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History/Evolution of God Of War (2005-2018)

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In this video we presented you the history of God Of War game, or you can say God Of War Evolution from 2005 to 2018. We listed all of the god of war games in one video with order, platforms and year. What is the best God Of War games you have played? Let us know in the comment down below. ➢ History/Evolution of Assassin's Creed Games : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8CebuSZ4gw ♦ List ♦ ■ God Of War Year : 2005 Platform : PlayStation 2 ■ God Of War II Year : 2007 Platform : PlayStation 2 ■ God Of War: Betrayal Year : 2007 Platform : Mobile ■ God Of War: Chains Of Olympus Year : 2008 Platform : PlayStation Portable ■ God Of War III Year : 2010 Platform : PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 ■ God Of War: Ghost Of Sparta Year : 2010 Platform : PlayStation Portable ■ God Of War: Ascension Year : 2013 Platform : PlayStation 3 ■ God Of War Year : 2018 Platform : PlayStation 4 ♦ Follow us ♦ ■ Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/TechMasterTricks ■ Twitter : https://twitter.com/TechMasterTrick ■ Google+ : https://plus.google.com/+TechMasterTricks ♬ Music ♬ ■ Intro : God Of War II Main Theme ■ Outro : Audioscribe - Free Fall ➢ Thank you for watching!
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Text Comments (1756)
Tech Master Tricks (1 year ago)
History/Evolution of Assassin's Creed game Check it out >>> http://youtu.be/u8CebuSZ4gw
Karthi G (3 months ago)
Tech Master Tricks I want help me your number please 9791788055 this my number call me
Marius Stangaciu (9 months ago)
yes, unfortunatly
Cactus Zelený (10 months ago)
Tech Master Tricks god of war ascencion is only for ps3 ??
survivor life (11 months ago)
The Fury (11 months ago)
Tech Master Tricks I subbed
sisbye (4 days ago)
am i the only one who has a big crush on Kratos? oh lord...
Uti Vego (5 days ago)
Watch God Of War 4 secret Ending Kratos meets Thor here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5jxFgrOnbo
zeus underscore (9 days ago)
I have sub
Shaheen Zehra (9 days ago)
top 1 game of the world
kratos is mah second daddy😊
Thala Tijil (11 days ago)
gta 5 history
Akshay Chauhan (13 days ago)
Bro u really don’t know anything about god of war as the parts which are shown in your video are not lined up properly and especially the god of war 4 is realeased on 18 april 2018 u have gud channel such a big mistake what the hell
Saviop (15 days ago)
In the new god of war Kratos' beard is awesome! Oh, he also has a new weapon... ok.
Where can I download God of war : betrayal
Shahnawaz Khan (18 days ago)
A boy is copying your video I think you have to send a copyright strike https://youtu.be/Y4d6GsaF0pU This is the link
Sergey Andreev (18 days ago)
lol, i have god of war for ps2)
Aniket Vhatker (20 days ago)
the legendary game🔥🔥🔥🔥 😘
RODRIGO Tex (21 days ago)
Pra mim é um dos jogos mais foda que já saiu
Roby imananda (22 days ago)
kratos vs thanos, who win?
Na quarta imagem do kratos na capa do video a mncha vermelha está no outro ladi
5:54 umm 2017 u mean 2018
Meow Lover (28 days ago)
New gow worst combat ... looks like one on one ... old gow is like kratos destroy 100 of enemies at one time ... thats what we want ... he is kratos ... he is not nathan drake
Learn with Me (30 days ago)
What I say About 1 Game The full Series is Amazing And Superb
RZ LAZER (30 days ago)
Men I love this game but....
Dennyz A Arafa (1 month ago)
God of war 4 my favorite
Suliman Dawodzai (1 month ago)
Best game
Pooja Bhatt (1 month ago)
Who else loves god of war??
Ishita Gupta (1 month ago)
Where is God of war 3 remastered?
David 24 (1 month ago)
God of War 4 is in 2018
tomek skupień (1 month ago)
god of 4 2018 no 2017
Amar Bhagwani (1 month ago)
After diffiting Aers and God of war ghost of Sparta the asecition comes
Amar Bhagwani (1 month ago)
It's not tire in God of war ghost of Sparta the Atlantic start sinking which is posidones kingdom after his death in God of war 3 how can his kingdom be
Aras Kaygusuz (1 month ago)
Bende çok var son çıkanıda
Abilah Abil (1 month ago)
Cora Cora Cora sangat menarik
Fredysanjaya Sanjaya (1 month ago)
6:54 grok mobile legends bang bang
Connor vas Gaming (1 month ago)
Bought god of war 1,2,3 and 4 1 and 2 on ps vita 3 on PS4 so as the 4 one
Jacob Alvarez (1 month ago)
Is it only me that feels like 2010 was fucking yesterday?
Techu40 X (1 month ago)
Its the same damn games all over again, the only ones that looks different is ascension, the mobile version, and god of war 4. Same weapons, same moves, same enemies, same bosses, same character, same game, different graphics and environment.
aryan saiyad (1 month ago)
داداش یجوری ی
Everything's Here (1 month ago)
Aziz Gezinda (1 month ago)
Really new GOD OF WAR 2017 why not 2018
Andrew Walk (1 month ago)
I know how to play God of War.
EH BEE FAMILY FAN (1 month ago)
My dad gave me the 2007 one the god of war: chains of Olympus
STEX Games (1 month ago)
Last god of war is 2018...no 2017
Fardin Hoseiny (1 month ago)
Luca Changretta (1 month ago)
hey guys what is the correct order to play god of war?
FatBoy gaming (1 month ago)
I've played all good of wars except 2 and yes I played the mobile and I'm only 10 years of age
Luke Johnson (1 month ago)
It seems there's a self-fulfilling prophecy going on here. There were plans from the beginning to have Kratos fight against Greek, then Noms,e then Egyptian mythology, paving the way for monotheistic religions and him becoming Death Personified, aka the Grim Reaper. It would be awesome in the coming decades to see him fight against or at least encounter Ra, Hathor, Sekhmet, Nekhmet, Sobek, Bastet, Set, Thoth, Osiris, Nephthys, Apophis, Khepri, Bes, Wadjet, Taweret, and many more ancient Egyptian deities.
Original Venus (1 month ago)
Slash_ _Mist (1 month ago)
I remember playing GoW Betrayal on my dad's phone in the car on the way to my Grandma's house to be baby sat. He said every time I played it I said "I am the god of war!"
Shook AF (1 month ago)
Can someone explain which games are canon to the main series?
Dr _yousif212 (1 month ago)
Who is the one with the red mark on the left side
Emre Kopgel (1 month ago)
God of War
Brian Christian Garfin (1 month ago)
Is it me or the combos are pretty all same for all the GOW except the new one.
abdullah demirtaş (1 month ago)
I have GOW 3 and it is best
reel 101010 (1 month ago)
Gow 4 is out now
Sxrewhead (1 month ago)
reyyy 4444 yeah everyone knows that
YanYaaan D Oroc (1 month ago)
Dammnnn..! I can't wait For Diablo 4!
AmbiXSer (1 month ago)
Te falto el de God Of War Chains of olimpus
RAMZ (2 months ago)
rip headphones users
BraDom (2 months ago)
ThuggyTM (2 months ago)
is there any god of war pc versions? except emulators.
Sxrewhead (1 month ago)
ThuggyTM nope. All god of war games including the new one are only available on PlayStation consoles
Mods-Gaming & more (2 months ago)
Olympic was my favourite
navaneetham kandasamy (2 months ago)
I see gow 4 full game it is very super
Blue Berry (2 months ago)
Im confused... but God of war 4 just came out for PS4 3 days ago...
miguel nessia (2 months ago)
I love god of war series. Like me if your favorite series is god of war
Undesirable Things (2 months ago)
Can these games work for.pc
Alejandra Reyes (2 months ago)
The last god of war came out on 420 2018 not 17 Shout out to all stoners
Fadli RZ (2 months ago)
I play all god of war expect god of war 4 :'(
Damn Michael (2 months ago)
Extra XD (2 months ago)
What i hate is the sex in this game the game don’t need sex to get players and if your dad see you in a one you screwed buddy but the game is 10/10
Brief Case (2 months ago)
God of war (ps2 2005 ) I've been playing it for over 3 years n never beat the game yet...I do have a ps3 n 4😐😐
son goku (2 months ago)
Even if it is on ps2 it is still good 👍👍👍
Wow! God Of War 4 is so different!
Cracked GAMER (2 months ago)
I love god of war, i'm a big fan and i have completed all the games, but unfortunately i don't own a ps4 to play the New upcoming ps4 exclusive game....
Sxrewhead (1 month ago)
Cracked GAMER what console(s) do you have
Elijah _ (2 months ago)
I was born when the first God of war was out
Royalblo0dlust5 (2 months ago)
This was made ing 2k16
ZhiTGM (2 months ago)
I loved GOW 2 because i play this everyday
Daniel B3 (2 months ago)
Kratos is getting older :/ I can see his cane in his beard (obvuisly, because he's bald)
pro gamer (2 months ago)
Gow betreyal is the worst gow
AI Army (2 months ago)
god of war
LOVE RAP (2 months ago)
if I did this to my father he's gone kill me lol...he never accept excuses -_-
THANDER •BOY404 (2 months ago)
yang dari Indonesia "🇮🇩 angkat tangan
funny videos morocoo (2 months ago)
Nice vidéo broo
Jan Klir (2 months ago)
Music Heaven (2 months ago)
i played god of war 2 in ps 2 this game is addicting
demon ox (3 months ago)
Man I had some fucked up parents to let me play this.
Yogi Priyatma (3 months ago)
woolly26 (3 months ago)
When i saw this game series i was in my mind with a new god of war like your swords is hp and damage but if your hp is gone your swords of chaos are destroyed and after you die because of a curse from ares and the begin is in a temple with mountains next to them and for upgrading your sword you need like in other known god of wars blood ,ascension game gave me that idea of sword powers .In the ending of the game was in my mind was a place dangerous what reminds about kratos memories and cure his curse but for that he needed to fight the king of sparta so my imagination was a new begin of all god of war series if i am right say yes !If i am not right say where i am not !
Zaid Ababneh (3 months ago)
God of war is in 2018 not 2017
S . S TECHNICAL GAMER (3 months ago)
Gow betrayal is worst of all
Poonam Sharma (3 months ago)
God of war nice game bro
Asha Rawat (3 months ago)
How kratos survive his own attack in God of war 3
Mamos Batonas (3 months ago)
2:51 why did that sounded like jotaros "ora ora ora " ??????????? (jojo confirmed)
Rodrigofl gamer (4 months ago)
So tem gringo cade os Br
MilkyDabs OnHaters (4 months ago)
Berkay Yusuf (4 months ago)
Merhba berkay ben seni ile fatmayi klibe goturen benim ùenim can
Chris games code84 (4 months ago)
I. Like.god of warrrrr l playng all the playngs
karya anak bangsa (4 months ago)
this is my favorite game and this is the best ever game
panagiotis dantsakis (4 months ago)
I do not like gow 4 because there is no story of any of the gods in Greek mythology you end up in another world how did this happen? what happened after the death of Kratos in gow 3 that was pinned with the blade of Olympus? many unanswered questions
Sxrewhead (1 month ago)
Read your comment wrong my bad
Khan Umar (3 months ago)
panagiotis dantsakis u wlcme..bro ☺
panagiotis dantsakis (3 months ago)
Khan Umar OK thanks bro I appreciate that
Khan Umar (3 months ago)
panagiotis dantsakis u will know in God of war 4..
TheMasterChris YT (4 months ago)
Kratos it's my favourite assassin

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