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Top 5 Super Mario Odyssey Kingdoms

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Super Mario Odyssey has some really great Kingdoms, but which are the best? In this video we share our favourites! Special thanks to Dr. Wily for joining us, his channel: http://bit.ly/1TPZSPJ Support CR on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/Commonrealm Subscribe to Commonwealth Realm!: http://bit.ly/Commonrealm Join our Discord, Sacred Realm: https://discord.gg/mAP5K Follow CR on twitter! https://twitter.com/Commonrealm Big shoutout goes to Nick's Personal Symphony for permission to include his rendition of the Odyssey theme!: http://bit.ly/Mariomusic
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Commonwealth Realm (10 months ago)
What are your top 5 Kingdoms in Super Mario Odyssey? Also make sure to check out Dr.Wily's Top 5 Odyssey Bosses video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CnnFch6g3FY
_ MasterArcherGaming _ (6 months ago)
1.Metro 2.Luncheon 3.Sand 4.Mushroom 5.Seaside
Pink bros Production (9 months ago)
Commonwealth Realm what about the mushroom kingdom
Fushimi Inari (9 months ago)
Commonwealth Realm uuuuuuu
Craven Blum (10 months ago)
5 cap kingdom 4 sand kingdom 3 bowser kingdom 2 metro kingdom *1* moon kingdom
Ryan Perry (10 months ago)
Commonwealth Realm poko birds were annoying agree
Albert Boris (1 day ago)
Cascade Kingdom and Sand Kingdom are the best IMO, Metro Kingdom, while my third favourite, is highly overrated, and I do not like city enviroment, that kingdom was still a blast due to the great design
James Wauchope (3 months ago)
5. Snow Kingdom 4. Cascade Kingdom 3. Luncheon Kingdom 2. Bowser’s Kingdom 1. Seaside Kingdom
dolfin gamez (3 months ago)
1. Metro 2. Mushroom 3.cap 4.snow 5.lost
Daniel Garcia (4 months ago)
My favorite moon kingdom
Daniel Garcia (4 months ago)
1 moon kingdom 2 Bowsers kingdom 3 Luncheon kingdom 4 Snow kingdom 5 lake kingdom
KrazyKoopa95 (4 months ago)
My top 5: 5- Metro Kingdom 4- Lost Kingdom 3- Sand Kingdom 2- Seaside Kingdom 1- Wooded Kingdom
Nicolas Dorneles 10 (4 months ago)
5 - Cascade Kingdom 4 - Luncheon Kingdom 3 - Metro Kingdom 2 - Sand Kingdom 1 - Wooded Kingdom
XxGalaxyEmixX (4 months ago)
How could Lost kingdom be a hm? Also am i the only one who doesn't like Ruined Kingdom?...
Shiblah Gameplay (4 months ago)
My favorite is luncheon aka the snack eevee evolution
Greasy Egg (5 months ago)
5: Sand Kingdom 4: Bowser's Kingdom 3: Seaside Kingdom 2: Luncheon Kingdom 1: Wooded Kingdom
GOOD SIR (5 months ago)
My absolute favourite kingdom in this game is "wooded kingdom/steam gardens". I just love the level design, the enemies you warp into. But above all, Wooded Kingdom has dope music that I could listen to on repeat.
a clam (5 months ago)
5. Lake 4. Cascade 3. Wooded 2. Metro 1. Bowser
hegilbert (6 months ago)
Sand, Wooded, and Luncheon kingdoms sit as my favorites. They offer delightful platforming challenges and variety. Plus, linearity isn't a bad thing
Endrick (7 months ago)
Everyone puts Metro Kingdom at #1 It's getting pretty repetitive.
Skeleton Boi (7 months ago)
Tbh if they put a dlc and Mario went to hyrule that would be pretty cool
Fany Bel (7 months ago)
Mariosmash Fan (7 months ago)
1. Mushroom kingdom. 2. Metro kingdom 3.Wooden kingdom 4. Bowser's kingdom 5. Seaside kingdom
Amazing Avery (7 months ago)
Mine 5 are lake, moon,cap,cascade ,and my favorite metro kingdom
Amazing Avery (7 months ago)
I agree metro kingdom is the best
Ross King (7 months ago)
5: Sand Kingdom 4: Metro Kingdom 3: Wooded Kingdom 2: Bowser's Kingdom 1: Luncheon Kingdom.
Dan Rei (7 months ago)
5.Luncheon kingdom 4.Lost kingdom 3.Bowser kingdom 2.Metro kingdom 1.Lake kingdom
Pfaff James (8 months ago)
Wooden kingdom is phenominal for me! I love the exploration and fells great to run around in. New donk doesnt make my top 5
Dead channel (8 months ago)
My top 5: 5. Moon kingdom 4. Snow kingdom 3. Sand kingdom 2. Lost kingdom 1. My kingdom, (cap kingdom)
Dead channel (8 months ago)
Where is my home town!? Bonneton!?
Francis Turcotte (8 months ago)
1. Wooded Kingdom 2. Metro Kingdom 3. Lake Kingdom 4. Bowser’s Castle Kingdom 5. Snow Kingdom
Amy Kittycat (8 months ago)
1. Lamode. 2. Shiveria. 3. Cap. 4. Bubblaine 5. All except Metro and Wooded
Amy Kittycat (8 months ago)
My favourite was lake kingdom. It makes me sad it was only a small kingdom... And my least favourite was wooded kingdom. If you fall in the void almost ANYWHERE you go to an extremely terrifying place and the dinosaur NEVER stops roaming around. Whoever made wooded kingdom deserves to fucking die
TheStikerPro (8 months ago)
Finally!! a YouTuber Who Mentconed The New Donk City Festival!
the pink flamingo (8 months ago)
lost kingdom is always my number 1
Felix Bannister (8 months ago)
1. Ruined Kingdom 2.Metro Kingdom 3. Browser's Kingdom 4.Luncheon Kingdom 5.Lake Kingdom
Nachos (8 months ago)
1:Bowsers 2:Cascade 3:Metro 4:Luncheon 5:Lake
Ness in Pajamas (8 months ago)
Seaside is the most overrated kingdom in my opinion. Gushen honestly isn't too fun to use. Sure it can make travel faster and it's a cool reference to Sunshine, but it runs out of water a little too quickly for my tastes and it takes way too long to reach back to the waters due to how floaty it is. My biggest problem with it though is that way too may moons in this kingdom are scattered *everywhere* in the water, with very little notable set pieces and looking way too similar to each other, making traversing throughout the kingdom, even with Cheep Cheeps and Gushens and beautiful underwater music, very boring. It's not a bad Kingdom, but it is my 3rd least favourite kingdom behind Cap and Cloud. Lake kingdom is a much better water level.
Paula Franco (8 months ago)
Ness in Pajamas I feel the same way. 1. Scattered moons everywhere. 2. Took me like 5 trys to find where the heck Peach was in the post game. 3. Horrible NPC's 4. Horrid volly challenge.
Jori the Great (8 months ago)
Bowser's Kingdom is my favorite!
Odysseyfan07 (8 months ago)
My Favorites 5. Cascade Kingdom 4. Sand Kingdom 3. Mushroom Kingdom 2. Seaside Kingdom 1. Moon Kingdom
ThunderFox888 AJ (8 months ago)
Am I the only 1 that thinks ruined Kingdom is the best cri
ThunderFox888 AJ (8 months ago)
My Top 5 is 1. Metro Kingdom 2. Luncheon Kingdom 3. Lost Kingdom 4.Snow Kingdom 5. Ruined Kingdom
Harvey Amelia Moore (8 months ago)
I disagree with the seeside kingdom and the sand kingdom i would replace them with the snow kingdom and the castcade kingdom like if you agree
Awesomesaus 379 (8 months ago)
5: cascade 4: sand 3: mushroom 2: metro 1: wooded
James Wellington (8 months ago)
television man (8 months ago)
I like dark souls world, Mario nipple land, lsd Mexico land. Rawr dinosaur cave-land. Dark souls land, and HEY ITS ME 80S MARIO AND I LIKE RAVIOLI. I ALSO LIVE IN BROOKLYN LANS
television man (8 months ago)
Where is dark souls dragon?
Hanchock Elias (8 months ago)
1 lost kingdom everything is perfect in this one 2 lake kingdom the music reminds me mario 3 3 bowser kingdom breathtaking ambience 4 NewDC platforming at its finnest 5 Mushroom kingdom nostalgia
BON Productions (8 months ago)
5: Metro 4: Bowser 3: Luncheon 2: Wooded 1: Lost
BON Productions (8 months ago)
might as well add on and put all the other main kingdoms in an order 6: Mushroom 7: Seaside 8: Cascade 9: Sand 10: Snow 11: Lake
1234 Jacob 4321 (8 months ago)
5.luncheon kingdom 4.seaside kingdom 3.sand kingdom 2. Mushroom kingdom 1.Metro kingdom
roobix cubix (8 months ago)
These are mine. 5. Lost kingdom 4. Mushroom kingdom 3. Cascade kingdom 2. Lake kingdom 1. Snow kingdom
Kashmir Duchien (9 months ago)
Wood world n°1
ShadowGuy Rios (9 months ago)
Bledi Sopiqoti (9 months ago)
i tghink the wooded kingdom has some of oddesys best music
Bledi Sopiqoti (9 months ago)
5 is moon 4 is luncheon 3 is shiveria 2 is wooded 1 is sand
Pink bros Production (9 months ago)
What about the dark darker and the moon kingdom
Team Teddybear (9 months ago)
5.Snow 4.Wooded 3.Luncheon 2.Seaside 1.Metro (Honorable mentions are mushroom and sand)
Nathan Jacobson (9 months ago)
Am I the only one who REALLY liked the Cloud Kingdom??? I wish there had been more to it, but I just like the feeling, look, and concept.
Adam Kleinberg (9 months ago)
5.Moon kingdom 4.Metro kingdom 3.Bowser’s castle 2.Seaside kingdom 1.Wooded kingdom Honorable mentions; lake kingdom, metro kingdom, cap kingdom.
B (9 months ago)
They should've had a "Retro Kingdom"
B agreed
Melissa Parent (9 months ago)
5: Snow Kingdom 4: Moon Kingdom 3: Cascade Kingdom 2: Seaside Kingdom Honourable Mentions Cap Kingdom Ruined Kingdom Lost Kingdom Luncheon Kingdom Bowser's Kingdom Lake Kingdom Sand Kingdom Darker Side Cloud Kingdom Dark Side Metro Kingdom Snow Kingdom 1: Wooded Kingdom
Creeperboy500 (9 months ago)
Where's the luncheon kingdom :(
why (10 months ago)
Sonsos Family (10 months ago)
How in the *_WORLD_* can you skip the Cloud Kingdom *_AND_* the Lost Kingdom??????
Sonsos Family Cloud is like the smallest kingdom
ShyGamingGuy75 (10 months ago)
1.Luncheon Kingdom 2.Bowser's Kingdom 3.Snow Kingdom 4.Sand Kingdom 5.Lake Kingdom
KJONE YT (10 months ago)
Here are my top 6 6 luncheon kingdom 5 seaside kingdom 4dark side kingdom 3 cascade kingdom 2 ruined kingdom. 1 sand kingdom
KJONE YT (10 months ago)
Here is my stupid opinion, metro kingdom is the worst kingdom because jump rope took me three days.
Cactoos (10 months ago)
5. Lake Kingdom 4. Wooded Kingdom 3. Mushroom Kingdom 2. Metro Kingdom 1. Luncheon Kingdom
enigma __ (10 months ago)
why the fuck is shiveria not on anyones lists? top 5 kingdoms: 5. shiveria 4. shiveria 3. shiveria 2. shiveria 1. heckin shiveria
Reckless Animations (10 months ago)
I wonder if I really am the only one who doesn't really like luncheon kingdom?
Static (10 months ago)
5. Lost 4. Sand 3. Metro 2. Luncheon 1. Seaside
TheChikoryMX (10 months ago)
I feel that Isle Delfino's kingdom will be called either Light Kingdom or Shining Kingdom. Ik it's completely off topic but I'm just saying.
A Good Doggo (10 months ago)
What were is luncheon????
Original Gameteer (10 months ago)
Am I the only one who liked Bonneton? Sure it was small, but I still adored the region and it's people. Luncheon is a close second
Sky awesome 73 (10 months ago)
I hate Tostarena so much, more than Jake Paul
Sky awesome 73 stop exaggerating
EpicSexGay (10 months ago)
8:51 thats not what literally means...
What? Thats's what it literally means (also saying literally wasn't intentional)
PedroG Vargas (10 months ago)
I'm a big fan of mario
Sheldon (10 months ago)
1. Metro Kingdom 2. Cascade Kingdom 3. Wooded Kingdom 4. Seaside Kingdom 5. Bowser kingdom
Nate Nodelle (10 months ago)
Nate Nodelle (10 months ago)
hahah after 700 tries I was thoroughly satisfied yes...
The Gaming Lion (10 months ago)
But it was fun!
KrazyKoopa95 (10 months ago)
1-Seaside 2-Snow 3-Wooded 4-Lost 5-Metro 6-Sand 7-Bowser Cascade & Lake were my least fav. Still haven’t played Moon or anything past it.
SomeoneOnTheInternet (10 months ago)
5. Cascade 4. Sand 3. Wooded 2. Metro 1. Mushroom
Why isn't lake kingdom in this list? It's so beautiful! Well at least there's the seaside kingdom, and I really like the fancy goblet. And also the sand kingdom, because the boss is so cool looking.
iPhone 8 (10 months ago)
I love the Lake Kingdom, although it’s a bit small
Melissa Parent (10 months ago)
5: Snow Kingdom 4: Sand Kingdom 3: Cascade Kingdom 2: Bowser's Kingdom 1: Wooded Kingdom
Melissa Parent (10 months ago)
Actually, replace Snow Kingdom with Seaside Kingdom.
Spencer Will (10 months ago)
I love your channel, but I think a 42-second intro is a bit excessive. You could easily have Charles Martinet, some gameplay footage, and the title of the series in 10 seconds or less.
Alpactus (10 months ago)
My favorite kingdom in super mario odissey has to be luncheon
Pfaff James (10 months ago)
1. Wooden2. Snow3. Seaside4. Sand5. Lost
HeavyDonkeyKong (10 months ago)
Is it weird that I knew going into this that the Metro Kingdom would be number one? That and the Seaside Kingdom definetly seem to be the genuine favorites, IMO. Please do not stop making these videos. This is by far my favorite series from you guys aside from your History of 3D Mario Documentaries.
RGkong (10 months ago)
Please Nintendo bring DLC to this game! ❤️
Andrew Marino (10 months ago)
5. Seaside (yes, this game made a GOOD water level) 4. Snow 3. Wooded 2. Luncheon 1. Metro
Nick Crutchfield (1 month ago)
Andrew Marino you don't like the mushroom kingdom??!!
Amy Kittycat (8 months ago)
Two good water -levels- kingdom's actually. Unless you didn't even take in ANY of how beautiful and calm lake kingdom is
Marco D. Toon love u xxx
Marco D. Toon (9 months ago)
RB38 Luncheon is the best kingdom and it's a fact
RB38 (9 months ago)
Andrew Marino someone who likes Seaside AND Luncheon Kingdom? You sir are a rare breed
The Kingslayer (10 months ago)
5. Cascade Kingdom 4. Seaside Kingdom 3. Mushroom Kingdom 2. Metro Kingdom 1. Bowser’s Kingdom
HoennMaster (10 months ago)
All of my favorites are the smaller kingdoms. :( Cap, Cascade, Lost, and Lake.
Human? (10 months ago)
My list is exactly like this one except I like the Moon Kingdom more then the Seaside, mainly because of volleyball flashbacks
Human? (10 months ago)
Why do people have beef with Luncheon? I thought it was awesome!
Albert Boris (1 day ago)
ikr, it was my sixth favourite kingdom, it's looks so delicous!
Michael Haislip (5 months ago)
Amy Kittycat (8 months ago)
I have beef AND ham AND veggies with my luncheon kingdoms
Optitron98 (8 months ago)
Human? I just found it annoying with the multicolored borders
bob Bob (10 months ago)
From best to worst... Seaside (Gave me a sense of Sunshine that invoked my nostalgia) Metro (Was a very weird but amazing idea; lots to do) Sand (Great Kingdom to explore and find moons) Moon (Fun low gravity mechanics, AMAZING final boss and cutscene) Luncheon (Another amazing Kingdom to explore but a little too much “lava”, very colourful) Mushroom (NOSTALGIA, and also very fun) Cascade (A very cool introductory Kingdom) Lake (Very fun but was so short and water was very empty) Bowser’s (Not my style, but still very fun to find moons. Also too much of the level depends on those Gru-bugs nose thing) Lost (Pretty fun but too much of it was based on the rainbow critters thing) Cap (Cool introductory Kingdom but not very fun to explore) Dark Side (Great broodal tower but not really good at all to explore) Wooded (I really didn’t like this one, as the theme just didn’t resonate with me. Also found It very boring to explore) Cloud (Great battle but that’s about it) Ruined (Too small, and the boss battle was a meh after looking at the design of the boss) Snow (Was way to empty, hard to explore, little moons and even little fun moons to get, and not a lot of side mini games and platforming stages) Haven’t played Darker Side yet though...
Gamesforus (10 months ago)
the Luncheon and Wooded kingdoms are AMAZING
Novas (10 months ago)
1. Snow Kingdom 2. Metro Kingdom 3. Wooded Kingdom 4. Bowsers Kingdom 5. Sand Kingdom
Magma (10 months ago)
1. Luncheon Kingdom 2. Wooded Kingdom 3. Sand Kingdom 4. Metro Kingdom 5. Cascade Kingdom
Maio_The_One (10 months ago)
There should've been a music kingdom
N M (10 months ago)
Where's the Luncheon kingdom???
mariokirby1702 (10 months ago)
1. luncheon 2. cascade 3. bowser 4. wooded 5. lost
shark o melon (10 months ago)
1. metro kingdom 2. forest kingdom 3. luncheon kingdom 4. sand kingdom 5. lsot kingdom
shark o melon its not f*cking forest Kingdom, it's Wooded Kingdom
Death By Reindeer (10 months ago)
Seaside fqn sucks wtf
Aidan Or (10 months ago)
I found the Mollusc Lancuer rematch easier than the original fight. did anyone else feel this way?

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