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Dorky Girl Plays Portal 2!!!! Part 1! "Blockage in the vacuum tube"

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~~~~Keyboard BAR!~~~~ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dorkygirlplays/181479011906515 Tweeter (Twitter): @dorkygirlplays Steam: Rillie87 Portal 1 was AMAZING! I'm SO excited to play 2. Give me feedback! I love hearing from y'all!
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Alex Silver (2 years ago)
just playing portal 2 for first time,and i wanna see how somebody else is doing this first easy puzzles...and for sure i will watch some girl playing this
CrushTheSickest (5 years ago)
Like the intro
Ovisionik (6 years ago)
Thanks for the video i enjoyed it =) you rock
Michael Duddy (6 years ago)
If classical music is not your thing what is?
DorkyGirlPlays (7 years ago)
@bonkuraysan Thank you! I have no clue, maybe he was beating his face against the door lol
HYPNOGLANCE87 (7 years ago)
i wonder how he was nice from the begining and when he saw the vid of you killing GLADos n how did he see the vid bcause the lab was destroyed
DorkyGirlPlays (7 years ago)
@DelicateBlood Was probably still processing
DelicateBlood (7 years ago)
@DorkyGirlPlays I think you correct this literally 13 seconds after I wrote it, but who knows! Another great episode!
DorkyGirlPlays (7 years ago)
@xRaicho Thanks! ^.^
DorkyGirlPlays (7 years ago)
@BricksUnleashed Thanks! Cupquake rocks!
BricksUnleashed (7 years ago)
Aww :D That little robot is cute :3 Btw u sound like Ihascupquake :) I subscribed you :D
DorkyGirlPlays (7 years ago)
@MinecraftSlapelis Hehe! Comin right up!
DorkyGirlPlays (7 years ago)
@DelicateBlood I don't think I did, but knowing me it's very possible lol
DorkyGirlPlays (7 years ago)
@RatsPal I know!!!! <333 I just wanna hug him!
DorkyGirlPlays (7 years ago)
@RatsPal I loved it too! Wheatly (Ball guy) is HILARIOUS! So far it seems far superior :) Thanks for watching!
Silver Crow (7 years ago)
DelicateBlood (7 years ago)
Also, did you turn off the sound effects? I only heard his vocals, but no crashing sounds.
DelicateBlood (7 years ago)
Wooo!!! Back to Back!!

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