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Every Kill In The Hunger Games | Movie Murders Reviewed | Jennifer Lawrence Parody

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Let the killing off camera commence! 200 likes and the next "Every Kill" comes out. ---------- SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/14u7TOM TWITTER: https://twitter.com/brooksshow VLOGS: https://www.youtube.com/brooksheatherly FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/thebrooksshow INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/brooksshow LIVE SHOW: http://younow.com/brooksshow MUSIC: http://brooksshow.bandcamp.com MERCH: http://brooksshow.spreadshirt.com
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Text Comments (389)
Charlotte Molly (1 day ago)
If your going to make a video about kids killing them self’s then altleaast show more of kids actually killing fucking kids😂😂😂😂
Red Velvet (8 days ago)
Don't overdose on berry's kids
Golden decor (8 days ago)
U forgot threash
Asta Meskauskaite (11 days ago)
Lol this guy is a legend
Devil Animation (19 days ago)
*you uncultured swine you didn't know like half the tributes names*
Jay-Cea Gaming (22 days ago)
He got it wrong 12 dead plus bird and rabbit then 10more plus 13 miners and cineas crane
PinkTanooki銀河 (27 days ago)
I think u forgot rue
Rupert Grint fan (29 days ago)
Seneo Ltd (30 days ago)
Also 2:27 finish his blue berries from breakfast (they're not blue berries they're night lock)
Seneo Ltd (30 days ago)
2:12 she did make a mistake lol😂😂😂
Sir Ronan (30 days ago)
1:40 idk if you can count til 100 but9+16=25
X-treme Master (1 month ago)
#32 #foxface
TheHungryDinosaur (1 month ago)
did you get the one where the black badass dies from the dogs
Ethan Vo (1 month ago)
Sindee Fell (1 month ago)
F you
xiopax x (1 month ago)
The song name at the beginning is Abraham’s daughter.
Whiteny Elizeabeth (1 month ago)
this girl overdosed on blueberries
SRTSamuel (2 months ago)
I can't believe Foxface commit suicide she was so smart and maybe could've won Also you forgot Thresh's death he gets killed by the mutts
THE KING BEE (2 months ago)
where is Threshes death by Cato
Thorned Knight (2 months ago)
1:48 that's not how you break a neck.
Cheryl Blossom (2 months ago)
"this girl overdosed on blueberrys" 😂😂
Gg Host (3 months ago)
Ughh i loved thresh...
Daeneas (3 months ago)
No bullshit
Mauricio Rodrigues (3 months ago)
u forgot district 11 male thresh death
MickMack (3 months ago)
I’m 90 percent sure this dude is the no bullshit channel
You Found Me :3 (3 months ago)
I love dis movie
andre somerville (3 months ago)
Scream Queens I watched some of that show
Mr. Ornstein (3 months ago)
In my opinion if I was face to face to the last man I would try to talk to him but if he was so guilt struck I would give him a warrior death or seppuku in general I would act as his second and do the process but in areas if leaving him there I would bury him in honor
Ethan Vo (3 months ago)
Green Bean Eyes (3 months ago)
Elsa Johnson (4 months ago)
Amazing acting👋
LootTailuz. (4 months ago)
this girl overdosed in blueberries lol
Devthegunner (4 months ago)
dude you forgot the 73rd hunger games where the boy from 10 was killed with a brick by wade rankine
Matthew Troy Williams (4 months ago)
and the game master is forced to finish his blueberries from breakfast, he ops and kills himself the end
A Golden Scar (4 months ago)
No Bullshit is that you?
Blazing Wind (4 months ago)
Yep, this used to be a show he ran.
Gabe Toto (4 months ago)
Spicy Pumpkins (4 months ago)
“And this girl [Foxface] Overdosed on blueberries” Best sentence ever.
RYRY B (4 months ago)
That guy that killed rue was marvel
NintendoPlushWorld (4 months ago)
You sound like no bull shit
VanTheMan-_BCW_- (5 months ago)
TheFunnyOne (5 months ago)
The 8th kill is called hacking Get it? Just watch and see
Ghoul Yt (5 months ago)
WTF guys turn your volume all the way up with headphone and listen to this 0:00
PEBStriker (5 months ago)
He had to Finnish his blueberries from breakfast, but opted to kill himself instead!
Alistair Muller (5 months ago)
in the book 12 people died while the bloodbath at the cornucopia.
QWertY Magnus (5 months ago)
How tresh died
Ellen Nathanson (5 months ago)
tHiS GiRl oVErDoSeD oN bLuEbERrIeS
Jay Holmes (4 months ago)
Ellen Nathanson you have had a overdose of alcohol
Silje Evju (6 months ago)
shit... watching at school but cut it up to 3 parts and havent came to the killing parts yet... now im scared for next time we are gonan watch...
Zuanshi Gamer (6 months ago)
Intro song?
hales (6 months ago)
This is just Katniss shooting a bird 😂
SlushieSquirt TheGamer (6 months ago)
Macey Jo Ledson (6 months ago)
What is the song at the start
xiopax x (1 month ago)
Macey Jo Ledson Abraham’s daughter by arcade fire
300 Subs Congratulations (6 months ago)
man's not hot man can't *bee* hot
Thomas Depoorter (6 months ago)
You forgot the big black boyfriend LOL
Xnet_Pixel_Xnet (6 months ago)
You forgot when Cato twisted someone’s neck in the movie
Austin Moon (3 months ago)
He did get it
Everything Random (6 months ago)
“This girl overdoses on blueberries” 😂😂😂
Lilibeth Loya (6 months ago)
You forgot thresh
EmuCP Mother • (6 months ago)
00FFF rue
Mr. Socks (6 months ago)
This girl overdosed with blueberries.
The Little Pinecone (6 months ago)
This is very wrong but I’m not even mad cuz this is also hysterical
Collin Gæmz (6 months ago)
tHis giRl ovErDoseD oN blUe BerriEs
Diaz Joshua (6 months ago)
No she is going to bee late for her dinner
Moldy Butter (7 months ago)
I died at "This girl overdosed on blueberries." XD
solo gamer (7 months ago)
All these kills are disturbing
QUEEN ALLY (7 months ago)
The girl killed by her big black boyfriend is from the orphan
a creative name (7 months ago)
0:35 she didn’t die she made her heart stop for a couple of minutes and then she was taken into the hovercraft and taken back to district 3 you can even see her at the district 13 hospital.
Amazing ASMR (7 months ago)
Lol “in this clip the game maker is forced to finish his blueberries from breakfast,but refuses and kills hi self instead” me if I was the amemaker
Joe Joe Bean Studios (7 months ago)
This girl overdosed on blueberries 😂😂😂😂
A_uMe (7 months ago)
You said at nine deaths 16 miners you plused with 17. 9+16 is 25
Michael Bassett (7 months ago)
It’s because rue was very important in their district
Shanice (8 months ago)
"This girl" "Big Black Boyfriend." Hmmm, I wonder why it was necessary to call out his race. Okay
Austin Moon (3 months ago)
Shanice its a joke that goes with the hood not black people
Benjamin Joltin (8 months ago)
Runner_Track (8 months ago)
The girl who died from the bee stings is named "Glimmer"
Quinton Womack (8 months ago)
You forget the kid killing he's Mom
Megan Lawrence :3 (8 months ago)
I’m watching this is in English class... XD it’s so cool
Johbo (8 months ago)
Itz Brickz Videos (8 months ago)
blackXgrizzly (8 months ago)
hunger games is so fucking stupid two winners but the fucking black guy didnt die!
fuck you in particular (8 months ago)
Tips: Stop talking Stop the obnoxious sounds.
Wolfy 723 (8 months ago)
Their not blueberries its NIGHTLOCK. GET IT RIGHT!
CRABSY6 (8 months ago)
You forgot thresh got killed by mutts
Murlyn (8 months ago)
my sisters name is katniss
Alexis Lopez-Mateo (8 months ago)
when he snaps his neck thats my favorite kill
Natedowg 611 (8 months ago)
Evie Kimbrough (9 months ago)
At 2:11 he said something so racist I HATE him and what he said
Kanuck™ (9 months ago)
No bullshit
Aiden crafter (9 months ago)
You forgot that guy
MIKE liebig (9 months ago)
the black guy not trying to be racist but he died
Rebbi Xu (9 months ago)
lol i love how in the book rue is on the ground with the spear lodged in her stomach, while in here she casually takes it out while standing with a straight face
Redeemed (9 months ago)
Glimmer and marvel killed so many people in the beginning.
Jhusya Angeles (9 months ago)
That girl who lit the fire was called "the biggest idiot in the games" cause she lit a fire AT NIGHT IN A DEATH ARENA
Princxss Vikki (9 months ago)
You can hear thresh’s scream and the cannon goes of, signifying his death, and it shows his picture in the sky.
STARLORD 1209 (9 months ago)
Th glimmer part in the book freaked me out
Dreamchasing (9 months ago)
This movie is so terrible glad I can skip to the kills!!!
anthony Rehua-Moore (9 months ago)
what about the guy that was shot by katniss because of her friend um i forgot his name distracted her and ended up shooting the man in the woods instead?
TomekXDD PL (10 months ago)
Some deaths werent on camera
tumšsCuška77 (10 months ago)
No bullshit, is that you
Calin Marie (10 months ago)
2:09 Not okay. Come on, man.
Da derp boi McCracken (10 months ago)
Super dogs or whatever
yOUNG dIARRHEA (10 months ago)
2:16 *my death*

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