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10 Gamers Banned For DUMB Reasons

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Most bans in gaming are warranted, but some are completely unintentional or...really stupid. Here are our favorite examples. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv http://segmentnext.com/2015/07/15/hacked-items-in-dark-souls-2-pc-version-can-still-get-your-account-banned/ https://gamerant.com/battlefield-1-players-banned-too-good/ https://www.reddit.com/r/forhonor/comments/5vd6yi/i_got_banned_even_though_i_dont_even_own_for_honor/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvK6xE-Bgh8 http://gtaforums.com/topic/793632-next-level-hacking-in-online-screens/ https://www.polygon.com/2017/2/22/14698354/club-penguin-ban-speedruns http://kotaku.com/bioware-is-sorry-they-accidentally-banned-all-those-swt-509627331 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXrIdCyzZwI
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Text Comments (17109)
gameranx (1 year ago)
Have any of you ever been banned for a dumb reason? .....AAAAND I just called Widowmaker "Black Widow" FFFFS I need coffee
ThatOneGuy63 (14 days ago)
gameranx My brother got banned from black ops 2 because he was firing a semi-auto gun too fast and apparently they thought he was cheating.
Logical Juan (1 month ago)
Same thing, really.
rebeljake 16 (1 month ago)
gameranx I got banned from Star Wars battlefront 2 for getting 100+ kills a match 6 times in a row
Dank Memes (2 months ago)
gameranx why u do this I’m a widow main that’s meen u dank memer pls stop bully me
Chao (3 months ago)
I have not but I YouTuber has. His Name is Mrflimfam (somewhere along those lines) he got banned from Roblox by one word "yes". That was word he got banned
Tails miles (5 hours ago)
Did you srsly just say "BLACK WIDOW"
GamerCris (7 hours ago)
I got permanently banned for swearing on a minecraft Christian server
Yavuz (7 hours ago)
In cod4 (mw1) I got banned for using the M9 pistol so fast that the mods thought I using a macro. I was just able to click really fast 😂
gwolf1985 (8 hours ago)
was band before because I dont use a mouse had top score and some one thought I was using a bot because I turn around supper fast like a bot .
gwolf1985 (8 hours ago)
now that reason not to play over watch . I play what I want when I want and dont care what they think .
Dragon Soul4 (8 hours ago)
I was once banned from a minecraft server because I didnt feel the same way about him. The server owner decided that until I apologized to the mod I was banned. I still cant play on the server.
TriggerHappy RJ (11 hours ago)
I killed an epic employee in Fortnite and dabbed on him and got banned
QueenBee Druid (11 hours ago)
I made a toon in wow called bonzi. i walked around and said "expand dong". Got a 24 hour chat ban
Mike Star JR (12 hours ago)
Number 1 being to good at rainbow six siege...... But seriously though stop jumping in front of ur team whenever they shoot
Galaxy Gamer (12 hours ago)
Ive been banned from bo2 for constantly spawn killing with my team on nuketown we blovked every single spawn and just went 100:10 very game
mopo homo (19 hours ago)
i got banned from minecraft online cuz i copyed and pasted the same text 2 times...
Nicolaj J (20 hours ago)
ive got banned from cs once in the early version because of head-shot, i was too good but first ive got kicked out alot at first, then ive got banned, used my money on that game then regrets using money cause i couldnt play online, since then i have not playet cs again
Lord Wagi (1 day ago)
So I'm alpha testing a port of Vainglory which is basically a league clone that originated on mobile and I got a 2 game 3 minute deserter queue because the game bugs sometimes and doesn't load matches until 1.5 to 2 minutes into them. YAY ALPHA TESTING!!!!!-
Blueberry (1 day ago)
once,i got banned on a TF2 comunity server,a kid said 'im hacker' (like that.) and i said 'bruh,nobody belives you if you dont get those weird killstreaks for more that 20'. the kids just started spinning around,trying to simulate like if he was hacking with the LMAOBOX aimbot and i got banned for killing him after he started spinning around. never got unbanned :)
Phoenix Gaming (1 day ago)
Black Widow... my favorite Overwatch character XD
Aaron Brian (1 day ago)
I recently got chat banned on xbox from a person being toxic to me heres some context i was playing overwatvh quickplay and i was playing sombra and at a ceartin point in the match i ran to get a health pack and i grabbed as it spawned and then i got a message from someone saying i was selfish and retareded for grabbing it even though i had gold kills and damage he said that i couldve hacked and i told him that i was doing the best on the team i needed it more i then called him a moron and he reproted the message funny thing is that he called me alot more worse things and i tryed to report him to teach him a lesson but im not sure if anything happened hope he learned he shouldnt be so toxic
Orca88 (1 day ago)
Lord Davrox (1 day ago)
I got banned on a minecraft server because I killed the owner and he got salty. My ban message was literally quote unquote “I’m good at PVP, you killed me, you must be hacking!” I appealed, saying that there was no evidence of cheating and it was just a stupid 4 year old owner and he extended the 7 day ban to perm because I used the word ‘stupid’ in the appeal looking back I don’t even know why I even bothered to appeal, shit server anyway.
Pretaxdart 3080 (1 day ago)
Batteries dying and crashing a hydra and failing the setup gta 5
Galactic Ninja (1 day ago)
I was temp. banned from fortnite for getting on the swing set. It said I was fly and speed hacking.
minedude84 (1 day ago)
I got banned on a mc server for playing a older version of the game
Bad Pcguy (1 day ago)
in my ... lets say naive years i hacked in Minecraft . aaaand one day I joined on a server without a client and got Instantly banned for Hacking... Its kinda Stream sniping to not? :) (bye the way im from austria so please excuse my bad English
Zorua (1 day ago)
I was banned for saying ''Hello Admin'' Cuz he thought i was someone that got banned 5 minutes earlier
Kled (1 day ago)
singleplayer ftw
lane ferguson (2 days ago)
I got band for 7days bc I left a mach of comp on cs go
Shpadukin (2 days ago)
When overwatch was kind of new I was playing it on a old laptop and it would crash at random times. I had no idea why and I never figured it out. Later on it just worked perfectly. I got an XP penalty for leaving too many matches because my game crashed. It’s not a ban but it was pretty dumb
Ben Godfree (2 days ago)
I love playing paladins on switch because the overwatch community are full of cry baby brats just enjoy the got dam game
ght dino (2 days ago)
i was banned from skype for msg my friend btw he was in a voice call with me my mic wassnt working so i typed we chatted all night then i got logged out of skype it said i sent to much junk mail
GamingGuyLV (2 days ago)
I got banned from GTA online for 3 months for hacking money even tho there was a cheater that dropped 2mil at the same time, atleast i had video proof but my ban wasnt revoked...
sean love (2 days ago)
my dads trigger finger got him baned
Theresu Robin (2 days ago)
Dtream sniping ban is the most dumbest thing i have ever heard of.That explains why even noobs are streaming 😂
Damien Starks (2 days ago)
My account back on 360 got banned for having too much gamerscore
Gaming Addict (2 days ago)
7:54 if streamers are so important for u PUBG devs then, just sell ur games to them only and we ll see how much money u can earn then.
SteefHartman (1 day ago)
wow, being important for the game is one thing, but its not the only thing holding it together... streamers just get loads of publicity. so OTHER people will buy the game. and if the streamsniping has impacted the streamers fun so sales will go down again. but what would you expect from an addict. they're too short sighted to see anything thats not directly in front of them
im2shady4u13 (3 days ago)
The overwatch thing...first off, her name is Widowmaker, not black widow. 2nd, people want others to swap off widow and hanzo (before he got reworked) because they're high skill cap heroes, and lots of people, well, suck
Idk Anymore (3 days ago)
When I played Overwatch on my Xbox I had a very loose cord that unplugged every once in a while. It usually unplugged when I was offline. When I was playing competitive it unplugged and I got banned for abandoning a competitive match for a week. ._.
The Holy Jesus (3 days ago)
7:02 good
wolf girl (4 days ago)
I was band in Minecraft cake wars for being to good before uggg
hell yeah . i got vac ban in dota 2 just because i forgot to close the cheatengine software . still my main acc with 500 dollor inventory yet has not been un ban . 1000 days has past yet valve ignore me . ooh well
Hanuke (4 days ago)
Since the vid mentioned about bans to people not even owning a game, remember that scams exist and in some cases it could be someone trying to scam you into giving them your personal info. So if you get an email like that, don't click on any link it may have. If you have any doubts about something, seek official sites to investigate the issue. I'd say also ignore the email, but we don't know if someone actually has some of your info out there. So better play safe and investigate on the official site of whatever company the email claims to come from. Don't be afraid to contact their support channels and asking questions.
Die Labertasche (4 days ago)
I got banned from GTA Online. Rockstar said that I cheated money....I had 50$ in my Account
Salvchu (4 days ago)
What about Flamingo xD *yes*
Itetsu Shikurasa (5 days ago)
Now I haven't been banned in a game before, but I DO remember when there was a bug in Smash for 3DS for when you were using Peach I believe and doing certain attacks or something that would result in a RIDICULOUS ban that would last 136 YEARS!! Like... WHAT?! EDIT: Okay, it was a programming error in the online multiplayer. How did that happen? Just.. HOW?!
Patrick Kennedy (5 days ago)
1:56 that's like how the Dodge Demon is banned from drag racing because it's too good at drag racing
GET A LIFE (5 days ago)
i got banned cuz i said alexa go to hell
Nathan Gehrke (5 days ago)
I was once banned in Halo 3 for using auto aim during Team Snipers, I went 32-1, only problem was that I wasn't using auto aim
CreeperTrollYT (5 days ago)
One time I got banned of CubeCraft of Minecraft Better Together because I won an EggWars match without armor and weapons, I won because I was playing on Xbox One, and I was killing people by dropping them out of their iland, I got instantly banned and, one time I saw a flying hacker and he did not get banned and he won the match.
SGNRyan (5 days ago)
I got banned from Forza 6’s Design Storefront for 2 weeks for making a paint scheme for the GMC Van that said “Free Candy”. Needless to say, some MS mods have no sense of humor.
Avishek Thakur (5 days ago)
Ya I have been banned in 8 ball pool permanent
error_sans _34789 (5 days ago)
Got banned on overwatch for saying flip off
Xehanord (5 days ago)
Banned for having hacked items in DaS2? Naah... i got banned for use of the Shotel. People reported me for using a wepon that "breaks" shields. Fun, when people dont know how the game works on release (it got fixed later tho, so no harm done).
UndertaleSkeleBros (6 days ago)
Sorry but you shouldnt be banned for stream sniping Those strwamers are willingly putting themselves out there, and streaming while in a competitive game Not only that you cant prove that those players stream sniped
Mouhd Tahfiz (6 days ago)
Killing an famous streamer then get banned ? Wow someone is a crybaby
layza shark (6 days ago)
I got banned for calling someone a frog
aduritedatboi (6 days ago)
how is flamingo not here?
Isaac behind a ps4 (6 days ago)
I don't play online that much anymore it's to retarded I would rather play my SNES
Filip Adamski (6 days ago)
I got banned on rainbow six siege Xbox version for getting killed by my teammate xD
Eney_2210_ Yt (6 days ago)
You coud be banned in fornite because swinging on a swing, wich is a glichy problem. Epic games baned me for fly hacking!😣
zercues gaming (7 days ago)
I got banned from dark souls because they thought i had infinite health but in reality i 99 vitality and sometimes i do take hits but it does not show me losing health because i have so much health it goes pass the bar
Skonp (7 days ago)
I was banned on the other meme: Minecraft from someone's server all for NOTHING.
Not Too Shabby (7 days ago)
i let my friend play on my Roblox acc once and he got builder club on it (don't ask why) when his mom found out it was unauthorized she deputed it and when Roblox found out I got banned because my idiot friend spent 5 dollars and i got permanently banned
Diva P (7 days ago)
I had two of my Perfect World Int acct banned.As all gamers know its against TOS (terms of service) to sell your acct for real money. Heres the long story short. First of all I live in Texas in the U.S. Im a southern woman, and us southern folk call everyone hon, sweety, darlin, or dear. This doesnt mean were flirting just friendly. Well at the time I was playing with 2 brothers from the UK. Both had girlsfriends but one of the brothers girlfriends hated me so much for the way I talked ( the hon,darlin, sweety and dear). That she sent and email to Perfect World Int saying I had sold my acct to her and she wanted the passwords changed. Mind you theres no way in hell I would have sold my accts to anyone because i had spent way to much time, money and energy on them and shes not even a gammer. Well her saying that put a ban on my accts. It took me 2 months to get my accts back and when i got them I was no longer interested in the game!!!! If ya wanna hear more hit me back up.
Michael Lagor (7 days ago)
'Bout a decade ago, got a 7-day ban from Runes of Magic because their server said I didn't own an item I had received in a Raid before a server crash, despite having witnesses from my guild in the Raid.
Amerikan Templar (7 days ago)
i got banned for saying Yes
Funky Chicken (7 days ago)
Legend Sky Gamer (7 days ago)
Daddy never got banned bois i am a clean fucker
El Poncho (7 days ago)
Was banned on OSRS for getting hacked, basically. They hacked me and proceded to suicide bot with my account, which was then swiftly permanently banned(without a chance to appeal). But after submitting the appeal i got it back in a few days, felt so happy.
woolfkrazee (7 days ago)
I have a friend that got permanently banned from League of Legends for spamming an inappropriate word during a battle. He never got to use that account again and had to start over from scratch with a new name.
Ace (7 days ago)
pubg is awesome but very poorly optimized
SU MO (7 days ago)
cheaters are noobs
Bastian Johansen (7 days ago)
I got banned from CS:GO for holding my space bar to long
I got kicked out on online for a 100 percent game save on GTA V? Sure I downloaded it from the mod site but still....????
VorboteDesKrieg (8 days ago)
Fuck shroud
i was banned from halo form leaveing to many matches
Aaron Kappa (8 days ago)
isnt it widowmaker not black widow lol
AnonymousGAM1NG (8 days ago)
I was permanently banned from Xbox live for beaing able to see an admin in halo 5 lol
A Sexy Paramedic (8 days ago)
It's Widowmaker... Not Black Widow! What a screw up lol
John TGS (8 days ago)
I once signed for a new xbox life acc as a alt,I called it John_TGS,then the next month after creating the acc,which I didn’t open,it said I was banned for “spam” which I didn’t do at all.
Sharkyy (8 days ago)
my friend got banned from xbox live because he was playing badly on overwatch but he had all gold medals and the team wasnt doing anything
Ilidumb (8 days ago)
I've been banned from OW for using Aimbot while using Aimbot. Like wtf Blizzard.
Michael DeMarco (8 days ago)
I once got banned from a server that I have never been on for advertising.
Pie Lover9000 (9 days ago)
What about a person named albertstuff that was banned from one of his accounts and the reason why was “yes”
Joseph Evans (9 days ago)
6:46 Marvel, sue
Magnus Juul (9 days ago)
Runescape anyone?
CharterEyYT (9 days ago)
I got banned from a server On Unturned stealing a car that was left unlocked
Lewisgaming14YT3 :D (9 days ago)
I was banned from COD IW for killing 10 people with the maular :/
Stephen Palmer (9 days ago)
I think this is a rare species of gaming YouTubers that does not do *only* Fortnite...
nosey posey (9 days ago)
i got banned for the name fagglordd43567 i was 11 i didnt even now what this means my brother did it
Gillian Trin (9 days ago)
No but I have baned this industery
FOOPZzzz (9 days ago)
I got banned from fortnite cause i noclipped through a fence by accident
Kitty_Girl1998 ML (10 days ago)
Yeah I got banned vrom CSGO cuz I killed two guys in a smoke with my AWP. Thanks VALVE -.-
RedDragonSlayer (10 days ago)
In rainbox Six siege for saying ni🅱🅱a
Joshua McMillion (10 days ago)
friend of mine recently got banned for using LMFAO.
On this online rpg game, hackers were rife. Most of them were locked in hacker hell though. (This game sorted servers by player levels, soall hackers ended up together and couldn't go to normal servers.) One day, one showed up in the server i was in, and my poor unknowing ass attacked him. Instantly my game froze- after an hour, it loaded to show me on level 9776766e.97. I was so, so confused. Ended up trapped in hacker hell and had to delete my account. Im still pissed about this, i sunk six months of gameplay into that account and instantly had all my fun ruined.
Patrick Star (10 days ago)
Think it was like 18 years ago now, but i once got banned in maplestory for saying something. The last letters of a word and the following 2 letters of the next word made a word similar to shit in italian or something. How the hell am i supposed to check that, got a filter message and 10 seconds later i was banned for 24 hours.
Vierynbryn (11 days ago)
yea, i get poked when i pick widow... right up until i start acing the enemy healers. i ignore it, and do my thing, help the team, then rake in the sweet sweet salt of my enemies
Kansaouri__ __ (11 days ago)
I got banned for saying "kike him" in r6
Lord of All Dino's (11 days ago)
I was banned from a server for a day for hunting and killing someone In “The Isle”. The server says NO KOS that means kill on sight but hey “allo gotta hunt” turns out the guy who reported me was a salty sour looser that doesn’t like to be hunted XD.
Sanjeive Noonoo (11 days ago)
Banned from [Killing4Fun] TDM server in cod 4, because someone's ping was too high and i was sprinting with sniper rifle and while moving, shot the guy in the nuts, because of the moving scope, 1 shot kill (using stopping power perk) and got banned for what the admin calls 'Agressive Lag Kill'
SirCookie Gaming (11 days ago)
Roblox, I got banned for asking for a tool needed to actually *play* the game, I wasn't on any 'watch list' or anything, justa new guy wanting to play. It was idiotic.

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