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How is This a Thing? 7th of June 2018

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Text Comments (1136)
Egor Lisitsa (11 hours ago)
self. I know you can get solutions for that on woodprix website.
deckard163 (2 days ago)
Boycott society, why work to pay taxes, if more than half your pay will go to give a free salary to a family of lazy idiots, who never worked a day in their life, and have more money than you. Don't be stupid, rather PLAY THE SYSTEM and BOYCOTT THE SYSTEM, until this NWO-communist system falls under it's own weight.
Noko Bz (2 days ago)
you're a fucking shill like your videos tho
ash29k (3 days ago)
Funny how all of Melinda Gates' money comes from her white male husband and his white male business. What a cunt she she is...
Roger Goodledy (3 days ago)
Melinda Gates wouldn't be able to be a crusading SJW VC if she hadn't married a white male billionaire. Maybe she should only use the money she made herself and wean herself off the spoils of the patriarchy....
Tetsujin 28 (4 days ago)
They've had multiple valedictorian ceremonies here in the US for almost a couple decades now. It's the participation trophy equivalent of high school academia where everyone's a winner, and there are no 2nd placers.
Low IQ Individual (5 days ago)
Jtzkb (5 days ago)
Everybody believes in meritocracy. Sjws just believe that it is not competence that makes you Meritorious, but your skin tone or genitalia or sexual preferences. they redefine Merit
alienmaster28 (6 days ago)
the world is falling down around me
Nik Lyons (7 days ago)
We're not white, more like light tan with pinkish hues
labobo (7 days ago)
Watching porn and listening to this guy driveling on like a nutter. Why am I punishing myself?!
Feel Piano (7 days ago)
I live in Sweden, and as someone who experiences it first-hand, I have to say that it's not that bad among the younger people. Every single friend of mine that I've talked to in recent times have been against stuff like the wage gap, the pink tax, the patriarchy, cis white degenerate males etc existing. Like, I know three people who somehow became flat-earthers, including my father. The only ones who spew that shit are the adults who constantly push it on us, and were not buying it, so have some comfort in that. We're just very accepting of lgbt+ people and most of us would call them 'hen' (singular gender neutral swedish pronoun that has existed for a long time) if they want that. You even saw in the article you read, the general population was against forcing hijabs.
Mercenary Knight (7 days ago)
Cultural Marxism is now facing bigger resistance than before.....
Subtly Smug Hylian (7 days ago)
I frequently dread watching the newest HITAT, because I knew it'd would make me severely angry, but I guess i'm getting disensitized by this point.
CQD SOS (8 days ago)
Remember the days when Sweden was known primarily for ABBA and hot porn?
Suzie cream cheese (8 days ago)
Affirmative action is fine til your child needs a brain surgeon.
Steven McGrath (8 days ago)
Hey Melinda, See you out there in the deathmatch that is the free market ;-)
SinuousGrace (8 days ago)
People who think like those highlighted in this article are intellectually hobbled by this corrosive ideology.
The Jerk (8 days ago)
8:17 # is the pound symbol so the movement is really pronounced Pound me too.
Shit the Soviets are back
Life in the Zone (9 days ago)
Interesting to see how this "affirmative action" is to targeted thorward (drummroll)... white, anglo-saxon women. The most entiteled, privileged and at the same time, most useless part of demograpics ever to walk the face of planet Earth.
AkridHunter (9 days ago)
Connor M. (9 days ago)
3:49 Peer block is a good program too.
Nathan voidcast (9 days ago)
Aaaaand just like that my faith in humanity is about none existant as can be.
Mr. Know Itall (9 days ago)
Yes I think so too. I am quite partial to my own over anyone else. Does that make me bad? Oh WWell WWE WWon't go WWillingly Wwillingly WWatch!
Dinoslay (9 days ago)
Arbitrary ostrasizing based on gender/race doesn't exactly make a good business practice. That's just common sense completely lost on cultural Marxism that instead opts to engorge it's own hurt feefees. It makes everyone look bad, including the people of actual merit. A recipe for disaster and an obnoxious period of shift that the rest of us have the misfortune to endure. <_>
KMartinR4 (9 days ago)
There's no impossibly high moral standard when talking about SJWs, there's only an incredibly low IQ and their morale is also non-existent. It's built on accusing and attacking others, it's an impossibly low moral low-ground. The only thing that makes these idiots higher than the normal is their vape.
Chad Leach (9 days ago)
Why anyone would want to move to Europe is beyond me, it's like moving to china lite.
CrashBandicootFan100 (9 days ago)
Objectivity a social construct, eh? So doesn't that mean the objective definition of social constructs shouldn't be taken seriously? Great argument there oh wait nothing I'm saying means anything objecti,'?¿`\}£]€☆[~₩[
majinnemesis (9 days ago)
Melinda Gates is a sexist and racist woman
Joseph White (9 days ago)
(Sighs) Sweden goes from democracy to third world crap in a heartbeat. But going back to tech companies and meritocracy, what do you do when blacks, hispanics, and other races show no interest in a tech education and can't dig their way out of a wet paper bag?
Steve Curtis (9 days ago)
Who is John Galt?
Nitrola (9 days ago)
I'm not sure that using Russian Today as a reliable source of foreigne information is a good idea though
Ike U (10 days ago)
I like what Melinda is doing because it involves her money and not mine, if she wants to burn it that's just more entertainment for me.
EDWARD BEAR (10 days ago)
why is it when EUROPEANS or JEWIS / SIKH / HINDU / CHRISTIAN and many other religions migrate to another country THEY ABIDE TO THAT COUNTRIES LAWS AND BY-LAWS *ONLY THE IN THE RELIGION OF LIES IS THIS REVERSED* and they seek to change THE LAWS TO THEM
jpteknoman (10 days ago)
affirmative action is a racist and sexist creation. it is racist against white people because it excludes them from opportunities based on skin color AND it is also racist against non whites as it implies that they are incapable of success unless they are given a free pass. and if you swap race with gender, it is sexist against both men and women for the same reason
TheOne andOnly2 (10 days ago)
dr.derp (10 days ago)
Computing Forever, are u from Dublin?
Odin Valhalla (10 days ago)
I've had my fair share of real experience with these people who don't believe in objectivity or even proper communication across races and genders. I've met women who I talk openly about any topic and I enforce no restriction on them, I believe women can be strong and capable, can be rational and objective if they just are educated enough and choses to think before emotions etc. However, instead of proper counter arguments to any of my points, I'm only being told "I can't possibly understand" the situation because I'm either not their race or I'm not a woman. This is of course just an empty fallacy. It would also imply that they can never understand anyone who is white or a man, making their points instantly invalid as well. I've been told I should just "accept my limit"(of understanding/empathy). Why should I? I never restrict the potential of understanding of a woman, I never say she has to accept her limit and that she can never be capable of understanding or rationality. It's just all SJW hypocrisy. Excuses for their own lacking rationality and objectivity, and total responsibility denial.
Bryan French (10 days ago)
So easy to circumvent, just put your mother or your sister as the business owner, make your niece the president of the board of directors. Our mechanic down the street is "owned" by his daughter who never set foot in a garage, LMAO.
Hessian MGTOW (10 days ago)
Hessian here! *Math* and *Science* are just "white supremacist concepts" to "keep everyone down". You think that will never happen because no one is that delusional? YOU JUST WATCH!!!
Pinochet Pilot #666 (10 days ago)
volant communistarum, volant.
Phil K (10 days ago)
And of course these bastards will be white themselves and likely arrogant talentless shrieking lesbian wimmin
Child of Slaanesh (10 days ago)
i listened to the first 30 seconds and my brain already wants to implode
Chris Obrien (10 days ago)
Trump for emperor of the West. (Irish. Resistance to islam)
AQuietNight (10 days ago)
In other words, Bill Gates wouldn't get any funding from his wife.
Modlio (10 days ago)
What everyone's afraid of though, is that the Sweden Democrats will turn to their more extreme roots (many old members of the party were active members of confirmed Nazi movements). Sweden has a long history of siding with some questionable nationalistic groups, which we don't talk about a whole lot... I think that probably explains enough on why people are scared, or at the very least suspicious.
Thomas Hazlewood (10 days ago)
IF you can eliminate meritocracy and objectivity, then the mob determines what is advanced. And, who consistently whips up mob activities? What do Antifa and the KKK have in common, eh? What is the objective of Critical Race Theory, the BLM gang? When meritocracy and objectivity get sidelined, you get Zimbabwe, Venezuela, South Africa, where, as Mao stated, power comes from the barrel of a gun. Or, perhaps, you get the UK where you get locked up for NOTICING crimes.
Zidana123 (10 days ago)
Mao was wrong about many things, but that saying of his was absolutely correct. Power _does_ grow from the barrel of a gun. That is, power comes from force, or the threat of force. The problem with the UK is that its government does not care about the will of its people. Why? Because those people are cucks who disavow the use of force, and therefore the government is not afraid of those people.
Rainbow Darth (10 days ago)
why should white and/or males be descriminated against? makes no sense. what happened to being equal?
Zidana123 (10 days ago)
Well... if you're not white and/or male and perceive whites and/or males to be a competing group, then it makes perfect sense to discriminate against them, because it increases your own/your group's competitiveness relative to whites and/or males. There _is_ an underlying logic to this which is important to understand if you wish to oppose these people.
A guy on the internet (10 days ago)
Welcome to the suicide of "higher education". Welcome to the place where being a particular skin color is somehow a coverup for the existence of racism. Welcome to the shit that our forbears called the death of society. Welcome to 2018, and these fuckers thought TRUMP was bad.
Irish Ape (10 days ago)
so the future is self employment
Second Chance (10 days ago)
SWEDEN: Stupid Women End Democratically Elected Nation You're a failure if you succeed and you succeed by being a failure? As for Gates, I hope they take her money and run and if she pulls the plug on her little venture they will turn on her and rip her throat out... such is the way of the feminists. 7:23 Spot on!
ZerqTM (10 days ago)
Wealth redistrobution may be a valid strategy at least to counter other wealth redistribution pattern inherent in the current system. like when corporations and the rich can lobby politicians to give them tax breaks and loop holes or when they can exploit those loop holes in way regular mortals can never hope too. then money tends to trickle upwards in defiance of gravity. Also before one can have a meritocracy one must agree on what is merited. it is also important that children are not impacted by the income level of their parents otherwise how can they have equality of opportunity which is necessary for them be able to earn their place through hard work and by showing of their merit.
Der Rabbit (10 days ago)
Nah, Sweden is gone, man. It is now the Islamic State Of Swedestan.
Springwood Slasher (10 days ago)
Stop please stop saying non words like woke even if you are making fun these millennial sayings need to die.
Der Rabbit (10 days ago)
Isn’t racism to assume that color of skin equals outcome? Good job lefties, you have now embraced the force you claim to hate. Me: (Gets ice cream , kicks back, watches the self destructive show)🤣😂
Trevor Sedis (10 days ago)
Pay the professors in seashells. That way they won't be playing into "white" concepts like...money.
scott left (10 days ago)
I chose White.....sorry ex-friends....you left me no options....enjoy your "witch doctor " science, and spin doctor politics.....time to find a remote island in the south pacific....oh wait.....MAAAAATE.!
First Cynic (10 days ago)
Did Melinda Gates fail to see that she's married to a cis white male?
alex_Swe (10 days ago)
why do everyone speak of race, we are the same just look different of what part of the world we come from....
Zidana123 (9 days ago)
Human biology and biochemistry is not the same either. Apart from identical twins, no two humans have the same genetic code, and there are large variations in hormone levels, blood type, muscle composition, metabolism, immune response, bone density, adipose tissue deposition, wound healing rate, redisposition toward certain cancer types, heritable genetic disorders, and so on, among both individuals and any sets of humans. That's the thing with humans, we are different from one another in just about every way it is possible to be different, and that is what makes each person unique and _not_ the same. Of course, you _already knew all this._ Your lived experience and every interaction you've ever had with other humans has taught you this. So why go to such lengths to prop up this unfounded ideology of sameness? You see where this is taking us though? This idea of human sameness on any level is an oversimplified core belief that you've been injected with at some point in your life, which does not reflect reality or facts. By inserting these false core beliefs into people and using these as a foundation to build upon, the SJWs are able to influence society. For instance, consider the equality of outcome. You're not an SJW and I'm sure you yourself disagree with the equality of outcome, but look at the underlying logical structure at work here and how it proceeds from the idea that people must be the same, therefore outcomes among people must also be the same.
alex_Swe (10 days ago)
How someone think is not the same but i never wrote that, i meant in the body but human biology is always there.
Zidana123 (10 days ago)
No, inside we are also not the same. No two people have the same mental attributes or personality, again, not even among identical twins. This is the truth of human diversity, which the SJWs deny and want to destroy. I'm not trying to complicate things. What I am saying is that this illusion that people are "the same" on _any_ level, is the foundation of cultural marxist inculcation which has been running in the West for decades. This is where it begins and where the idea of "equality of outcome" proceeds from. I'm not saying that you are an SJW. But this doublethink is a backdoor they've put in your mind to allow them to manipulate you.
alex_Swe (10 days ago)
Zidana123 to the outside we are looking diffrent i did not say we are clones, male or female. Inside we are the same again apart from the 2 genders male or female. Did i say in words we are looking the same as twins do, no i said we look different do to what part of the world we come from like europe asia or afrika. Basic facts is what i think matters not feelings and i am not a SJW in any way and will never be, don't complicate things.
Zidana123 (10 days ago)
You answered your own question. Obviously the concept of "race" is a heuristic which springs from the fact that we _do_ look different. It's also rather bizarre that you also claim that we're the same in the same sentence where you acknowledge that at least some physical differences exist. This is a doublethink. Beyond this, obviously no two humans, not even identical twins, are the same, and no two subsets of humans are either. This sloppiness of thought is where the SJWs come crawling in.
Gustavus Adolphus (10 days ago)
Dean Sleik (10 days ago)
Melinda is going to dump Bill for a diversity wife, the darkest, most obese indian transgender woman they can find.
Jason White (10 days ago)
This is how racisism was taught to me. All things being equal, a racist obsesses over race, and demands or implements policies based on race. So Gates is a racist. And by the same token, a sexist obsesses over sex, and makes policy based on sex. So Gates is sexist too.
Jason White (10 days ago)
Zidana123 , true. The "the all things being equal" line was meant to imply, anyone is capable of racism, and either gender is capable of sexism. The line is also over simplified in it's the overall application. That being said, it was meant as a general basis for showing the thinking pattern of dangerous ideas emerging. Another example would be the basic bigotry formula, which goes: "It doesn't matter who you are or how low you've sunk, as long as you are (insert adjative) you are better than those (insert noun)." Add benevolence to the formula, you get smugness, and low expectations. Add malevolence you get... well you already know.
Zidana123 (10 days ago)
But your premise is flawed. All things are _not_ equal. The race and sex of individual persons are in of themselves already inequalities between those persons.
mara cohen (10 days ago)
I'm not "white" but this cultural marxist crap is ridiculous and hugely destructive. Good on you for speaking out Computing...
SpamBot (10 days ago)
What's the point of that ugly guy constantly covering the text? Makes the video frustrating to watch
S. Tzim (10 days ago)
Who, where, when, how, beliefs, politics, finance - I'd agree that perfect objectivitiy is a myth. Can't reach perfection, doesn't mean you shouldn't aim for it. What would be the opposite direction anyway? Would that be unadulterated subjectivity? Fine, then I FEEL objectivity is best, and believe in it. And if you insist objectivity is a myth, then it's a myth worth beliving, worth following. At least if we consider history.
old meme (10 days ago)
Addictive_LiquoriCe (10 days ago)
It is amazing how these morons has successfully implemented racism into society. Specific women are especially prone to do everything in their power to be wiped out.... careful what you wish for as it might be back to the stove for your gender once again. Sweden Democrats has always had lower figures in the polls compared to actual vote-turnout. Might have changed these days to be more accurate, but if not, there will be a massive upset come election. Fun stuff is ahead as the _media plutocracy_ always manage to get caught with their thumb up their ass regarding this, and SD will soar to be the 2nd largest political party.
h347h (10 days ago)
So the funny shit is, that you can't call peoples beliefs as myths anymore by some parts of the left. So you should get people to use that against this lol.
Aklemvaeo (10 days ago)
MORE corporate welfare? Hurray.
Richard Briefs (10 days ago)
According to the D.C. Comics Tv shows (Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl) meritocracy=nazis...
noticus nowicus (10 days ago)
Ah, but is their objection to objective truth objectively true? If so, than what does that say about the premise??
Brent Holt (10 days ago)
Muslim parents are not Muslim extremist, they are just Muslim. This is what muslims are. This is what there culture is. They are not extremists they are just muslims. If sweden does not like what muslims are, then kick them out of your country or convert. Enjoy your caliphate Sweden.
Steven //// (10 days ago)
This is all engineered. They're herding the sheep. Also: Sweden needs to just bend over and announce: We Submit
Emil Jansson (10 days ago)
Moral standards? Double standards!
Tetsuron (10 days ago)
The asylum is ran by the lunatics.
Daniel Vedberg Sekulic (10 days ago)
Intresting that a person who claims alot pf Sweden Uses sources known for there quite biased views... RT and Sputniknews could aswell use go and use KKKnews for my dialy dose of Cultural History or Naziswatch for my holocaust reading. My my the only fallency here is that one puts trust in controlled media. Without actual basis in reality Whole Sputniknews article is bull simple bullshit i cant for the lack of it stop laughing at how badly made this is and frivelously lying. To give you and idea those 40 are probadly exactly 40 places, "vurneble regions" thats a new one its called a ghetto or thereof stop using over the top descriptions that makes it out to alude even worse then is, also id question any srticle that goes to state how bad thr system is as a part of the article, even more so if they use second hand information and not links to it, as for the issue perscribed i can assure you that daycare workers that even have the time to bother are ex-daycare workers you simply dont have the time to bother with anything but the most obvious needs this article right here is typical desinformation from what i can only presume is the right. As for the RT article its flawed and spares no time showing a very biased if not propagandic view of things nothing new really just their continued effort to please Papa Putins agendas of destabilization amongst others things. Wanna hesr a funny thing our so called Feminist government is so far from feminism it becomes a shore to the point of narrow eyed to see a similairity the current state have done little in effect to further the persumed feminist view.
DARRELL D (10 days ago)
Wow..... the left can just die now
punch3870 (10 days ago)
Swedistan. the home of the immigrants, the land of the feminists yelling "discrimination" whenever someone values their Swedish heritage.
Daniel Vedberg Sekulic (10 days ago)
Meritocracys barely exists to begin with if anything Your more likely to be given privleagues based on your character then your actions since its an accepted norm. An engineer is going to get a better salary then me because hes an engineer even if the job isnt dependant on the education of said person. Meritocracy is barely achieved when nepotism and favoritism runs ripe. As for the relevance here to the video. Think for yourself do we a, propegate the truth and how bad it can be or do we b, tell them the smoothed out story the social lie or myth of greatness that is ways of advancing in life. Norms are dangerous things if exploited and well we have mastered that pretty good on others behalf. Theres more then legitimacy on the courses they have a reason to be there. Because as they even put out in plain text its not to disuade the fact but to find out if its a true state of things, are the ideals of the white man the actual reasoning behind their claims yes and no. Its social study its by default non-factual like claiming ones actions isnt based on an biased view thereof. Its like trying to prove maths unlogical, or claim that its unethical to program in 7 line rows in binary.
Milton Friedman (10 days ago)
Hey Dave. The biggest most populous province in Canada (Ontario) just went conservative majority on June 7th. FYI! Canada is not lost.
Adriaan Sluijs (10 days ago)
the only good thing melinda gates did was marry Bill. That's the best thing most women can still do, marry a rich guy.
Olivia Moore (10 days ago)
While I do agree with some of this you should never feed the conservative sjw’s either. The only thing is that the conservative sjw’s are the norm. I’m fairly conservative my self but jeez both sides got them. Our side just whines like this and it’s accepted
Marius Catalin (10 days ago)
the Sweden incident will be bad if the SJW see that they failed they will try to inflict AS MUCH DAMAGE AS POSSIBLE before they leave
bluegreenash (10 days ago)
Next in news Melinda Gates wonders where all her money went, and why none of her invested companies are performing well.
The Chloromancer (10 days ago)
Meritocracy as a "white mythology"? For ****'s sake, the first meritocracy was formed in China. I thought this was common knowledge? As for "Cradle of Civilization". That title belongs to Mesopotania, though the centres of civilization that drove human progress did move to Egypt, China, and eventually Europe.
Zidana123 (10 days ago)
If you're talking about settled agriculture as the beginning of civilization, this was independently invented multiple times. Mesopotamia was the first, but the Ancient Egyptians, Mesoamericans, Chinese, and Indus River Valley Civilizations all developed civilization separately, with no input from Mesopotamia.
justin dawson (10 days ago)
Left /Right shit has got to be taken out, its globalization and every politician is on board ,divide and conquer ,destroy and rebuild Banks,BAnks,BANKS!
Derek Spencer (10 days ago)
Far left liberal ideology will destroy western culture!!!
Eddie Haskell (10 days ago)
Once again, Melinda Gates (invented/improved/is known for) what thing that helped humanity? I can't remember her doing shit to get that money she wants to throw at the animals - I mean, non-white people. Weird.
ninjabunny (11 days ago)
I thought you said "race card" at 0:55. You could even have placed a little pun in there but oh well!
Hefty Alan (11 days ago)
When I employ someone they need certain qualifications and if they do not have them don't waste your time but more importantly don't waste my time. After that comes the test. I operate a meritocracy.
Marc Tradler (11 days ago)
They´ll need that veil once they´re married to hide how their husbands get them in line.
Erebus Von Mori (11 days ago)
I'm going to disagree, the cradle of civilisation was Africa, around Mesopotamia and Egypt.
Hzorian (11 days ago)
As a Swede, here are a few simplified tidbits of information on Swedish politics in general: The current joint majority of parties, called "The red-greens" are comprised of the leading Social Democrats (S), the Green Party (M) and the Left (V). Recent polls are showing a sharp downward trend, especially for (S) with prime minister Stefan Lövfen at the helm. The Green Party as of now are at a considerable risk of gaining less than 4% of total votes, which would result in a complete loss of mandate, exclusion from parliament, and thus severing it from the current government coalition. On the opposing side we have a joint minority of parties, called simply "The Alliance". These are the Moderate Party (M), the Liberals (L), the Center Party (C) and the Christian Democrats (KD), who are dealing with similar issues as the Red-Greens. Both (KD) and (C) are staring down the pit of the 4% barrier, although they're not faced with near as much controversy and decline as their opponents. Lastly, we have the Sweden Democrats (SD). Neither the Red-Greens nor the Alliance want to cooperate with (SD), and in some cases even associate themselves with them; especially in regard to their restrictive policies on immigration. In the 2010 election, they received 5.7%, officially receiving seats in parliament for the first time. In 2014 they were up to 12.9%, and fresh polls as of May 2018 lands them anywhere between 19 and 23%, lining them up alongside the biggest parties in Sweden, namely (S) and (M).
Jon south (11 days ago)
Melinda Gates "her money" do they mean Bill's Money that she got access to when she married him as before she married the boss she was a nobody and even since she has personally done bugger all except trade on her Husbands name
Danny Morris (11 days ago)
You know, ever since women have been allowed to vote; everything has just slowly gone to shit... Meh
zloidooraque (11 days ago)
are russians white? european? "western"?
The Reel Review (11 days ago)
As someone who has devoted over 18 months to learning Swedish, I seriously hope they can sort themselves out enough for their to be a country left to visit one day.
John Cundiss (11 days ago)
Go Nads and Melanin. At that point right there all credibility went out the window. Not as though she/it had any to begin with.
10thAngel (11 days ago)
Vi ser borgarnas bleka fana falla! Och se hur marxismen står i brand! Hör upp käre vän, Sverige vakna!

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