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Sonic the Hedgehog-Last Story part 1

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Part 1 of Last Story from Sonic the Hedggehog Next-Gen from 360 and PS3... Coming Soon: Sonic Adventure DX Sonic Story part 2 Spider-Man 3 in Portuguese part 7 Sonic the Hedgehog-Last Story part 2 Sonic Heroes Intro Sonic R Races
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Text Comments (43)
LordGilmore (5 years ago)
so after all dr eggmans lasers mephilis' is the one that killed him
moonhead538 (6 years ago)
...I think we already know that...
Nicholas C. Rogers (6 years ago)
Sonic 06 never happened which means Sonic was never killed in the first place
Jessica (6 years ago)
Let's call him back! *everyone turns to stare at silver*
Jessica (6 years ago)
6:04 So THATS why he wanted me to kill sonic before! Oh silver im sure you wouldnt have done it anyway. on second thought... MEPHILISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jessica (6 years ago)
Fuck you Amy
themadcro (6 years ago)
@RathalosAvenger4Ever it is the greatest evil laugh of all time!!!
Bluechan1226 (6 years ago)
@blueberrygirl1226 with the whole story though
Bluechan1226 (6 years ago)
play kokoro by kagamine rin with this its kind of fitting KIND OF
5sonic (6 years ago)
If Any was there he would get a MEGA ASS WHOOPING!
Sam Brito (6 years ago)
shadow just turns around that just gave that weird feeling that he actually cares for sonic...
SadoStream (7 years ago)
man all they have to do is call the doctor to end this
maplejet (7 years ago)
@GamingCentralMaster No...better yet, all they have to do is change Elise into a hedgehog...then all human-animal romance crap will be removed.
stair_ (7 years ago)
why is it repeating?
stair_ (7 years ago)
@FatalMercy because Mephiles is somewhat of a coward. Attacking and killing from behind is an act of cowardice.
Alienbuddie (8 years ago)
from witch game is this??? or is this a serious tv show or something?
Alienbuddie (8 years ago)
from witch game is this???
The Lukezzade (8 years ago)
Go Silver!!
Damn Sonic's Hand is HUGE!!!!!!
SerenityFan95 (9 years ago)
"If you say it ecsists in the past, present, and future. I;LL DESTROY THEM ALL AT ONCE!" Silver's cool
SerenityFan95 (9 years ago)
I love Silver!
Andrew Schiffer (9 years ago)
Shadow the hedgehog should have know Mephiles escaped to warp with a chaos control before he kills Sonic.
Andrew Schiffer (9 years ago)
Nice try, That was Amy, drewski4u.
angelscuty (9 years ago)
sonic dies :o amy must me sad sad sad
Michaelmcchill (9 years ago)
what game is that?
Witleneko (9 years ago)
LE GASP!! After 15 generations of Eggman trying to kill sonic, he finally dies. Kudos to him.
Witleneko (9 years ago)
Elise: aeh! Girl, you suck! I could have done better than that! I don't care if Dan Green was an actor, he sucks too.
Witleneko (9 years ago)
I saw a squirrel, it went "peep!"
WCamicase Gaming (9 years ago)
yeah i saw one too
KurtDonaldCobain1994 (9 years ago)
My back...yard?
KurtDonaldCobain1994 (9 years ago)
WHAT!? Blue hedgehogs exist!!! I SAW ONE!
Reed Gale (10 years ago)
That's gotta hurt...
gruntguy007 (10 years ago)
once again, its the egg carier, and that has been destroyed once before
5ONE41 (10 years ago)
Could've been acceptable, if it weren't for crap presentation. And even Eggman, whose voice acting was great all the way through was so disappointing in this, especially when he's describing what would otehrwise be a pretty interesting concept of Iblis existing in all time periods at once.
PhantomSkitty (10 years ago)
Agreed. That was the lamest death ever.
SOnicpower451 (10 years ago)
The way Mephiles killed Sonic, why didn't eggman do the same? Sneak behind Sonic and stab him instead of building some randm expensive robot! Lol.
FapyN (10 years ago)
Well after this game came out they made "Sonic and the secret rings" for the Wii but if you ment a sonic game with gameplay like this than just ignore this comment
Nicolas Gabriel (10 years ago)
i'm really hate the begin of this... ¬¬
Willian Quirino (10 years ago)
omg!!! (sem graça)
Chuii碇-泉 (10 years ago)
¿how destroy solaris in past,present and future? i dont understand
Sawtje2 (10 years ago)
Omg i hate mephiles!
WillyToons (10 years ago)
A nice story, but they way it was presented was a joke.
RathalosAvenger4Ever (10 years ago)
woah... mephiles laughter gave me the creeps

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