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What Killed Spyro The Dragon?

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Spyro The Dragon is looking to make his big comeback in 2018, but how did he fall into darkness for so many years? Jake takes a look. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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gameranx (2 months ago)
Hopefully the new Reignited Trilogy does the series justice.
William Van Parys (1 day ago)
gameranx Me too Spyro, rocks!!!
Wizardcor 9 (1 month ago)
gameranx it was made by the people who made skylanders so it's gonna suck 😭
a "what killed X" series of videos would be great here
T K (1 month ago)
I was skeptical at first, but now I am very confident it will
SoraFireSoul (1 month ago)
Spyro orange and Skylanders kill it
Thomas Wilcoxon (4 hours ago)
Honestly I'm just super hyped for anything Spyro related it's been forever since I've been able to play as my favorite purple dragon. My favorite Spyro game though would have to be The Legend Of Spyro Dawn Of The Dragon. I'd play this for hours on end when I had my PS2... just ugggh Spyro made my childhood so great and sparked my interest between the dragons and dinosaurs if it wasn't for Spyro I feel like my whole life would be different.
I loved and still remember playing spyro on the playstation 1. Good old days.
TheWaffenSS Elite (12 hours ago)
2 and 3 and legend of spiyero is my favorite
Rolletroll (22 hours ago)
It's funny to see that the worse his games are the uglier he looks!
Makotokei Satoruko (1 day ago)
The original trilogy was the best, & a hero's tale was decent. The rest of the games weren't of interest to me. The skylander's spyro model looks like a dragon that should've been aborted.
SkyWolfAlpha (1 day ago)
Switching from console to handheld created a division, I think. (Especially for those one-game-system-only households). Then for me, Enter the Dragonfly was the nail in the coffin. That game was just... beyond terrible. It was utterly riddled with bugs and even spelling mistakes. It's like they skipped QA entirely. As much as I tried, I just couldn't finish the game. Between all the crashes, excessive loading times (how poorly optimized was it? Geez...), it was too frustrating to keep playing. Years later, I picked up Hero's Tail, but only after reading reviews first (didn't want to get burned like with Enter the Dragonfly. I traded in my N64 to get that one!). Pretty solid, and it's still fun to come back and play. Same platforming, more variety, better graphics. I was never sure where it was in the timeline, or if it was just kind of... off doing its own thing, or even a reboot attempt. The last one I played was Dawn of the Dragon. It was a gift, and I didn't know much about the game play. First Spyro game I played where I could do what I've wanted to since the very first game - FLY ANY TIME! So that was a huge bonus. Gameplay was disappointing, though. As you said, it focused far more action. The platforming was still there, but it had to share the spotlight with onslaughts of enemies and breath attacks. Fwiw, the ones I've held on to are the original PSX trilogy and Hero's Tail. I still replay them from time to time. Even being 20 years old, it's held up well as far as gameplay (and solid level design, though the first entry was a bit sparse). REALLY looking forward to Reignited. It looks like everything I'd want in a remake: true to the original, but with better graphics.
William Van Parys (1 day ago)
So I'm right that LoS-DotD killed the Spyro series but, it had help from the horrific handhelds as well...
William Van Parys (1 day ago)
LoS-Dawn of the Dragon was terrible because it, used the same unfortunate gameplay element that made Crash Twinsanity, almost unplayable... In Crash Twinsanity, Crash and Cortex, were linked together (handcuffed as I recall) and, had to work together to survive... LoS-DotD, did the same with Spyro and Cynder but, neither game worked worth a shit...
Jarek4GamingDragon (1 day ago)
The Legend of spyro definitely didn't have a quality drop. It was simply a different style of game. Personally, I loved that trilogy way more than the original. I grew up, wasn't a kid any more, I enjoy the more realistic story telling and believable fictional world. Dawn of the dragon was a good point to leave on but I wish we'd get more of that.
Jarek4GamingDragon (1 day ago)
lol, you kidding? Dawn of the dragon did every thing the previous two games did but a ton better and updated the art style to look less childish. It was an improvement in every way.
William Van Parys (1 day ago)
Jarek4GamingDragon I thought Dawn of the Dragon was by far, the worst Spyro game ever!!! A New Beginning was, one of the best Spyro games ever so I, guess it sorta balances out...
Death Noks (1 day ago)
In my personal opinion and agreeing with a few others, Enter the Dragonfly was a step down from the original trilogy. The first three were fluid, fun and engaging. Enter the Dragonfly was short, clunky and the story was flat. There were no skill points or extras that Year of the Dragon had an abundance of. So I think Enter the Dragonfly just didn't have the same impact the first three does. A Hero's Tail just felt too animated, almost 2D compared to the original Trilogy by Insomniac. Then we move on to the Legend series. They were , in my opinion, a horrible attempt to revive or bring more life to Spyro, but in the end, for me, they felt short and exaggerated. I hated the combat system. It's Spyro, not Kratos. It would be like Crash get nun-chucks and drop kicking enemies. Basically, the first three followed the same fluid pattern and although a little repetitive, Ripto's Rage/Gateway to Glimmer and Year of the Dragon had enough extras and bits added to keep fans happy. So many games fall into this same cycle. Always keep the original formula that made the game great and just add more to the formula. Completely change the formula and you end up with a dodgy concoction. I am looking forward to the Reignited Trilogy though. Same formula, just added to :-)
Phantom Anna (1 day ago)
Please do an analysis on Acrivision's Prototype game because i LOVED Alex but the sequal was just shit :[
Phantom Anna (1 day ago)
Screw Skylanders, and EtD was so bad it freaked me out just playing it!
DEVIN SCHWARZ (2 days ago)
Spyro was the first game that I ever OWNED. My dad had an SNES and we had like 3 games for it that he didnt play too often but then when we finally got a ps1 I begged him for the purple dragon game. He eventually gave in and promptly lost all usage rights to the ps1 as I would use it non stop for months trying to beat Spyro (I was terrible). Spyro will always hold a very dear place in my heart for starting me on the path of becoming a gamer.
Leo Maxwell (2 days ago)
skylanders was the nail in the coffin
Elite GamingWolf (2 days ago)
god is coming back
thedarknesscallingme (2 days ago)
Loved Spryo back in the day, never completed the first game and didnt play the second one but boy did i play the shit out of year of the dragon almost to the point where the game was worn out.
PlayerZERO Gaming (3 days ago)
my favorite one is a heros tail, especially in 4k on my pc :D. only thing i want from them is a heros tail pc release. native 4k, better graphics and effects, NO GMAEPLAY CHANGES, and of course 16:9 instead of 4:3
Serenity Monroe (3 days ago)
The first three games and a hero's tale are the only spyro games I've liked from the series
Ryan Gilbert (3 days ago)
I actually loved The Legend of Spyro.
Jatator (4 days ago)
Spyro 1-3 are still and will always be my favorite game.
William Van Parys (1 day ago)
Jatator Those were/are amazing games but, you forgot Enter the Dragonfly and, Legend of Spyro A New Beginning!!!
Mickey 1 (3 days ago)
Jatator last time when i played this game im was 7-8 years old.Now i download ePSXe (ps1 simulator) and play year of dragon.Nostalgility
RPG lover9 (4 days ago)
I really enjoyed the The Legend of Spyro trilogy. Cynder was nice. Although I think they failed by releasing it for too many consoles.
tomek matoga (6 days ago)
I need more Spyro games
Legato Leone (6 days ago)
Started working on a spyro game that followed a darker take maybe more bloody but grew apart from the idea so they make Skylanders? A game that has a bunch of different characyer
GameWithMisterMaor (6 days ago)
shadowdragon992001 (7 days ago)
not even gonna watch this video. he never died, Spyro lived on, and the reignited trilogy proves it.
LANCER X (9 days ago)
Maybe they can do a whole new Skylanders origins game... Witch tells how the world of Skylands was made... And showing SPYRO being reincarnated and being a new Skylander for the first time... That's basically it
Austin Cooney (9 days ago)
I think they should finish it after the last one they ended it on a cliff hanger after u beat the last boss we also never seen if they left that place or if him and cinder stuck together after it I think they should bring it back like they brought god of war back
Solappa (9 days ago)
the problem is that skylander has taken the world of spyro, using him has a tool to attract people from autside, then they made his part of the skylanders and became a secondary character with some scripted lines, you could play the whole game without even using him, wtf. Skylanders is not even bad, it's actually pretty nice, however using him as an promotional campaing was an orrible move. I would have fucking loved a game with more ""mature"" content, since the community is more older, the last ones were pretty nice, they were also going to make a movie before it was bought. that's also why i'm so unhappy
SlickEvader (10 days ago)
I believe they should make a remaster of the original Spyro and keep making more with the exact same mechanism with different story plots, I would love to see my childhood be brought back to life. Drawback is since it was played on PS1 and 2 I would need buy me a ps4.
Oliver Oliveric (10 days ago)
There was also supposed to be a Legend of Spyro movie but it was canceled http://spyro.wikia.com/wiki/The_Legend_of_Spyro_3D
Hayley Shannon (10 days ago)
Spyro never died. **cough cough skylanders**
Its a shame that the Spyro triology isn't coming to pc as well. Pc ports and games live longer and make the product more obtainable after some time so it doesen't die. And with todays controller support its stupid not to make a pc release. Okami and Jade empire got new life on the pc and will live on for a long time because of it.
Csaba Kiss (11 days ago)
MY favorite Spyro game is The Legend of Spyro The Eternal Night
Christina Frye (11 days ago)
What killed Spyro? SKYLANDERS
Elizabeth Dufour (12 days ago)
I just want the original gameplay and look of the first three games, but new worlds and plots. I don’t want modern design at all, it takes away from the OG feel.
Phoenix Dragon115 (12 days ago)
Spyro was never dead, just missing in action.
Titan Slayer (13 days ago)
I got Skylanders: Spyro's adventure in christmas 2011. Or was it 2010. Whatever... i got Giants and Swap force then i stopped playing Skylanders. Three good games was enough. But then they revealed Spyro Reignited Trilogy, i'm gonna buy it!
Fuhito (13 days ago)
Spyro the year of the dragon The third one.. i love it
Luke Dawson (13 days ago)
It because of stupid skylanders
Casey wasey (14 days ago)
And then we got spyro rekindled, and the child in me got excited. Also can Capcom NOT make the new megaman game 3d? I love the sprite animation
Joe Higgins (14 days ago)
Honestly for me I really enjoyed A Heros Tail and the Legand Trilogy, they both did well with alot of fans.
Brian Ayala (15 days ago)
I just hope spyro and sparx are gonna be in reignited trilogy when sharon and alessa two normal little girls from the movie silent hill (2006) are gonna meet them.😇
Mister Lizard (15 days ago)
Goddamnit, why you gotta show off that Spyro movie poster at the end of the video? I was actually pretty excited for that one.
Marcus Batalla (15 days ago)
It’s coming back
Samrux (16 days ago)
Enter the Dragonfly, while being a PS2 game, managed to look much much worse than the PS1 trilogy. It's ridiculously sad
Alohaa Jaay (16 days ago)
I’m planning on playing the new remastered Spyro! I actually honestly loved Spyro: Year Of The Dragon ❤️ it was amazing! I live for old childhood memories!
Monoace (16 days ago)
I loved the last 3 games. He grew up and that captured me, Spyro grew up like I have and he matured. The ending killed me though.
Mr. Sannhetsverd (16 days ago)
Resurrected, not dead.
Nathan Keogh (16 days ago)
Spyro 3 YOTD <3
Saffron Elmslie (17 days ago)
They should make a new Spyro game, a bigger world with more stuff to do and you’re not tethered to Cynder and get David spade back as Sparx, but it should be the last one but I think if they announced it as the last solo spyro game not sky landers it would have more sales possibly and I love spyro
Mr. Slaking (18 days ago)
the first one is better than the others
xXKierra BinghamXx (18 days ago)
Legend was the best in my opinion. Skylanders killed spyro.
RubyDarknessAngel (18 days ago)
Favorite was Dawn if the Dragon. Would love a darker game in the series. Perhaps with a few moral choices like Infamous
PersonGuy3000 (18 days ago)
The third game of the original 3 was my favorite, but all the PS1 games were great. I also didn't mind the GBA games but definitely preferred the originals. Every other spyro game ive tried was terrible. I'm looking forward to the reignited trilogy
William Van Parys (1 day ago)
PersonGuy3000 I haven't played any of the gba games but I, can vouch for Enter the Dragonfly (utterly fantastic), LoS-a New Beginning (also fantastic), LoS-Eternal Night (very good) and last but not least, LoS-Dawn of the Dragon (one of the worst pieces of shit in gaming!!!)
Firephox (19 days ago)
*Okay listen* Spyro was an amazing game when the first 3 came out. It was all anyone talked about. Both kids and adults played it. I DID NOT enjoy the handheld versions, I felt like they were lazy cash grabs at the die hard Spyro fans. They were poorly made, and were basically downgraded copies of the first 3 PS1 games. However, when they moved on to the A New Beginning series, it was a fresh start, a literal New Beginning. The graphics were so much better, as well as the gameplay and story. It was supposed to be a "Dark and Gritty" take on the original plot. It was a lot more serious, and had pretty freaking cool cut scenes. They introduced us to Cinder, a badass female dragon, and potential real love interest instead of that pink bubbly dragon from the PS1 games. Cinder was another legendary purple dragon. Every thousand years a powerful purple dragon is born with the ability to utilize all elements, and at this time, there was two purple dragons born at the same time. The enemy heard about this, and sent his army to bring him the purple dragon egg so he could raise it for evil, and smash all the others before they could hatch. One of the elders saved one of the purple eggs and sent it down the river where it was rescued by a colony of fireflies. This could have been their gold mine if they had marketed it right for fucks sakes. They even got Elijah Wood, fucking Frodo, Gary Oldman, David Spade, Cree Summers, and several other well known actors to voice the characters. Even still, if I had to choose a favorite Spyro game, I would say Year of the Dragon. Eternal Night was decent, it was a continuation to the story, but the game play pretty much stayed the same. However, with Dawn of the Dragon, it was COMPLETELY new. Spyro could actually FLY, not just in the minigames, and he was much older than what you see in the previous games. The Xbox 360 version was an incredible game for the time, it wasn't perfect and had several gamebreaking bugs, but they really failed with the Wii port. You could not play it for how buggy it was, and you had to be careful not to play for too long because the Wii would overheat trying to process the game play. I played the Wii version for 15 minutes and it crashed when I tried to open a chest. I was flying over water and I fell under the map. It was too rushed and they didn't bother to debug it. This turned down fans a lot because at the time we all wanted to play on the Wii, not the Xbox. We were still recovering from the death of the Gamecube. I really loved Dawn of the Dragon because of the intense game play instead of the laid back romping around we were used to in the originals. In DOTD you had to master all the elements, and it was CO-OP!! Cinder had fucking amazing and morbid related elements. She could literally become shadow, spit acid, and scream like a siren. After Dawn of the Dragon, they left us waiting for their next installment, and they went wrong by taking too long. We were waiting for another intense, awesome installment, or even another laid back, level by level like the originals, but instead they give us Skylanders? They gave us little toys that cost $15 a single figure. They completely redrew Spyro into a midget goblin faced dragon, and they made the game about the land of Skylanders in the sky, when Spyro's story was about the land of Dragons. (Don't even get me started on the spin off netflix original show). It appealed only to kids, and it was basically two genres that clashed and they tried to play it off as "Choose your favorite character!" when it was just a cash grab for kids because the company knows that kids love interactive toys. The adults who grew up playing the original Spyros were a little put down by the fact that Spyro had become a baby's toy in a completely different game series that made him seem like a cameo character instead of the main focus. The sequels to the Skylanders games actually made less money than the company put into making them. That's how shit they were. I just hope they really do something amazing in the future to revive one of the best characters of all time.
Angel KO (19 days ago)
Kas Kraze (19 days ago)
My favorite Spyro game was dawn of the dragon, and I wish they would continue it but idk. I like that they’re bringing back the original three because that’s what I grew up on I hope to see many great things come for Spyro and even hopefully Cynder
Gary Lennon (20 days ago)
The first three were so good then it went down hill...for me anyway.
Matt van den bergh (21 days ago)
The remaster is coming and it's alive again! Although i never played it.
David Black (21 days ago)
I love the original trilogy, enjoyed the hell out of a heroes tail, and liked the legend of spyro. I think spyro was killed by what eventually kills everything; corporate greed. Enter the dragonfly was the worst, but anybody can see that it had potential. It had the makings of a good game, but was really hurt by the rushed time table the developers were given by the company.
Topias Kalapudas (21 days ago)
we should be asking what *reignited* Spyro the Dragon
Dan Mulhern (21 days ago)
Nothing did.
Dmytro Shvets (21 days ago)
what killed spyro? pf, nothing.
Mr Uggo (21 days ago)
I adored the whole legends series and would kill for more of those. However I'm pumped for the new spyro since I haven't played the originals in years
Bathing Ape93 (21 days ago)
what's the backround music? pewdiepie's youtube whore?
HNTR (22 days ago)
The answer is simple: Skylanders did by using Spyro's name to sell the game
ME 0020 (22 days ago)
i loved spyro a new beginning it was awesome
Gavin Cleland (22 days ago)
Sky landers. In case you didn’t want to actually watch the whole video
Tony (22 days ago)
dudes as you get older you should stop playing games that were designed for your 10 year old self. I just find it weird. I don't really care about nostalgia.
Nikolai Rose (23 days ago)
what killed spyro well better games to play almost all of em are the exact same thing nothing new
Nikolai Rose (23 days ago)
if they brought pyro back with some new skills and stuff that would be great and i wont have to send my lil brother outta the room when i turn the system on
William Van Parys (23 days ago)
Legend of Spyro-Dawn of the Dragon, killed that series...
William Van Parys (23 days ago)
I'm looking forward to more Spyro games... I also happen to be a fan of Skylanders and I'm, in my late 40's!!!
Baron Dragonborn (23 days ago)
I would love having the TLOS trilogy remastered too while their at it, so they can see which type to go with if/when they reboot the entire series.
Averie Hayes (24 days ago)
Did you know that there is a show called Skylanders academy and I’m excited for season three of Skylanders academy,Spyro is in it !!!!!!!
Averie Hayes (24 days ago)
J.C TV (25 days ago)
Since the era of single player games are essentially dying we need to some how crowd fund or convince some engine developers to revamp this gem.
Night Owl Gaming (26 days ago)
I know what killed Spyro the Dragon. I killed him; ran him over with my truck.
minnesotamontage122 (26 days ago)
My favorite Spyro is Year of the Dragon. An awesome ending to an amazing trilogy. However, Spyro died because of exactly what Gameranx said, a loss of interest in the genre. No one really cared about Platformers besides Mario, and even Mario dived in to sports games and Paper RPGs. Platfromers are slowly making a return with Ori, Yooka, and Donkey Kong Country, but no one has really hit the big audience that Battle Royal games are capitalizing on. People still love Platformers, Rayman Legends proves that, but they are not the main dish like when Sonic, Megaman, Banjo, Mario, Conker, and Spyro were in the lime light.
Aisu Tistoto (27 days ago)
I love the original three, and the legend of spyro trilogy. i am not a fan of skylanders at all, but i'm looking forward to the reignited trilogy, and hope it moves on from there with more games.
Player Normal (28 days ago)
Spyro is definitely what makes me feel nostagic. I love to see the spyro finally resurrect in its own game. However,instead of the remastered version of spyro's games,I prefer a whole new chapter of Spyro's story What will happen after Spyro saved the world after Malevor had destroyed it?What will Spyro,Cynder,the new Chronicler(Ignitus),the rest of the Guardians(Cyril,Volteer and Terrador) do? What will happen to the world? The cliffhanger has already existed for 10 years and has been making all fans hungering for 10 years. I hope that I can play spyro in a new series/story/world within the rest of my life
SnakeEater866 (28 days ago)
My favorite Spyro game that is not made by Insomniac(Because The Insomniac trilogy is without a doubt the best and nothing will ever beat it) is A Hero's Tail. I really liked how much it took inspiration from the first Jak and Daxter game with its landscapes, like the the 2nd Homeworld, the underwater city level, the volcano level etc. They had great additions like the pole jumping(*cough* Jak and Daxter *cough*) the wing shield, double jump, and expanding on the breath abilities. The music was really well done but not as good as Stewart Copeland's music from the Insomniac Trilogy. It was a decent game but with great potential. I feel like in the hands of the right developers, A Hero's Tail could have surpassed the Insomniac Trilogy, after all it was taking inspiration from one of the best 3D platformers EVER made, Jak and Daxter The Precursor Legacy. But the game had too many issues, the voice acting was bad, I didn't like hearing Spyro with Wakko's voice as much as I love Animaniacs. I didn't like that every homeworld just had to have a generic and difficult rail shooter mini game. the boss fights were poorly done except for Red(the first time). I didn't like the mini games where you roll on a ball. I didn't like any of the playable characters except for Hunter, who could've used more levels, but it was still amazing playing as Hunter. Sgt Byrd was okay I was disappointed that it was brought down to just speedway levels basically, Blink was terrible, I liked the idea for his gameplay but the execution wasn't done well. I hated playing as Sparx. Maybe if it were just Spyro and Hunter as playable characters this game would've been 10x better. Its a decent game with great potential, I think its by far the best one that came after the trilogy. As for my favorite Spyro game, I have to go with the bandwagon and say Year of the Dragon. My comment is long enough as it is, so I won't give a review on that one, I'm sure most people here agree with me anyways.
I LOVE the Legend of Spyro games and Dawn of the Dragon is my all time favorite game period. Im honestly hoping that the reignited games pave the way for a Legend of Spyro 4, 5 and so on!
Savir Eon (29 days ago)
I still have my ps1 and year of the dragon. I’m so happy that they’re remastering the 3 original games.
fadedtwilght (29 days ago)
Skylanders is a monstrosity
markthegamer (1 month ago)
I've played a Herod tail a new beginning and eternal night which are great games
mollru the wolf (1 month ago)
I loved dawn of the Dragon
First Last (1 month ago)
Nothing says broad appeal like s antagonist that doesn't even remotely look anything like him
K-9 2215 (1 month ago)
Year of the dragon was my favourite, year of the dragon and dawn of the dragon (i never get emotional over any game but dawn of the dragon were spyro had to sacrifice himself to save those he loved and cared about, cynder saying "i love you" aswell? 😭😭 gets me everytime)
FoxyRockerGamer (1 month ago)
I had most of the Spyro games mentioned in this video, but my favourite was A Hero's Tail. I liked that it had better graphics, but still kept the original Spyro feel. I hated A New Beginning because it felt really dark and even though I do like dark games it's just not what Spyro is about for me. Spyro should be bright and colourful while still being a bit cheesy and childish that's what makes it fun. 😊
KAT (1 month ago)
What killed spyro ? Enter the dragonfly did...
Jeffrey de Graaf (1 month ago)
i love spyroo <3 a hero;s tail is my nr 1. i really hope that spyro return
Isa Droce (1 month ago)
Spyro 2 riptos rage is the best game
William Van Parys (1 day ago)
Isa Droce Second best to only the original game... An amazing game nonetheless!!!
Renatus Reborn (1 month ago)
I would personally want to see an adult version of Spyro, not a darker game though. The thing I really liked about the rebooted trilogy (a new beginning, eternal night, and the dawn of the dragon) was its story. I love story-heavy games with fighting and fast-paced action, but I also like exploring and collecting things to complete challenges, like in the original trilogy. So, I think it would be beneficial for them to combine the two gameplays. Something else they could do for an original game could be having a new generation of dragons as the main protagonists? So, not Spyro, but maybe Spyro's kids? This would give them a new character, or characters, to work with.
MicrowaveBurger (1 month ago)
Lack of games to the newer consoles
Pansy Parkinson (1 month ago)
My favourtie was Spyro 2 Gateway to Glimmer
YoungFox 21 (1 month ago)
Re.: Some deep hole on the ground
BrokenYamato (1 month ago)
The same thing that for a few years killed every genre other than fps: fps. Case closed.
John Ito (1 month ago)
I loved Spyro Enter The Dragonfly
gtfo john (1 month ago)
been waiting for a new spyro for 14 years a darker theme would be perfect for the people that grew up with spyro and are adults now like me
InSpyre (1 month ago)
I miss those games

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