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G433 and G233- Introducing a Different Breed of Gaming Headsets

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Logitech G433 7.1 surround and stereo G233 Prodigy gaming headsets are true game changers that sound superb and look fantastic in any environment. Learn more at LogitechG.com/G433 or LogitechG.com/G233 " When you want to push the boundaries of play, Play Advanced with Logitech G. http://www.LogitechG.com http://www.twitter.com/logitechg http://www.facebook.com/logitechg http://www.instagram.com/Logitech_G
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Text Comments (65)
Larisa Ghoul (24 days ago)
Playstation grenade!!!!!
Rashid Khan (1 month ago)
What should I buy this one or hyper x cloud stinger
XCRAFT9 cz (4 months ago)
Has G233 7.1 Surround sound ??
Ruslan Pulatov (18 days ago)
Compatible with ps4
FWB BULGARIA (2 months ago)
the best one and only brito squad yes they are
Are they compatible with ps4
Jesse Femenia (5 months ago)
- y . dub - (5 months ago)
mule Envy Both of them are wired.
Baptiste Roussel (5 months ago)
Thank you Logitech G but i have a problem... Just say that the microphone is okay isn't enough !
Fuck U (6 months ago)
can we wash g233 earcup
- y . dub - (5 months ago)
Fuck U Yes, they can be detached to wash them.
Yubian Asfar Huda (8 months ago)
I love Logitech G peripherals, but this one is sucks. It's so painful when u use it for a long time gaming, and the mic kinda sux. Prefer Corsair HS50 or HyperX Cloud Core I if u search for some alternative. #HonesOpinion #WinWithScience
Sad Whisky (9 months ago)
And btw what's with the gay music?
Sad Whisky (9 months ago)
Bull s...
Danial Haziq (9 months ago)
Where can i find replaceable ear cup for the g433(microfiber). I lost one of them.
Technical GamingTR (10 months ago)
So basicly logitech wanted to make some gear for mobile and console gamers and make theese gears useable on the go. I think it is a nice touch. I dont think the "pro's" are going to want it so much but it is definetly good to have for mobile usage.
Jerriel Jann (11 months ago)
George L (11 months ago)
g433 surround isnt that good
Dan (1 year ago)
G233 Prodigy would be perfect for me to upgrade and then replace G230 which I care about decent stereo sound quality.
nia Roma (1 year ago)
please can you help me , i had g433 headset , now i am changing them with this model i would like to know if this have 7.1 surround adaptor for dtx and the rest of surround options
Jim Swenson (1 year ago)
What video game clips are being displayed? Is that League of Legends???
Jim Swenson (1 year ago)
Many thanks--I'll look into getting Overwatch!
Alfando Yogatama (1 year ago)
Jim Swenson it's Overwatch
Boneknock Grit (1 year ago)
i heard its cloth is not comfort to wear plus g433 is some kind of head squeezer.
Yubian Asfar Huda (8 months ago)
g430 or g433 pls welp
Typical Noob tnx man
Alfando Yogatama (1 year ago)
Krizen Fhiel Jubane Estrada g433 is definitely a big upgrade.
Kipsta (1 year ago)
Would these work with the 360?
Logitech G (1 year ago)
Hi Gabriel, they are not compatible with 360, but are compatible with Xbox One.
TheRussianBear (1 year ago)
HyperX Cloud II or Logitech G433 for games like CSGO and Player Unknown battle grounds?
Sad Whisky (9 months ago)
Audio technica ath m40x's with good pads...
renos harizonas (1 year ago)
Depends on you.I find G433 more comfortable and lightweight and I prefer it.But HyperX cloud II is a Great headset with REALLY good sound.
Kexin (1 year ago)
DTS surround sound SUCKS. My G933 Dobby Digital is a lot better but unfortunately, it doesn't turn on anymore. Never again Logitech...
itsFODDER (1 year ago)
Mikey Hope (1 year ago)
Same cheap build and shitty mic quality as usual for logitech
- y . dub - (5 months ago)
Mikey Hope Actually, the mic is fairly good.
Goran Pavlović (7 months ago)
Mikey Hope no they are good watch some review you fucking idiot
Jimba (1 year ago)
That's why you buy their mice.
IraqiCreeper (1 year ago)
is this Headset Comfortable?if is it i will take it :)
Alfando Yogatama (1 year ago)
IraqiCreeper it is
CHIZZ'd (1 year ago)
After wearing this headset your ears will be raw...
Primescape 16 (1 year ago)
G233 seems better for long term use, but i dot think ill enjoy the cloth pads and headrest
Zac Lee (1 year ago)
Man.. leave surround sound to speakers- it never sounds good in cups
Raymond Hernandez (3 months ago)
Facts. And you would think it be the other way around.
iiSigh (7 months ago)
Zac Lee horrible when playing games like Ark when it tries to pick up footsteps
My toxic babes (1 year ago)
can you configure the leds on the gaming ones
MaxwwNz (1 year ago)
I still prefer the g533 👌🏼
Dan (1 year ago)
7.1 (Surround Sound) = Volume Position Mix gets weaker 2.1 (Stereo) = More powerful volume position mix which obviously sounds better than surround sound.
DrHawthorn (10 months ago)
Dan L is the g233 stereo?
ISADA TK (1 year ago)
I Need 7.1 on G233 design so many people love logitech G becuz blue&black classic colour :D
SN NF (1 year ago)
I know you might be more interested on the newer features of the 33 series, but the G430 offer the scheme you want, with the 7.1 surround, and they're selling for $40 on their website (as of posting this). If you do buy them though, DO NOT install the firmware update.
Niyog RV (1 year ago)
send one over please
Dag Vestrheim (1 year ago)
4 likes and ill die
lowborn hooman (4 months ago)
iiSigh (6 months ago)
Gotta die 40 times boy
4.526.433 views (8 months ago)
jknudsen99 (1 year ago)
Why does Logitech insist on using these fabric ear cups? Sure, I've never disliked them but they are far from being the most comfortable that I've ever used. I'm sure many people will be turned off from this bizarre choice of materials. Even though you can still change out the earcups, you still have the fabric mesh on the headband that will be disliked by many. Please, Logitech, offer standard leather or micro-fiber options for the headset at purchase. It'll attract more people to your headsets.
Ahmad Halim (4 months ago)
I actually prefer fabric
Tech stuff (5 months ago)
this type of material for earcups is the best for people who live in warmer climates. I live in the Philippines and consider buying this.
LoFi (1 year ago)
+Giovani yet I've been through two pairs of the G933s and the fabric head cushion has come apart both times in the SAME spot. Yet with my man o wars I have no problems at all yet. Rather deal with leather that will make me sweat than fabric materials that will fall apart easily.
Giovani Setiono (1 year ago)
my kraken leather earcup peels off over time and my ears become sweaty in a long period of gaming, that's why I switch to logitech headset even though it's less comfortable
bowman2233 (1 year ago)
yea i prefer leather ear cups too..i dont really like my g430 cloth feeling
slimay (1 year ago)

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