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MMO That Were Love At First Sight

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MY STREAM! https://www.twitch.tv/skylent DISCORD! https://discord.gg/jx7cYPW SUPPORT! https://www.patreon.com/skylent SUB HUMBLE BUNDLE & SUPPORT ME! https://goo.gl/q95Vt9 Top 5 "Most Impressive MMO" MMO Reviews | By Skylent 2018 These were the MMMORPG and general MMO that impressed me the most upon first playing them and might give you a similar experience if you try today but unsure. I hope that these games can still leave a mark. The wonder of MMO comes from discovery, and if you haven't given these games a shot I highly suggest that you open your eyes and do so. Check some of my other videos!!! TOP TEN UPCOMING PIXEL ART GAMES 2017 - 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Ncf5St5IXY&t=347s TOP TEN NEW BATTLE ROYALE GAMES https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utN9XOc5u1Y TOP TEN "FREE TO PLAY COOP GAMES" BEST FREE GAMES https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZdDNzfFAHfU TOP TEN "LOCAL COOP GAMES" ON PC - SHARED SCREEN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEusYOlmT3o TOP TEN "PARTY GAMES" ON PC! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eX8T3iHHyfM TOP TEN UNIQUE MMO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6RyOEYAdqmw Patreons! TheFunkyNipple Dario Reyes Bluewulf Nostromo Matas DJ Boss Sjaak Justin NerroLT Ciclopenteno THANK YOU! HARDWARE PC: Graphics = GTX 970, CPU = CORE i7 3.6ghz CONSOLE :PS4, Nintendo Switch, Nvidia Shield
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Text Comments (186)
Skylent Games (3 months ago)
Hey guys I'm having a screenshot content in my discord! DISCORD! https://discord.gg/jx7cYPW Winners get game keys! Yes, they are curated and good games! Show me your best "Action" "Wallpaper" and "Portrait" screenshots! You can submit as much as you would like just post in #yourstuffs of the discord. Have fun the contest ends at the end of the month!
Inhale the Toxin (2 months ago)
Skylent Games Good to see I'm not the only one who thought Trove was magical at the start from beta but then progessively turned to shit
ChaoticLegion01 (3 months ago)
Whats your opinion on Neverwinter for console now Sky?
Kim Male (3 months ago)
@Skylent Games Did you try warframe?
Soru7 (1 month ago)
gw2 has become one of the worst mmorpgs ever, due to anet sinking so low and getting so greedy like blizzard and allow any kind of cheating scum to play and not punish them in any way whatsoever. no matter if hundreds of players report them and even send evidence. pvp and wvw is full of that trash and they dont even hide the fact, that there hackers and openly use it very obviously like speed, porthacks etc, while there are many other players around, knowing that nothing will ever happen to them anyway. adding to that, no service whatsoever anymore, takes up to a few months until someone replies to your reports, no matter what kind of reports. and also pay2win, you can buy gems and with gems you get gold and with gold you can buy the best gear ingame...
ウルゲイ (1 month ago)
Whats the game in 13:40
TheRagingMan (2 months ago)
I really tried enjoying Gw2 but it just feels souless to me for some reason, any tips on how should i approach it?
Skylent Games (2 months ago)
Play during seasonal events, those where why I played.
Andrei Moraru (2 months ago)
what is with people nowadays...they want every quest to be "kill 2 mobs"...remember the beginnings of WoW (or even Rune Scape)..."get 2 pieces of xxxx" but you would actually walk 10 minutes until where that mob was spawning, then spend 15 more minutes to killing that mob for the smallest change of getting that actual item from it and no one was complaining...and we didn't see the nice graphics that we have today... now, I'm not talking only about BDO but heck I started with 9dragons where literally the only quests that everyone was doing were the Clan quests for the Class then it was a road to level 220 all full of grinding with and exp rate of 0.0001/mob - 0.0005 on events (no aoe skills btw)
Dali xD (2 months ago)
Is black dessert online worth getting into without spending more money other than the game itself or do I have to buy packs every month?
Dali xD (2 months ago)
You gave my comment a Heart but what does that mean? Yes? Or you just liked the question?
T Rev (2 months ago)
My ultimate MMO experience was with Age of Wushu. Love the combat, crafting, farming, setting, even the progression. There was always something meaningful you could be doing. The PVP focus of the game was initially a bit jarring, but even that can be a ton of fun and even adds variety in instances when other players were summoned is as assassin. The pay to win though is one of the worst in any MMO I've played. Even that wasn't what it for me though. It was the absolute reliance on ping in combat. Those around the world paying for battle ping just roll those using standard high speed internet. It was sad to leave.
spompofleks (2 months ago)
Lineage 2 baby... waaaay back in 200x's :D
BeMooL (2 months ago)
Arćheage, wow, runescape gotta be on list :P. Now i can watch vid. No first sight love for archeage followed by immerse hate? That's new :P.
akhs denlew (2 months ago)
+Skylent Games yea it was cool for the first 1-2 months, then it was terrible and there was no way u could keep up with the p2w dudes. And now its dead
Skylent Games (2 months ago)
Archeage starts as an awkward theme park that then balloons out into a sandpark. Early combat is a bit clunky too but overall Id say it really only just missed the list. It was a pretty cool game
Saver R I S E (2 months ago)
Guild Wars 2 = <3
Kixolisjous (2 months ago)
If BDO only had a good quest system, dungeons and raids, and better gear progression, it would be the perfect MMORPG.
Pandah Sykes (2 months ago)
Mortal Online was an mmo that I got hooked on instantly - but it’s got sooo many glaring balance issues that the devs seem to never fix , also the security is shit as passionately salty ex-players are always ddosing the server. One server , skill based first person combat set in a fantasy medieval world with lots of cool spells and summoning, open world with full loot , no tab targeting and no simple quests , but a deep crafting /alchemy system plus taming , riding many mounts plus mount armor that can be colored , massive battles and sieges ,
мidиigнт (2 months ago)
Dragon nest ,the game wanted me to try more mmo ish game and since i was addicted
半蔵Hanzō (3 months ago)
bro try Rohan Play With Sea this is best mmorpg i have everplayed ^^
Visor Overwatch (3 months ago)
BDO = Korean Cash Grab.  If you like being disappointed and wasting your precious gaming time, start playing BDO.
Visor Overwatch (3 months ago)
BDO is a great looking game that's designed to ensnare new players with graphics and combat, till they get hooked into it, before realizing how pointless that game really is.  Unless you have hundreds of thousands of dollars and RL hours to waste, don't bother with BDO.   5hours or less a day is not enough for competitive BDO.    Do yourself a favor, stay away from BDO.
Jihoon Huh (3 months ago)
Bdo is good when you are getting to know the game. However, because of its endless grinding and terrible luck based system the game has, you could literally be wasting time only to find that you gained negative progress. I got several characters to 58 and one to 59, enhanced many gears, but i lost my motivation after how much time ive wasted just to get even weaker than before.
Mr. dopeguy (3 months ago)
u forgot warframe
Brigadier Jones (3 months ago)
Albion online is well worth playing now i can't get enough.
Tindra (3 months ago)
Why is it that you never show any new content from GW2? You always show the videos from the first years which i mean they were great back then but GW2 have so much more content and so much better looking over 5 years later and yet in every video when you bring up GW2 it is the same clips. Come and join us and make new clips for your videos of how the game is today would love for that to happen =)
Tindra (3 months ago)
I understand that you got mad for a copyright strike but a lot have happened with the game and i think you find them to be more opened towards streamers. I appreciate you making the effort and jumping in again and i hope you enjoy the expansions as much as the rest of us. It really change the game to the better =)
Skylent Games (3 months ago)
I did. But also I stopped playing gw2 after they cooyright strikwd a video of mine talking about their new expansion and no one gave a f#$%. Im jumping back in now though.
Mike The Gamer (3 months ago)
very grindy is an understatement for Black Desert.
Luke Young (3 months ago)
I just don't get how FFXIV isn't on here at all. Yes, it's a sub. You get great connection to servers, a dungeon finder that works really, really well. An active player base. The grind is not horrid, but there enough for people who want better gear. It isn't my favorite MMO of all time, but it really is an excellent game for many to try out. Couple in that you can play every class on one character without having to re-grind the story and everything else... ESO is not on here? Or did I miss that somehow? If that is true as well, that's hard to understand. I don't understand people's love of BDO... it has no depth... it's pretty graphics and arcade combat that--like all arcade combat--grows old quickly and becomes stale. It is what FFXIV does not do well: beautiful realistic world, actual stories overland and all voice acted, tons of content to sift through, lots of stuff to do, and interesting pvp world... it just suffers from intense lag and a crappy end game mechanic (champion point system) which is a double edged sword.
Christian Stober (3 months ago)
Elder Scrolls online killed WoW for me. I was playing since vanilla. ESO is such an underrated game and now it's finally getting the credit it deserves, I think they're up to 11mil players now.
Zehao (3 months ago)
I regret getting founder for Albion. Went in play 1 day and never went back. It's so much boring grind. All you do is grind for better verison of your gear and grind. No sense of progression at all once you pick a class.
baya hssin (3 months ago)
the game work in EW yes or no ??
baya hssin (3 months ago)
that mean yes ??
Teng Fung (3 months ago)
no love for Archeage?
baya hssin (3 months ago)
black deserts work in EU west??
TrueDPS (3 months ago)
BDO: Great graphics Great combat Good life skills Shit everything else
Soru7 (1 month ago)
great graphics, thats it...even combat is shit...
gerald (1 month ago)
you forgot the shit marketplace where you spend hours just for an item to get queue'd and boom its RNG if the item is actually going to be sold to you. pre order adds more cancer to the shit coz it gets prioritized compared to the person who is actually waiting. oh another salt to the wound issue is the hyperinflation vs supply of items, even if you have millions of silvers (what the game pushes you to have. gullible fantards like to see high amounts of money) but the supply of items is freaking low your silver is useless coz u cant even buy the stuff that you need.
Louder enet (2 months ago)
SoWutBruh 2 facts, that game is no dead becouse u don't enjoy it and 50$ for pets and weight is no problem. Game cost 10euro and after 10e u could do evrything, other games costs 50/60$ befor u fan play it
SoWutBruh (2 months ago)
the fact that its the best sandbox mmorpg talks a lot about mmorpg genre itself and how dead it is. bdo lacks 3 important features of every mmorpg group pve content troughout the whole game (aka , dungeons) , Equalized pvp and non equalized-ranked pvp (both small scale and large scale (3v3, 15v15)) only thing there is to do in bdo is to actually is to mindlessly grind mobs hours upon hours every day. and im sorry, bdo is p2w liked it or not. the fact that you NEED to buy at least 50$ worth of pets just to be able to grind properly is literally absurd, and dont even get me started on other p2w shit like inventory spaces, inventory weight (like, what kind of greed is that.. like.. PICK ONE OF THOSE.. what fking game has both space and weight)...ghillie suit, lodging, selling costumes on market for silver...
Louder enet (2 months ago)
Vornok l'Ankou if u don't have to play bdo. And yea i love open pvp world where i can kill evryone in spot and have some progress afk Edit: in fact bdo is the best MMO RPG Sandbox atm and u don't know that game if life skills for you means fishing (there are 9other things to do)
Nova_Dynamix (3 months ago)
Anyone else think these videos are getting repetitive? Seems like the same thing over and over every video lmao
Nova_Dynamix (3 months ago)
i watched the video and i was like damn, i should've actually watched it first and realized it wasn't repetitive and I realized how much more I actually enjoy your content then i thought. Sorry for being disrespectful in the comments!
Skylent Games (3 months ago)
Prove it
Rex (3 months ago)
i wish WOW had a different combat system, i dont like the current one
Fernando Fernandes (3 months ago)
Lineage 2 for me was so awesome there by 2005, do not you like it?
Lilith Geisler (3 months ago)
GW2 in that first year was something else. They don't have those limited time events anymore. But what they've got now is arguably more engaging. What excites me for its future is just how much they've been pushing the physics engine. Attacks that move players, moving platforms, mounts with momentum. I can't wait to see how they use this and how they might use this with professions.
Michael Gray (3 months ago)
Great/entertaining content again as usual. I played BDO on my machine (GTX 1080Ti i7 7700 16GB at 4K stable 47-60 FPS w settings at max. Slowdown only occurred in town and world boss. The game is flat out the best looking mmo out there. It is graphically stunning in every way. Absolute brain melting eye candy. Unfortunately it has obscure lore and no real PVE at end game. Once you hit endgame LV 55 the GRIND gets real and w no PVE or story to keep you invested it looses its shine. Just as you said about 1 month is good. If you love PVP and WvW with intense grind then this will be a great game. Guild Wars may not have as much under boob BDO but it strikes the best balance. Great work on the vid again.
Brandon Chong (3 months ago)
Is Warframe a MMO?
Brandon Chong (3 months ago)
chris banac Oo
chris banac (3 months ago)
warframe is every genre, apparently.
Skylent Games (3 months ago)
Nexeus (3 months ago)
Bah... While all these games are good (some of them anyway), nothing beats as it stands now FFXIV. This game is on another lvl. You, Skylent spoke about RS questing, but go try FFXIV. Even crafting/gathering quests has deep story. There's even part of the game where you do your (realm reborn ffxiv) final quest that can put you in tears, and that alone is a crafting quest, not main, not side quest, nothing of it. Just a crafting quest that has meaning to it. And that goes for every one of them. First time playing FFXIV must be one of the best experience you can get.
EdgeKun (3 months ago)
Nexeus he's played it and doesn't like it.
Winny Tanjugn (3 months ago)
Do you know which mmos that arent region locked?
lovemoviesful2 (3 months ago)
I wouldn't said BDO is a best game.
Skylent Games (3 months ago)
I didnt
Hiker Freak (3 months ago)
You didn't play Tabula Rasa Skylent? Was out long before Planetside even though it didn't stick around.
Revoen (3 months ago)
Just wondering are you still doing freemmos?
Revoen (3 months ago)
Skylent Games I see, thanks for the reply and have a good one.
Skylent Games (3 months ago)
Matt W (3 months ago)
seeing planet side 2 sure made me miss firefall.
ChaosInsignia (3 months ago)
Matt W I spent over $2000 on FireFall Q_Q I miss .8 patch Tiger Claw and Nighthawk. Ahhh beta Missile Shot and Execution Shot. Felt good to one shot Chosen Juggernauts from beyond their aggro range
Kim Male (3 months ago)
@Skylent Games why am I not subscribed to you? Let me do that now.
Retrx (3 months ago)
What about Moyu (Eudemons) or Metin 2?
adnan rafiqui (3 months ago)
Just started guild wars and love it
Pceout Weebscout (3 months ago)
can you make a list of 2d mmos? thanks
Skylent Games (3 months ago)
Jay Sin (3 months ago)
BDO SUCKS BALLS. The game is like a vast ocean thats 2 inches deep. It's shit. There's less content than vanilla GW2 hidden behind the ridiculous grind and shit RNG to reward the addicted players that sinks their money into it.
Madaari (3 months ago)
Guild wars 2 is LIFE <3
iddysus (3 months ago)
Fire those SJWs. Get Woke Go Broke!
mangagod (3 months ago)
gw2 norn starting area was really atmospheric
Zukkii (3 months ago)
Played PlanetSide 2 since the Genudine days. Been through lattice, ZOE Nerf, Hossin PTR, old Amerish, old Indar, pre-Harasser. And. I have to say... PlanetSide 2 now is a completely different game. Less tactics to use, due to the lattice lines, p2w due to implants and the goddamned Zergs. R.I.P. PlanetSide 2 2011-2014, those were the golden ages. [JENK]Seyes17 [EXE]Halo6092 Look me up on PlanetSide Universe or. PlanetSide 2 players site.
ByePrie (3 months ago)
Black desert online is indeed one of the best if not the best looking MMORPG right now . There are many things to learn as a starter .However , I can say that it's not the type of game you would enjoy playing solo . It's fun to play for a couple of weeks and that's it . But it definitely worth the time tbh .
Austin Goudeau (3 months ago)
Have you looked into Camelot Unchained at all? Seems like a game I dont see ever really mentioned much. Maybe games that are basically pure PvP arent your thing, but I was just curious. Its the game I'm most hyped for.
Nostromo (3 months ago)
For me, the top 5 best first impressions were: 1. Meridian59 - whoa! You can *see* other players? 2. City of Heroes - right from the costume editor to customising your own superhero identity; spoilt travel/fast movement for all mmos since 3. LOTRO - this IS Middle Earth! No handholding quests originally, great world building & story 4. GW2 - first impressions last - still playing it! 5. ESO - a LOT better than it's release & all the bad press/reviews when I finally started playing late just a year ago.
Shion Kreth (3 months ago)
City of Heroes forever!
Skylent Games (3 months ago)
Yea release was bad but game is cool now though idk if all expansions are worthy, the base game for sure should be in everyones pc if they like mmo at all.
Nick Chiarenza (3 months ago)
The beat is fire in the background
Mr Mask (3 months ago)
Guild of Wars 2 beats yall motherfckers, is fun grindy, amazing raids and dungeons + fractals (100 dungeons), plus WvW and PvP, BDO sucks, wow is cute but.... ugly if you know what i mean, the rest meh. This is coming from someone who spent hundreds of hours wasting my time on BDO with no goal at all, like you literally have no goal what so ever, 0 end game.
Mr Mask (3 months ago)
You must be running out of ideas Sky, this is basically the same as the lastest top X games uve done.... if you are running out of ideas is fine, you can just tell us and we might help with some ideas, but repetitive shit like this... NO, i think this is the 3rd or 4th time ive felt like im just watching the same video i watched few days ago in here.
Zehao (2 months ago)
Kinda is on them to create interesting content and not reuse top 10 list of the game games for last 4 years.
Gaylen Stone (2 months ago)
I dont think its the content creators, just that mmo's are all but dead now. If you look at the top 10 since like 2014 its almost the same every year. Yeah it changed a bit with bdo and a few others, but its usually just the same games shifted around in different order. There hasnt been a good mmo released in years. Bdo got boring fast and required a beast computer to run it so that limited their player base. I tried running it with a Phoenom II x4 4.0ghz 8gb ram, radeon 370 4gb and it was laggy on low.
Zehao (3 months ago)
Mr Mask you haven't seen mmobyte lol. That's what out of idea is really like XD
Skylent Games (3 months ago)
Literally no one has done a top 5 mmo first impressions list.....i think. Just checked and my recent lists arent anything like this video. Prove
James Sheesley (3 months ago)
Have you played Fallen Earth? It was the first game I got into a beta for. It has changed a bit since and there are things I miss from the beta but I still think its a fun FPS MMO RPG. As a rule I hate FPS type games as I'm old and crap :) but I have had years of fun in Fallen Earth.
Kamel Kadri (3 months ago)
i was never a fan MMOs til BDO came in, as soon as i saw it for the first time (beta in korea) i was hooked, gladly after a year of playing i can safely say its the best game i've ever played (and i have played SO SO SO many (Single player mostly, but also the most popular MMOs FFxiv, gw2, tera, BnS, wow, ESO) vindictus is great too
sallee132 (3 months ago)
From All those you mentioned,i dislike BDO the most.I would add ESO on this list instead of it.BDO just feels like mobile game with all the afk gameplay and flashy combat that you cant even see what you are hitting,gender locked classes and bleh,feels like real life simulator.
*FFXIV #1 - Nuff said.*
Alaowyn (3 months ago)
Dark Age of Camelot, back in the golden age left the biggest mark for me ;'(
Austin Goudeau (3 months ago)
This. This is the correct answer.
StudentYaoi (3 months ago)
games games games!
Cap'n Salty (3 months ago)
Vanguard and Archeage deserve mentions. My first impressions of those games was that there was this huge open world to explore and I could go at it however I wanted. They were great...
Kamel Kadri (3 months ago)
perfect game will be Archeage + vindictus or BDO combat and graphics
Jason Rodriquez (3 months ago)
yo sky any chance doing a vid were new mmo out and give them a chance open beta so forth
Jason Rodriquez (3 months ago)
Skylent Games ill check it out bored want something new.besides path of exile really good
Skylent Games (3 months ago)
Just bought into Worlds Adrift.
lazer tag (3 months ago)
gw2 is the most innovative mmo, now their mounts are fucking on a whole nother level then anyone else.. they feel good and actually do different purposes
Hyugo Rai (3 months ago)
Planetside 2 was really fun FPS MMO, i had lot of fun with my cloak + dagger recon in the chaos of battle. Sadly battles are not big and many nowdays in it. After playing many other MMORPG FF XIV is the fav for me. Yup i would like bit more actiony combat like B&S in it, but other than that everything is good abt it from Story to some kool endgame dungeons, multiple job option on a single character, grand PVP arenas, nice community etc. Too bad, didn't make it to ur list.
ScrmblesThDethDealer (1 month ago)
I really wish PVP popped more in FF XIV..I reallly do.
Matheus Souza (3 months ago)
I was expecting ESO on this list. BDO was impressive for me as well but I feel like ESO had a more beautiful graphics and all of the story well narrated by the game itself.
Nostromo (3 months ago)
Yeah for solo pvers, BDO is an emperor with no clothes. I call it a mmomishmash with an identity crisis, as it tries to be too many mmo things & does none of them very well imo. Why do ppl get all excited about entirely unrealistic black ink combat effects that kill immersion for me...?
Kamel Kadri (3 months ago)
if you have played skyrim ESO won't blow you away, besides it doesn't have anything impressive, combat is meh, graphics are ok, characters aren't my style, story is decent but not impressive, i've enjoyed Skyrim a lot more (one of the best games ever made)
Skylent Games (3 months ago)
ESO had a pretty shit launch with game breaking bugs. Otherwise it almost made the list. Would have made a top ten for sure.
Karlynn •-• (3 months ago)
i wish black desert were how it looked like from gameplays. after getting into a guild that knows a lot about the game i realized how grindy and rng based it was. even the most beautiful part (combat) was actually boring and unbalanced. no need to say i looked like shit armor vise. after a while it felt like a job more than a game to me. i couldnt play with my higher level friends because my gear score was terrible and i coulnt just borrow a glove or a hemlet from my friends thanks to the system. overall i felt like a tiny dust in the world of bdo and i couldnt get near the most of the players so i just quit. i hope someday there will be a better game than this that i can like
Christopher DeLeon (3 months ago)
Karlynn •-• I haven’t played so long that I forgot that you had to do skills that way. I think that’s what I loved about it!!! The open world pvp wasn’t much a problem for me cause I played early on and my main was 61, but the gear is definitely annoying. I played for months trying to get boss gear.. I got my normal set to TET and then that same week I got my complete boss gear which I was annoyed cause it took months to get to TET and now I needed to start over... I was legit gonna cry thinking about it back then lol. Sometimes I think about reinstalling, but then I just slap myself back to reality!
Karlynn •-• (3 months ago)
Zehao im picky about “real action combat” system. some say theres no such thing but obviously tera had what i am talking about. make the game fast and aim required with holy trinity and bdo “key combo” thing and voila. i even tried vindictus because it had a nice “key combo” system but the game was too “shallow” so i didnt spend time on it. if gw2 had action combat and better graphics i would try it though. i hope dauntless turn out better than it is right now so i can give it a shot. i also played warframe and trove but not anymore. i got bored of them too :/ so i really really hope there would be a game that people like us would finally play because damn those developpers that keeps making the same type of games
Zehao (3 months ago)
Karlynn •-• Sad part is Tera's UE3 engine which actually make it run worse on new hardware coz fucking UE3... I had dame issue with BDO skill. It's like I got these skulls but legit no idea wtf thry actually do. First time in like 15 years of playing mmorpg that I actually got to like lvl 40 and had no real idea wtf my skills did aside from their attack animation. And omg you're like the few people I meet that realize blade and would isn't action combat. it's not even aim assist its just a modified tab target like gw2 with some times blocking added.
Karlynn •-• (3 months ago)
i tried returning to Tera but its quiet old now, blade and soul isnt actually aim based, theres aim assistance and the main thing is blocking at the right moment so that was a no to me too. i wish i started out with a private bdo server like ogre fest where they give you pearl for free too. i could get everything i wanted much faster but i dont think i would try it anymore because i dont wanna play the game its just too complicated to succeed :/ theres not a single game that i am waiting to be released, hope in 2019 there will be a decent action combat game
Karlynn •-• (3 months ago)
Zehao i love tera’s “aiming” in combat system where you can miss but in bdo almost every skill is close range so you just turn towards mobs and you dont miss. what i like in bdo is the way you perform skills, i dont like to press hotkeys (1,2,3...) i liked using different combination of 7-8 movement keys to perform various skills. you are right about lack of content. there is an endless grind for xp, gear and life skill but its same thing all the time. i got bored so essily. i played dark knight too and i was too slow to grind “efficiently” (because you dont kill mobs for fun its like a mission and theres a right way to do it like mob rotations and such) i tried many classes but some of them too complicated with super armor or sth but some of them were too boring and returned to dark knight. since every skill does aoe damage i just pressed random buttons until i could remember 4 skills to choose (thanks to my super memory i couldnt remember a lot) and since mobs were super dumb and slow you run around and attack, not much strategy or tactic needed. also i died many times just because i was over 55 and people were stronger than me. doesnt matter if i was on the spot before them, no need to talk to find a way, just slice me while killing mobs because all that matter is sweet gear score in this game....
ZeLLarc (3 months ago)
BDO is definitely my main game XD
Aluin (3 months ago)
Trove would be enjoyable if it didnt delete all your progress cuz u havent played for a while ffs
Play Time (2 months ago)
What do you mean delete all progress? I came back a few days ago after being away for a whole year and my progress is the same
Mark Smith (3 months ago)
Wow is too expensive for eastern players, black desert requires 24 h a day to keep up and it is also p2w(pets, outfits, gold, boosters), albion is guild oriented, requires 24h/day, trove grindy and p2w. Recommendations: Warframe, 4 years worth of content in play time with tons of updates but grindy, fortnite is fun but in 3 months everything starts to repeat. We need more good games, we only get p2p that turns out to be p2w and free games that are p2w
Mark Smith (3 months ago)
I understand what you say, i played the game for an year with afk fishing, when kakao bought it they made it so that you can buy outfits and sell them for gold, which you cannot buy because of the buying bots. I tried for a lot of time to get a skin but everytime somebody bought it instantly. More gold = more memory fragments = better armor and weapons. even 1 AP matters in the late game. A lvl 60 player beats easily a lvl 59 just because of the stat boost. The reason why everybody is mad is that they cannot become top players anymore without paying extra, and keeping up with the top means to do a lot grind. But if you want to be a casual horse breeder or fisher, then yes this is the perfect game.
AzureRoxe (3 months ago)
Maybe it's just cause i'm used to the grind, but i don't get why people keep saying that Black Desert is P2W and requires constant attention [when you can, quite literally, AFK and let the game do stuff on its own].
Potato Bag (3 months ago)
black desert is bae.
SlavioAraragi (3 months ago)
That was cool to watch. It's kind of true that the first MMO leaves a great impact on you ^^ Out of curiosity, can we get a list of MMO you play now? \o/ Cheers!
Grey Crimson (3 months ago)
RuneScape heck ye, probably my favorite MMORPG and not just because of the memories but that does enhance the experience
Dylan Watts (3 months ago)
Saw your Battle for Azeroth video and think new players wont have fun with it. It seems all of the content was max, or near max, level which means the 100+ hours grind and mundane game play will still be there for anyone needing to level up a character. Yes, if you preorder, you'll get a high level character to start. But you better love that class you chose as it is the only one you'll be playing for the next 4-5 months to get the legacy gear to make any new character you make less grindy
Dylan Watts (3 months ago)
Then you miss all of the lore and personality of the world, only good if you dont care about RP. And not to say I play for RP reasons, but as I level and get a feel for the character it develops a persona that I use. Take the new Xenoblade chronicles. Primarily single player yet one piece of armor had me make a unique back story for what would otherwise just be an avatar. Not to mention, not all classes can be tank or healer. Rogue, Hunter, Mage, and Warlock, all of which are very fun classes. (I have level 85 of every class, except monk but the level should explain that)
AzureRoxe (3 months ago)
So an expansion is all "max level" content? Color me surprised. Leveling in WoW is ridiculously fast, especially as a tank or healer so the queues are near-instant or with heirlooms.
Aaron Duran (3 months ago)
I just started GW2 a few days ago, didn’t like it at first but that was only because of my ignorance. Now, I’m completely hooked in the game and enjoying even the story that comes with it. First MMO apart from XIV I’m actually reading and not skipping the story.
Kamel Kadri (3 months ago)
i've tried to get into GW2 several times, different classes, just felt ok nothing about it got me hocked, such a shame because it has by far the best community
sadman nirjhar (3 months ago)
bro game starts from endgame___the first level 80s are like a trailer lol
Darman (3 months ago)
searchin for these everyday best thing to find to start my day off :D
Salyhin Chowdhury (3 months ago)
I was expecting FFXIV to be on the list also did you mean niche instead of "nitch"
Kamel Kadri (3 months ago)
FFXIV downpoint is the combat which is the backbone of any game (mmo or not) and graphics weren't impressive either, i've enjoyed FFxv a lot more
Skylent Games (3 months ago)
Ff14 had the worst impression for me.
TheHawkGamer (3 months ago)
my man
Theitsybitsyspider (3 months ago)
Guild Wars 2 lost me with its horrible balance team and neglected WvW. BDO lost me with its lack of challenge and financial structure.
AzureRoxe (3 months ago)
BDO's focus is PvP, so of course it would lack a bit of challenge in the PvE aspect, the main thing is fighting other people.
Felix Walton (3 months ago)
More survived by
CediePc (3 months ago)
you rly showed the worst looking gameplay of rs you could of possibly showed:L a laggy mess, rs3 looks beautiful nowadays, and osrs still has alot of character.
negan28 (3 months ago)
you guys like black desert ? its a beautiful game but lacks endgame stuff , yes is a mmo but mostly focus pvp.
Mr. SandSlash (2 months ago)
To be honest Pvp doesnt have to be end game because someone already had fun reaching the highest level for now
Zehao (3 months ago)
the problem is there no real point to pvp beside to pvp. I can understand a pvp focus game but BDO has no real focus. Everyone pvp end game because there is literally nothing and not because the game has great pvp focused content.
its devn (3 months ago)
like the graphics , combat is kinda cool but its a waaaaaay 2 grindy , p2w and the endcontent consists only PvP .
Cubky (3 months ago)
bdo is pretty great. The good thing is, pvp is the endgame. The bad thing is, pvp is the end game. There is not much apart from lifeskills to work towards.
Kade (3 months ago)
I liked Black Desert's combat.....but the story killed it for me. Like World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls Online, Final Fantasy XIV (not sure if FFXIV would be considered Western), Guild Wars 2, etc....have really rich and in depth lore with interesting characters....but the Eastern MMORPG's do not seem to have that kind of lore....which makes Eastern MMORPG's far less appealing to me. Eastern MMORPG's to me feel like the developers put all of their focus into the combat.....and then everything else was thrown in at the last minute. Before I make a character in a Western MMORPG I spend hours researching the factions and the races...but I never felt the need to do that with Eastern MMORPG's....instead I just picked what I thought looked cool. It felt like all of the races and factions were the same cookie cutter clones of each other......just with different skins. At least that has been my experience with Eastern MMORPG's. Which is truly sad....because the Eastern culture in general has a lot of cool stories behind it....they just seem to have trouble transferring the depth of their own culture into the games they create. I do not know why.
Salyhin Chowdhury (3 months ago)
FFXIV is western inspired
Virgil Vill. (3 months ago)
Hey dude next time can you put the titles of the mmorpgs or the list in the description something like that ... ?
ZehirO (3 months ago)
I still haven't found my mmo still searching so for now its mobas for me
Rob D View N (3 months ago)
Age of wushu was mine but snail freaking ruined it. It would've been a top mmo if anyone else handled it. Hell it was #1 on some mmo sites for a time. Worst company in the world.
Kamel Kadri (3 months ago)
if you haven't found your MMO by now you won't sadly nothing is coming on the horizon, ashes of creation maybe ? but it will be a while
ZehirO (3 months ago)
ty ill try it out
Happy Noob (3 months ago)
Anyone thought of a mmorpg with a skill tree of PoE in depth amazing world building as WoW realistic/fantasy game graphics/design a shit ton of mechanics on fighting, a huge world/map amazing classes like the world of yaggdrisil(might be wrong spelling) hard bosses like darksouls that doesn’t let some of your members just usually stand still and press one button to deal dps and has to actually move like in the anime (log horizon)<<“for reference” alot of cool items and a shit load of items, good PvP end game dungeon, and an amazing open world filled with life and hard to kill enemies and no pay 2 win element it can be a Pay to play or a F2P and fashion :v Imo this is my dream mmorpg.
Salyhin Chowdhury (3 months ago)
RY Gaming (3 months ago)
i love trove and runescape
v.v (3 months ago)
You're my go to person for games
Von Steiner (3 months ago)
Back when i was in basic school, rune scape was the shit. Almost everyone talked about it. Rune scape and counter strike.
deadx cat (3 months ago)
I mite play one
Kade (3 months ago)
The troll sets his trap....and waits patiently.

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