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10 Gamers Banned For DUMB Reasons

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Most bans in gaming are warranted, but some are completely unintentional or...really stupid. Here are our favorite examples. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv http://segmentnext.com/2015/07/15/hacked-items-in-dark-souls-2-pc-version-can-still-get-your-account-banned/ https://gamerant.com/battlefield-1-players-banned-too-good/ https://www.reddit.com/r/forhonor/comments/5vd6yi/i_got_banned_even_though_i_dont_even_own_for_honor/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvK6xE-Bgh8 http://gtaforums.com/topic/793632-next-level-hacking-in-online-screens/ https://www.polygon.com/2017/2/22/14698354/club-penguin-ban-speedruns http://kotaku.com/bioware-is-sorry-they-accidentally-banned-all-those-swt-509627331 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXrIdCyzZwI
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Text Comments (18193)
gameranx (1 year ago)
Have any of you ever been banned for a dumb reason? .....AAAAND I just called Widowmaker "Black Widow" FFFFS I need coffee
1/2 bit Gaming (1 month ago)
gameranx I got banned from cs 1.6 for racking up big kills
ThatOneGuy63 (2 months ago)
gameranx My brother got banned from black ops 2 because he was firing a semi-auto gun too fast and apparently they thought he was cheating.
Logical Juan (2 months ago)
Same thing, really.
rebeljake 16 (3 months ago)
gameranx I got banned from Star Wars battlefront 2 for getting 100+ kills a match 6 times in a row
Dank Memes (4 months ago)
gameranx why u do this I’m a widow main that’s meen u dank memer pls stop bully me
Ethertron (2 hours ago)
Banned from Star Wars: Battlefront for getting 6 kills in 4 secs. Used a rocket launcher on a bunch of noobs 4 kills from rocket and 2 headshots
Yusuf Bukhari (7 hours ago)
I got temp-banned from chat in warframe cause some whiny kid tried to extract at 30 min when we as a squad agreed to go for 2+ hours...smh
Roblox Champion (9 hours ago)
I got banned from Roblox because my friend and i used to troll online daters and a guy copied my username and Roblox didn't pay enough attention too it and he online dated with the account that looked like mine and did alot of stuff like hacking and glitching so i wake up too see i got banned for 4 years
Blockchamber64 (9 hours ago)
*cough cough* R6S TOXIC BANS *cough*
ethansicedout (10 hours ago)
I got band from pornhub because I reported all the videos for sexual content
Llama Momma (10 hours ago)
spicy with a 1 in chat
Toasterface (10 hours ago)
I got perma banned 1 week after buying Wildstar for no reason I asked support why and they said I broke tos guess dying a ton at the starting area was suspicious lol
harrison Hodges (11 hours ago)
I got a Warning on roblox just for putting a blurry image on my thumbnail for my game.
BLEACH LORD (11 hours ago)
I got banned for lagging lmao
Subzeropiggy (12 hours ago)
6:45 yes, my favourite character in overwatch is black widow. You know widow maker sucks
Banned for using same account for fortnite on different consoles
Peter Parker (16 hours ago)
I got banned for not buying stuff in game and not making rockstar any money in gta
Gustav Olsson (17 hours ago)
Saying "Frick" on a christian Minecraft server.
Raz0rHQ (17 hours ago)
I got banned for telling some one I was black :/
dali25ster (18 hours ago)
I was banned because my character had red eyes and everyone didn’t like it. He was supposed to have red eyes.
Divy shandilya (20 hours ago)
i was banned in unkilled just for leaveing the match in middle because of an phone call interruption
Oskar YT (20 hours ago)
I was playing roblox and I met a guy who were same country as him at pizza place, I said to him "I hate u" then 1 day i go to roblox then I found out I was banned from that stupid guy
Brandon x22 (20 hours ago)
That guy being banned even though he doesn't even own the game is so funny!
miafff Studios (20 hours ago)
@gamerranx i was one of the 150 that got banned form swtor that time
miafff Studios (20 hours ago)
UnlegitSenpaii (21 hours ago)
i got banned in battlefield for not playing the game for two years xd
UnlegitSenpaii (21 hours ago)
got unbanned btw
Clyde Mcbride (1 day ago)
I got a 2 week com ban for harassment and bullying because I mocked a girl.
I've gotten banned from mixer while streaming from it and I was streaming minecraft then a dude joins calls me a idiot and permanently banned me and I cant get unbanned so I gotta use twitch now and I loved mixer.
The CrazyKingFox (1 day ago)
The gta one happened to me
Edin Ozgun (1 day ago)
werewolfmag (1 day ago)
got banned twice once by false accusation a player came in and starts teleporting everyone gives them the rail gun leaves and I accidentally pull it out and shoot someone with it few days later I find the ban message not only that but the guy decided to report my brother as well and he got banned so hes stopped playing online for good then I get banned again after I didn't take a file for a trainer on story mode out of the files and now I am unable to reenter unless I make a new account on steam and as Rockstar told me when I messaged them all bans are final
Hat Trick (1 day ago)
i got banned from tf2 server jb i was guard doing guard stuff and got banned because i was alive 60 minutes like WTF
Tate Burton (1 day ago)
Wait, did he just say back widow instead of widowmaker?
D Vlogs (1 day ago)
I am banned about a week ago from pubg mobile for 10 year for a reason that I don't even know of and they can't even te me
norton leufven (1 day ago)
I was banned off of Rainbow Six Siege for a week for "quitting" too many ranked matches. First off, I left ONE match. Second, MY FUCKING POWER WENT OUT HOW WAS THAT MY FAULT??? yeah i dont play that shit game anymore.
biggest alex (1 day ago)
I was banned from minepixel for 5 days becuase i raged, and I was bashing my keyboard and all of my cheats turned on at once.
Jeremy Bisbee (1 day ago)
Ye got a suspension on xbox one for changing my name to im stew pid1111
USS Iowa (1 day ago)
I got Banned from Epic For Carrying In Disco Fever
DmanGame_boy ` (1 day ago)
Non-gamer *GAMING TEACHES YOU NOTHING* Gamer *let's play I spy* Non-gamer *ok* Gamer *I spy something right in front of you that you didn't see five mins ago*
I was banned permanently on my 2011 account from roblox for "exploiting the audio refunds system" and roblox ain't done crap
In minecraft i was REALLY tryharding the kit pvp then i got banned for "kill aura"
KhodgePlayz (1 day ago)
I got a twelve hour ban on animal jam for saying “as whole”
Sony banned me FOREVER from psn for insulting in gt sport when i didn’t even had gt sport installed
Cookie Manboy (2 days ago)
pubg is awesome WHAT
Dwight Jack (2 days ago)
i was in fortnite then i raged then i said to my team mate fucking bloom then he reported me then i was banned on xbox live for a week i was pissed i had my case on xbox open then they put my ban to 2 days i was still mad so fuck the dude that reported me anyways there is my story
Future Normal Guy (2 days ago)
“Black widow” lmao
Toastborz 0113 (2 days ago)
i got banned from a minecraft server for spoiling infinity war
Aaron Free (1 day ago)
well you kinda deserve that one
XD (2 days ago)
one time i got banned just for tricking a young 7 year old scammer kid on cs and got then boom banned... (it wasnt a vac it was like these time limit after you leave comp games and i had the max one and then i explained wtf happened and then valve unbanned me and Vac banned that kid and then his mother talked to me and told her he was scamming for money and its just ends with him a vac and a beat up XD)
flaming Phoenix76 (2 days ago)
ive been banned for accidentally killing my teammate in halo reach
I don't think I want to play OverWatch now. 🤣😂
Big Smoke (2 days ago)
I got banned on fortnite just because someone gave me a golden scar even tho he was a teammate
Here's one:"I got banned for bad at League Of Legends"
TDM tay12345 (2 days ago)
I Got Banned For Uploading A Blury Image To Roblox But It Wasent Blurly The Last time I Used
Trollking The1st (2 days ago)
I was banned from gta online for cyber bullying
Fatih Aksu (3 days ago)
My Ip got banned for no reason and i couldnt play with my wifi on my ps4 but i managed to change it so i can connect to my wifi with my ps4 again
SCP - 106 (3 days ago)
I got banned in Roblox because a hacker sized my character and someone blamed me that I was a hacker but then... An admin came and then banned me.
Oh living TACOS (3 days ago)
I’m sorry, you were banned from YouTube
Poke MoizMC (3 days ago)
I been banned for purposely feeding although I just sucked at the game
Lone Star (3 days ago)
PUBG is not awesome. It's shit.
Magic Videos (3 days ago)
You caled her black widow its widowmaker
imagap roblox (3 days ago)
I got banned for saying fake and faking ON ROBLOX
Frank West (3 days ago)
I got banned from siege for tking two guys who were tking me
Zeanox Haven (3 days ago)
I Got banned for lagging out....
Antony Khoury (4 days ago)
8:21 Fuck no
David McConville (4 days ago)
Is stream sniping even considered cheating? Don't get me wrong, it's the internet equivalent of screen looking and you're a jerk if you do it. But, if you're going to stream yourself playing in real time to the whole world, you can't expect players to NOT take advantage of the fact that's you're voluntarily giving away your position. Besides, how would the game even enforce such a unique rule? Would it come with software specifically for detecting a streaming window?
Mayhem Man 23 (4 days ago)
ive been banned from Fortnite for just shooting a gun at an enemy
My friend got banned on Xbox for saying fig
HANG_DOWN_STANKY (4 days ago)
I called a kid a cocksucker I didn't know he was one in real life and band my console so don't call a cocksucker a cocksucker life advice for the many
Not Muselk (4 days ago)
i got banned from a TeamFortress2 community server because i was to good as a sniper :P
Xbox_D A.M.G TM (4 days ago)
I got kick because I got accused that my weapons go through walls :( it means I got kicked from the game from being too good some called me a aimbot I got mad the game is assassin in roblox
Madhuri Ghorpade (4 days ago)
I got banned from mario
Oryaam L (4 days ago)
there are the millions of people whos internet shuts off during a team-based multiplayer game and get a temporary ban for 'quitting during a match;
Ruth Wheaton (5 days ago)
In Minecraft I got banned for “flying” even tho clearly I wasn’t flying at all!!!
Fifth Horseman (5 days ago)
I got one too got banned on rust cuz I said I didn’t like this wipes map layout lol
Trevor Philips (5 days ago)
I got banned because i have too much win in forza motorsport 7
Clair Howell (5 days ago)
I was banned from gta5 for having a shark card 1000000 ×10
Aleon Flex (6 days ago)
I was stupidly banned for saying n word 9000 times.
Halfdan August (6 days ago)
Im playing hanzo and im good
The Odd Pasta (6 days ago)
I’ve been playing Minecraft for a long time, and there have been a ton of times when I’ve gotten kicked from servers because I was “flying”, even though I only jumped...
pride (6 days ago)
Your new number 1. The neverwinter great playerbase massacre of 2018
Patrick Ly (6 days ago)
Flamingo got banned for saying yes on roblox lol
NiightShade (6 days ago)
i got banned from a minecraft server a few years ago because "my internet connection is weak"
Max Whitfield (6 days ago)
Blizzard made me change my name because it was “ToastedTits”
Apex 0 (6 days ago)
I got banned on runescape for spamming but I was just trying to trade
KillerKane 2654 (6 days ago)
I got banned in forz a horizon for modding... Because someone else was modding
knack crunch (6 days ago)
I was banned numerous times for being too good in CoD2. Also from CB, when that was alive and well, back in 2005-2007/2008
Theemeraldwither (7 days ago)
i got banned on some stupid game because my friend gifted me all his money, and the game thought i was spawning money
cerealfox 227 (7 days ago)
I got banned on xbox for not being in a party chat
iKingBlue (7 days ago)
I got perma banned from habbo for saying sell me
Wow I love playing as BLACKWIDOW in overwatch. My favorite. Not to be confused with Widowmaker. Nope, two different people!
Aarov 0621 (7 days ago)
Have u ever been dumb and called widowmaker black widow?
MisterMaster117 (7 days ago)
For Honor is lit though now
noobiii (7 days ago)
i got banned from roblox several times the first time was when i made a shirt with ms paint bc i suck at drawing roblox decided that it was inappropriate and threw a warning at me the second time was a warning again, this time for a place that i made it was for making the roblox logo (2017) a cheez-it with a hitmarker on it roblox was like nO CHEEZ-ITS IN THE HALLS and gave me another warning then roblox decided to ban me for a day, supposedly for exploiting even though i was on a vacation then the fourth time was just stupid i got a warning and it was for **cue drumroll** a paIR OF ANTI-ODER PANTS _tada_
Glitchswirl Light (7 days ago)
Once I was trying to make a shirt on roblox and the next day it said if I did it one more time I would be banned WHY
ThunderXWing (7 days ago)
Permanently Banned from Skrafty on Minecraft for my brother using bad language
RedEx 14 (7 days ago)
Being banned from a game that you don't even own...... wow
Mystic Myfriend (7 days ago)
Black widow😂😂😂😂
SteliMan (7 days ago)
In season 1 in Fortnite you could swing on a swing on the map and get permanently bammed for hacking :DDD
Umbral Specter Gaming (7 days ago)
I got banned from destiny for having a 58.00 kd in a crucible match before rise of iron and I was just playing normally...
Dark Simpson945 (7 days ago)
I did blitz brigade For Quote Hacking IM JUST GOOD AT THE GAME
abdullaa taha (8 days ago)
We're I live we have some issues with electricity which make the electricity goes off and I get banned for no reason
XpcT Metal (8 days ago)
One of my team members got banned for cheating on bo3 360... all he did was use a brecci and someone reported him for cheating lmao
Mandana plays (8 days ago)
i was banned for stealing stuff on a multiplayer minecraft game ( I DIDNT DO IT XD)
Flying Ocelot (8 days ago)
I got ISS in my school for using the copier with out permission ....
Ryan Shue (8 days ago)
got banned for quiting too many games at the end in halo 5

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