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Dorky Girl Plays Portal 2!!!! Part 1! "Blockage in the vacuum tube"

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~~~~Keyboard BAR!~~~~ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dorkygirlplays/181479011906515 Tweeter (Twitter): @dorkygirlplays Steam: Rillie87 Portal 1 was AMAZING! I'm SO excited to play 2. Give me feedback! I love hearing from y'all!
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Alex Silver (2 years ago)
just playing portal 2 for first time,and i wanna see how somebody else is doing this first easy puzzles...and for sure i will watch some girl playing this
CrushTheSickest (5 years ago)
Like the intro
Ovisionik (5 years ago)
Thanks for the video i enjoyed it =) you rock
Michael Duddy (6 years ago)
If classical music is not your thing what is?
DorkyGirlPlays (6 years ago)
@bonkuraysan Thank you! I have no clue, maybe he was beating his face against the door lol
ALttP (6 years ago)
Can you blame Wheatley for believing that you have brain damage, when you're trying to stick stuff in the toilet?
HYPNOGLANCE87 (6 years ago)
i wonder how he was nice from the begining and when he saw the vid of you killing GLADos n how did he see the vid bcause the lab was destroyed
DorkyGirlPlays (7 years ago)
@DelicateBlood Was probably still processing
DelicateBlood (7 years ago)
@DorkyGirlPlays I think you correct this literally 13 seconds after I wrote it, but who knows! Another great episode!
DorkyGirlPlays (7 years ago)
@xRaicho Thanks! ^.^
DorkyGirlPlays (7 years ago)
@BricksUnleashed Thanks! Cupquake rocks!
BricksUnleashed (7 years ago)
Aww :D That little robot is cute :3 Btw u sound like Ihascupquake :) I subscribed you :D
DorkyGirlPlays (7 years ago)
@MinecraftSlapelis Hehe! Comin right up!
DorkyGirlPlays (7 years ago)
@DelicateBlood I don't think I did, but knowing me it's very possible lol
DorkyGirlPlays (7 years ago)
@RatsPal I know!!!! <333 I just wanna hug him!
DorkyGirlPlays (7 years ago)
@RatsPal I loved it too! Wheatly (Ball guy) is HILARIOUS! So far it seems far superior :) Thanks for watching!
Silver Crow (7 years ago)
DelicateBlood (7 years ago)
Also, did you turn off the sound effects? I only heard his vocals, but no crashing sounds.
DelicateBlood (7 years ago)
Wooo!!! Back to Back!!

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