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Available NOW at https://platinumcheats.net/ INVENTORY FEATURES BELOW!! • Add Skins • Add Knives • Add Gloves • Add Stickers • Working Stattrack™ (saves across injections) • Works in GOTV and POV demos • Fully working knife animations • Inspect items in your inventory • Items show up in buy menu • Custom item names • Custom item seeds (pattern ID) • Custom item wear (float) • Scrape stickers https://platinumcheats.net/ Song: Tritonal - Electric Glow
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Text Comments (465)
Platinum Cheats (1 year ago)
Waiting for all the "Bhop exposed" comments. It was all planned from the beginning guys, nobody is exposed. It's all a meme!
MaxBassBoost (6 months ago)
Platinum Cheats can other teamates or enemys see that wep.?
RaZy Bandana (7 months ago)
Douglas Oliveira are you a dumbass?
xd xd (8 months ago)
Platinum Cheats can i get it for free?
Lil Grinch (8 months ago)
How to buy platinum cheats if ur underage?
tOki Kazumi (8 months ago)
Does you guys accept payment wall?
Rip Bhop's career :D
BlaugiTV (9 days ago)
R.I.P cheats
D4RKNESS (25 days ago)
R.I.P. Platinum cheacheats,i miss you...
Dame tu Cosita (27 days ago)
rip Plantium cheats :((
JeeFty LP (2 months ago)
Heve CS:GO inventory changer ?
ツDAKI (2 months ago)
i want that
ice_wallow come (3 months ago)
Server sided?
Raffael Sheikh (1 day ago)
ofc not, otherwise you'd be rich
Martin (3 months ago)
How do i do it
Martin (3 months ago)
Hon do i do
big boi (3 months ago)
Dude we know u have a fake inv O M G STOP GIOIOOIDDD
Rich Mitch (3 months ago)
Can you use the skins in game?
JuPE (4 months ago)
its been 3 hours since i bought 20$ package when can i dowload the client ?
JuPE (4 months ago)
last time i got it like in 5mins
BabyJif (4 months ago)
Not working
xDragii YT (4 months ago)
Pls help i want to buy nur i have 32bit
NotSmart (5 months ago)
didnt work :(
Master Gaming (5 months ago)
Is the inventory changer server sided or client sided ?
ice_wallow come (5 months ago)
Can players in MM see them?
Sizzle Streams (6 months ago)
Juyo (6 months ago)
Fucking cheater, i hope you lose your family and be depressed to the point you commit suicide, lmao scumbags think its so cool making cheats and making money off of it, fucking idiot people buying it aswell.
MONSTER Gamer0917 (7 months ago)
Does it Work on facei AC
D.o.p.e (7 months ago)
can players see inventory changer?
5olace (7 months ago)
But others in game still can't see it... So thats a shame! Make it where others in the same game lobby can see ur skins then I'll be impressed!
slant (2 months ago)
that's literally not possible
q qqq qq q q q (7 months ago)
Add sticker plz <3
Efsane Kanal (7 months ago)
oh my
Nhi Le (7 months ago)
Just waiting till I can pay with steam wallet
Amriel Gitai (7 months ago)
Anyone can see
Jesus Christ (7 months ago)
Medals, Trophies, pins ?
TheSubsideris (7 months ago)
When they add stickers and medals to inventory changer??? Like freeqnet 😏😣
xd xd (8 months ago)
Hey can i get free lite cheat?
Vansh Chawcharia (8 months ago)
Are the skins tradeable
can overwatch see it?
Francisco Fernandes (8 months ago)
Appears on steam inventory?
[] (8 months ago)
Francisco Fernandes no
Crusherrr (8 months ago)
Ratha kenny (8 months ago)
It said my paypal different ....................... something how ?
Morovaaäijät (8 months ago)
does the ultra lite have wall hack im confused xD
Age Of Bhop highlights (8 months ago)
If i add awp D-lore can see it my friends in game And in Steam inventory?
ItzBlowe (8 months ago)
+Platinum Cheats can man ge tvac ban for use it
ManFcG (8 months ago)
how to buy it via Paysafecard
JSTN (8 months ago)
It sais if i want open the Page : Troj Gen 2... (Norton)..
Wizard Gaming (8 months ago)
ok so you can use it with faceit but what about the anticheat client?
Dominate GamerTV (8 months ago)
PlatinumCheat username: Hax0r
TheSubsideris (8 months ago)
Still no stickers? Gloves? Medals? When coming?
Muted Room (8 months ago)
SnipeX ITA (8 months ago)
can u sell the items?
PlaysCraft (8 months ago)
I whant cheats just for 1 month musst i give all months money?
PlaysCraft (8 months ago)
I have an question
oskar karlsson (9 months ago)
is it ilegal to cange de skin
Leonardo Batschauer (9 months ago)
Hey guys, this ban inventory changer?
Splixer (9 months ago)
Does other people who inspect my inventory see skins too?
Ihsan Nurhadi (9 months ago)
please create the free product
Natan Klemz (9 months ago)
Can other players see the skin?
Kxarim (8 months ago)
FreddieModZz (9 months ago)
Plz reply to this. Can i only buy the skin inventory changer, or do i have to buy the hacks for it. Next question is, is there any chance of getting VAC ban, using the inventory changer. Plz reply back
[] (8 months ago)
FreddieModZz No you can't buy it by itself, and yes, there's a chance of the hack getting detected. Even if it does, it will b fixed in 1-2days
JuPE (9 months ago)
why do i need to send picture from my card or something.. i think it's SCAM
Tiki Oprea (9 months ago)
All hack have inventory changer?
Boom Headshot (9 months ago)
This is work??
pothins (9 months ago)
ull get fuking ban n if not ur going to get fuking rich I wont try this or any other hacks
julleP (5 months ago)
What the fuck are you talking about?
The Epic Apples (9 months ago)
Can you get ban for using an inventory changer/editor?
Ariunbold Soronzonbold (9 months ago)
Is it work in 2018? Plz reply
Molnár Bence (9 months ago)
Do i need to pay for it?
Hp Ep (9 months ago)
Can use it in valve server and we will got banned?
Brent's Nolan (9 months ago)
nice video but i have to what 24 hours? to get it?
Vilkoo c: (9 months ago)
is it necessary to put money into it or is it free?
Paddy Land (9 months ago)
Can we sell the skins that we add to inventory?
Yalter#3255 (9 months ago)
Is this cheat good for hvh?
Lil Missing Chromosome (9 months ago)
Why is it when i want to buy it ask for ID confirmation?
Edisqn (9 months ago)
Does this will get ban or something
BeZus (9 months ago)
can i use the skins in game ? pls reply
Othnic (9 months ago)
Will I get banned if I use the £10 a month one for this ?
Sinesta (9 months ago)
it dosent work for me
x10x10x10x10x10x (9 months ago)
kyng ϟ (9 months ago)
ZeroGetsRekt (9 months ago)
can you add stickers?
Broccoli (9 months ago)
But can you sell the skins?
Muh Coow (9 months ago)
Test version?
rpbaxter123 (9 months ago)
Can other people see the skins or is it just casual for you only?
Bionic Games (9 months ago)
still anti vac?
ShinyBloodiS (9 months ago)
wow just wow
Cribbson (9 months ago)
i cant buy since you have the thing with goverment id and im purchasing with my dads credit card so yeha u lost a customer
Cribbson (9 months ago)
Platinum Cheats I'll steal it then
Platinum Cheats (9 months ago)
You'll need to submit your fathers ID.
Heroin Baby (9 months ago)
Can you trade these or sell them?
REDFOX (9 months ago)
I can not buy the cheat. The page asks for my identity card help!!
REDFOX (9 months ago)
Men sorry but this is personal i cant do it and i am not from brasil but from bolivia
Platinum Cheats (9 months ago)
Submit your ID and you'll be able to purchase.
EpikRoan (9 months ago)
Can everyone see the skin????
cool dude (9 months ago)
Can other people see it in the inventory
jeroo dos (9 months ago)
can you sell that shit nigga??
Mars Gezegeni (10 months ago)
Muted Room (8 months ago)
Yiğitalp Demirel ban yiyomusun yani bro
Yiğitalp Demirel (9 months ago)
hacı ban yememek imkansız
Caden Pendergrass (10 months ago)
Does the inventory changer make the items show up in your steam inventory or just in csgo? And if other people pick up the weapon can they see the skin?
Silver smurfer (10 months ago)
So can you actually play competitive with these skins?
Stueyyyy (10 months ago)
Can people see the skins in game ?
Vortronic (10 months ago)
Can someone tell me if platinum has that cheat where u can see how much u tag em?
w00t1337 (10 months ago)
Can other people see your skins
Valid (10 months ago)
Can overwatch see this?
Elliot B (10 months ago)
How do I use stickers
Sam Ilbrink (9 months ago)
buy them
D@rkn3sTV (10 months ago)
2 questions does this cheats costs money and when u just use skinchanger would u get vac?
Aiao Akkao (10 months ago)
Can we add pins like pins dist 2 too?
Aiao Akkao (10 months ago)
Hi mate. It work on got Tv? I mean if one of my friends watch my gamr can they see my skins?
はんにゃHanya (10 months ago)
Hey how can i put stickers on my skins,and when gloves will work again?
Voqz. (10 months ago)
How do you add Stickers?
15hp (10 months ago)
does it stay?
HawkWard Productions (10 months ago)
Why can’t you guys make a server sided skin changer? You’d be the coolest kid in the lobby
sheiK (10 months ago)
Wait,Mojo can other players see this? And can u get vac while using it?

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