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Arctic drills: Russia’s Northern fleet pilots polish deck takeoff & landing skills

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Naval pilots of Russia’s Northern Fleet successfully executed training exercises flying the SU-25 and SU-33 jets off the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft-cruiser. The maritime phase of the fighter pilots’ training is conducted in the Barents Sea aboard the Admiral Kuznetsov and is set to continue for several more weeks. RT LIVE http://rt.com/on-air Subscribe to RT! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=RussiaToday Like us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/RTnews Follow us on Twitter http://twitter.com/RT_com Follow us on Instagram http://instagram.com/rt Follow us on Google+ http://plus.google.com/+RT RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 1 billion YouTube views benchmark.
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Romanische050 (2 months ago)
The amount of "Blyad, cyka blyad!" is huge if they fail the take-off.
arman757 (4 months ago)
And now russia is begging china to use its shitty carrier, that was sold to them by russia, to train on while the last russian bathtub I mean carrier is getting worked on to hopefully make it go more than 5 days at sea without needing a tow home. When other nations try to play big dog status like the United States it is absolutely hilarious. Oh I almost forgot... BE FULLY AWARE THAT RT IS RUSSIAN STATE RUN PROPOGANDA
Fuzzy Boi (4 months ago)
America would stomp russia in a war. LMAO they only have one aircraft carrier!
Fuzzy Boi (4 months ago)
I Russia we no need catapult, we have ramp.
TheTypicalCyclone (6 months ago)
The STOBAR takeoff really satisfied me.
Jonie Shark (8 months ago)
Respect form Greece ! We love Russian brother.
libyan loyal (10 months ago)
Russian power
Make America second class again!
ABHISHEK conqueror (1 year ago)
Russia is just awesome it's fighter jets are dam sexy stylish then American countries should buy Russian technology weapons and oli and gas love from India mig 29k awesome
KGB КГБ (1 year ago)
love Russia
TheCraigHudson (2 years ago)
Does anyone have any Idea what a combat load would be for the Su-33 I know it has 12 hard points and 9400Kg of internal fuel up to, but because it is not a CATOBAR style launch they have to sacrifice Gas/Weapons. What would a typical combat load be launched from Kuznetsov ??? Half the fuel & 4 Air to Air missile or what??
Lord Of frog (2 years ago)
Russia needs to invest in some modern carriers
Alex P (2 years ago)
thats the reason why he heading to Syrian coast - to check what is more important for modern war before designing and producing new aicraft-carrier project.
JonRos87 (2 years ago)
Are the Su-33's going through any current upgrades?
ITmage (2 years ago)
Yes, they allegedly got new communication equipment and SVP-24 targeting system to allow their use as strike aircraft, as they in original configuration were only capable of aerial supremacy with only the most basic air to ground operations.
Ghostman (2 years ago)
"Highway to,the danger Zone-Ski"...
вас на первом месте ракеты уничтожающие авианосцы безо всяких помех.А это уже второстепенное.
GIANNIS PETRIDIS (2 years ago)
flxgreen (2 years ago)
Russians r strong 💪
liabilitymate (2 years ago)
Death to the Zionist scum and the Satanic TalMUD.....
Intelligenkeit (2 years ago)
its unbelievable what humanity can build... wow... and we just use it to kill someone... but look at this beautiful birds, if someone from 1000 years ago would see them, they would think, 2015 is like star wars
Intelligenkeit (2 years ago)
+Jack Lennox lol
Jack Lennox (2 years ago)
+Intelligenkeit They'd think "What is that?!", because starwars didn't exist 1000 years ago xD
allah gey
consolegamer 223 (3 years ago)
really im American and I think russia and America should be better allies than we are all we do is fight if it's gonna be like that then just don't talk to each other but really i just wish there were no wars just saying
AXP Bonecrusher (1 year ago)
Learn about your own country's politics before criticizing others. America might be corrupt, but compared to Russia it's nothing. Elections, police, healthcare, everything. It's Europe's second most corrupt country for a reason. Russia's a really great country but the government and its corruption really hurt it and drains millions of dollars from their own econony.
Process (2 years ago)
+Caleb B I understand where you are coming from but your government is too corrupt to be trusted by anyone
Process (2 years ago)
+Caleb B if America wants friendship, it should stop conducting international war terrorism. bombing the people out of weak and oil rich nations will not get Russia on their good side
tub (2 years ago)
+OfficialShadowKing well considering putin hates obama mostly on the fake that obama is supportive of gay rights, putin just has no tolerance for that, pretty sad considering we are in the 21st century, just look at the olympics held in russia, so much anti gay shit and propaganda.
consolegamer 223 (2 years ago)
+OfficialShadowKing I understand I like Russia I've been there Its nice I just think we should be better friends
Sol Grundy (3 years ago)
I can't wait to see this baby redesigned (free of Shipwreck missiles) and upgraded with latest tech goodies. :-)
joe biden (3 years ago)
You should make a new aircraft carrier long lasting.b
Vladimir Krstic (3 years ago)
can anyone tell me how old are US aircraft carriers?
tub (2 years ago)
+Vladimir Krstic newest one was made this year.
Stipe (2 years ago)
Your question is invalid. The Nimitz class carriers were made between 10 and 40 years old. Be more specific.
AlphaWest18 (3 years ago)
The only thing impressive about this video is the aesthetic beauty of those Sukhois at low level on the flyby and the wonderful humm they produce.
Raymond Daubney (3 years ago)
  Those Russian jets are incredible and my stupid puppet country (Aus.) buys American flops that their own military don't want, typical of our earlier Jew PM John Howard.  The same Jew bum boy of Israel who got us into Afghanistan and Iraq.
Robert Horker (3 years ago)
Planes look ok , boat look shit.
Amareto (3 years ago)
Canada here I come ..
SpicyHam (4 years ago)
Russia will conquer all, russia will liberate all.  Hoorah!
элькирто (4 years ago)
Русские лучше америкос поганных!!!
Electromag50 (4 years ago)
lots of stolen American technology
Raymond Daubney (3 years ago)
+Electromag50 LOL I am actually lost for words. 
Electromag50 (3 years ago)
+Raymond Daubney Because of socialism that we copied from the communist.  we should make our next long range bomber with propellers like the proud russian areo plane.
Raymond Daubney (3 years ago)
 +Electromag50  If that were the case how come your latest fighter is a joke in your own country.?
T Sclly (4 years ago)
real nice boat..  had to see the jump to believe it, but it doers make for a very limited aircraft deployment.  Would like to see the AWAC that they could deploy and a F-18G with a full load take off from that jump...
tub (2 years ago)
+T Sclly except f18s aren't made to be used on a russian carrier, why is this even a thing...
TipsyPilot (4 years ago)
The hell is with the aspect ratio?
Sobakus (4 years ago)
It's fine, being the same 4:3 the footage was filmed in.
wats ur problem (4 years ago)
Did y'all know that Russia stole and redesign America sidewinder. During 1958 China and Taiwan a Taiwanese F-86 Saber shot a sidewinder into the Chinese mig but never blow up but got stuck into the mig. so wen the mig landed back in mainland China they sent the sidewinder to Russia and towards the Russia it was a go kit on how to design and copy it
becauseiwasinverted (13 days ago)
+Sobakus He did point out the missile, it was the AIM-9B Sidewinder, copied by the USSR and placed into service as the R-3. The two missiles look *_identical_* , and so was their performance.
wats ur problem (4 years ago)
Yes go and check out the history that China and Taiwan went to war. It will say and should say an American sidewinder got stuck inside the mih engine. Idk wat model or which sidewinder it was doing the late 1950s but the Russian engineers that seen it had said it was a gift to them as it was a stepping stone for they can make their own sidewinders in which hate to say is better then the one we got
Sobakus (4 years ago)
I'm sure you can point out the exact missile you're talking about and explain all the technical similarities which led you to such a conclusion.
Lost (4 years ago)
Beautiful, wooden ships and aircraft
Surce Riol (4 years ago)
just one eurofighter could take out alone all these tincans shits russians call planes... hahaha really old models
Иван Номов (4 years ago)
Wayne Brandon (4 years ago)
Russia is not Iraq. Russia has thermal nuclear weapons. They have the technical ability to land missiles on target globally, and accurately. The prospect of thermal nuclear war is bad for the planet. It should make you think twice. If / when the nukes start flying, there's gonna be a whole lot of "crispy critters" who will find out first hand how it feels to be baptised by fire.
zeOne (3 years ago)
Nukes are just the way super powers measure their Dicks... they have much more practical weapons (secret bio-weapons that could be spread in secret and then the blame could be put on someone else...)  
Bala Chandran (4 years ago)
they are way back to the US Navy!
arvinth kumar (1 year ago)
Bala Chandran Are you talking about the carriers?
David Mauer (4 years ago)
Why would Russian Pilots be taking off from Polish Ship Decks anyway ? I didn't think the Polish even had any Aircraft Carriers (har har).
Gerardo Maldonado (4 years ago)
Impressive carrier why make it bigger and hold more aircraft. I think U.S carriers are like knights that are well trained heavily armored but very slow while compared to this Russian carriers that are more agile and fast.
Tomy Chroby (4 years ago)
Like :)!!!
Raphael Villalobos (4 years ago)
The worlds easiest floating rust bucket target
Kevin Johnson (4 years ago)
Russian fighters are beautiful, but let's get real, Russian air power is no where near America, really, okay Russia got like 1 (T-50 PAK), compares to the Americans F-22,F-35 and don't forget about the F-15 SE.
ITmage (2 years ago)
Russia operates wide range of other aircraft Su-30SM, Su-35S, MiG-29SMT, MiG-29K, Su-34...
rap RD (2 years ago)
+Kevin Johnson russia got the s400 and other air defence system that can take out your stealth planes because they can be detected by the s400
Mega Gerts (4 years ago)
погибель империалистическим оккупантам. Death to the imperialist occupiers
IamAnoobiecheez (4 years ago)
It's impressive that these Russian planes can take off with such short ground. That's what happens when you have big wings, great engines, and efficient weight. If you try to take off an F-22 raptor or F-35 JSF they will crash into water because too heavy!
Romanische050 (2 months ago)
But you need the optimal weight and wind to do it effectively. I mean how you want to fill all the 11 hardpoints with your A2A missiles and still have enough fuel left for long-range missions? It's actually a more risky way to take off from a carrier like that. The Americans have the better solution, they catapult their planes and it's 100% safe. They also can take fuel tanks and still get airborne. An F-22 isn't meant to be on a carrier, there was a suggestion of an F-22N (N is for navy) but they declined it due to the incapability to carry a specific missile. So you commonly see F/A-18s or F-35s and how I said you've this catapult mechanic which can easily launch these planes. So they just don't need short runways. The naval version of the F-35 is slightly lighter with around 32 tons than a Su-33 with 33 tons but this 1 ton doesn't make any difference. So you nicely spread some misinformation bro and no I'm not an American, I'm a half Russian half German living in Germany and just judging by facts. The Su-33, the Flanker series itself is gorgeus and truly on of the best fighters out there.
Marty Martin (1 year ago)
Silly Russian idiot, The flawless American F22 isn't carrier based :)
IamAnoobiecheez (2 years ago)
+Christian Cole but f35 takes more gas... then go try a f-15 or 16 or fa18
Christian Cole (2 years ago)
IamAnoobiecheez The f 35b can take off in that distance without a ramp, and the f-22 is not a carrier based aircraft...
james warren (4 years ago)
Those migs are truly stunning.
Acuravigor47 (4 years ago)
More American technology copied by the Russians.
Astuteious (4 years ago)
This comes across as Russia trying to thump it's tiny chest in order to get some attention because it hasn't got the capability to hit ISIS. 
Astuteious (4 years ago)
+Pocok4 If you want to know where I'm coming from, I'm a little irritated at this blatent propaganda being spewed out on an almost hourly basis by RT and the legion of retards who comment here but I don't dislike Russia/Russians. We have loads of them working here in London and they're ok. I merely asked you to show me a single video of a Russian jet dropping a modern munition. You posted a wiki link but I want to see for my own eyes. This is a genuine question to ask. Wiki has allot of bs information such as these invisible men who apparently live in the sky and watch over us minute by minute...second by second lol. The point is that nobody has actually seen any of these weapons that Russia claims to have. The whole world has seen ours my friend. 
tec proprete (4 years ago)
the two countries have diferent ideas for the same problem. The america want sofisticaded weapons the russian wants realible weapons. you see this in the planes, the russian planes dont have the powerfull systens but the need less staff to operate, need less cust for operation and the can takeoff from the bad airports and can be stay outside. The american airplanes need more staff, is more espensive to mantain, need to have the best instalations to operate and need a hangar, because they are more sensitive to weather. In a war a remenber the kursk batle the german have less tanks but more sufisticaded and the russian have more a tractor than a tank and the russian win because the russian tanks breaks less, cust less, easy to operate and any unculturated people can drive one.  I think this idea continues in the russian army, the weppons are less sofisticaded the the american but the russian weapons can do the service with less cust and is easy to build. In a war this is important, in a ww3 i think my bet is for russia because they know that in war nothing works greate, is a hell and sofisticaded weapons that have delicated system dont do well. The kursk lesson is a cruel lesson for any army. Is better think the weapons to work is the worst conditions possible that hope that all is will be heaven. The vietman war is a litle exemple for this the m-16 was a better weapon than a ak-47 but the ak-47 works very well, without fails, the m-16 can´t be submerse, can´t have dirt, the ak-47 works very well, can be put in water, can be buried for years and work when needed.
BlackwolfRising (4 years ago)
+Drew Vasquez - Marines. We have Marines, my keyboard warrior friend. Thats the answer to your question. Now run along little boy, back to your call of duty or whatever you use to be a mr. Expert on the militarty.
LobaevSniperRifle (4 years ago)
jeek (4 years ago)
Look like RC plane !! That's Russia for you !!
Sub Zero (4 years ago)
GO SU-33 ! Destroy everything in your way !
Fragnition & Friends! (4 years ago)
I'm not gonna lie but, Russian Aircraft Carriers look so damn cool :D
stg5ive (4 years ago)
That's how they should torture people--by securing them to that wall while the jet is firing up it's engines
rap RD (2 years ago)
+stg5ive -- Real Life SHTF very painful death
yemen taikor (4 years ago)
they're really askin for war huh?
MERCEDES BENZ (4 years ago)
What year is this? 1972 
ITmage (2 years ago)
Kuz is actually 80s development.
Mynthon (4 years ago)
Seriously... WTF!? Do they have flying saucers on US carriers or something? Seriously, what do you expect carrier (or in this, aircraft carrying cruiser) and fighter aircraft to look like? And the fighters are 4th generation, just like the American ones.
Notorious1441 (4 years ago)
Aww what a cute little carrier.
TEXAS713EDITION (4 years ago)
Lmao isn't that how all jet fighters land
Shady Brady (4 years ago)
Why does most of this video look well aged? At least 10 years old.
Markitoz Gonzalez (4 years ago)
Haha lame USA Was doing that since the 1950s ;) keep trying to catch up jaj
Ng JC (4 years ago)
Its cool its badass but in reality its not as good as a nimitz or ford
Nikita Belic (4 years ago)
Dmitri Kozlowsky (4 years ago)
Build runways on ice shelves and flattened icebergs. THis idea has been and is still actively being studied. Biggest problem is heat. Human life suppourt, equipment, normal activity, generate heat. Refrigeration to cool the ice at interface creates more heat. Where would it go. Radiate into air is not efficient, and would give away position and activity. Pump it into water and it would slowly melt the ice under the base, outside in. Ignore it and it melts ice under base, slowly sinking into ice. Another problem is ice calving and fracturing. Bombs and torpedoes probably would not do it. Deep underwater nuclear blast would generate hydrodynamic shockwave strong enough to fracture it, but that means going nuclear. Normal action of the sea would do it, eventually. Can't stop it. So an ice base would be a temporary construct.
potheed29 (4 years ago)
they got arresting wires, but no catapults(the planes cant take off with a useful weapons load). and their elevators are too slow
Dmitri Kozlowsky (4 years ago)
All right. This is impressive show of flying skills. JHC! That is a small carrier. You gotta have a set solid stones to come aboard back on that small space. I hope that it was noticed that all takeoffs and landings were performed without ordinance, pods, or external fuel tanks. Also not shown is inflight refueling. Perhaps RuN wants to keep payloads and inflight refueling away from prying eyes. Just that NATO Navies with carriers, being USN and French Navy. Generally like to show launch and recovery with ordinance and tanks. RAND and Jane's report that SU-33 and J-15 on skijump launch are limited to 40% fuel onboard and 2 X R73 and 2X R-10ER/T missiles. Max loadout on a standard met day. Wind over deck for launch is 30-40 knots. Inflight refuel must occur within 15 minutes of launch. This is biggest tactical limitation of SU-33 skijump combination. This limits SU-33 to air defense of the battle group. That means that primary weapon of the ship are the Moskit cruise-missiles, and KA-27 anti-submarine helicopters.
xskhax (4 years ago)
This is the last time for the ship , after he gets up to 3 years to modernize
Leon612 (4 years ago)
All I see is a bucket of bolts.
ProRuska[Жiza] (4 years ago)
WHERE was INVADED by the U.S. in 20-21 CENTURY. 1901 - the introduction of troops in Colombia. 1902 - the invasion of Panama. 1904 - the troops in Korea, Morocco and the Dominican Republic. 1905 American troops intervene in the revolution in Honduras. 1905 - the introduction of troops in Mexico (helped the dictator Porfirio DМaz to suppress the rebellion). 1905 - the troops in Korea. 1906 - the invasion of the Philippines, the suppression of the liberation movement. 1906 - 1909 - American troops are in Cuba during the elections. 1907 American troops are doing in life protectorate "dollar diplomacy" in Nicaragua. 1907 American troops intervene in the revolution in the Dominican Republic 1907 American troops involved in the war of Honduras from Nicaragua. 1908 American troops are in Panama during the elections. 1910 - Nicaragua. The United States sent military forces in Nicaragua and organized anti-government conspiracy. In 1910 was formed junta from Pro-American generals. 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Americans destroy missile strike pharmaceutical plant, arguing that it produces nerve gas. 1999 - ignoring international law, bypassing the UN and the Security Council, the United States, NATO forces launched a campaign 78-day aerial bombardment of the sovereign state of Yugoslavia. 2001 - the invasion of Afghanistan. 2003 - the bombing of Iraq. 2011 - Libya. 2013 - Syria  2014 - Ukraine
KokiaKola (1 month ago)
>U.S invaded ukraine Boi where do you get your news from?
Wwald (4 years ago)
On thier way to Sweden
General Skuller (4 years ago)
*Russian Aircraft carrier =Toilet bowl, Russian aircraft=Turds* The West will destroy Russia with ease.
Dick Cheney (4 years ago)
Watching Russia's military is like traveling back in time to the 80s.
Azula Quaza (4 years ago)
congrats russia you now have 1 carrier while U.S has 12 and a Destroyer class strike team guarding each and every one
stewart hughes (4 years ago)
+the most interesting rock to ever live who is paying for all that?? people dont want to go to fema as a result of these mega spenditures..
stewart hughes (4 years ago)
+the most interesting rock to ever live russia was more powerfull under the USSR. is because now russia is weak and loss direction,, even putin dont know who is the enemy,
Azula Quaza (4 years ago)
+Красный Орёл boy lemme tell ya something if russia ever fires a rocket at a carrier first that ships backup will be destroyed in an instastant and then will be blown out the water before that screen can even say 2nd round is loaded. the U.S carriers carry more aircraft and are bigger which means thicker hull. one of your shitty missiles is not gonna cut it. Russia is weaker then the U.S always has been always will be . oh yea the U.S navy is more advanced 13 years ahead of the world. 
Azula Quaza (4 years ago)
+Maylevka May and each carrier comes with a nuclear sub.
Sabakinno (4 years ago)
nice rusty planes
Clifton Haralson (4 years ago)
Salt bomb this ship and you sink it.
rap RD (2 years ago)
+Clifton Haralson would not be wise to talk shit about the russians or they will fuking drop nuclear bomb on your ghetto neighborhood uncle tom kissing ass negro
IIceColld1 (4 years ago)
This thing is not nearly the size of Americas super carriers. Plus the sky jump takes up to much space on the deck
Brandon Black (4 years ago)
russkie Pigs Always Bitch and Cry !
funky3ddy (4 years ago)
Always..... I guess you spend a lot of time in our piggery? Maybe it's not that bad in here after all, huh? Come on, stop being such a meanie. Yes, sometimes we bitch, and sometimes we cry, but when we're not, we are always happy to share those moments of happiness with you ヾ(@^(∞)^@)ノ
sc0tte1 (4 years ago)
So the Russians don't even need steam-powered catapults to launch their fighter jets due to the angled-lip on the edge of the ship?  Impressive
TheMilosgrozni (3 years ago)
+sc0tte1 haha,it is,but you also need great aerodynamics,low wing loading,thrust to weight better then 1 and also some cannards . long story short,there are only few types of aircraft that can take off from russian carrier
stewart hughes (4 years ago)
why this name "polish take off"?
hussein abbas (4 years ago)
I'm actually planning on being a plane pilot and solder. I think I'm joining Lebanese or Russian air force
Siberian Khanate (4 years ago)
They can't drive and they're trying to PILOT? Holy fuck, they're all going to die lool
ABOXofMONSTERS (4 years ago)
Jets seem pretty slow and under powered. Our F 4 phantoms had more umph . They were the first with a great ejection seat though. Fifty years ago.
Minuteman (4 years ago)
very underwhelming lol
Stipe (3 years ago)
How many times have u been told that
How big is this carrier ? Look how small is that -.- Only 4 jets...
Bobban (4 years ago)
Could next video contain these planes shooting down american figher jets? :) #whoismad
crumcon (4 years ago)
Russia needs more aircraft carrier, 1 is not enough, should have at least 5 to be able to have a world blue sea Navy status 
Dik Tittylover (4 years ago)
Richard Sheehan (4 years ago)
Russia has the advantage of interior lines. They lack the ability to project global force like the USSR could, but that's not necessary when NATO is coming at you on all sides. Self-defence is more vital than self-assertion. If Beijing is serious about a strategic partnership with Moscow, and the German leadership plays its cards sensibly, then this will be the Eurasian century.
slavixtube (4 years ago)
I love Russia!
✰ Truther ✰ (4 years ago)
where's the HD version
Tomek Samcik (4 years ago)
oh blud !
Anders Damgaard (4 years ago)
That's one ugly ship..
Solowarrior1221 (4 years ago)
+America Top Ten very unny you should try out for stand up comedy
Mode Liukas (4 years ago)
+killman369547 a job to sink.
Solowarrior1221 (4 years ago)
its not meant to be pretty its meant to do a job
Читаю комменты и понимаю, как необразованны европейские и южноамериканские люд.  1. На видео не авианосец, это тяжёлый авианесущий крейсер. Самолёты это только доля  вооружения, корабль сам по для себя отлично вооружён  2. России не необходимы авианосцы, Россия ведёт мирную политику и не занимается экспансией в другие страны, в особенности на других материках 3. Россия имеет оборонную доктрину. Авианосец орудие нападения. Авианосцы для государств агрессоров и террористов, таких будто США
Референдум в Крыму (1991) - 93,26% за воспроизведение автономной республики Референдум в Крыму (2014) - 96.7% за вхождение в состав Российской Федерации. _______________________________ Референдум в Донецке - 89% за самостоятельность  Референдум в Луганске - 96.2% за самостоятельность  Мне вот любопытно, Россия ведёт войну в Крыму, какой сам просился в Россию ? Или Россия ведёт войну с Луганской и Донецкой республиками, которые объявили о собственной независимости от Украины ? ^^
Jay Rumas (4 years ago)
+Mark Lee Well, actually 3, and I still don't see how this makes it a "terrorist country". And actually, Russia is 1.
Jay Rumas (4 years ago)
I'm sorry, but I think it's very hypocritical to call the US a "terrorist" country, and then say Russia is "peaceful".
swatnc (4 years ago)
Wild we use a catapult to help launch or jets Those guys have no assist in getting airborne. But a piece of metal behind the jets and a ramp built on the bow of the ship. It takes balls of steel to take off and land on a carrier at sea. No mater what country your from.
Talvin Morton (4 years ago)
How many aircrafts can this cruiser hold.
SOOOOL (4 years ago)
Acuravigor47 (4 years ago)
stg5ive (4 years ago)
How many yah got?
Paul Cameron (4 years ago)
Super; Russian military might help protect the FREE WORLD from US//British Imperialism and the NWO banking elite
Azmol Hossain (1 year ago)
yes, brainwashed moron.
Jay Rumas (4 years ago)
Russia, "free world"? Lmao.
artemis2314 (4 years ago)
This is actually the first time I ever see a russian aircraft carrier.
Yasper 68 (3 years ago)
Funny you lost the cold war and we didn't even spend half of what Murica spent : p
Predrag Danicic (3 years ago)
+YasperOn TheKeyboard you mistaken they had 2 and and they are much smaller than USA carriers.. generaly they are not so good as USA carriers (russa have better aircafts but not aircaft carriers ) for example you can not land and lift aircraft at same time for example form "admiral kuznecov"... But lets be honest aircafrt carriers are not needed unless you want to bomb small countries and to play world police ...
General Grievous (3 years ago)
+Anoying Troll U crazy? 100 Years? I know that's an expression but still
Yasper 68 (4 years ago)
+fightttttt getting to the point ok.
rxueloenz (4 years ago)
I thought that Kuznetsov was supposed to be undergoing refit, engine and aircraft (MiG-29K) replacement, did they postpone it?
ITmage (2 years ago)
In 2017.
mamtowd (4 years ago)
They have only 1 old aircraft carrier .....
Piotr Wielki (4 years ago)
+Pocok4 Don't forget about Gaz Chaika (M13 to these days is one of the most sought after limos by car collectors) or that beast http://carlook.net/data/db_photos/marussia/b2/1st/marussia_b2_1st_coupe2d-4829.jpg
Jay Rumas (4 years ago)
+RussiasNumber1 Your point? Also, when did Vietnam smash the american Army? It resisted it, it didn't smash it.
mamtowd (4 years ago)
+Pocok4 Do you know one good russian car? No, you don't - they are not able to make simple car.  
Anders Damgaard (4 years ago)
+RussiasNumber1 vietnam didn't smash the american army... 

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