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Top 10 Steam Games to play when you are alone and have no friends.

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New update: 2018 edition! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBmzpzrCls4&t Are you bored, alone, and have unlimited access to the internet? Do you want to keep this conversation rated PG? Then look no further, for your steam wallet cries for more purchases. Here's a Top 10 guide of game I enjoy playing when I'm alone, bored, and friendless. (which is always.)
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CharlieGTv (7 months ago)
I have over 300 days on ark. it is really the only game anyone needs, however if you plan to play online in a PvP server, you will need friends.
Ryeniken (7 months ago)
very, very true. Thank you for this.
Gaming Garchomp (2 days ago)
You should check out Factorio. I have 562 hours
Reiska (21 days ago)
I have a good pc but i would like to play alone only. I dont like much these unrealistic games like assasin creed,destiny etc but still i would like to enjoy playing with pc graphs , so what would u recommend?
Ryeniken (21 days ago)
What genre of game are you looking for? And... I''m a bit confused. Assassins creed and destiny ARE realistic in nature. Things that would be considered nonrealistic would be something like the Borderlands series. Do you want a high graphic, non-realistic single player game?
THE ROGUE (22 days ago)
Great list dude. I have no friends....
Ryeniken (22 days ago)
Woo! Welcome to the lonely bus, population. You. ;)
Zitalix (23 days ago)
Top 1 Steam Game to play when you are alone and have no friends... VR chat
Sabin. (1 month ago)
I'm so bored that i can't even finish this video.
Phoenixels Animations (1 month ago)
I mean, I searched for free games but alright
Tyro (1 month ago)
Why is this video just over 10 min? *does fucking giant think*
Tyro (1 month ago)
(im aware i said nani is in what the fuck)
Ryeniken (1 month ago)
Back when I made this video, I got money based on how many people watched the video, for how long. I am no longer eligible to get money due to Youtube changes.
Tyro (1 month ago)
Ryeniken (1 month ago)
Back when I made this video, I had adsense. NOT TODAY THOUGH!
Ashley Diaz (1 month ago)
no can do. broke af.:\
iamgame3 (1 month ago)
I got ARK but my, my, MY FRICKEN COMPUTER.
Ryeniken (1 month ago)
Burn that ram!
Beany (1 month ago)
Ryeniken (1 month ago)
Pre-alpha when the video was made.
Henrik Tolvanen (1 month ago)
I thought fallout 4 should have been in this one
Ryeniken (1 month ago)
It's all good Henrik :)
Henrik Tolvanen (1 month ago)
+Ryeniken oh yeah, didn't notice :D
Ryeniken (1 month ago)
Fallout 4 didnt exist when this video was made.... I think. I tend to avoid triple. A titles. Usually.
M r G l i t c h (1 month ago)
i actually bought ark when he said to buy it
Ryeniken (1 month ago)
It's a good game. You won't regret it... probably. It all depends on if your computer can handle it. Also.... stay away from mountains for a while. Just for the first bit.
dat scrub koks (1 month ago)
my god, times on hizi before they ruined it was the best.
Ryeniken (1 month ago)
This was made back in the day, and yea. I remember those days fondly.
Theo Fjeld (2 months ago)
u ugli fati
Lord Potato (2 months ago)
this kid is fucking gay
jonsku (2 months ago)
Mohammad Javad Mohammad1133 Thats the game wich take my all friends..
Ryeniken (2 months ago)
Good game, didnt exist when the review was made.
LIT (2 months ago)
Try Ultimate Custom Night cuz its like a singleplayer
Ryeniken (2 months ago)
I would, bit you know, money.
Sasha (2 months ago)
you think im rich hell no i dont like dis list :(
SoundKinkajou (2 months ago)
I came here to find a different game to play than ark, number 1 is ark, coincidentally.
Mineco1 (2 months ago)
number 5 is a copy of Fortnite...
Mineco1 (2 months ago)
He he! Sorry I forgot to look ate the Date Published! Anyway, thanks for the list! IT WAS GREAT!
Ryeniken (2 months ago)
Fortnite is a copy on number 5. Fortnite didnt EXIST when this top 10 came out.
GravelsNotAFood (3 months ago)
I have over 70 games, and i don't want to play a singe one of them...
Death Sans (3 months ago)
Jacob robert Gaskell (3 months ago)
ark is trash. ur list is the shittest of all
Cubic Player (3 months ago)
Sehun Vekni (3 months ago)
I would recommend terraria for everyone! Its one of my favourits
Zeul (3 months ago)
I have no friends. They're all playing Fortnite, so not my friends anymore.
Tyser Khan004 (2 days ago)
Zeul same /:
_ MASS _ (28 days ago)
sh4dow plays (1 month ago)
or try pubg me i hate my brother because of fortnite
LuTantic (3 months ago)
yay same
Ryeniken (3 months ago)
Better get good at realm royale then. :)
GarretJaxeBoi (3 months ago)
i am a fat kid without friends that only plays video games
Mtndewgang (4 months ago)
All these games, but you played me.
Ryeniken (4 months ago)
UrosGamingTV 234 (4 months ago)
Did you maked this 4 ur son?
Krycoda (4 months ago)
h1z1 is good and pubg is a shit copy of it
seriously? undertale - core? music?
Frostbite Dog (4 months ago)
he has the facial composure of a pear
Heather McCary (4 months ago)
Terraria yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Ryeniken (4 months ago)
Amber the UniWolf (4 months ago)
ty 4 ur discovery, i really needed dis... i really dont have friends...#foreveralone😢
Ryeniken (4 months ago)
We are all a little alone. But at least we can be alone together!
Alwayz_ Sleepy (4 months ago)
This video is right up my alley
G G (4 months ago)
Jesus i would rather go outside
Holy shit
OR3GANO _ (3 months ago)
I would love to ask how :)
G G (3 months ago)
OR3GANO _ i am a male one... but i can change that for you :]
OR3GANO _ (3 months ago)
I mean female racoon.
G G (3 months ago)
OR3GANO _ wtf is a girl
KocaBilbos (4 months ago)
Ark is seriously "The Best Game" for single player in my opinion and i have over 2years played now
Ryeniken (4 months ago)
Heck yea! Ark ftw!
Minti (4 months ago)
also I have a 1050ti and i7 processor and ark is still kind of buggy but it is definitely playable
Ryeniken (4 months ago)
Better than my pc. The game just needs.... More everything. Ive never seen ot run 100% smoothly.
Minti (4 months ago)
i have 2561 hours in terraria please help
Ryeniken (4 months ago)
Hardcore speedruns. Make yourself hate the game. Only way to quit.
Do you have fortnight rynkein
Ryeniken (4 months ago)
Of course! Ive made several videos on the game as well! You wanted to add me, I presume?
Ali Ismayilov (4 months ago)
i i will futre you
could you pls sub to my channel and futre me
love your channel you deserve more subs
Ryeniken (4 months ago)
Yer welcome bro.
thanks for loving my comment
Too important to die (4 months ago)
Again a youtuber with undertale songs in background but dont even say anything about undertale.. ehh i finished it 10 times!
Ryeniken (4 months ago)
Oh, I wish i was a "big youtuber". Not yet man. Not yet :P And its all good with the whole watching a part or whatever, you do you!
Too important to die (4 months ago)
Ryeniken OMG! a big youtuber acctually andwered me! And im sorry dude i didnt had time to watch full vid sry
Ryeniken (4 months ago)
What? Undertale is in the top 10 bro!
aristotelisgrgls (5 months ago)
Its H1Z1 king of the hill not king of the kill
Daniel27D (5 months ago)
431hrs isnt even that much
Ryeniken (5 months ago)
Pics or lies bro. 400 is "that much"
lukas1500 (5 months ago)
Yf only 650 subs? I expected about 30k atleast
Ryeniken (5 months ago)
Yep. YouTube Really doesnt like showing these videos off too much. But hey. I still have fun making em.
Justin Z (5 months ago)
I'm just bored so I want to play a game
PandaDestroyerV (5 months ago)
Thanks youtube for recommending this to me... ;(
Ryeniken (5 months ago)
Ouch. Tough luck . :(
Night Howl (6 months ago)
Furry RockyZero (6 months ago)
saints row 2 and 3 are co-op and solo just throwing that out
Furry RockyZero (6 months ago)
PFT. PFT. PFT. Yea Who needs Them????? *sniffle*
Ryeniken (6 months ago)
Then why would you play it... ALONE? Gross. Friends? Phht. Who needs em!
kastertalkie (6 months ago)
hotland intro music undertale
PU//Person Unknown (6 months ago)
Wat no.4 is the official one?? waitt that means..PUBG and Fortnite is a ripoff???!?!??
Ryeniken (6 months ago)
It means they didn't exist when I made this video ;)
burnt f1ames (7 months ago)
wow h1z1 really hahahahahahahahahaha
burnt f1ames (7 months ago)
i know. i'm just doing that thing you know
Ryeniken (7 months ago)
Pubg and fortnite didnt even exist when i made thus buddy.
Sunny_Ninja (7 months ago)
rust or ark survival evovled?
Sunny_Ninja (7 months ago)
i may get both
Sunny_Ninja (7 months ago)
Ryeniken (7 months ago)
ark, hands down. Rust is too pvp oriented, I find.
BunnY (7 months ago)
U forgot stick fight
Ryeniken (7 months ago)
Classic. But which one would you remove then?
Citrea The wolf (7 months ago)
i need this
Ryeniken (7 months ago)
Citrea The wolf the video? Or the games?
B Games (7 months ago)
Number 1 surprised me but it is a great game
Ryeniken (7 months ago)
Now that they hiked the price and added the 30 dollar dlc's... eh, but it's still super fun.
casetheboss144 (7 months ago)
I love garrys mod
Ryeniken (6 months ago)
Well, i would suggest... Dare I say it... Fortnite? You might like that one. The battle royale is free.
Unknow n (6 months ago)
Ryeniken but all of them are paid and I am fucking broke but I can download it from website expect Garry mod Garry mod Crack ha many error
Ryeniken (7 months ago)
Its a great game ;)
Cayden The gamer (7 months ago)
Skrub i have 600 hrs xD
Lying * (7 months ago)
i would have added doki doki literature club, it's free, and (not gonna give spoilers) the endless plot twists are amazing. it may seem like a dumb game at first, but trust me, IT IS NOT. it may be a little boring at first, but around the 5th day it gets... interesting. i recommend going the natsuki route, it has the most... um... well i'll let you see for yourself. i definitely recommenced going in blind. you can download it off of steam. hope you enjoy (i sure did)! i feel like i just wrote an essay on why you should play ddlc...
Ryeniken (7 months ago)
I've watched others play it (game grumps). Already spoiled. It wasn't out when this video came out, but I would 100% recommend it too!
Jason Spirit (8 months ago)
Where was mount and blade war bound??
Ryeniken (8 months ago)
Never heard of it.
Arturidot (8 months ago)
Undertale is shit
Ryeniken (8 months ago)
I agree 100% with your comment. The fanboy, it being an RPG, and yea. nowadays it is a bit ordinary.
Arturidot (8 months ago)
Looks like someone is a fanboy. I really like your channel, but undertale is just too ordinary, i think nowdays, any game that is turn-based can be called rpg.
Ryeniken (8 months ago)
Looks like someone hasn't played Undertale.
wHEre Is my MUsTaRd (8 months ago)
im dying inside.
Maniac BehindYou (12 days ago)
Most of us are.
Ryeniken (8 months ago)
I am overjoyed by this :)
Evakz (8 months ago)
If i could udpate this, number 1 would be vrchat XD
Evakz (8 months ago)
Joltaik (8 months ago)
i was gonna comment that lol
deadeyecowkillz (8 months ago)
#1 is Star Wars BattleFront 2 (Classic 2005)
deadeyecowkillz (8 months ago)
Ryeniken (8 months ago)
Havent played it. I just see the loot boxes...
deadeyecowkillz (8 months ago)
Ryeniken (8 months ago)
deadeyecowkillz *gags a little
Tommy Kuklunsky (8 months ago)
my favorite game= garrys mod how many hours you may ask? 1142
Ryeniken (8 months ago)
+Reven holy guacamole thats a lot of hours. You my friend need.... To show me some hiding spots ;)
I'maMarshmello (8 months ago)
I like minecraft
Mr. Cubeee (8 months ago)
you need some much more subs
forbidden philosophy (8 months ago)
ARK is trash
RightfullArc (8 months ago)
That's me have no friends
intelsnipez (8 months ago)
games to play when your alone, half of these are multiplayer
Ryeniken (8 months ago)
Yea. They are. Great games to play when you're alone. This ain't a list of games to play to feel alone.
hooman (8 months ago)
i dont have any friends and im depressed
Ryeniken (8 months ago)
This is where a normal YouTuber might start quoting prevention hotlines. I'm not a normal YouTuber. Just going to say... Welcome to the club. All we can do is trod along, hoping tomorrow might being us a bit closer to happiness. When I am depressed, playing a super-easy game, like mario, makes me feel a bit better.
Jeroen (8 months ago)
#10 - I am bread #9 - Magicka #8 - Speedrunners #7 - Chivalry #6 - Tales of Zestiria #5 - H1Z1 King of the Kill #4 - Terraria #3 - Garry's Mod (sub game - Prop Hunt) #2 - Undertale #1 - ARK Survival Evolved Thank me later
Ryeniken (8 months ago)
+PR0UD-N00B Thank you "Me later"
Glueg Hi (8 months ago)
my friend try to put ark at ultra on a macbook
Ryeniken (8 months ago)
Did... Did it melt?
Max Thompson (8 months ago)
Why undertale? Wtf is this?
TRUMPED BITCH (8 months ago)
sha cua (9 months ago)
i am bread is like getting over it
INFINITE DEV (9 months ago)
bunch of trash games....time wasted
John Smith (9 months ago)
gOoD tHiNg Im B R O K E
Ryeniken (9 months ago)
Well, I guess you are going to have to. (•_•) / ( •_•)>⌐■-■ / (⌐■_■) Buckle up big boii.
Guy Abikhair (9 months ago)
I cant find dismembership simulator anywhere, plz need link
Ryeniken (9 months ago)
There's a new dismembership simulator out, seems a lot better. Like what chivalry could have been. Super fun. It's called For Honor, and can be found on the steam market. Otherwise, for the original, Also on the steam market, Chivalry:Medieval Warfare is what you're looking for.
L Oswald (9 months ago)
I bought ark as soon as you told me to buy it
Ryeniken (9 months ago)
+L Oswald its a heck of a game. Enjoy!
Austin wuz here (9 months ago)
PUBG !!!!!!!
Ryeniken (9 months ago)
Yea boiii!
ZynForce (9 months ago)
Ryeniken (9 months ago)
Hi :P
zZoKo (9 months ago)
a very good game is minecraft, if you dont mind the fact that it doesnt have any ultra flashy realistic graphics then both multiplayer and singleplayer are solid, metin2 is also a very good mmo rpg game (a bit old though)
urbannavi (9 months ago)
hey, if you havent tried warframe yet i strongly suggest you do. I've started playing it about a year ago and currently have well over 800 houres in it. It's compleatly free so it's even better
Ryeniken (9 months ago)
I have, played about 40 hours of the game, lost a bit of interest when The warframes themselves had such high grinding requirements. was a fun space ninja game though.
Silver (10 months ago)
i thought you were a fictional character in toy story..
Ryeniken (10 months ago)
*Gasp!* How did you find out?
Curann (10 months ago)
My cousin has 817 hours of playtime on terraria.. No that's not his only ridiculously over time consuming game he plays.. He also has 464 hours on palidans
Matheus 677 (2 months ago)
more than 1 hour of paladins and i tried to kill myself, that game is pure shit.
Lemonade (7 months ago)
Sam U Well? (7 months ago)
My freind has 8 thousand hours on team fortress 2....
Vital NL (10 months ago)
Subbed , Number 472 here :) keep up the vids man.
StarTurtle (10 months ago)
I have the games but i can't handle some due to a low end computer, but your totally right about the games
Ryeniken (10 months ago)
Ryeniken, look for my face.
StarTurtle (10 months ago)
K ty, whats you steam
Ryeniken (10 months ago)
super solid game. if you need help, gimme a shout. :P
StarTurtle (10 months ago)
ty i just bought terreria
Ryeniken (10 months ago)
speedrunners, terraria and undertale are all very low-requirement games. You may be able to play them.
Terence Black (10 months ago)
"I have played alot of ark" "431 hours" Peasents these days
Terence Black (10 months ago)
Sure didn't Also, while I caught your attention, did you ever hear of our lord and saviour? I was wondering if you ever read the bible, and if so, what you thought of it? Of God himself and his son Jesus. Perhaps you didnt understand everything that was written, and that is allright. I can help you with that, but you have to want it too. Perhaps you'd be more confortable talking about other subjects. What do you think of the current times? Troubling? Interesting? So many possibilities,so little time. But do not fret, for in heaven, time does not exist. Reassure me, you don't sin do you?
Ryeniken (10 months ago)
+Terence Black Damn, you like ARK. Well. Cant say you wasted money on that one! ;)
Pax (10 months ago)
"Recommended for you"
Ryeniken (10 months ago)
OOh, That's gotta hurt a little bit. But hey, At least it's not the top 10 console games, MIRITE? :P
Daffy Dack (10 months ago)
nice vid m8
Ryeniken (10 months ago)
Thanks M8 :P
C R Gaming (11 months ago)
You can tell you put effort into this video very nice.
Ryeniken (11 months ago)
+C R Gaming thanks ;)
Ian do thing (11 months ago)
XD IsIOZ (11 months ago)
didn't even put the links *claps*
Rio Grande (11 months ago)
i hwav fwends
57 Cadillac (11 months ago)
fat ppl make great vides
David (2 months ago)
57 Cadillac lmao
Ryeniken (11 months ago)
+57 Cadillac we sure do!
Willosaurus Rex (11 months ago)
Ryeniken (11 months ago)
Willosaurus Rex YeaaaAAaa boiiii!
Felix England (11 months ago)
Only 434 subs? Your channel deserves more
Ryeniken (11 months ago)
I appreciate every one I have man. But yea. I would love for these to be seen by more people.

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