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ANDROID 3DS?? GPD XD Review (Android Gaming Nvidia Shield Comparison) | OlliePlays

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No, it's not a 3DS running Android - but it is a fantastic handheld gaming machine that has replaced my trusty Nvidia Shield. If you have any questions about the device, please hit me up in the comments below! GPD Website: https://www.gpdxd.com/ Moonlight game streaming app: http://moonlight-stream.com/ Subscribe! : http://goo.gl/SglD6Z Visit my website! http://www.ollieplays.com Social Links: Facebook ► http://www.facebook.com/ollieplays Twitter ► https://twitter.com/ollieplaysuk Reddit ► https://www.reddit.com/r/ollieplays/ Support me on Patreon! ► http://www.patreon.com/ollieplays Have a suggestion for a game you want played or a product you want to see reviewed? Shoot me a comment down below! All the best guys! -Ollie ***** Other videos to check out: Nvidia Shield Portable Review: http://bit.ly/2a3Bvvc Sony PSP 3000 Review: http://bit.ly/2ag20Rk Top 5 Disney Games! http://bit.ly/2a3BA22 Persona 4 Review: http://bit.ly/2aJ3XUT Ico Review: http://bit.ly/2avBTb5 Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Review: http://bit.ly/2aagHrA
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Text Comments (97)
Exodusprime (7 days ago)
How did you play Ori on the system?
DesexedDoggo & Friends (13 days ago)
I really enjoyed watching this, great video. I’m gonna get a gpd xD plus soon and I’m excited
Sherlyn Lyv (1 month ago)
This guy needs more subs
Si nvida lanzará una SHIELD portable 2 la preferiría mil veces a una GPD ! ... Las calidades de la GPD soundtrack muy malas !
Squidward (2 months ago)
skin tueb (3 months ago)
the gpd xd only for old games ??
Ryan Cooper (1 month ago)
New games too. Although to play new Android games, you are better off with the GPD XD+, to really get the best performance and best visuals out of them.
Christian Cox (4 months ago)
You played bioshock infinite, that sold me
winter wolf (5 months ago)
Just subbed great video
Mew Bucket (7 months ago)
If you would like to upgrade android and make work better look at section eight
2.45 what's that game
OlliePlays (7 months ago)
Spyro 2 :)
VictoriousMonster (8 months ago)
I want one so badly!!
Timo Stroet (9 months ago)
What’s the game at 5:32
Timo Stroet (9 months ago)
OlliePlays thanks!
OlliePlays (9 months ago)
Trine 3 :)
Oneminuteunboxings (10 months ago)
great video! keep it up!
Jose Gamer99 (10 months ago)
Dolphin in gpd xd?
UltraMovies (10 months ago)
the only thing that preventing me from having this emulator is the very old Android version :(
MidNite (1 year ago)
You need more subscribers
OlliePlays (1 year ago)
You're telling me!
David Sapir (1 year ago)
Really well done review video on every level. My 64Gb red GPD XD arrived last week. You have to see the red color for yourself; it's the most amazing deep burgundy color and high gloss finish. The GPD XD is hands down the most astoundingly awesome portable gaming unit my hands have ever held. The build quality, complete and perfect control layout and hardware performance are all fantastic. And the 720p screen renders a stunning image. I can't rave about the GPD XD enough. So impressive, and worth every penny.
the jake (1 year ago)
holy shit.... an emulator gamers wet fuckin dream
bryam mandriaza (1 year ago)
Edyredx 101 (1 year ago)
I want to play android games so what should i buy?
Martell Tha Cool (11 months ago)
Edyredx 101 Sonic 1 and 2, GTA series, bully and emulators
iシェード (1 year ago)
You're great at what you do.. Also a quick question I may already know the answer to, but I'm curious.. Were you playing Pokemon XD Gales of Darkness via the android version of Dolphin or were you streaming it through Moonlight..? Just want to know..
Vuqar Style (1 year ago)
Still waiting for shiel portable 2
brando92711 (9 months ago)
Vuqar Style that's going to be a long wait... 😏
Diego Diaz (1 year ago)
What game of Pókemon is in 1:32?
carlosforig (9 months ago)
That's streaming from a PC using moonlight.
Diego Diaz (1 year ago)
the emulator?
OlliePlays (1 year ago)
Pokemon Colosseum for the Gamecube :)
JOSE M. GARIBAY (1 year ago)
Recently bought an Msi gaming laptop, gonna' have to try out moonlight on my xd 😊
OlliePlays (1 year ago)
good luck, I certainly have a blast with it!
TheAbsol (1 year ago)
Wait- You got a GameCube game to run on this?
j o h s c h m o (1 year ago)
he streamed it using moonlight
Bobtart12 (1 year ago)
Didn't even notice how little subscribers you had until after watching. Really high quality content man, you're up there with the best. Best of luck to you
OlliePlays (1 year ago)
Thanks so much, comments like that make it worth it!
Jason Osorio (1 year ago)
I liked it just because the effort and the honesty!!! Awesolme
golden cupcake (1 year ago)
my phone has 720p resolution and i think its fine
Kevin Green (1 year ago)
good video
Hijynx87 (1 year ago)
Do they even still sell the shield portable? I just got a Shield console.
OlliePlays (1 year ago)
Not sold anymore sadly, but they are a bit of a niche item. Bioshock Infinite was streamed yes, hope you enjoy the Shield console!
Gazaro 51 (1 year ago)
did you stream dolphin emulator on it or was it running on the gpd xd itself?
Mage Enderman (1 year ago)
Gazaro 51 streaming
anarchisttomato (1 year ago)
What makes the XD such a classic is the non-gaming side: Android in a clamshell with buttons, tv-out, and a long battery life is just so useful in everyday life - it really is the next best thing to a laptop, but in a different form factor with differing strengths. I use mine for videos on the go (especially waiting for appointments or on bus trips), translation apps, text editing (plug in a keyboard and you really do have a mini android laptop that lasts genuinely all day), drum machines, metronomes, all sorts of things. The GPD XD may or may not be a future classic, but the form factor certainly is. I guarantee if you have one for a week, you won't want to let it go.
2SidedTech (1 year ago)
anarchisttomato I have the red 64gb Verison. It's a best with all the emulators and android games you can play plus steam game streaming
ian_is_a_twig (1 year ago)
I subscribed nice video
Mojojojo Guzman (1 year ago)
great review. please do a full review of gpd xd vs nvidia shield portable. thanks.
XFallenW _ (1 year ago)
Nvidia shield VS GPD Win/XD?
Mage Enderman (1 year ago)
XFallenW _ GPD wins shield 2nd and xd 3rd in my opinion
MrJ0mmy (1 year ago)
gameplay at that screen size i would be happy with 852x480 if it meant it would be cheaper but im happy with what i payed for mine got it off gearbest for 119usd (168nzd) 16gb model not bad for the price
Great video. I wish you made a video with gameplays of different consoles on the GPD. Greetings from Colombia.
Nico (1 year ago)
does anyone know what is the game played at 5:30? thanks
OlliePlays (1 year ago)
That would be Trine 3 :)
unrepeatable raddish (1 year ago)
gpd xd is so much better than the 3ds, I sold my 3ds xl and got a gdp, frankl because it plys eulators better and has full android....you can play kodi on this thing!!! its much better....unless you just must have 3ds games......i had homebrew on 3ds but emu run garbage in comparison. the switch is crap...you cant do anything else with it re the interface....flash with legacy rom
Shadey Mcbones (1 year ago)
honestly a good emulator with nice controllers is the best and cheapest option. im loving my emulation station on my pc with 8bitdo controllers. but i dont like emulating consoles on handheld devices. thats what i meant, i'd rather play nes, snes, genesis or n64 on my mac or pc and gba and gbc on the og hardware
Edward Elric (1 year ago)
Ah okay that's personal preference I guiess, I greatly prefer emulators for all old systems (or well ones they are avaliable fro) because save states, screenshots, filters, higher res (for ds, n64, etc. games), widescreen, more control costumizability, etc. etc, you name it XD and above all FREE games D: So for me the XD is perfect. I also have a WIN but I only use that for steam games on the go (it's also awesome) and sega-cd emulation XD
Shadey Mcbones (1 year ago)
except 3ds games, and i already own all the games on the original hardware, because og hardware > emulation. its a neat handheld emulator but i rather play console games like genesis and the snes on a bigger screen and handheld games on the original hardware
Edward Elric (1 year ago)
on this you can play them all FREE! :)
Shadey Mcbones (1 year ago)
well, i bought a 3ds to play 3ds games and i own all the other old handhelds so there is no reason for me to get this
Crafty Ape (1 year ago)
Great video!
Leon Spyrou (1 year ago)
good vid. where can you get it for £130 ??
OlliePlays (1 year ago)
eBay sellers had them up for that when I bought mine, at Buy it Now prices of approx 130 :)
Mostwanted (1 year ago)
Is the hardware outdated already?
nightmacer x (1 year ago)
You can play ps2
Nabre Labre (1 year ago)
the2great2bob well the newest android devices still don't play ps2 as far as I know, so its not that outdate. I'll just buy another one when it can play ps2 and xbox, could be a while
I just ordered this device. Regardless of outdated hardware, this thing plays ps1,gba,psp games which i like the most. cant wait for it.
Kintah (1 year ago)
the2great2bob yes kinda
JoaKimzen (1 year ago)
JBL Asutavario (1 year ago)
loved how you used the shield as a makeshift turntable for the gpd lol
Volk Nove (1 year ago)
Hal launcher is great for the gpd xd
Volk Nove (1 year ago)
Your video looked professional and you have a good voice.
gib501 (1 year ago)
how did you play fallout there? haha and also, will it emulated PSP games at perfection? or will it slow down? like, on my 3gb RAM Huawei P9 Lite, Syphon Filter Dark Mirror slows down, is this a faster or slower system???
OlliePlays (1 year ago)
Streamed through Steam from the Moonlight app - as for PSP games, it's not perfect, I've had very little problem in most cases but stuff like God of War will tend to chug. I really don't know enough about the CPU differences to comment much re the phone, but their clockspeeds look similar at least
Angel vqz (1 year ago)
Will Ford (1 year ago)
I want one but I have seen them only for £180 on funstock. Where did you get yours from
OlliePlays (1 year ago)
Mine was from an eBay shop seller
segaprophet (1 year ago)
You should install LegacyROM, it's way better than stock.
jimbodexy (1 year ago)
Great video. I have the XD's bigger brother the Q9 which is equally great.
Ichijoe2112 (1 year ago)
So does this play 3d?
Amythest (1 year ago)
Ichijoe2112 no.
You rock! I have GPD XD too, I'm currently playing different PSP games like FlatOut: Head On and Motorstorm Arctic Edge without any major performance issues as well as without frameskip in PPSSPP's graphical options, so yeah - this device is quite powerful and well built for its price)
ASUR VENUS (1 year ago)
did u try monster hunter freedom unite on it?
Jeremy Green (1 year ago)
What Pokémon game is that?
OlliePlays (1 year ago)
It's Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness for the Gamecube :)
kihan0 (1 year ago)
Does it emulate ps2?
generic mexican (2 months ago)
You can stream ps2, GameCube and any old school system to the GPD but you need a pc
lty (1 year ago)
You can checkout gpd win, that one does but not perfect
Amythest (1 year ago)
kihan0 Nothing does right now. shield tablet gets close to some GameCube games like Pikmin games. Realistically, you'll wanna take advantage of gamestreaming as well.
kihan0 (1 year ago)
Nice review! Thank you!
Yousif Alsa'ad (1 year ago)
hi there , great review! , i wanted to ask you about the ps2 emulator that you use , is it pcx2 and if it is which version ? thank you in advance!
OlliePlays (1 year ago)
Thank you! It won't natively emulate PS2, what I've done here is install a PS2 emulator on my PC, then used Moonlight to stream that over wifi to the GPD XD.
Alaharon123 (1 year ago)
The effort really shows. Great video
OlliePlays (1 year ago)
Thank you so much, I really appreciate that!

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