usb gamecube controller and a hdmi cable, also all of this shit can be done on a hacked wii with a wii hdmi adapter from amazon for £6.99. That piece of shit is not worth a 100 bucks
Dirceu Franzner (5 months ago)
Using the GameCube with S-Video on a CRT TV is still the cheapest and best solution overall. Some games, like Resident Evil Remake and Zero, gets REALLY blurry on a LCD even with Component Cables.
ScorpioCesar (5 months ago)
Thinking about selling my first party Gamecube component cable to get this, wonder if I should bother. It's a bit of a pain to have to connect both composite/component for the Gamecube on a modern day t.v.
NYCJoeBlack (5 months ago)
SolidusCesar - How much would you consider selling it for?
klousazo (5 months ago)
if you have a wiiu play them using nintendont
Xyberninja (5 months ago)
Extreme Glll is my shit. I would love to play it again.
Isn't it better to get a first gen Wii and play the GameCube games with the Wii's component cables? Far cheaper and better results since there won't be any transcoding of signals. And that forceful fit? It is because the earlier version of it, if it moved even a bit while powered on and being used would fry your GameCube and render it useless. Search MetalJesus' video about that incident.
N_Alsafari (5 months ago)
150$ is a little bit too much.. But as you said its for collectors only
Roger Palomino (5 months ago)
Dude test Super Smash Bros Melee! That is the closest to Melee HD!
Brundeasie (5 months ago)
To me, RE 4 on Gamecube looks more artistic and has more atmospheric lighting then the PS4 version
Cole Albritton (5 months ago)
I've had Gamecube in HD for years now, just use the Wii.....
Fendera (5 months ago)
I would buy this if I still had my original gamecube. Even for the price it is well worth it I think!
Anthony Cirami (5 months ago)
$ 150 ??? no thanks it cost more than the console
GamingWithSpoons (5 months ago)
You should do a top 10 gamecube games.
Hogo69 (5 months ago)
I'd definitely get this if I had a decent GC collection. All my favorite games are too dang expensive. Have been using the Behar Bros akura hdmi adapter for my DC though and it is great.
Getting you Triggered (5 months ago)
Custom robo was my favorite GC game. So good
Nocturnal Nights (5 months ago)
Holy Shit man almost 100k subs, won't be long until you get that shiny silver play button!
2477daysaweek (5 months ago)
I l ove metriod prime great game and wind waker is amazing to bad i dont have the launch gc any more and the price for this device is kinda out of range but overall love seeing that the gc is still geting loved
Hijynx87 (5 months ago)
Don't Kinsey your Gamecube.
J (5 months ago)
13:24 do you know why they made it this hard? Cause fucking Kelsey from MetalJesusRocks team burned the GameCube for other model product adapter when she flaps her big ass 🤦🏻‍♂️ MetalJesusRocks states that it should be very solid and it echos to GCHD manufacturers to make it solid
Gleidston Filipe (5 months ago)
I adore how 6th generation games look. They have this naturalistic realism to them, much more so than in 7th gen. I think a big reason for that is amazing amount of work that went into the textures. I just set up Silent Hills 2, the pc version, with the widescreen mod and all the fixes, and it looks like nothing else. It all just looks so lifelike and natural. It's really something. Now imagine if if they had just put a damn DVD reader in this thing. That way the GameCube could have won the 6th gen, since developers would stick to it instead of just the PS2.
Hijynx87 (5 months ago)
Gamecube was more powerful than the og xbox? Eh first I've heard this one. GC definitely was more powerful than the ps2 though. The Nintendo Licensed games might look better with this adapter, but that doesn't mean the system was more powerful. Nintendo are masters at using lower end tech, which is why you have some Switch games that rival current gen games.
Z.A.N.A. (5 months ago)
If u ask me it shows that the ps4 version really can’t remake a game truly hd unless they remake the game from the ground up
hoogafanter (5 months ago)
Picture is captured way too dark...
Brandon Roberts (5 months ago)
i probaly won't get it cause 150$ is a bit steep
Gamesitory (5 months ago)
Just like with music I will always prefer the originals to the remasters "covers".
Sagacious Assessor (5 months ago)
“Quite such a blur”
srirachadude (5 months ago)
You sure you played the OG Xbox version of PSO? Visuals were much better. Just missing the 4 player split screen.
Kaslo 25 (5 months ago)
Basically a great tool for content creators/influencers :P
Kaslo 25 (5 months ago)
lol wut
Kevin Strom (5 months ago)
Kaslo 25 don't call them that. That validates their shitty existence.
Gametourny 4ever (5 months ago)
I'll stick with my Gamecube Component Cables that way I have options for both CRT or HDTV and more solutions for where I want my audio to go with having the different cables with each port. However good solution for those that don't emulate and don't care about the audio stuff as much.
James Cheng (5 months ago)
God, I want FZero for the Switch 😭
RetroJunk (5 months ago)
The continued misinformation in your vids is really starting to get annoying. The Xbox was the most powerful system of that gen and had the best graphical prowess. Please do some research before making videos.
Reaper World (2 months ago)
Wow how stupid are you it took you 2 months to respond
Jamie Amicone (2 months ago)
Reaper World every spec of the console...the number of consoles sold and the life span the consoles lasted.....dreamcast guys videos are all biassed and opinionated
Reaper World (5 months ago)
what facts?
NYCJoeBlack (5 months ago)
RetroJunk - I agree with you!!! I love my GameCube Nintendo as it is one of my all-time favorite home console besides the Super Nintendo and SONY PS3, but even I have to admit that Microsoft’s XBOX is more powerful than the GCN. Just compare the first two Splinter Cell games. The GameCube can handle fast action on screen better and it has the ability to have up to 8 different textures in one passing (XBOX, I believe is 6 and PS2, I believe is either 2 or 4...someone correct me if I am wrong). The XBOX can output at a higher resolution, although not all games took advantage of that and the XBOX had better sound output. Game storage is bigger on their disk compared to the GCN and the XBOX had a pretty decent online service, whereas the GCN did not. I own both systems and love them for different reasons. I have about 60 games for the XBOX with a few more that I really want to get and I can tell you that the XBOX beats out GCN overall in hardware power, but not by an extreme amount. The PS2 is the weakest link in that generation, but outsold both, GCN and XBOX combined...Go figure! 😂 I kinda wished that Resident Evil 4 was released on the XBOX just to see how close or distance the graphics would be to each other as the PS2 versions was close to the GCN version with some sacrifice in lighting, textures, load times, etc.
Gina Garcia (5 months ago)
He never does any goddamn research. Reason I unsubbed and went to spawn wave
StrictlySegaEurope (5 months ago)
What... No "chrystal clear" joke with the pokemon game? ;)
Daniel Coffman (5 months ago)
One thing I would like to see in this kind of video would be a comparison between the GameCube with and without this, because otherwise, well, I know I personally can't really see any difference, but that's because the comparison just isn't shown. Granted, of course, I know it would most likely be really hard to be able to get good footage of both sides.
dynamickirby (5 months ago)
9:27 DreamcastGuy.....I see what you did there. I had to look twice.
Abby Jameson (5 months ago)
I got the adapter that Zeldaxpro makes. It's smaller, doesn't require force to plug in, and is like $50 cheaper. Both are great items, though. You may also be interested in the Dreamcast Akura HDMI box by Beharbros. That's how I have mine hooked up, and it looks fantastic!
John Winzer (4 months ago)
You are forgetting that the eon adapter cant update the gcvideo software, and is less compatible with TVs cuz it blocks the analog av port (in case your tv needs it for audio). You made the right choice I have one as well haven't looked back.
Abby Jameson (5 months ago)
Say Soun True, but it's still the same innards and will stay plugged up from now on since there's no reason to go back lol
Say Soun (5 months ago)
Abby Jameson $40 cheaper as shipping was like $10. Also, I waited 2 full months before mine arrived so that $40 extra would probably be worth it to get it a lot sooner. This thing is $150 on Amazon and eBay but Amazon is free prime shipping. If I had known, I would have bought this as it's probably better built, Zelda Pro uses 3D printing.
DS9TREK (5 months ago)
It sounds like this is of no benefit if you live in a PAL region like Japan or the UK because SD there is 480p as standard.
Mackenzie Peters (5 months ago)
DS9TREK Pal however uses RGB Scart which is a better image than composite.
Zeromus5555 (5 months ago)
You're high... Metroid Prime is a masterpiece.
Charles Carnage (5 months ago)
The wii has a similar adapter got mine for under 10 bucks it plays the gamecube games in progressive scan too
Trovinizard (5 months ago)
I have a hacked Wii U with Nintendont running on it to play gamecube games. Most people think Nintendont is a gamecube emulator but it's not. When nintendo was makeing the Wii U they litterally put an original wii inside of it. And the original wii had a gamecube hardware inside so it could run gamecube games. So what hackers did was just "flip a switch" to enable gamecube mode inside the Wii U. Now I have my gamecube games running on there native hardware through HDMI. It look's 10x better than my original gamecube and way less blurry. Another reason I love my Wii U. Checkmate switch you can't play gamecube games natively. But neither could the wii u I needed hackers to help me with that. Hopefully we don't have to rely on hackers for awesome stuff to come to the nintendo switch.
Mackenzie Peters (5 months ago)
The GameCube is my most favorite console of all time. I own just under 200 games for it.
NYCJoeBlack (5 months ago)
Mackenzie Peters - Blinx 2 is still sealed (for now). I just got it a few days ago. Now I need to hunt for a new copy of the first game. I am a HUGE Super Nintendo fan and I am so frustrated and angry with myself for selling to stores like Software Etc./Babbages/FuncoLand/EbGames/GameStop, all of my CIB SNES games (and I keep my games and boxed in EXCELLENT condition)! I was young then and you’d sell your previous purchased games in order to buy new games. Years later, I went on eBay and purchased about 20% of my games back and a about 25% of my games from independent retro game stores. I still have a ways to go, but I’ll get there. In my journey and with the suggestions from various Youtubers such as METAL JESUS, I have come across several games I have either never owned initially or never heard of and purchased a copy of said game. With the Nintendo 64, I learned my lesson and when I had to sell my games during college to eat or just because I needed money, I only sold the cartridge and kept the actual box with the manual, inserts, maps, posters, etc. Soooooo much easier to hunt for games and soooo much cheaper when all you have to buy is the cartridge. Video games are a part of my childhood and experience in life and having those games just brings so much nostalgia, that’s one of the main reasons why I only buy physical games. It’s one of the many reasons why physical media means a lot to me. In addition, I am also happy that I have ALL of the Game Boy Advance games I wanted, CIB and all. I find that games from the 64/32 bit era and down, are costly and difficult to find CIB since a lot of games were boxed in cardboard and pre-social days, a lot of people destroyed and or threw out the game boxes not realizing that decades later, there would be such a demand for CIB video games. Also, retro games in general are costly to get. GAmes from the 128 bit era (PS2/GCN/XBOX) And forward are a lot easier and more cheaper to find unless they are CE/LE versions of games or published by companies such as Limited Run Games where there are no more than 3,000 copies made it if a game is sold exclusively on websites like Square-Enix and XSEED.
Mackenzie Peters (5 months ago)
NYCJoeBlack That's so awesome man. Personally I'm more of Genesis fan(Genesis does what Nintendon't, Just kidding) but the SNES is also just as fun. I've been lately trying to beat Pitfall the Mayan adventure for my SNES but terrible. Even my mom is better. XD. How is Blinx 2 on the Xbox? I never played the game before. It reminds me of fur fighters for my Sega Dreamcast or Conkers bad fur day for the N64.
NYCJoeBlack (5 months ago)
Nabinani 777 - Wii U launched at $349.99 for the 32GB version.
NYCJoeBlack (5 months ago)
Mackenzie Peters - The GameCube is one of my all-time favorite home consoles besides the Super Nintendo! I am so happy and BLESSED that I had a job where I could buy my own games. I have maybe about 180-210 CIB GameCube games stores away with some still sealed. I am glad I don’t have that headache of trying to search for games to buy as I already have about 98% of the games that I ever wanted or that is worth it to have in one’s Collection. I am also happy that I have most of the games that are worth it to own and ones I wanted, on the XBOX system. Just picked up Blinx 2 brand new.
Mackenzie Peters (5 months ago)
Nabinani 777 Cool. I remember when I was in school most of my friends had PS2's. My friends and I used to play star wars Battlefront at his house all the time along with GTA III (without telling my parents).😅😅😅. Have you ever played Dark Cloud? That's my most favorite PS2 game. Its also a PS2 exclusive.
Ceus Ex (5 months ago)
If Nintendo put in an actual optical drive in the Gamecube they really could have competed with Sony in that generation.

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