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Paul Barnes (1 year ago)
Good review!!!
Jordan Robottom (1 year ago)
I know this is months old, but the games you purchase on the console are tied to your account not the console, it's the save files you lose if it's stolen/broken.
faraon3000 (1 year ago)
It sounds like you regret buying it. I sold my ps vita to buy the switch and I regret selling my Vita. I ended up buying another vita on amazon. I also think that the Nintendo Switch wasn't ready. And it lacks good games and the ones available are to expensive.
Paul Barnes (1 year ago)
faraon3000 You're talking absolute bollocks the switch has no good games very funny. The vita is absolute garbage even the psp was a way better Sony handheld.
What was the point of the red-Blue Joycons if the rest of the switch is plain Black/Gray shouldn't it be Red-Blue in color as well? Just saying lol no hate on the system itself as it has "POTENTIAL" assuming it gets right what the "Vita" got wrong and that was not enough games, I got the gray version cuz it matches the whole System! I still say the switch should have looked more like the NEW 2ds XL minus the second screen on the bottom though.
Jimmy Snyder (1 year ago)
Blaze, I always like videos and I'm subbed to you. I have never seen you speak to your subs. I would like to hear from you sometime.
Arkadiusz Kielpinski (1 year ago)
Blaze -4K- Hi Blaze, I found your channel yesterday looking for clips on hdr games on ps4 pro. Then I couldn't stop watching - you make great videos, everything's absolutely on point, reviews etc - on of the best around. Where do stream - youtube, twitch?
Jimmy Snyder (1 year ago)
Blaze -4K- I take that back my guy!!!! Sorry, that was fast also bro. I hit the bell man. I love gaming and I love your content. You have anyway to donate to improve what you do? Not saying it's bad at all. Always room to improve and change.
Blaze -4K- (1 year ago)
Jimmy Snyder I appreciate that dude ! hit the bell I stream a lot and give back to the subscribers
jordan rausch (1 year ago)
@8:22 mine does the same thing before I click them on
jordan rausch (1 year ago)
It does the thing on the side before it clicks in
Panda Xkills (1 year ago)
Nintendo are greedy and too cheap.
Paul Barnes (1 year ago)
Panda Xkills Absolute nonsense Sony are greedy bastards charging £100 for a 32gb vita memory card gtfoh!!!
Leo Oliveira (1 year ago)
A full console in your hands is right. The potential this thing have is great. Dark Souls 3 footage captured on Switch on a video by gamespot, if that is true, that will be another system seller.
jason Brown (1 year ago)
i like the switch. but it isn't as powerful as a gaming pc. sorry consoles are not that powerful anyway! the other consoles are PC's in a box! it's hypocritical to say the other consoles are powerful lafmbo! i hate to busrt peoples bubbles with the truth. i like Playstation, xbox but their a step down from PC's. take it how anyone wants to take it! im going to get a xbox Scorpio next year, if it's decent. & the price isn't idiotic! people that are glorifying xbox & Playstation need to stop getting soo giddy about the power, graphics, 1080 p's & 3 or 4 tp's ect! people are getting too frantic about it . be great
Angel Casiano (10 months ago)
jason Brown how's that 4k Minecraft 😜
Commander Emperor (1 year ago)
Your camera is stroking out. Also Nintendo hasn't done anything good since SNES.
Paul Barnes (1 year ago)
Commander Emperor You're talking absolute fucking bollocks you jackass!!!
it knows what color because thats the only side that color can go to. if you swaped them they would be on the wrong sides
Blaze -4K- (1 year ago)
David Vuchinich Vuchinich no you're wrong I have them in opposite sides colors as well so red on right blue on left or gray
MooN MaN (1 year ago)
Sony Baaayybeeee! That shit cracks me up when you say it to Rev.
Teknoman Blade (1 year ago)
I really like that Blue Vita.
MVP MAGAZINE (1 year ago)
If you're bringing your vita and switch to work.....it tells me something all right....that you're a sony fanboy LMAO...just kidding good video! Zelda is dope
Starmade93 (1 year ago)
What's ur gamer tag on psn and Xbox live?
Blaze -4K- (1 year ago)
Keith Spencer blaze-piff88 psn | Blazep88 xb1
Ange Alexiel (1 year ago)
not because u had zero issues with the console or dock that everybody is lying, i love my switch but my left joycon was desynch every 3 minute in Tv mode, so i bought a new one, and tada, problem fixed, i have putted the faulty one back in the box of the one i purchased , and i just got my refund, my dock doesnt scratch the thing, but one of my friends have a dock who is not straight , i think that the main reason some switches are scratched... i never saw in my life a nintendo launched console with so many issues, they rushed the released of the product, the switch would have needed some better material like a glass screen first . cos it's not a cheap console , it's just a tegra X1 console and accesories prices are madness. i really hope nintendo will react to these issues, but atm they act like it's BS
Paul Barnes (1 year ago)
Ange Alexiel Absolute horse shit!!!
BLADE 1513 (1 year ago)
agreed with the beginning of your video. I have had 0 problems with my Switch. nothing wrong at all. these Switch owners are careless with all these scratches
wow...no way to use headset on tv, contents tied to console, still uses friend code..i gues i'll download wii u emulator
Paul Barnes (1 year ago)
scalabrine playoff 3pt 46% curry playoff 3pt 40% Emulation is garbage enough said.
KeZune89 (1 year ago)
Omg I didn't know that your digital games are bond to your console. That really sucks...
Sonic171000 (1 year ago)
I love my Vita and 3DS. And hell, even the Wii and Wii U offered more features and had a better launch than the Switch. Nintendo just keep on screwing up and screwing over consumers that supports them.
Michael Smith (1 year ago)
No joke though the vita is pretty cool but I also like the switch I had bought the vita loved the shit out of it and i'm sure when I get the switch i will love the shit out of it as well
Michael Smith (1 year ago)
http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2017/02/nintendo_switch_eshop_purchases_will_be_tied_to_your_nintendo_account bro just to inform you the nintendo games on the eshop are tied to your nintendo account
Darth Niloc (1 year ago)
I have no scratches on my Switch and it goes in and out of the dock quite a bit. Your digital games are now linked to your account not your system I believe I read this on IGN or Eurogamer but an sd card can only be used on one Switch and save files can only be saved to your consoles memory.
SouthernStyleGamer (1 year ago)
First off the Vita is HUGE in Japan!!!!!!!!!!!! Its not ending over there and you can get them forever! I was a Nintendo player until today........ Today I GREW THE FUCK UP AND BOUGHT ME A...... PS4 PRO!!!!!! Power unlike you never seen!!!! OMFGJC!!!!!!! From the wii u to a ps4 Pro is like this..... DRIVING A TOYOTA PRIES TO A BLOWN OUT LAMBORGHINI V12!!!!!! NO SHIT!!!!! Look I spent $591 at game-stop for the pro, gravity rush 2 a year of PlayStation plus and a covered everything warranty 2 years!!! Now if I bought a switch $300 + $60 game + $80 pro controller + $30 warranty = $470 + tax = $520!! ok my $591 for a Lamborghini v12 Beast or a $520 Tonka toy????? Don't take much to figure out that one or does it. SORRY NINTENDO BUT YOU PISSED ME OFF WITH THIS NO BACKWARD COMPATIBLE WITH MY WII U!!!! $2,000 DOLLARS WORTH OF GAMES OVER THE LAST 5 YEARS!!!!! HOPE YOUR HAPPY CAUSE NOW I AM GOING HOME TO SONY!!!!!
DAVID T (1 year ago)
They made the screen plastic cause plastic screens don't break but they do scratch easily
G C (1 year ago)
Good review blaze, shit is looking kinda nice tho I can't even lie.
Dreamxd23 (1 year ago)
that Bluetooth thing gets on my fucking nerves man.
devilshooter126 M (1 year ago)
You probably couldn't connect your platinum headset to it, was most likely because it's a Sony PS specific product.
Aniallator83 (1 year ago)
Mario kart 8 28 of April
Hornet Hornet (1 year ago)
Blaze my man.
Sophstar Amazia (1 year ago)
Blaze -4K- bro are u getting a xbox scorpio
PURE SKILL (1 year ago)
Blaze -4K- socom 2 is that shit FACTS!!!
Blaze -4K- (1 year ago)
Hornet Hornet what up homie appreciate u
Martin Rojas (1 year ago)
Look like rev is right just get a Wii u and the 1 game no need for the switch.
Primordial Entropy (1 year ago)
good video Blaze, you ever play unit 13 for the Vita? it's Zipper interactive 's last game before they shut down, the guys who made socom. That game is the shit!
Primordial Entropy (1 year ago)
Blaze -4K- haha that's what's up, socom 2 was awesome lol and unit 13 is the only reason I got a vita lol that kill zone game is great too though
Blaze -4K- (1 year ago)
Primordial Entropy yeah bro I kno all about unit 13 and socom 2 is my all time favorite game
Key Mac (1 year ago)
The more switch vids I see the more I want another vita 👍
Common Sence (1 year ago)
They fucked up on so many simple things. Can't even send a message..... That's embarrassing.
Paul Barnes (1 year ago)
Eric Smith Shut up you jackass!!!
Common Sence (1 year ago)
+Eric Smith What? lol
zachery mcnear (1 year ago)
Your Mom Is A Retard Fucker.
As Gaylord (1 year ago)
dude is this ur shrine WTF
ILOVECHICKEN698 (1 year ago)
As Gaylord lol I wonder how long it took him to set it up
Good shit Blaze as always brotha
FighterGuy (1 year ago)
The switch is beast tho people sleeping on it
FighterGuy (1 year ago)
Sony babyyyyy
Cameron Mangum (1 year ago)
thats Nintendo for ya not BSD but nothing that'll keep you around
zerodap (1 year ago)
I put a glass screen protector on my switch oh and thumbs up for the green PS4 control
GrimGlenn (1 year ago)
Vita is a beast, shame it never got the support it deserved
Paul Barnes (1 year ago)
GrimGlenn Nope the vita is straight up garbage even the psp was better.
gezforce (1 year ago)
I agree, wasted potential because not enough people bought one. I got a good 35 carts in my collection. The constant Memory card pricing propaganda against it basically killed the system.
ILOVECHICKEN698 (1 year ago)
After watching this shit video I wanna buy a vita oled
gezforce (1 year ago)
Excellent, honest review. I got Zelda on Wiiu so there's absolutely no reason for me to pick up a switch. Asking price including accessories is way too much here in Australia. Definitely not worth it atm.
Paul Barnes (1 year ago)
gezforce What a load of bollocks you spew!!!
ILOVECHICKEN698 (1 year ago)
My bAlls itch
MANIAC COP (1 year ago)
ILOVECHICKEN698 my ballz smell like fish.
DigiTroll Foundry (1 year ago)
i was wandering is there a camera on the switch ? because if there isn't how will they get pokemon go to work ?
Blaze -4K- (1 year ago)
The Game Troll true that
Baltimorez MVP (1 year ago)
Yo what's your friend code
Baltimorez MVP (1 year ago)
I'll add you
Blaze -4K- (1 year ago)
Baltimorez MVP 6159-9257-1211

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