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BIGGER Vs More Lived-In Open Worlds In Gaming

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Open world gaming has been dominating for years. But as game worlds get bigger and bigger, are we losing out on quality? Let's talk. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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gameranx (7 days ago)
Favorite world to play in?
How Big is the Map? (2 days ago)
Grey Wizard (3 days ago)
Skyrim, Horizon zero dawn and Monster hunter.
Varunprasad Athi (3 days ago)
Shashank Madhav (3 days ago)
Horizon zero dawn
Dan Hunt (4 days ago)
TheDanisack97 (1 hour ago)
You should have put Metal Gear Solid V with DW9 because are the same shit.
l i g h t (2 hours ago)
Quality > Quantity
Akshay Shettigar (2 hours ago)
Witcher 3 IS PERFECT! It's the ultimate golden standard to compare with when it comes to Open world RPG games.
darkSYNced (3 hours ago)
My favorite open worlds are probably AC2 and 4, Watch Dogs 2, Skyrim, The Witcher 3, Yakuza (even though saying it's open world is a bit of a stretch) and most definitely Breath of the Wild, without a doubt the best ever imo, 160 hours of pure exploration enjoyment.
Florro (5 hours ago)
Far Cry 3 did open world really well there was enemy pirates driving around and wildlife I was never bored
Jason Gardner (6 hours ago)
I would say "the great sea" from wind waker.
Tribot 679 (7 hours ago)
The choice that you don't have to be the good guy or the hero. Just do what you want... like Skyrim.
On Looker (8 hours ago)
Dunno why i like the open world of gravity rush 2....but it got me hook just to fly around to every corner just to look for gems
Forcemaster2000 (11 hours ago)
I want emergent gameplay more than anything. I want to experience a story that no one else experiences in quite the same way, a unique experience!
Trampoukosss (17 hours ago)
I think Skyrim have good balance big and lived world
Hedearica 57 (21 hours ago)
I like linear games more to be honest.
Alexandru Radu (1 day ago)
I feel like Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain is the Best Feeling Open world Game, the world feels like a living breathing group of Millitary Forts, and the empty spaces feel like a place to run and hide, like areas where you can take a deep breath, and plan your attacks from a distance, or maybe even Sniper Spots. It's not the biggest, but it is the most Unique, there is simply no Open Wolrd like it.
Mathew Culver (1 day ago)
He's biased
William Edmiston (1 day ago)
I agree with your statement that game worlds should stop getting larger and start getting more detailed. It doesn't have to be the most massive thing you've ever seen, it just has to be the most compelling.
Luke Bradley (1 day ago)
This is why I love Dishonored. Large, open level design that feels lived in and does the setting justice as opposed to a massive, dilute open world with tick the box objectives.
AntiRB (1 day ago)
I like Watch dogs 2 open world because its lived in and the npc feels like real people talking with each other when you are walking by and everyone have a job and a name and most of they dont feel the same like in many other games
Kinder Ferrer (1 day ago)
I like Eve's new eden. Enormous, super empty, but player sandboxing make a huge dent in some areas. For some reason I don't like Witcher 3 world
Floyd Pink (1 day ago)
dynasty/samurai worriers are last generation games. now strategy games are their forte.
SabinStargem (2 days ago)
Give me compact games over the bloated ones. Undertale made me much more interested and vested than Skyrim could ever manage. Fallout 4 was an epic fail, because I won't buy future Fallout games that have no interesting substance. If a game can't make me feel something other than ennui, then it might as well not exist.
Kurtis Lawler (2 days ago)
What about games like GTA V? It has a dense city and wide open country. I'm not saying it's as detailed as more current games are today. Having a world that gives you two or more environments in one is cool. I like spending hours in one and have a smooth transition to another. Red Dead did this as well, but focused more on the detail in diversity in the environment. You could feel like you traveled great distances in a smaller space. Crossing the river for the first time, felt so rewarding in it's self. Have yet to play The Witcher III, but with a game like Skyrim, (one I love) I don't want to travel the far distance in game. Always did a quick travel from A to B. Yet a game like Horizon Zero Dawn, I loved the thrill of taking over a new machine. Traveling the path needed all over a large map. Bigger can be better with more things to do and interact with, in the environment. Too real is a bad thing. Just think of a road trip. Are we there yet?
How Big is the Map? (2 days ago)
Daggerfall still has got one of the biggest maps!!! But it's kinda boring to walk across the complete map from end to end :(
Ryan Bissonnette (2 days ago)
Content = Game. No Content means empty space like youre not even playing a game
aaron ray (2 days ago)
I'd like to make Nier: Automata as a good example of this. It is an open world, but it is pretty small... However, the place you need to be is always "just past this crevice" or "just across the bridge". The story is linear but it is intense and quite solid. The minigames flow with the rest of the game (except fishing, but that is non-essential to the plot).
Mplx (2 days ago)
I think when I hear a big map in a game, we already expect the map to feel like a quality games
Hardy Farnsworth (3 days ago)
Maybe this is an unpopular opinion, but I thought AC: Origins had a better open world than Horizon Zero Dawn. Less pretty, but better side quests, and more to do.
Sami Miled (3 days ago)
I really like the idea of stop growing worlds and star detailing worlds it’s a clever trick. Businesses should use our need for different things to do and more things happening instead of our need for the words BIG and MASSIVE.
Nagol Canis (3 days ago)
Honestly I like the barren open worlds more like in wow theres a ton of empty houses you can go into that really don't have anything in them but it makes the game feel huge. or even with minecraft it's low rez and huge.
DMTgamezone (3 days ago)
I like a Open World that makes me feel like no matter how "fantastic" the world may seem, It feels real and lived in. I was just playing Far Cry 4, and I got bored of its world because of how dull and boring the game felt, all of the npc's where just there to bring me cars or sell me stuff and the side activities felt just as if they just put them there to say "hey, we have more boring and repetitive stuff for you to do in case you get bored of our main story".
MultiNotapplicable (3 days ago)
This is exactly the right way to put it. Well said Falcon, well said. I was a big Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic fan, and that game shaped who I am today to some extent, along with my expectations of games.
Modai Artisium (3 days ago)
I agree with the video but uh. Horizon has one of the most boringly beautiful words I've ever seen. I was so in love with the combat and how beautiful the world was I actually didn't even notice that I was seeing nothing of interest most of the time. Besides this really cool mural on a mountain I wanted to know more about. Yeah you can tell people had been where you were but nothing in the world enticed me. (Obligatory BOTW comparison sorry in advance) Zelda made me feel the same way AFTER I found most of the key points of interest because all those points led to shrines like man you find some really cool statues that just so happen to lead to somewhere, is it a boss? Is it a weapon? No its a shrine. Again
Sam Smith (3 days ago)
i would be happy with a small world if i could open ever door
Jolly Cooperation (3 days ago)
AC Origins is pretty big to me. Yet it still has that lived in feel. When you go to a town there obviously people. But even up in a mountain you will find camps, temples, or even shrines. Its not JUST a mountain.
Seraphim (4 days ago)
Origins was very lived in what are you talking about?
Sir Joey of The White (4 days ago)
All I heard was The Witcher 3 is perfect.
marinus van sas (4 days ago)
more lived in is the best it feels less like a game world
Liam Cunningham (4 days ago)
Forza horizon
Nathan Alder (4 days ago)
Far cry 4
Roy Margasa (4 days ago)
I dunno which one is worse, Dynasty Warrior 9 or No Man's Sky
sirraziel (4 days ago)
I reckon DayZ isn't your cup of tea.
greatest ever (4 days ago)
You should do a video on why you have limited storage space in mmos
RoryZ23 (4 days ago)
AC Origins is a fantastic iteration in the series.
Seth Kauffman (4 days ago)
3:19, whats a 'linear Gam'?
sith boss (4 days ago)
Good topic
Obaida Alsurraf (4 days ago)
Is dark souls considered open world?
Toy Gains (4 days ago)
What a pointless. Directionless vid. You basically spent ten minutes bashing DW9
sami Nat (4 days ago)
u want action RPG open world with Dual class system and amazing story and detailed crafting system . pets loot lore etc is that too much !?
Justin Dailey (4 days ago)
how do people/companies beat games and release guides so fast after launch? ie zelda botw There are so many missions and things to do and some take a while to figure out.
Rem (4 days ago)
Nah, my internet is not capped. Nor is that of anybody else in my country.
salad tf2 (4 days ago)
Honestly I feel like the deus ex mankind divided killed it on the open world living part. Everyone seems like different person actually living in the city.
Immudzen (4 days ago)
I like what you mentioned at the end about how sometimes areas feel empty because they are meant to feel empty. I like having lots of dense areas in a game. However, in a game like fallout, I also like having large areas that just feel kind of empty and dead where you find things long lost to time. It also helps the world seem more real to me.
Marlon Alucard (4 days ago)
7:50 what world do you live in? Capped downloads? Thats has been extinct arounds 2000's in Europe. (unless you on a portable-mobile data plan, of course)
ARZA (4 days ago)
Why not both? - Witcher 3
Mohit Sapra (4 days ago)
Witcher 3 is a perfect example of a perfect open world, i don’t think any game come close, it use the established world in the form of side quest, these side quest not force but encourage you to visit them, explore them obviously they can’t cover the whole world in main story line which is also may be the longest main campaign of any open world game out there and covers whole lot of the world . Where as orher games like skyrim, horizon, even gta5 fails to do so. These game have made a world for you to visit and explore but whats in it for you, sight seeing? No when i expect to explore your world i expect something in return, i want to be rewarded, if i want to go for a sight seeing i better go out and explore the real world. But don’t get me wrong i do prefer well crafted, stagerring open world environments which i will pefer to just relax and enjoy the view but not all the time, witcher also excel in that department , a beautiful open world with lot of things to do, which are fun and rewarding.
Samuel Leo (5 days ago)
8:30 falcons philosophy
Joll3n (5 days ago)
All GTA4 & GTA5
Roninakuma (4 days ago)
San Andreas, just because your actions in what you did with your character mattered and how people would respond to you. It's two generations old by now and it's still one of the best open world games to date.
Caleb_Joseph_Chambers (5 days ago)
Size doesn't matter. Haha
Dan Stark (5 days ago)
The witcher was the perfect combo
Bowman C. (5 days ago)
I find the hope country of Far Cry 5 a bit too lived in. There is too much going on at all times and when I do one side quest, it often interfere with another, sometimes important characters get caught in the cross fire, I know they respawn but that's still annoying.
Justin Jimenez (5 days ago)
This is why I feel like mgs v is way overhyped. Yes big boss is epic, the gameplay mechanics are smooth asf, and it’s the first completely open world mgs game. However, the maps that the game are Set in are probably the worst open world maps in any open world game I’ve ever played. Because of this, mgs v is pretty shit. I’m not a hater, I’ve got one of the greatest hard ons for the franchise, but mgs v was just shit.
Roninakuma (4 days ago)
Zero narrative. That was the problem with MGSV. Great gameplay, meh open world and meh at very best story. Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, I'm Big Boss and they didn't play us like a damn fiddle.
Bobby Beefcake (5 days ago)
3:25 lolololololol watched this like 20 times
Rick Sanchez (5 days ago)
How can you talk about open world games and not mention Saints Row 2. It has a massive varied open world but is also lived in with lots of stuff to do. its the perfect open world game.
GothiQ haQer (5 days ago)
The title alone was a tell that this was a Falcon video
Steven Thomas (5 days ago)
I would say dark souls is quite linear. And I fucking love it!
Just4Me2Be (5 days ago)
two forgottern words... gothic series. Thats you quality over size...
Saints row 2. Really wish it had a remaster
Captain Raz (5 days ago)
Just finished off Zelda Breath of the Wild. Great game, but also GREATLY DISSAPOINTING. the bosses were jokes. Including the final one.
Blingiman (5 days ago)
What i gameranx coming to? I remember back when they used to have goodish content. At this point its just gone down the shitter
John Gray (5 days ago)
Thanks for the rant bro
esketit (5 days ago)
shadow of the colossus was kinda cool but the world sucked
well garoa (5 days ago)
I couldn't play the witcher 3 for so many boring talkative missions, hack n slash mechanics. I love zelda games, the way the first stops you from exploring with a bunch of enemies, that's the best way to make a game lived in. Ocarina, wind waker and almost breath of the wild.
spiddyman007 (5 days ago)
spiddyman007 (5 days ago)
Just cause 2 tho
Nicholas Randolph (5 days ago)
I love farcry 5s world
Panda Jordie (5 days ago)
Someone'a finally getting itT Tastes are finally catching up. Content always comes first before the open world.
Neomi Gensen (5 days ago)
Shenmue 1 & 2, is the best game ever. enough said.
Dalavine (5 days ago)
It wasn't open world, in fact it was confined, but Alien Isolation FELT very open while at the same time feeling way too small. There were choices, and those choices may not have always been good, but they were there. The station felt lived in, and felt died in.... So. Much. Died. It felt natural, as a natural extension of man, lived in by man, and then the adapted hunting grounds for a creature from the darkest corners of space. More like that and I'll be happy. Really... huh... thinking about it now, something I never realized until now is it felt like Metroid.
GrayFox370 (5 days ago)
Witcher 3 puts HZD to shame. HZD got boring after a while hunting the same robot dinosaurs over and over again
Ben Smith (5 days ago)
I sold my ps4 I was that dissatisfied with horizon . played far cry 3 instead
Roninakuma (4 days ago)
...You realize there are other exclusive titles on the Playstation brand, don't you? And I hope if you did that, you just bought yourself a PC. So much better overall anyway.
Its Ur Boi (5 days ago)
This is why I'm excited for the upcoming Spider-Man game, the people at game Informer played it and said it was massive and densely populated.
Reyan Ahmed (5 days ago)
I'd go with more lived in and vivid
Rickydo (5 days ago)
Fallout New Vegas is my favorite open world game. (could dark souls be considered open world?)
Roninakuma (5 days ago)
Top 5 Open World Games that I love that have that kind of quality... in no particular order. Witcher 3 GTA V Red Dead Redemption GTA San Andreas Batman: Arkham City
Squilliam Fancyson (5 days ago)
If the open uninhabited world is for the sake of plot, then I have no problem with the open world. Lived in worlds are indeed better though.
Malcolm M. (5 days ago)
Fast travel can be convenient in the end-game or when you want to get a specific mission done, but I think a good open world game will make you forget about it and you take “the long way” just to see what else you could get into on the journey.
tS Tuquan (5 days ago)
I hope you're kidding when you say HZD has a better open world than AC:Origins. I'm a PS4 player and I played HZD. It was great.. it was beautiful but that's about it lol. I've personally had more fun exploring Egypt than running around in HZD. Seeing animals eat each other and civilians living their lives like we do IRL was spectacular. It was more "lived-in" than HZD.
emil falk (5 days ago)
fucking obviously it's better with a lived in world, but you also want a huge landscape to explore, why do you need a 10 min video for that?
Daniel Daneil (5 days ago)
This dynasty warriors looks like single player mmorpg
Austin Butler (5 days ago)
Glad i'm not the only one with the same thoughts on and with open world video games.
Rennikz (5 days ago)
i said this before and i'll say it again i didn't like Horizon Zero Dawn but i Loved Farcry Primal
Sean Horgan (5 days ago)
I think kingdom come deliverance was a great and loved in game world
mhJazz93 (5 days ago)
I think it depends on the world the game is set in. AC Origins works, Egypt was mainly a desert wasteland without many people to find but you rarely came across a npc travelling, so while traveling might drag at times it works. A city like in GTA works with its population, because cities have a load of people living there (although the npc suck). Skyrim is big yes, but when traveling you will meet other travelers on the road, plus there is always someone nearby making it feel more immersive. A post-apocalyptic may not be lived in as much as say a massive space station like the Citadel from Mass Effect. Again, most fantasy RPGs take inspiration from history, where travelling meant you often didn't meet people, so its believable not to see crowds of npcs but just scenery. Fast travel was included to skip these long dull travels if you don't like going by foot. Sure some games cram side quests like Skyrim does, I like to find the quest givers and then have a list of quests I've got to do. AC Origins was full of questions marks (Skyrim and Witcher too), you don't know what's there but its up you to play a open world to explore openly or play it linear and find things on the way.
CraftyFox hahaha (5 days ago)
both like witcher is big and very interesting
Clay Yoder (5 days ago)
I like a non linear dense world with a small medium size and a little bit of guidance as to what to do next
Rory O'Donnell (5 days ago)
I love these types of videos when u talk about gaming and compare well done
Trevor Grover (5 days ago)
Yeah, I hate walking from point A to point B with big empty nothing in between.
moe hedjazi (5 days ago)
I'm 30 and all your videos are amazing. Keep em coming!
Matthew Black (5 days ago)
HALLELUJAH SOMEONE FINALLY SAYS IT! I’ve been saying for a while that I think it’s stupid to equate linear to bad or boring. I’ve had a lot more fun playing games that were linear than some open world ones. It’s another case of quality over quantity really
_nowthen (5 days ago)
Linear games feel refreshing rn
Avenger No1 (5 days ago)

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