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E3 2018 Nintendo Switch Predictions

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Text Comments (984)
Miku Hatsune (5 days ago)
Ridley will be in Smash.
richfrommitch (5 days ago)
Did you predict 18 fucking hours of Smash Bros?
Dynastone (5 days ago)
evangelian007 (6 days ago)
I'm kind of interested in the idea of a Star Fox racing game. It seems fresh, different and fun.
pdubbs88 (6 days ago)
I am predicting an announcement of a new zelda. If they use the botw engine and some of the assets like Majoras did this would be the time to announce it. Many predicted a Majora like production cycle so dont be surprised if it is announced at least for some time in 2019.
Rick Hynes (7 days ago)
This was rank.....safest predictions ever :( Grow a pair and tell me something that I cant read/hear everyday on every site.....
Leon Brookes (10 days ago)
Luigi's mansion 3 on Nintendo Switch would make my son the happiest boy in the world (me too!!) I'm going to buy the original remake on 3ds & I hope Nintendo realise how popular it is
MisticProductions (10 days ago)
Two words. Donkey Kong.
Juicey green Lemon (11 days ago)
Pikmin please
Seán O Connor (12 days ago)
Fortnite Pls
yo beast (12 days ago)
09 DiamondGuy (13 days ago)
Super Mario Galaxy 3
Whiterun Guard (13 days ago)
Bethesda is gonna give nintendo somethin
Zio Stevie (13 days ago)
P I K M I N 4
Pelago _ (14 days ago)
They need to release a switch branded stylus with TWEWY, the 3ds version was perfect with it.
Nicholas (14 days ago)
Heeeeeeeh low lovely peeeeeeple
checkminer (14 days ago)
Pikmin 4... Please...
Trey Smith (15 days ago)
I like the Nintendo community overall but don’t be this person. “The switch has too many ports”. We should have gotten Luigi’s mansions that’s on the 3ds. THAT IS A PORT.
Krazygam3r 1246 (15 days ago)
Smash sisters confirmed!
Hud dy (16 days ago)
Das kishore kumar (17 days ago)
Pokemon switch is all I want
I'm hyped for Fortnite on switch!
Gold Gamer (19 days ago)
Shithism (19 days ago)
Yoshi's Flipping Island
Shithism (19 days ago)
Victini 626 (19 days ago)
I’m only going to be looking for animal crossing this direct
Mytmyles (19 days ago)
Dark Void (19 days ago)
I wanna see some Dragon Quest 11, mods for Skyrim Switch and a confirmed Dark Souls date.
Elijah Beattie (20 days ago)
All I want is pikmin and I’ll be happy
Pedro Carvalheira (20 days ago)
My Nintendo E3 Predictions: (1st Party) Fire Emblem Metroid Prime 4 Yoshi for Switch Pokémon For Switch New Splatoon 2 DLC Super Mario Odyssey Story Paid DLC (3RD Party) Fortnite Black Ops 4 Rage 2 Assasin’s Creed Origins FIFA 19 Grand Theft Auto V (My Wishes) Overwatch Rainbow Six Siedge Watch Dogs 2 Injustice 2 PUBG Bayonetta 3 Trailer
I can’t wait for the nx
L O V (20 days ago)
PREDICTIONS: •Pikmin 4 and Yoshi later this year •Smash 5 with Ridley and Snake •Fire Emblem announced for Dec. 2018 •Metroid Prime 4 with a cinematic trailer or gameplay tease (2019) •Animal Crossing or Star Fox Grand Prix teased for next year, but not both... •Pokémon gameplay following the full reveal expected later this week •Mario Odyssey DLC and MK8 Deluxe free Nintendo themed DLC
Spongebob (20 days ago)
Saif Al Hammadi (21 days ago)
All I want to see in E3 : - New Zelda game reveal - Paper Mario switch reveal - Pokémon switch reveal
Ruby Crimson (21 days ago)
Animal Crossing NEEDS to come out. At least give us an announcement that it's in the making! They don't even need to give us the game ready to hit the shelfs. Just tell us "yeah we are in the making animal crossing is confirmed to be on the switch at the end of 2019" or something... Idk. But something, please!
CharChar Animations (11 days ago)
Ruby Crimson i want it NOW!
portal of gaming kind (21 days ago)
Bashing Goomba (21 days ago)
Ya know what would be cool. A Stella Glow port.
Lumify | Gil (22 days ago)
I think there's a clear margin between *Prediction* and *Desire.*
Wolfric 47 (22 days ago)
Give us p5 and i'll be so happy
John Swanson (23 days ago)
We need to get a Wii music port!
John Swanson (23 days ago)
"yOHshi "
the8thark (23 days ago)
"It's also a time for now Weeing" Or should that be not Wii-ing?
sumit3175 (23 days ago)
Nothing there will be nothing at e3 nintendo have mad a fool of us like they did with wii u "nothing"
Fox McCloud (23 days ago)
They should bring over Halo remastered I mean they already remastered Skyrim, doom and now dark souls so Halo is next. Only reason why I want it is because it’s the only game I like on the Xbox that I can’t play on any on my Nintendo consoles😂
RedMage23 (23 days ago)
Daniel Claggett (23 days ago)
What if Bethesda bring fallout 4 to the switch! Also YOSHI!
Marshmallow. iox (24 days ago)
Does anyone know anything about The Long Dark coming to switch??
Speedmarx (24 days ago)
Dragon Quest XI, Yo-kai Watch 4, Paper Mario Color Splash port, Nintendo 64 Classic
Swam (25 days ago)
I expect to see gameplay footage of Metroid Prime 4, Pokemon, Super Smash Bros. 5, Fire Emblem, and Bayonetta 3 along with full working titles for all of those along with the Yoshi game. Smash Bros. 5 comes out this year so there is no way they won't show that game off. Pokemon might have it's own little event or whatever, but I expect to see some gameplay along with a working title around the same time. There has not ever been a time where a Pokemon game comes out more than a year after the previous one for the most part. It doesn't matter if the games aren't released worldwide at the same time, since the series began, there has always been at least one main series pokemon game a year. Surely, they have enough gameplay done to have at least a teaser for us. Metroid Prime 4 I think we'll just get a gameplay teaser, but not a full gameplay trailer. That being said, this game has probably been in development for quite some time now. At least a full year. I would be shocked if we don't see Fire Emblem stuff at E3 since we have known about that game being in development longer than any of the other games. Yoshi is without a doubt getting released this year, so not having a working title this far along is really weird. It doesn't even seem like a big game honestly. Lastly, I expect to see some Bayonetta 3 action going on. As far as big game reveals, I expect to see what Retro has been working on. a new Donkey Kong game? Starfox? F-Zero? Time will tell. Lastly, I expect them to show us the online service in a full demonstration maybe at the event or maybe at the tree-house. I'm expecting a web browser, Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, the works. Third party? I'm not expecting too much. Dark Souls and Doom are about as good as it gets for me.
Abraham Frescas (25 days ago)
Where you get that sick Metroid poster
godzil42 (25 days ago)
Retro Studio: Animal Crossing Prime
Theo Johnston (25 days ago)
All I want is fortnite. The only reason I bought the switch was to play fortnite around the house
FlameofAnor55 (25 days ago)
I would love to see Alex do a video reacting to the Nintendo America amiibo ad, it's been out a while now but it's just so good xD
anob anob (26 days ago)
sorry but beyond god and evil 2 will not come to the switch gamespot had a gameplay demo and it looks great and the switch is probably to weak for it
BabyBlueKing (26 days ago)
Fortnite yes I need it!
katfrog1 (26 days ago)
Pls no fortnite for switch
Evan Coakley (22 days ago)
katfrog1 Fortnite is actually a good game the community is just cancer
Robin van der Zijden (26 days ago)
I'd also really like a skyward sword port to switch, in which you don't need to fight the controls (I managed on the wii, but it took away a little bit of the fun) And animal crossing on switch!! I need it D:
Gareth Sanders (27 days ago)
Trying to predict Nintendo? Good luck!
Mike Sweet (27 days ago)
I love that Super Zelda Land print. Where did you get it?
Shulk (27 days ago)
my Predictions: Smash Bros.5 Metroid Prime 4 Mario Strikers Charged 3 Animal Crossing A Zelda spin off Mario Party 11 FE Yoshi (I don't believe they will show pokemon switch. It would be too good, aaaaaaaah!!!)
friedpinnapple (28 days ago)
Wargroove. I want it. Chucklefish seems to be doing their own thing but i still want it
Sean McD. (28 days ago)
Rollercoaster Tycoon?!?!?!?!?!
Nintendan 92 (28 days ago)
Skyward sword HD remaster.
Fawful Goat (28 days ago)
Too bad e3 is on the last week of my gcses, the whole week will be busy so I'll end up missing the things live
nothing to do here (28 days ago)
-Naruto Storm 4 DX -Gta 5/online downloaded separately...like doom. -Wind Waker DX -TelltaleThe Walking Dead 4/ trilogy -Dragonball Fighterz DX -Neir Automata -Bayonetta 3 ~trailer~ - no animal crossing -Mario Odyssey DLC -Fallout 4 -Detective Pikachu HD - Smash bros. with new Joycon colors -Xenoblade Chronicles X DX - a new zelda game announcement. -Mario Party 11 or Top 100 HD - a New IP
Dann sind wir Helden (28 days ago)
I need animal crossing on the switch. PLEASE- I won’t buy a switch until I see this.
Bubba San (28 days ago)
Switch Pro and Switch redesign fixing hardware hack and controller issues
Samjamhawkeye Gaming (28 days ago)
I would like... Smash obvs Pokemon Virtual console/GameCube games Mario (2d game) Zelda remake? Any major 3rd party games
Vector3 (28 days ago)
There is footage of BG&E2 out there. Look it up! Mainly tech demos, but it is in game
Vector3 (28 days ago)
Fire Emblem is officially scheduled for 2018
Domenico Lombardo (29 days ago)
A Zelda skyword sword port to switch in HD would be absolutely cool
Mr J. O (29 days ago)
Mario maker 2
Splatoon 2 News! (29 days ago)
King Lionheart (29 days ago)
Great Predictions! Nintendo is going to have an amazing E3!
AhmedH 86 (29 days ago)
Nintendo needs a new character. A new big winner
BennyBoy46 (29 days ago)
I really, really, really want some Fire Emblem Switch news. Come on, Nintendo.
Josh Savory (29 days ago)
I am hoping for a fallout 4 port, never played it but I would love it!
ElNoArtista (29 days ago)
Here, where the coments are
Michael Hordern (29 days ago)
Stubbs (29 days ago)
I don't think we're seeing Metroid at E3 this year. The reveal last year was more about giving people faith in the Switch early on (same with Pokemon, though that's more likely to show up) so I don't think we'll even get a teaser.
Bram (30 days ago)
I hope Nintendo is going to announce a new IP
CHANGED (30 days ago)
Hans Hendershot (30 days ago)
Slithery Snake (30 days ago)
SO STOKED FOR THE "new" Monster hunter game
P Ferreira (30 days ago)
More Labo?
jakinator (30 days ago)
I'd only get fortnite on my switch if i can transfer my xbox data to it
DutchPlayss (1 month ago)
Smash is there. They confirmed way back that they were throwing a tournament. Or is the wiiu game used for that?
Konfusion (1 month ago)
NEED *Metroid Prime Trilogy HD* before Prime 4.
George J (1 month ago)
My pipe dream is support for wii u virtual console games transfer and a joycon with a traditional dpad. I have close to $150 in virtual console purchases stuck on the Wii u.
David DeHarty (1 month ago)
I hope - Pikmin 4
Lx Frmn (1 month ago)
If there's no Shrek game revealed I will cry.
Tanner Gray (1 month ago)
I’m praying Retro’s secret project is Metroid Prime Trilogy HD with adjusted controls for 3, making the motion puzzles playable without the control scheme.
Leacim (1 month ago)
I would buy a switch only for Animal Crossing.
LJ Puppy (1 month ago)
Animal crossing switch please!!!!
Jay (1 month ago)
If Square Enix announces Kingdom Hearts 1.5 & 2.5 are coming to Switch I will be happy.
Viktor Von fuling (1 month ago)
Virtual boy 2
Alex Taylor (1 month ago)
I really hope fortnite doesn't come to the switch.
Beeby8 Reviews (1 month ago)
Things I want from E3: Borderlands 3 Announcement Elder Scrolls 6 Announcement GTA VI (long shot) Pokémon RPG More Smash Bros info Mario Maker Switch Port More Spider-Man PS4 info
Merp Bushta (1 month ago)
Arms and Pokken Support (DLC) Dragon Ball FighterZ yes I'm part of the fgc
meme xtreme (1 month ago)
Marioparty 11? as long as it's not like 9 or 10 with the dumb karts
Mudkip006 (1 month ago)
WHAT DO YOU MEAN THAT ANIMAL CROSSING SWITCH ISN'T HAPPENING? There has been so much evidence and i think it will happen.

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