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The Asset Flip (The Jimquisition)

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http://www.patreon.com/jimquisition http://www.thejimquisition.com We've talked about "stock Unity assets" on this show before, but what does that mean? Well, it's time to look at the ramifications of asset flipping - buying pre-made characters, objects, and environments from other developers, and re-selling them with no alterations. From whole asset packs resold under new names, to Unreal Engine tutorials masquerading as games, asset flipping comes in several flavors, and none of them taste good. Grab a fork and dig in, why don't you?
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Cacktar (1 day ago)
All this asset flip shit make me angery, I'm still trying to figure out how to create my own game with it's own assets, while all these fuckers are spitting out 10 dollar games and buying all the assets and putting no effort into their creation
Mayur Kr. Garg (16 days ago)
Using premade assets to just combine them and make your game is about morality and nothing else. All those saying in the comments that such games/developers should be banned in some way or the other are missing the point that this is actually legal. It is all about choosing between cheap bucks and quality customer service. It is also to be noted that although such developers can make quick bucks in small amounts, they can never get themselves a non-floating user base which will download their games just by seeing their names as a developer (and build the staircase of success for any developer) and hence their success story is quite limited.
Terminal 8 (2 months ago)
Is their an asset i can buy that will fix my divorce
Michael Sherrill (2 months ago)
You could make asset bingo even
Procyon (3 months ago)
So hunt down the freeman, even if it has stolen assets, it’s not an asset flip because it has some original content? Please clarify that
HikikomoriGamer (3 months ago)
Can you do Yandere Simulator next as a follow up of this video?
maxcady360 (4 months ago)
I've seen free HTML5 dress up games that deserve to be full priced games compared to some of these...
Casper The Ghost (4 months ago)
Premade assets are like using bases for art. It's lazy
Connor Schultz (2 months ago)
Casper The Ghost or a canvas for a painting
Hyenaholic Productions (4 months ago)
I challenge an Indie Dev to make a game of shooting Jim Sterlings while playing as a Nazi something. I also challenge them to get Jim's permission and make it a GOOD game, but hey, you can't have everything. Hey, it's just the most ridiculous thought I had this week. Thank God for Jim, honest.
CJJC (5 months ago)
The rare, regular-voiced “Triple A” near the end, there.
Marek Drozd (6 months ago)
Jeffrey Jackson (7 months ago)
This is just like sampling in music. Just wait until the top ten games are as filled with recycled garbage as the billboard charts.
SmartyPantsUnderwear (7 months ago)
I agree somewhat here. But most developers are not artists. Some assets are full games people purchasing and releasing as their own, but as long as the game is not already created for them and its just an asset pack, whats wrong with purchasing the asset and doing the rest of the work in Unity? Its as if you had an artist make the assets for you and then you as the developer make the game. With these assets you still have to build your environment, do some game design, and code and put together all the animations to work and set your game up with menus, scores, and all the logic that comes with it. You then build out the game and release it. Whats wrong here?
im your new fan JIM :D asset flippers are the worst shit people they should have a fine to throw such a shit on steam crazy enough there are people who pay for this The best way to stop this is to introduce a 1000usd payment to sell a game of steam
Kinky Leviticus (9 months ago)
As the best person on the internet, how do you reconcile being the ugliest? Jk, while you're no looker, you have the personality to compensate... somewhat
Charles Van Noland (9 months ago)
is that a willem dafoe?
Hobi Wan Kenobi (9 months ago)
"So more shit-scum has been washing up on the shit-beach of Steam, brought in by the shit-ittude of shitty developers." Whoa there Lahey, go easy on the liquor.
mc bad robot voice (10 months ago)
So I can make money for doing fuck all? Shit sine me up making ballon poper 2017 now with trading cards.
Schroeder M. Schulz (10 months ago)
for 720p 60fps... your camera is a piece of shit.. just like something from 1996
7-Inch (10 months ago)
How is this legal?
Not Telling (11 months ago)
"Motherfucking Vampire Pricks" MVPs? Huh.
Jim McDonald (11 months ago)
"Hi! I'm Jim Sterling, The best person on the internet." Best quote from the best person from the best social media website on the best internet. You have bested me, Mister Sterling... :) As always, keep up the hilarious work!
Mindroamer Theta (11 months ago)
They're doing this with music too. There are thousands of generic EDM shit because the so-called 'musicians' are just buying sample packs and patches and pasting them together.
Dweeb Productions (11 months ago)
At this point unturned was completely developed by one man. How do you fail to make a rip off asset flip of an early access game made by one man.
Mist-heart (11 months ago)
Seeing shit like this gives me the urge to try and create games. Which is a horrible idea.
The Absolute Truth (11 months ago)
These guys are stealing and reusing animations, too. Animations.
Scallysnix (1 year ago)
UnitZ! I just got it!
Laura B (1 year ago)
Your voice is nice.
ALE199 GAME (1 year ago)
sorry if I just time traveled and I write this question in 2017 but what if you asset flip a game FOR YOUR SELF! not selling it just haveing it free or just for you and your friends! like if I make an PVP game but only using assest! but I have it for me and my friend or posting it free! is that still bad or good?
MemeMan (1 year ago)
I mean, technically they should be able to buy assets and use them as allowed by unity.
Hyperion (1 year ago)
B-But.... unturned is a free game...
qwertmapsmanaic _ (1 year ago)
thejimquisition , i have a question, i don not know of your relations with the "lovely" digital homicide very much, but would you have different views on these games if they were all free to play and without any micro-transactions?
V6Whiterewolf (1 year ago)
What the fuck is the theme he uses when he does his rants.
KyubeetheEspurr (1 year ago)
If (Read: When) I finally develop my game, I will start out using premade assets if I use the Unity or Unreal engine, but, once i start to actually get resources to put into the game, I will slowly replace the pre-built assets with things I commission off people. Oh, theres one other big thing. My game will actually be good. Have effort put into both how the game is set up, AND making the assets share a similar theme, or actually build off the dissonance between assets
Rainy Meadows (1 year ago)
Videos like this make me want to make an asset flip version of Half Life, complete with Horrid Spiders as the headcrabs, Mixamo pack zombies as the headcrab zombies and Jim Sterling as the G-man.
2_CRAZY (1 year ago)
hello assest my old freind iv come to copy paste you again because origanality was lacking left unity while i was thinking and the vision that in my brain still remains with stores of unity in assest store i walked alone teribble games i made alone neath the comments hate and rath i deleted them fast when my game was bashed by the flash of a steam refund it broke the bank and much the the hate and in the game reviews i saw 10.000 negitive reviews maybe more people complaining about the dev cheating people complaining about the crafting people complaining buying the game that no one plays no one dare disturb the gameing commuinity dev seid how you not know your game like cancer groth read the reviews that might teach you take my cash that i will refund from you but your assest like from hell an echo in the assest store of unity and the people bashed and slayed to the assest flip game you maid and jim stirling gave his warning and the dev did a copy right take down temp fail wispers in the sound of unity store
Call Me Hanson (1 year ago)
Jesus fuck, 8:45 startled me.
Mecha Crustacean (1 year ago)
I think this is where people don't quite understand the idea of indie games. The reason we're so blown away by the good stuff is *because* there's so much trash. A good indie game to me not only stems from the game, but also its ability to stand out from Steam's sewage system. To see a studio that easily could have just been another Digital Homicide climb the ranks, and become even more reputable as companies as old as Namco or Nintendo; That is the appeal of Indie games to me.
Unholy_Holywarrior (1 year ago)
would taking this approach if the content had a original written story or unique mechanic be legitimate?
arcus50400 (1 year ago)
I made 10 cashgrab games with FREE unity assets, in unreal engine. Just because of all the bullshit games in steam. I was gonne sell em, hoping I'd get enough cash to pay a 3d artist to model me some original characters. But you know, when your known for garbage, you basically commited "Digital Suicide". I still can't look at my "rat simulater/survival game", it's nothing but some free ugly ass assets. Made a landscape in unreal, gave it a hill, slapped a sand texture on it. Put down a beautifull free palm from speedtree's assets. Drops a coconut every 5 minutes. Then took a random rat, didnt even bother animating it. There you go, game made in 5 minutes.
Felix Sturm (1 year ago)
8:44 scared the shit outta me! xD
Darth Revan (1 year ago)
That Jim Sterling guy is pretty great.
Thalia Lemon (1 year ago)
The argument DH makes about "funding the industry" is double shite, Not because it's exploitation of lax rules, But because it buries legitimate games people put actual time and energy into. Consumers have finite resources of time and money they can spend on games, And if your broken shite game is wasting people's time and money, They have that much less to put towards consuming "real" games, instead funding some mediocre dimwits who consider themselves a boon to the industry for churning out steaming turds. There are newbie and indie developers who put hundreds of hours into games that can't get attention for their work and can't make sales in a distrustful market flooded with half-baked asset flips, and instead we've got a handful of goons who think their lax efforts deserve to be celebrated. That's especially discouraging for actually skilled developers and programmers and artists who may be just trying to find footing in an industry that can only find them if they get their work out there, and maybe even moreso to people who put real effort into developing creatively and are receiving the bulk of gamer wrath for their political leanings or unconventional stylings, when really it's this kind of garbage that should be scorned. But hey, You probably know all this, because you're Jim Fucking Sterling, Son!
Kobalt (1 year ago)
The spinning background for that cookie game hurts my head.
OgTortoise X (1 year ago)
Jim....I judged based on presentation at first...but after really watching what you do cheers to you mate. insta sub
MidoriMushrooms (1 year ago)
wow I thought temper tantrum looked like a crappy fun timewaster... I guess it's more malicious than I believed.
elephystry (1 year ago)
Jim *fucking* Sterling is great, son!
ffoxsox (1 year ago)
...im sooo late on this.....but what a great vid...... well said Jim. :)
Sean .Lyons (1 year ago)
3:02 40$ for that little boy model. Think someone is over charging even if it is their work. Maybe 1 dollar would be ok. But 40$??
SCP (1 year ago)
Oh thank the gods you said "Frankenstein's Monster". the damn thing didn't have a name!
SCP (1 year ago)
Oh thank the gods you said "Frankenstein's Monster". the damn thing didn't have a name!
Thomas Alvarenga (1 year ago)
Asset Flips need to be added to Wikipedia.
Beeholder (1 year ago)
Who would even waste money on Assets? Why not make your own.
Baby Vaso (1 year ago)
Time is money, and time is not something they're willing to invest. Hence buying packs, meshing them together, then trying to flip them.
magicrainbow aids (1 year ago)
You forgot so I will put it here #fuckonami
Bree (1 year ago)
Those two zombie games look like Unturned ripoffs... :/
JunkerKun (1 year ago)
Something completely unrelated... does anybody know why did he use shrimp picture in there? I've wanted to find out what this means for so long now...
Series Consideration (1 year ago)
From what I understand, he uses it as a visual representation of a semi-colon. Notice how he usually uses it when he says "however."
norfy (1 year ago)
2:25 is that the same lion they use in Life of Black Tiger?
Jeff A. (1 year ago)
I wouldn't download any of these games even if they were free! They all look like total shit!! Why would anyone want to waste their time playing any of these games in the first place??
figfewdisgewd (1 year ago)
Some people are actually teaching this practice. The tech center a friend of mine payed to get into to learn basic game development just taught him exactly enough C++ to steal Unity assets. Their final project was to use the Unity store free assets to create their own Slender clone. He gave those people money to learn this, completely unaware of what he was getting into.
Marshall Vail (1 year ago)
Unity to this very day continues to be an even bigger cancer on gaming as a whole than microtransactions. I will seek out and update this comment if this ever changes, but I'm not even going to set a reminder because I know it never will unless Unity miraculously goes under. And before someone replies, I know quite a few great games came from Unity, but the sea of garbage surrounding each good title far outweighs this.
Baby Vaso (1 year ago)
It's not unity's fault, it's the nature of the beast. No matter what the product is, an example being youtube's flag system, scum will find a way to abuse it.
Zorrio (1 year ago)
Masked Shooters 2 is the worst
Baby Vaso (1 year ago)
Now if we can set limits to how often a person can delete a comment on their greenlight page. Cause fk be hell allot of these scumbags delete any comment not praising their "game"
Raidex Ground Beef (1 year ago)
Lifes horrible when your a Konami public representative
SH4D0W (1 year ago)
I feel like if steam just added a switch that let me block all steam greenlight games would make most of this crap go away
One Dead Pixel (1 year ago)
SH4D0W that's the saddest thing I think. these god damn parasites (and valves lack of curation) have given a bad name to something that should be great for small developers
One Dead Pixel (1 year ago)
SH4D0W you'd be missing out on a VERY SMALL amount of very good projects if they implemented that.
Alex Wright (1 year ago)
at 8:45 that mask scared me for a second
Fireboy (1 year ago)
Player Review (1 year ago)
It cost $500 to India to make the game and the Steam submission fee. You sometimes make some money. Steam Greenlight needs to return to its origins, before it killed Desura, when it curated the selections.
Baby Vaso (1 year ago)
Many times it just doesn't matter. The most scummiest of the scum will police the hell out of their page, deleting anything exposing their laundry to fake a good reception from communities.
Tony42898 (1 year ago)
I think that if you mod a video game and mod character, prop, and building models using purchased assets, it's all fine as long you don't try to make a profit off of it.
The Wumbologist (1 year ago)
He's not talking about gmod, he's talking about game mods in general
The Midnight Fox (1 year ago)
But gmod 10's dollars on steam
Sam Geuvenen (1 year ago)
I mean, if you want to make art, you can just get sprite creation software for free. It's really not that hard!
The Wumbologist (1 year ago)
Fuck yeah Rimworld!
Hellish Hybrid (1 year ago)
Sam Geuvenen Exactly. If you can't hack it in 3d go for 2d. You can make a good game with lesser graphics. Ever played RimWorld? Shit graphics, obsessively fun game. Dwarf Fortress is all done in ACSII, and that game was driven by its sheer depth and detail. I mean, if you're going to buy assets, that's fine.... but know how to work with the damn things to make new assets! And be capable of making a decent game!
Sedokun (1 year ago)
Is there a playlist on this topic? Like "Steam'ing Pile" ?
keith allan (1 year ago)
I'm starting to believe that people are taking their involvement with this store far too seriously, to the point of seeming like they feel entitled to run the business for Valve
Trying to contain my laughter in a library, I can't take you seriously Jim with you wearing that mask.
Zetetik - (1 year ago)
I quite enjoyed Unturned 2 :/
Christian Blandford (1 year ago)
People don't really understand this. even if a WHOLE map was taken from the asset store, then the AI and coding can still take months to create
keith allan (1 year ago)
all garmes matter
keith allan can these things be called games
Grim Theologian (1 year ago)
Had these videos been made private during the lawsuit that has how ended?
Tuskil (1 year ago)
Does scripting=coding?
Steven Haussmann (1 year ago)
Speaking as a computer scientist, I consider "scripting" to be smaller-scale than "coding". I'd write a script to move all the large files off my desktop, but code a program to automatically create shitty Unity asset flips. There are other technical distinctions, of course, but that's the way I usually view it.
Syogren (1 year ago)
They're not always the same, but they're similar. It's a matter of figuring the logic of how something should control or work. As far as that goes, they might as well be the same. But there are subtle differences that people will argue over.
Tuskil in unity terms it is
xof49 (1 year ago)
Unity assets, like any other tool, are inherently neutral. It's how the tool is used that is good or bad.
mcgibs (1 year ago)
Good god that Willem Dafoe mask is nightmare fuel.
Sam Geuvenen (1 year ago)
This may be the most disturbing mask he's ever used
jatkinson85 (1 year ago)
The Uncanny Valley is truly the most terrifying monster :)
Sean .Lyons (1 year ago)
2:24 It's like if Animal Soccer World was actually a video game and not just a crappy film.
AnakinTheWeird (1 year ago)
6:43 lol
The asset store and it's licensing are not being abused, the only thing which might be getting abused are the buyers. But the job of reviewers like you is to point out that a game is not worth the $0.30 or whatever it cost and point out that no effort went into it. The only time things turn into abuse is when these cheap developers try to sue you (and they do try). There are things here which are abuse of a system, but the simple fact that these guys are buying ready made games and re-selling them under a different name is no abuse. The sellers of these assets could have easily used different licenses but they chose to open themselves up to this sort of thing.
How the fuck this games get to steam in the first place? I don't think this is because of steam greenlight because we are the people who vote... how does steam accept this kind of things, is that easy to upload your own game?
Mitchell Anderson (1 year ago)
What was the lion game? I'm interested...
KarinExMachina (1 year ago)
So how does one who wants to make and develop a game survive scum that will undoubtably try to tip it off somehow. Thats my biggest fear.
Morxplays (1 year ago)
make it because you want and not for profit like asset flippers do
vincent theune (1 year ago)
I also offer my learning project and there is nothing wrong with that. But that is a free esp for fallout 4 on the nexus.
GrimCW (1 year ago)
TBH surprised no mention of RPG Maker has popped up.. thats been out for ages doing exactly the same as the unity stuff, and steam has posted them longer than the rest of this crap.
dušan stevanović (1 year ago)
I feel like Jim did that intro because he knew digihom would watch this XD
You deserve more subs
Andrei Zedlav (1 year ago)
He loses some every time he says something that doesn't immediately sit well with his audience.
ncounts1299 (1 year ago)
Why is he showing shrimp?
Alex Muncatchy (2 years ago)
Ah, the classic "ass hat flip"
WaveGunner232 (2 years ago)
Why not call it the Ass-et flip
Scallysnix (1 year ago)
WaveGunner232 Isn't ass good?
brajan martinovic (1 year ago)
was thinking the same thing....
+Freek Jobse That's some High-Quality Bait!™
WaveGunner232 (1 year ago)
making fun off of digi homicide
keith allan (1 year ago)
Jalreal (2 years ago)
$1.99 per sale, only $50 invested ... why would you NOT do that?
The Count (1 year ago)
Yeah I can see where people are put-off with asset-laden games. But to be fair, I have played many games on Steam, especially with the Game Maker and RPG Maker tags, in which I recognized certain tile sets or animations from other games made in the same engine, but as long as the story/concept and gameplay were well executed, then I didn't really mind. It seems that Digital Homicide is simply hoarding assets, throwing them haphazardly into a template and then posting it online for sale. These guys are hacks. Not hackers. Just hack-developers. Oh well. Maybe this feedback will push others to try a little harder. At least put some story into it.
JammyD2579 (1 year ago)
If the games are identical, as the asset-_laden_ ones always are, then there's no point in them having been made. It's not about using assets, it's how those assets have been used, or misused rather. There is little to no development done. There is no point to Day Survival Begins et al existing, because Uncrowded exists and is literally the same thing, and still isn't a game. This is not the same as some bizarre rhetorical statement about how Ford doesn't mine the iron and smelt the steel that it builds its engine blocks out of, therefore we can't criticise these kinds of game.
The Count (1 year ago)
Not in a likeness or functionality way, but my point is that people have this hang-up where they think and feel that all video games should be coded from scratch and have all art assets first hand-drawn in concept and then realized with whatever artistic tools you have. These days with all the talented content creators out there and the ready game engines, you can now purchase assets and an engine (some are free) and then make a game and share it or sell it. I have no problem with this and do not care at all where the assets come from or what engine the game was made in. All I care about is whether or not the game is fun. Is it worth $1.99 to me if I have a good time? Of course it is. I'm not a fan of DigiHoms game trailers and honestly haven't played them, so I can't say how poorly they perform, but who cares about where the graphics come from? It's a game and should function and look well. If those two things are out, then I'm out too. Otherwise I will gladly support it! : )
JammyD2579 (1 year ago)
A videogame is not a comparable product to a car.
JammyD2579 (1 year ago)
Gee, Count, it's almost as though these things aren't comparable.
Anon (2 years ago)
I enjoy your insight.
matt webdev (2 years ago)
hey hey hey, they had to name the asset flip. and just like writing a book - the title is the hardest part.... right? ;-)
am not spam bot llc. (2 years ago)
If you're a talentless cockbag, then yes.
LukeOfTroy (2 years ago)
Who buys bad games on Steam? Why would you buy games with all negative reviews? Even if you did, you'd research it, right? Google it?
lShadowdark (1 year ago)
Because most of them take credit on the "shitty" parts (if you throw a game that is god damn awful you would call it "Crap game simulator 2017" and make profit out of it. Or becuse this "Asset market" is unknown by 98% of the gamers worldwide so they don't know which games are original and which are a ñazy copy paste.
John Doe (1 year ago)
From what I've seen, a lot of people get these <$1 asset flips from trading card Steambux. Or simply to increase their game count.
LukeOfTroy (2 years ago)
+capthavic It's rhetorical, but thank you :p
capthavic (2 years ago)
+LukeOfTroy And I answered that question. Unless you wanted an actual list of names XD
LukeOfTroy (2 years ago)
+capthavic Yeah, I didn't say they weren't there, I said who are they?
Nikaas (2 years ago)
Among "You are great" did you hear "You are fat", I can swear I hear it loud.
GoodFishMan (2 years ago)

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