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The WORST games on steam.

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The worst games on steam... are... impressively bad. Although Road redemption, that is freakin awesome. ►►►Want to join the Steamgroup?: http://bit.ly/181AKNC◄◄◄ Twitch Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/muselk/ ►►►Sexy Muselk Shirts: https://represent.com/store/mrmuselk Like on facebook! https://www.facebook.com/mrmuselk Twitter (best place to message me): https://twitter.com/mrmuselk Thumbnail by: List of Equipment and Computer Specs: http://pastebin.com/MeyCin28
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DA_ Peashooter (26 days ago)
Ya missed a few, the whole five nights series. It's a joke, the first one was ok ish but it went SO downhill from there. (Not just the games the fandom was even worse.)
Dragon Beast (1 month ago)
Ohh so it's you
Leo Lee (2 months ago)
Dat motorbike game is the best
Nexurent (2 months ago)
Shit games can be fun sometimes when you're out of things to play. :P
squishy time!!! (3 months ago)
7:24 Did anyone notice that in the racing game he defeated markiplier
david (4 months ago)
Where is owstind wimdstrom a horse game
UNKNOWN (5 months ago)
Road Redemption Jacksepticeye played and its awesome
Jacob Audette (5 months ago)
Dir Hell (5 months ago)
Can someone do a "The Graveyard all bosses no damage" please
Bludoggg (6 months ago)
How dare you disrespect *GRANNY*
Nick Hoover1979 Wride (6 months ago)
I wish the Unity Engine would die in a fire, or at least ONLY be used on mobile platforms! #KeepUnityShitOffPC
Da_Guy_With_Crocs (6 months ago)
I miss the old days
Tf2 player (7 months ago)
The last one was faking Amazing
ItzActivex (7 months ago)
There's actually another game almost exactly just like dinner date and its on steam called Serena oof
red squirrel (7 months ago)
They did a fair bit of 3d art work and animation for the granny graveyard and diner ones considering how limited the game play was. Seems more like someone either didn't finish there project or wanted there game to be infamous.
TheArchDemon (8 months ago)
Dxfan619 's list has Waymore god awful steam games I think big rigs is on steam
Theodore Elafropoulos (8 months ago)
back when muselks titles didnt have fortnite in them aBOUT 10 TIMES
box (8 months ago)
Was the song on the graveyard game dutch?
Thief of Kills (8 months ago)
Muselk said that they didn't do anything wrong. So is blowing people up legal in Australia
Nexus Records (9 months ago)
Like who wants to eat something
Big_Steve 380 (9 months ago)
Road 2 Redemption reminds me of the old school game. New when i played... Road Rash!
Jiří Pechman (9 months ago)
The Dinner Date is like getting over it with Bennett Foddy they both just talk
Celtxcs (9 months ago)
I'm not sure he understood that the first one was a story.
shadowhealer (10 months ago)
7:25 "you defeated Markiplier" Man, he's really sunk that low?
paul austen (10 months ago)
incline is shit
Ellis Palmer (10 months ago)
I'm working on a hard platformer game and its coming out during July i haven't though about a name yet its first person game you go through level to level jumping over spinning fan things and not trying to get crush by falling things
_ Xaveir Does Gaming_ (10 months ago)
HMS Pork Chop (10 months ago)
grass simulator
Attila the killa (10 months ago)
Billery Jilton (10 months ago)
I gained autism from this
Wulleee (10 months ago)
At 7:24 it says *"You defeated Markiplier"*
SUV Tropics (10 months ago)
at the motorcycle part, i was literally crying of laughter. funniest thing ive seen in months
Nicholas Hatch (10 months ago)
Your voice in this video sounds like a mix of pewdiepie and radbrad.
I feel bad for the people who did so much work and get make fun off
Justice Beaver (10 months ago)
Kerber Htoo (10 months ago)
I'm watching this in 2017 idk why I'm commeting this
TorbForPresident (10 months ago)
Jay 66n (10 months ago)
If you have VR... try VR chat. Trust me you'll regret it :)
Jay 66n (10 months ago)
hang on i thaught this was recent lol
ChuckTheTrain (10 months ago)
7:25 it says you defeated markiplier
1605 M (11 months ago)
The graveyard is a good game because of what it represents. But its true, its really boring
POTATO GOD (11 months ago)
Look at crackhead on steam
Alterran Longbow (11 months ago)
Road redemtion is a really successful game now
MrKlassic (1 year ago)
DxFan619 is looking at this and saying: "Worst Games on Steam? Follow me, Let me show you something." **Takes you to His worst Steam Library ever video**
Daniel Bob (1 year ago)
Eyes on the road, Muselk
AlphaChocolateTruffle (1 year ago)
Hi I dA dEvOlOpOr Of SlAuGhTeRiNg GrOuNdS pRePaRe To Be SuEd! no joke that's actually what thay guy did to Jim sterling because he left a bad review of a TERRIBLE game.
Sam (1 year ago)
the whole time i didnt know it was muselk, i just clicked the vid. I found out it was him when i saw the end...
RH_3D (1 year ago)
0:23 That grey box on the floor... yep, that's literally BSP from UE4... THEY LEFT IN THEIR TEST GEOMETRY. HOW. WHY. WHO.
Robin unkown (1 year ago)
ORION: Prelude
Saurabh Purohit (1 year ago)
Watching in 2017
Pastahunter (1 year ago)
THE GRAVEYARD: Pretentious indie shit trying to be arty, edgy and ironic. The punchline of the game is as old as the history of cemeteries themselves. This kind of thing was worn out even before Shakespeare.
Sam Hutton (1 year ago)
fuck sticky keys man
TheSaviorOfSouls (1 year ago)
What are you talking about!? the graveyard is awesome!
:3 Idk (1 year ago)
"Did I even lunch?" *claps* Well done
Boradach (1 year ago)
Road To Redemption Is Shit Better Play Jacked You Can Jump To Other Bikes and other things btw thats bike race game
Sliced Bread (1 year ago)
he never got to the car storm on road redemption where cars rain from the sky
deathrotor (1 year ago)
if your playing steam games why not try adventurequest 3d? its in the beta
Dylan Patel (1 year ago)
Guys, OMG name I really prefer it very puch establish
ItsSpepik (1 year ago)
7:24 you killed markaplier XD
Campaign HD (1 year ago)
Scout Win!
krotson (1 year ago)
Was that Dutch?
Amazing Eagle (1 year ago)
don't like muselk don't know why
You should play jesus christ rpg on steam
Guto k. viscardi (1 year ago)
you missed Miner ultra adventures
Patrick Wall (1 year ago)
Road to redemption was kinda popular a few years ago
JellyCat (1 year ago)
0:54 Get MatPat we need a Video Game theory about this game NOW
The Mad Blooper (1 year ago)
These are the games I see in my steam library once steam summer sale is over
Dr. Shit (1 year ago)
The last game seems nice
Motion's Memes (1 year ago)
What? That game at the beginning looked great. Much better than Ocarina of Time, widely considered to be one of the best games of all time. And holy shit that bike game looks shit. Copy and pasted assets, repetitive gameplay, poor interface...
IamLollipop (1 year ago)
U forgot pain train
WarriorWaffle (1 year ago)
The Quacking Pro (1 year ago)
"misery simulator" reminds me of myself
Mortimer Smith (1 year ago)
I guess some of these games are very artsy i actually like the dinner one
hero inator (1 year ago)
did anyone realize one of the road of redemption kills was Markiplier
🔥Ömer The Red🔥 (1 year ago)
4:29 character says ''I do want sex with her, tough.'' XD
SirTrian (1 year ago)
The aCOPalypse
HugoS (1 year ago)
6:58 the fact that he recomende this to 5 year olds on disney xd
Ry Back (1 year ago)
what is the name of last game ?
Where's watch paint dry?
Kaleb Aczel (1 year ago)
i like to lunch do you like to lunch
Pete Man Grif (1 year ago)
I know a worst game on steam! OverWatch!
Liquid Pie (1 year ago)
Mister Cat k
Pete Man Grif (1 year ago)
Liquid Pie No but don't take comments seriously
Liquid Pie (1 year ago)
Mister Cat you dumb?
Snilt David (1 year ago)
That graveyard game was creepy af
Spunow (1 year ago)
Jackson Thebest (1 year ago)
I literaly started laughing so hard after the grandma died and I know that was soulless but 10 minutes then dead if human being lived like 10 minutes of baby 10 minutes a child 10 minutes a teen 10 minutes an adult infinite dead
Emerald Miner (1 year ago)
Grandma and the graveyard is sad no one picks her up and she went to visit someone in her family and ends up dieting :,(
Serial_Cataclysm (1 year ago)
u should try blockade 3d. it is byfar the WORST GAME i have ever played
Simon Parnell (1 year ago)
The Bike game is RoadRash with a new skin
BananaSupreme (1 year ago)
try jet racing extreme, fucking terrible
James Phillips (1 year ago)
Is blood and bacon on here?
Kurtis Ryan (1 year ago)
i know a game slime rancher it can be fun i suggest it
Mitya Petrov (1 year ago)
Where is csgo?
Faupauzi _ (1 year ago)
i dare you to pay 10.00 to play undertale its worth it.
Justintep (1 year ago)
"Did I even lunch?" Perfect grammar.
Jerry Jerrz (1 year ago)
When you are the biggest loser 9:00
Nemo sunk my Nautilus (1 year ago)
😁 Play some of the VR games.
ceezy (1 year ago)
The Graveyard is actually nice :(
Floyd Matthew Santos (1 year ago)
the slotering grown is not bad like left 4 dead but like a the not bad version plus its cheep like if you agree (pls like I never have a single like so just pls like)
Amber_ ツ (1 year ago)
the first one is actually really sad.
PikariocrafTF 2 (1 year ago)
did anyone else notice that the song in the first game, was sung in Dutch?
S T E A M E D H A M (1 year ago)
road redemption is preety fun it haves many glitches but its not crappy for me
Jerry Liu (1 year ago)
the graveyard got an award in 2004!!!!!!!!

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