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Garry's Mod - 5 Weird Facts

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Gmod Weird Facts with some footage from my Funny Moments videos. Check out the Overwatch videos too! ✪ http://lootcrate.com/ohnickel use CODE: ohnickel for 10% off ► twitter ✪ https://twitter.com/ohnickel ✪ INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/ohnickel ✪ FACEBOOK: http://fb.com/ohnickel ✪ Download the album at: http://ohnickel.bandcamp.com Steam Trade Link: https://goo.gl/qU7dhG Check out FeaturePoints from the sponsored Ark video: http://featu.re/OHNICKEL Gmod funny moments: https://youtu.be/TpxeayIqf7Y Some wiki info for those that don't even know what gmod is: Garry's Mod (commonly abbreviated as GMod and typecased as garry's mod), is a sandbox physics game created by Garry Newman, and developed by his company, Facepunch Studios.Garry's Mod was originally a mod for Valve Corporation's Half-Life 2, but was later made into a standalone release in 2006 for Microsoft Windows, published by Valve Corporation. Later updates saw an OS X port added in 2010, and a version for Linux in 2013. Contents Screenshot from Garry's Mod showing a player posing Heavy and Soldier from Team Fortress 2 Although Garry's Mod is listed as a full game, it has no objectives and instead gives the player a sandbox to manipulate items free of restrictions like furniture, and props – various objects that players can place in-game. Props can be selected from any installed Source engine game or from a community created collection. The Physics Gun allows objects to be picked up, adjusted, and frozen in place. The Tool Gun is a multi-purpose tool for performing tasks, such as constraining props together, creating interactive buttons, and creating controllable winches and wheels. The Tool Gun is also used to control add-ons created by the community. The game uses the Source engine's modified version of the Havok Physics Engine, which allows players to build contraptions that follow the laws of physics, allowing for very real structures and experiments. Another concept in Garry's Mod is ragdoll posing. The player can instantiate a ragdoll model from a Source game and pose it using a variety of tools.[citation needed] User-created content[edit] Garry's Mod allows users to take advantage of the extensibility of the Source Engine through the spawn menu which enables users to spawn models and maps imported by the user. Since Garry's Mod version 9, Lua scripting has been a notable feature added to the game which allows players to run their very own scripts, which expanded potential user modifications by enabling the creation of scripted weapons, entities, vehicles, tools, gamemodes and NPCs that weren't possible in the game before.Multiplayer game servers will automatically attempt to send any custom content to the client when they connect. Most users prefer to download the Server Data from the Steam Workshop, although this content varies in size from a few megabytes to 6 gigabytes. Popular mods include Trouble in Terrorist Town, DarkRP, Deathrun, Jailbreak and Prop Hunt. Wiremo Wiremod is a user-created mod that significantly expands the sandbox capabilities of the game by adding a large number of pseudo-electronic components such as microcontrollers, logic gates, buttons, radios, gyroscopes, screens, GPS modules, sensors, laser rangefinders, speed sensors and much more. Wiring these components together allows the player to create a very large variety of electronically-controlled machines. It also features Expression2 (E2) general-purpose controllers, which allow the player to program the chip with a high-level programming language to compute inputs and outputs to control a wide swathe of elements. CPU modules, which use a Low-level programming language, allow similar capabilities, as well as the capability to render graphics on a digital screen, to be able to fully simulate a virtual computer. The use of Wiremod allows the creation of very complex contraptions, and everything from virtual computers to missiles, aircraft, spaceships and space probes, robots and drones; all constructed from components available in-game without the use of modded entities. Fretta contes In winter 2009-2010, a contest was held for Garry's Mod by the game's developers to create the best new game mode using a programming framework called "Fretta". Fretta, Italian for "hurry", allows developers to quickly and easily create new game modes for Garry's Mod with commonly required functionality already implemented so the developers can focus on unique aspects of their game modes. Fretta was inspired by a similar fan-created framework "Rambo_6's Simple Gamemode Base". However, for inclusion in Garry's Mod, Newman decided to rewrite it with input and contributions from the original author and other developers The winners of the contest range from a recreation of the Mafia party game to an aerial combat game mode. The contest winners have been included in Garry's Mod with their own Steam Achievements. Terrorist Town, Dogfight Arcade Assault, and Prop Hunt.
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pushing the button gave me cancer
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It turned blue!!!
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Pushing the like but did nothing
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All these people pressing the like button, makes me wanna press it...Damn you reversed-psychology.
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Chill owl (22 days ago)
The like button did a nothing
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Clicking the like button made me get raped by a fursuiter. Help me, I can’t walk.
Warded Karma (25 days ago)
Pressing the like button made me *cough*
opposingforcegamer22 (25 days ago)
Only smart person would make such a good mod or game,Garry Newman is one of them.
jonas schmid (26 days ago)
dance to toxic
TestietFoot (28 days ago)
pushing the life button gave me cancer.
awesomeandyb (1 month ago)
Pressing the like button made me dislike the video!
awesomeandyb (1 month ago)
Liked and replied my own comment XD
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the like button turned into a lighter shade of grey making it white
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I had the error "unable to shade polygon normals", but I did not know why, but I did fix it though thankfully.
MR_BEETROOT (1 month ago)
gmod is the best sandbox game evermade tho
Nice & Friendly (1 month ago)
JBmod still salty to Gmod lol
Frost Palace (2 months ago)
RaptorianAlpha (2 months ago)
Pressing the like button made me start playing gta san andreas
Racejam (2 months ago)
i see that you like undertale...
RapidFireRocket (2 months ago)
Pushing the like button "killed my father"... He's still here...
Toh Zikai (2 months ago)
all the undynes
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when i clicked the like button it made me stop breathing
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Pressing the like button (at the start) made me dislike when you told us to like. Sorry, dude. You'll get likes from me for having a good video. Not giving me shitty, fake reasons to.
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mad me suscribe
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Pushing the like button made my dick huge
JokoLicious (3 months ago)
JBMod - Justin Bieber Mod
Dr. Tex (3 months ago)
Where did you get that Toriel Playermodel? I want one!
N3k0 p1k4chü (3 months ago)
a lootcrate ad happened
Good Bih (3 months ago)
jackhope17 (3 months ago)
some people are so cheap they going to spend £6.99 on a masterpiece
slurpee dude (3 months ago)
when i pressed the like button i got shot in the leg and the criminal left me to slowly bleed out in fact im typing this in an ambulance
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Karel Vellet (3 months ago)
I buyed gmod yesterday
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T shirt you can't get any where else ya (try eBay)
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the like button said "Kiss Your Sister"
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I remember the cough virus it f#@ing annoying
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pushing the like button made me like a video
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Logan Bjelica (4 months ago)
what a rip off he said 5 facts not 4
Artur Koshelenko (4 months ago)
It made the thum blue
First Comment (4 months ago)
Back when he wasint a crappy overwatch youtuber
WeeaBoo (4 months ago)
i pressed the like button and i got aids.
Take'On the BacOn (4 months ago)
" The next fact is pushing that like button " * Instantly leaves *
That virus thing sounded fun. I wish I was apart of that.
freshstatic (4 months ago)
ohnickel, nickel is name my
Strider Entertainment (4 months ago)
Pressing the like button did nothing, because I didn't press the like button.
Not sure how any of these are supposed to be weird.
France Ball (4 months ago)
Pushing the like button made me play Garry's Mod.
VIRTUAL/HAVEN (4 months ago)
Why does watching this at 2 in the morning in the dark give me a creepy ass feeling
Gunslinger (4 months ago)
Keep those models off my screen boi
Xandertron (4 months ago)
pressing the like button gave me aids
PoisonLotus (5 months ago)
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I came when I pressed the like button
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i pressed the like button and the icon button turned from grey to black
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uhh when i liked nothing happend .... FAKER!!
RFC Ajax (5 months ago)
Garry is jesus of rust cough
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i hit the like button he made me cough im not lieing
far cry gamer (5 months ago)
the like button go to blue and when i cilck it it goes back to gray i like gray so im haveing it gray
viktor horvat (5 months ago)
I liked and someone died in my town... Thanks.
Christopher Lentz (5 months ago)
It made me not wanna click the like button
Welsh Boy Studios (5 months ago)
Gonna See If i Get a New Laptop For My Birthday so i Can Reinstall Garry's Mod
DJ9935 (5 months ago)
When I pushed the like button my computer blew up. Oh yeah, and I started saying cough every ten seconds.
TheBussinessCow (5 months ago)
Pressing the like button made me have an unearthly urge to commit suicide
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Pressing the like button made me happy to support
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Nothing happened when I liked im disliking
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when i clicked the like button, i got an unusual australium
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Pressing the like button made me SANDVICH
Onion Chopping Ninja Boy (5 months ago)
Pressing the like button made me switch genders to female.
emanresuasisiht (5 months ago)
Cory in the Harem what sorcery is this?
LooseViibez (5 months ago)
The Pyro (5 months ago)
Well I’ll buy Garry’s Mod today soooo.....Make that ten million be ten million and one.
AlpDePalp (5 months ago)
The fact that you have undertale trash in the background just disgusts me
István Varga (5 months ago)
When i pressed the like button it turned blue
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Pressing the like button made me ejaculate.
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i liked and then Gordon freeman bashed my door with a crowbar
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Pressing the like button made me think about what was going to happen.
Chase5kids Castillo (5 months ago)
Diamond_ZOMBIE91 (6 months ago)
i pressed the like button and my gmod still has not downloaded
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pressing the like button made me press the sub button
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The secret Phrase Is "bloxwich"
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Sniper StrykerYT (6 months ago)
The button is white
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Pressing the like button made me *broke*
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Something happy is that I pushed the like button so that makes you happy... 😯
Deborah (6 months ago)
pressing the like button made me die
DETA-X PX ONE HAG (6 months ago)
What happen when i clicked the like button 1. The button turn black 2. The button have 1 number up :OOOO
TheMoonWhale (6 months ago)
pressing the like button made me wanna play Garry's Mod
Gajeel Gaming (6 months ago)
I pressed it and ended up crashing my car and dying? Wait wtf
communist comrade (6 months ago)
The cough thing happened on an RP server I was on that did not worry thay turned it into an event and it only infected people near an infected person it was cool
FlameMasterMC (6 months ago)
When i touched the like button... It turn blue, so then that happenned.
iiAceMo (7 months ago)

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