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BIGGER Vs More Lived-In Open Worlds In Gaming

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Open world gaming has been dominating for years. But as game worlds get bigger and bigger, are we losing out on quality? Let's talk. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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gameranx (5 months ago)
Favorite world to play in?
Lucid (27 days ago)
Minecraft :)
Wilfred Curr (1 month ago)
Gameranx Empire bay, Mafia II. Very immersive
Blamer Blaze (3 months ago)
gameranx State of decay 2
Necrom (3 months ago)
1. Journey 2. No mans Skys Euclid Gakaxy 3. Morrowinds Vvardenfell
Oliver Corfield (3 months ago)
500th reply
Lucid (27 days ago)
Minecraft :)
C Joey (2 months ago)
1 0 _ M I N U T E S
undead96100 (2 months ago)
Am I the only person that couldn't get i to red dead redemption? I've tried playing it a hand full of times but it just gets uninteresting after like 10 hours
Dragon K8 (2 months ago)
Internet providers don't have a cap of internet? Ohh right.. in the US they have XD Poor US
grantl32 (2 months ago)
Mafia 2 vs Mafia 3 is a Perfect example of this. Mafia 2 was a smaller map with way more life to it in a hustling bustling 1960s New York City filled with people compared to Mafia 3’s larger more empty 1970s New Orleans. I believe most people agree that Mafia 2 was a much better game then 3 for this very reason.
AndyXP (2 months ago)
........ *B O T H*
SupremeChow (2 months ago)
Bio shock was a beautiful game even on Xbox 360
Tyson The Rand (2 months ago)
Witcher 3 an the new God Of War
WyBe Prod (2 months ago)
TO- ACPRO- IW (2 months ago)
Definitely Lived in dense and drenched in details and interactions. Games that have space. But wide enough to get dynamic gameplay. BUT if there's gonna be space. Make sure it has a actual purpose. Like what if Just cause 3 actually had a 1000 player Role Play server. Aka space will be shared and experienced. And utilised. Why all the space for 1 guy? Bring purpose to space. If you're gonna go big. Like MAG. Space should be a signal for opportunities for Mass MMOs. Like make the Big map lived in by the gamer community!!
Kundai Gotore (2 months ago)
Witcher 3 is perfect
Matthew Morcos (2 months ago)
Gta 5 does both perfectly
Matthew Morcos (2 months ago)
Origins was pretty lived in
Akarsh Rastogi (2 months ago)
What about GTA 5 ? It is Insanely detailed in terms of objects, and behaviors of non-human things but humans are kinda all similar.
Bartosz Olszewski (3 months ago)
The Witcher 3 has the best open world ever. You can't put the gamepad down because no matter what you do, it's full of exploration and beautiful scenery. No game achieves that
kiwi mate (3 months ago)
Yoxiv (3 months ago)
It does depend on the type of game. A superhero game actually works with the bigger option, but only if the powers allow for a fun traversal through a sprawling city. Not to say you can't also have the lived-in feel, but things like Spider-man 2 on PS2 showed that fun traversal went nicely with a big cityscape. Then you have some hard to define ones like Breath of the Wild's Hyrule. On one hand, it feeling empty does tie into the narrative of humanity being on the verge of complete destruction from the looming threat, but there's no denying that the few towns and pockets of settlements/stables didn't sit well for everybody. I enjoyed the game fine enough, but I won't deny that it would have been awesome if you could build more settlements like the Tarry Town quest, breathing new life back into the abandoned lands.
Eddie Mehaffey (3 months ago)
I feel like this entire video was a metaphor for your D... quality over size lmfao
Layback Studios (3 months ago)
I prefer a good mix. A generally big world that has a pretty great amount of detail. Like grand theft auto combined with witcher 3.
Fluttershy (3 months ago)
I want a 100Tb 4K Mega Massive Planet with no player cap and multiple masses of land like earth with real travel time. Having to wait a few hours on a plane and every other person on that plane is a real life player you can talk to and interact with a VR headset. We need a game as detailed and lived in as the actual earth itself with no NPC's. A game with no microtransactions. A game that functions in the exact same way as life. (WE NEED THE MATRIX)
Philip Brown (3 months ago)
I like open world games with lots of nature in them, which is why I like Skyrim and the Witcher 3. Also the fact that they’re fantasy and not filled up with technology gives them a nice primitive feel. Open world games with a modern/futuristic setting just don’t fit.
Willow Hicks (3 months ago)
I like consequences. If your a certain rave or gender you should have different opportunities and be treated differently. Like men would be more kind or even disrespectful to women vice versa and if your a minority like a elf in some games there should be racism that puts you at a realistic disadvantage. Like what if in Skyrim if you weren't a human the Stormcloakes laughed at you for trying to join and the only way to join is to join the imperials get the crown and than give it to Ulfric. And if you kill someone maybe their house goes for sale and if your caught a punishment like execution. Or even disguises like if your wearing hooded robes and people think your a stranger than you can attack or commit a crime with out being exposed and no one knows it was you. Like what if in Skyrim you have assassin armour on they don't know its you unless they catch you
J. Schwantz (3 months ago)
We seek for open world games cause we are getting fat and tired for explore the real world. :/
Ousman (3 months ago)
good video from gameranx? wasnt expected
Thatters Guy (3 months ago)
So what you're telling me is...... Size Doesn't Matter?😌👍
FaceYourDemons (3 months ago)
Dynasty warriors 9 graphics looks like ps2
Viktor Bojilov (3 months ago)
It should depend on the setting and expanse of the game. Skyrim was amazingly immersive in its population, but it needed to be way bigger- it was an entire country, after all, and not a small one. Also, linear VS open world make the difference between end game content or not (along with a couple other factors, such as side quests, radiant quests, etc).
WarWolf Gaming (3 months ago)
Bioshock Infinite was an absolute Masterpiece.
Senju Gold (3 months ago)
I want a lived in world where there's an ecosystem that actually works mobs hunt other mobs, mobs having their own hunger, stamina, thirst stats, animals that differ from on another, for example lions as a species but within that species there are skinny lions FAT lions fast lions slow lions strong lions, you know? Make it FEEL like the world plays even when we're not in it.
BigBlue (3 months ago)
Skyrim is my fav I still play it now
Benjamin Farrington (3 months ago)
you have to get the population DLC
BologneyT (3 months ago)
* notices you have a video of THE TOP 20 NEW OPEN WORLD GAMES OF 2018 * The fact that that list can even be properly made is evidence of why we have a problem, here... :/
Joshua Rey (3 months ago)
I’m surprised gta 5 wasn’t mentioned
Sir Suspicious (3 months ago)
I'm really enjoying subautica right now, but I think a world to be HUGE needs some sort of vehicle, for instances, that's a great problem with Fallout, and now this new one, altough I can't wait to play it, will be way bigger than 4 but with no vehicles, so much walking! In cases like GTA driving is half of the fun, at least to me
ana thebooklover (3 months ago)
Please help. I bought the Horizon ultimate edition a few months ago, because everyone said it‘s a masterpiece. I loved the story at the beginning, but after the ritual I just lost my interest. The story was really intense at first but after that it got lost for me. Same thing happened to my boyfriend. I don‘t really want to sell it just now, any tips?
Forrest Sheadel (3 months ago)
Mindless? C3po knows over 6,000,000 forms of communication.
brennan gum (3 months ago)
I think the most important part is having world building through meaningful sidequests... Not go get me these 10 ingredients.. but quests that actually fill the world with lore and story. Thats when you start to feel immersed and part of the world.
Wolverine FTW (3 months ago)
It depends heavily on what fits the game setting, like in Horizon Zero Dawn, it makes sense that the world isn’t inhabited heavily by humans, but in GTA V it obviously makes more sense to have lots of people
Theo Ashton (3 months ago)
Yuh-koo-zuh Jake! YUH-KOO-ZUH!!!
Adenhotdog (3 months ago)
I like the world in the long dark, although there's no other people but you, there's always wildlife around and some of that wildlife will try to kill you. Eventually, you'll need to explore other regions for resources and than begin to live off the land by hunting, fishing or eating plants and this makes the space in the world have value.
Mrcoolcast (3 months ago)
Aye Minecraft is the biggest open world game!
H8rdwork (3 months ago)
GTA Online just feels bigger.
Cooperal (3 months ago)
Nice to have one of the louder voices address this for a change. Casual gamers go for what sounds good on paper and the size of a landmass speaks more to them than things that are difficult to grasp without some previous knowledge, such as number of 'levels' or folder sizes (because it's seriously easy to make a large game with a small install size if it's barren af). It's a trend but I also think it's used in ways that us non-developers wouldn't be expected to figure out immediately. The reason landscapes and architecture used to be so much more oversized in MMOs than they are now is because of the subscription based model and to make fast travel seem more of a reasonable money sink. Wasting the players time benefited the the publisher. Breath of the Wild is a game with a lot of content but hardly any content-rich locations. Everything is so spread out because Nintendo's hardware would shit the bed if they pushed everything much closer together. Majora's Mask isn't that big of a game but it is probably one of my favourite examples of games that got content density right. It feels like a doomed world but certainly not a dead one. While you can't go any direction you want right from the get go, the world is curated in such a way that you'll still find things to do in an appropriate but not quite linear order.
a55a55inx (3 months ago)
GTA V is still the most detailed and dense open world game I've played. I was disappointed with games like MGS V though, where there was very little to do outside of the bases.
youtube2299 tube22 (3 months ago)
TheGamerHenstrike (3 months ago)
Y'all have data caps for home internet? That's sad
The Salty Barnacle (3 months ago)
I'll gladly take detailed and smaller then larger and undetailed.
Nathan Pratt (3 months ago)
U know........there something called a freaking disk So u don't really have to worry about a bunch of data
and so (3 months ago)
walking simulator is actually pretty enjoyable sometimes. especially when the aesthetics of the character and the world are something worth looking at.
the meral woofer (3 months ago)
Fallout is better
Sharishth Singh (3 months ago)
What about pubg???
HJ vdb (3 months ago)
we shouldent have to choose
sSnEaKySs (3 months ago)
whats the game at 3:01?
Szchewaun Rick (3 months ago)
I always feel lonley in bigger games than more lived in
Cranky Conservative (3 months ago)
That’s a terrible example right off the rip, horizon zero dawns open world is so void of anything interesting it’s kind of startling.
Ear Ooze (3 months ago)
Remember when walking simulator was used as an idiom to take the piss out of games with too much walking and not enough doing? Yea, now it's an entire genre of game.
Eduardo gogi Spasojević (3 months ago)
Fallout 4 did a really good job.
The Recipe (3 months ago)
More lived in games are 10x better, especially city scapes
Necrom (3 months ago)
Tbh, vast open stretches of nothingness like in BoTW and No Mans Sky make it the experience more immersive, especially in No Mans Sky. But the modern audience has a fucked attentionspan and needs stimuli around every corner... Lived in worlds are good, overstuffed unrealistic worlds are bad. And there are overstuffed unrealistic worlds.
AngryPython47 (3 months ago)
Personally I'm hyped as sh*t for Beyond Good and Evil 2. From the lloks of it the game will be a mix of both densely populated places and vast expanses.
hunter (3 months ago)
a bit of both... fallout 4 is big but fallout 3 and new vagus do a way better job at world building... if i could mod my xbox one fallout 3 and fallout new vagus its all id play.
alex turton (4 months ago)
GTA San Andreas. Fallout 4
Victor Renney (4 months ago)
Gta 5 will always be the best open world game imo
The_ brokenbat27 (4 months ago)
My favorite type of open world is one that is packed to the brim. I what side quest after side quest. I want this because I can't often get games ( and am rather terrible at multiplayer ). I like to have something to do until there is nothing. That is the reason The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim has become my favorite open world. I played that game for DAYS! I hope Bethesda makes a right turn for the Fallout series and fills their open worlds just a little bit more. Great video! ☺
ryito1122334455 (4 months ago)
It’s simple. Gta5 best game ever made. Case closed
matoux317 (4 months ago)
Excellent topic of discussion. I had the very same experience but reverse when it comes to the HZD AC (or Ubisoft ). I played horizon first, and was impressed with the graphics and fluidity of combat and thought maybe it was worth the praise it was getting. Then immediately after beating that game I jumped into AC origins. AC is a franchise I haven’t really played since 3, but It was crazy how much more polished, dense, and lived in AC was in comparison. As good as HZD was, it really did feel “amateur” in comparison to the fully polished ACO experience. And I’m not even an Ubisoft fanboy, but they really gained a lot more respect from me after the close examination.
Christocream (4 months ago)
Minecraft map is pretty big
L Tyler (4 months ago)
I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Fallout. Even though 4 is my least favourite out of the franchise i still think the open worlds in all games is class
Joshua McAlister (4 months ago)
Nier, yakuza, the witcher, mgs v, gta v. Haven't played horizon yet.
Predator (4 months ago)
Looks like xsheeps masquerading to own both hzd and ac origins getting butthurted and not able to except the fact that ac origins is just an ok game but horizon zero dawn is just above its league
The Heumperor (4 months ago)
Aka more populated
zhaooooOOOO (4 months ago)
My gf likes bigger but im more of a lived-in...
Jason Rodriguez (4 months ago)
“Size vs Population”*
Austin Joseph (4 months ago)
Red dead redemption felt really lived in for me
Alcatraz 》 (4 months ago)
0:33 Open World games should have balance of both
Badr M (4 months ago)
Did you put the assassin creed screenshot as lived in in the thumb nail what the fuck
OneFortune (4 months ago)
I love the persona 5 world, even though it’s not MASSIVLY OPEN, it provides enough stuff to do for almost everything explorable. There’s already something to do from checking out a book from the library and reading it on the train to school to making plans with someone to go out for lunch, shopping for clothes and going to dungeons. It just feels like REAL LIFE, with some supernatural aspects to spice it up, almost as if you are in the game. 😂
bind the nobody (4 months ago)
Not the size that matters, it's the way you use it. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Emil Pashov (4 months ago)
Saints Row 2 does both jobs great it has a huge city full with people
Why are you trying to hate on ac origins and far cry 5's open world, they are super lived in and really detailed, while still being huge
superkriIIin (4 months ago)
How about Witcher 3? It was fucking huge AND it was very much lived in, fuckin question marks dotted on every corner of the goddamn map plus all the wildlife and people and monsters that roam the land. Yup time to play again
Sergio Aguilar (4 months ago)
MC Devvo (4 months ago)
MGSV is a perfect example of open world being shoehorned into a game - the open world felt really hollow imo. It's a shame because the gameplay mechanics and engine were otherwise amazing.
Lunati q (4 months ago)
I love more lived in.
aber dunsky (4 months ago)
Witcher 3 has the greatest open world
TenshiKTama (4 months ago)
In my opninion, Ubisoft makes good open worlds. Im on the fence about Far Cry, but when I play an Assassins Creed, I like to walk around the cities. Just strolling the streets calmly. Hearing all the different sounds and people talking; it feels like the people have REAL lives. And I dont feel "at the center". The way they push me around or ignore me makes me feel like one of them.
Kickylegz (4 months ago)
Nothing beats Assassins Creed for me. The world is so beautiful and detailed - particularly the ones in Italy and France. There always stuff going on everwhere, different side missions and activities scattered all over and the more you play the better and harder these missions get, where you utilise different abilities and game mechanics to differing degrees depending on the mission type, eg, free running, combat, stealth etc. All the while youre frequently reminded of the main plot of the story which is generally always incredible.
Rotua Frans Manalu (4 months ago)
that is why every new GTA game is booming, its both, maybe.......
Tim K (4 months ago)
Altis is so big and lived in through the other players
Aravind Srinivasan (4 months ago)
Witcher 3, no better way to define a better open world game!
Stefan ArtzZ (4 months ago)
*size doesnt matter*
Username Denied (4 months ago)
Assassin's Creed Origins is a great game, it feels like I'd imagine ancient Egypt would feel like. The cities feel lived in and the deserts do not, Ubisoft did a great job on that game and critics mostly shit on it for some reason.
RushXAnthem TCG (4 months ago)
Overall, I think I prefer whatever you consider skyrim. It doesn't necessarily feel sparse because there are signs of people but there isn't a lot of them which I quite prefer. I like being alone in nature much more then I like being surrounded by a bunch of smelly Peasants.
succthedank (4 months ago)
Lmao exactly 10 mins good job
AAAdilTM (4 months ago)
a key to make a good open world is to make a perfect balance between story and freedom
Rainbowhawk1993 (4 months ago)
Best way to advertise, instead of saying open and big or liner, say rich and engaging along with emotional.
Zombie Sniper Bros (4 months ago)
Have you played far cry primal? Don't get me wrong it's a great game but the world is so huge it takes AGES to get anywhere. Unlike far cry 3, there are barely any enemies. The game is just boring after walking so much. 1 mile walked = a 10 minute mission/objective complete.
Vinicius Alves (4 months ago)
know i think about state of decay if they 3 HUGE MASSIVE maps....
jerski naik (4 months ago)

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