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Fallout 76: Everything You NEED TO KNOW

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Fallout 76 quickly went from "game we were speculating about" to "tentpole Bethesda release with details. Here's everything you need to know about the first multiplayer Fallout game! Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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Text Comments (6067)
I CantFindMyDad (27 minutes ago)
Wtf is this game anymore 💔 when this shit come out
sonta209 (1 hour ago)
Its probably 76 players per map lol
sayonara kid (2 hours ago)
Some random Person (14 hours ago)
Okay thank god you can play solo because I don’t have online
Frozen Yogurt (14 hours ago)
Why can't anyone pronounce "nuclear" correctly. It's "new-clear" not "nukular."
Malik Kailie (19 hours ago)
I don't want this game I need this game
Angel Perez (20 hours ago)
What's keeping people from nuking the whole map
xXx Clarkson xXx (23 hours ago)
You obviously don't know what your talking about because there isn't any raiders in the game, only the scortched..you also explained alot about the game wrong..
DenkHetOok (1 day ago)
Take me home (Inhales) TO WASTE VIRGINIA
Phillip Hammond (1 day ago)
Zing Vitaliz (1 day ago)
I wish they did a story mode and multiplayer.
I hope there is a coop option without friendly fire
ATOM BOMB (2 days ago)
Bethesda learnd from their mistakes "elder scrolls online" it is going to be good!!!!!
Darren Na (3 days ago)
Why are they doing this Elder Scrolls done the same thing and it's absolutely crap just do a proper single player campaign and do online multiplayer separate. Online multiplayer is f****** s***
Pizza-Man (3 days ago)
The Elder Scrolls was my favorite Skyrim game
Carolyn G (3 days ago)
Super video as always! I love you and you have great content. Keep up the awesome work!!!
Litte Kinker (3 days ago)
how are V.A.T.S. gonna work?
3NDER (4 days ago)
I actually don't have Wi-Fi so I'm really crippled
SpenceTheMence (3 days ago)
3NDER Rip Red Dead 2 should hopefully help the wait a bit till starfield or Elder scrolls 6
breakinggood (4 days ago)
"More dangerous and more of a chance you can die" wow the dialogue in this vid was top knotch lol
pietry (4 days ago)
Do we know on what systems it will be released?
GamerBrine (6 days ago)
If you can Get private worlds then im gettin da game
The Pumpkin Guy (6 days ago)
I know this is a different fallout but I like that they are trying something different it is extremely ballsy, and remember this isn't fallout from here on out there just trying something new.
How long story will be is it same as Fallout 4 ?🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Soup Campbell (7 days ago)
Don't let us down Bethesda. This idea seems pretty different.
GAMER13812 (8 days ago)
Lol I got a fallout chess set ad right before this
Corbeill Camera (8 days ago)
So is their proximity chat?
dreamerdragon (9 days ago)
Hey bethesda, plz make this a coop split screen, cuz i got a 8ft screen
MasaJ (9 days ago)
So there is no story mode?
I like the idea of the game not being as grief based as Rust, but I seriously hope the building is more similar to Rust. Rust has excellent base building mechanics. It basically looks like this is recycling Fallout 4 base building, which is atrocious in comparison.
DEAD K3Y (9 days ago)
As long as I don’t have to get killed every 10 minutes, I’m okay with 76.
rdk knight (10 days ago)
Bethesda better have there anti hacking boots on cuz they are bring competitive game play to fallout... its going to turn into GTA 5 where all ppl do is hack.
Knemil (10 days ago)
Is it cross play i really need to know
pigeon (10 days ago)
fallout 76 rust game?, get ready for zurgs and raids
Daito Skywalker (11 days ago)
But do you need to have playstation plus to play online?
Unseen Gamer (11 days ago)
Wait no single player?
Unseen Gamer (11 days ago)
*Take me home.*
Tiki (12 days ago)
I NEED to KNOW more!
Redeye (12 days ago)
Welp, back to New Vegas.
The 11m Gamer (12 days ago)
Beto montes (12 days ago)
so if you start a server w 2 other people and go offline do the rest of the dozens of players get to join the server and just wreck all your stuff?
THE Darklor9 (13 days ago)
I got a fallout chess set ad
Urban Moving (13 days ago)
Failout 76 By The Numbers 1. You like NPCs. -NO NPCs 2. You like to be alone and play a game. -No Alone, No Game. 3. You Want Mods. -No Mods instead its "NoCreation Club" at a later date. 4. Don't want micro-transactions. -You get microtransactions, you buy, or no sucky sucky. 5. Your internet sucks. -Tough Shit Pleb. 6. Your friends don't play this or have few to no friends. -You better develop some people skills to play this laggy bug shit-tier non story crap game. 7. You like a rich story with RPG elements. -Forget that its an MMO Battle Royale with access to Weapons Of Mass Destruction so your Minecraft autistic creations can be destroyed by in game nuclear missile launches. 8. You love the Fallout Lore, Scenery, Quests, Atmosphere, and Mechanics/Substance that make the "Franchise". -All of that is gone, now go out back of an Arby's and give yourself a pulled muscle from trying to suck your own dick because reasons.
Hopez DA Boi (13 days ago)
Sry but it's not a dragon it's a bat just saying
imbackgaming (14 days ago)
Raiders aren’t going to be in fallout76 only people you see are real life people
Dolphin Rider (14 days ago)
Man limiting pvp sounds suuuper lame.... If they want a safe space for casual players they should just make pve/pvp separate...
Alexander Gedert (15 days ago)
This is for all my friends in West Virginia
KOOLAID5922 (16 days ago)
I hope this gets supported for years to come I can see my self playing this for years till 5 comes then fallout vault 38 for another online game
brian white (16 days ago)
i play fallout to get away from people not to fight them, now i cant just quick save and bitch slap a baby and die. So yeah im kinda mad that one of the last most reliable single player companies are dying out on us.
Superman (16 days ago)
I foresee ping killing more people than Raiders ... people or the wild life
Leisa TheGreat (17 days ago)
Online only is what killed it for me
narb s (17 days ago)
Fuuuck you tod!!!
Technicaloveride (17 days ago)
Raiden (17 days ago)
The one thing that might need to be sorted out: how will VATS work when it's online? You can't slow everyone down just to perform a VATS kill.
DEO boi (18 days ago)
It online only? If so this game sucks
Yasen Boyadzhiev (18 days ago)
Todd Howard wants to hold your hand always.
B L R x (18 days ago)
It’s going to be better than Destiny One
subsandwich100 (19 days ago)
It sucks for the people like me that don’t even have internet. I love fallout but now I won’t even be able to play the game. That’s the reason I got fallout in the first place is because I knew it was an offline only game.
Peter Love (19 days ago)
Isn't it too early in the timeline for Super Mutants?
Dylan Anastacio (20 days ago)
I feel like it’s going to be another fail like eso
Luke Secrest (20 days ago)
So much bitching and so soon too... especially about the trollers. With the size of the map and having no more than say 100 or so people and no vehicles (like gta) so travelling cross country couldn't be that quick, especially considering a good chunk of people will be drawn to power armor. People gotta stop bitching before shit is set in stone.
Shea Butter (20 days ago)
Is it just me or does he kind of sound like Chris Pratt?
Speroket Gaming (20 days ago)
I'm still excited for this game and I still want to see those new creatures
Nano Juice (20 days ago)
My only concern for the game is can you make a private game with 2 to 4 players or you have to play with a bunch of people
Joseph (21 days ago)
Aye I’m cool with it being online but how about when u can’t be online what will u do then?
Barerwolf (21 days ago)
No Tom said that private servers r a thing
I was kinda hoping for a offline mode too but online is cool
Mr•_• Potato252 (22 days ago)
Is the beta gonna be in disc or digital?
marius hagel (22 days ago)
pliz make pve sever..
There actually aren't raiders. There are absolutely no human NPCs in the game. Every single human is a real player.
The Lord Tachanka (20 days ago)
They were thinking about adding human enemy NPC something like raiders, but they decided to do ghouls because they did not want players to get confuse of it being a player or not.
Christian Carr (22 days ago)
Hans Sarpaier (22 days ago)
Looks like shit to me. GG todd
The Lord Tachanka (20 days ago)
"To me"
Bung Bung Booce (22 days ago)
Stiffie uh
Earlesstuna3 (23 days ago)
Surely if this game is online there's gonna be quite a few arguments and many friends will "fallout"
Michael Perkins (23 days ago)
Sounds super fun it’s a good change from the story modes of the other games cause building huge bases and playing with friends against actually people is really cool
Alessio Leporati (23 days ago)
No vats no looting open world items no NPC quests no dialogue no trading with NPCs charisma is practically worthless now. The game will be full of PVP gang squads who will make it hard for you to progress because they will just kill everything and take the loot. I think you can never find treasure now because of multiplayer and you can only loot off corpses. Now you will have to compete with other players. And if you play offline you will be the only human in the game which makes it boring
The Lord Tachanka (20 days ago)
Jcrgrattidge Games (24 days ago)
I hope xbox gold isn't a main thing to play the game
Hermoine Granger (24 days ago)
Is this a core series fallout or a game in The fallout universe a la ESO?
Donald Trump (24 days ago)
The title is very presumptuous
joe bro (24 days ago)
This should have been called "fallout online" cause just like "elder Scrolls online" it has NOTHING to do with the lore of previous fallouts
The Lord Tachanka (20 days ago)
It really doesn't matter....
Jordan Shield (24 days ago)
So around March next year where gunna have mega bases and tribes/groups dominating servers so solo players and new players either have to go guerrilla or not play the game? Game is gunna end up like the ark official servers, I’m intrigued enough though i will be buying
Jordan Shield (25 days ago)
I’ll no doubt still get the game but am not convinced yet, I play ark quite a bit so the idea that one of my all time favourite single player RPG franchises is making the leap to multiplayer pvp is concerning, will wait and see obviously can’t judge a book by its cover but I get the concern from people, ark is full of kids and griefers and salt levels do run high
Farine99 Show (25 days ago)
Where’s this special edition at cause ima be wearing that helmet all day
Lycan Wolf Gaming (25 days ago)
well, looks like im gonna get it then, i originally thought it was gonna be somethin like Fortnite or PUGB but seems its not :D lookin forward to it
Ice fox Sky (25 days ago)
I'm very disappointed only thing I liked is that giant bat and glowing map and that power helmet
The Lord Tachanka (20 days ago)
That literally the package...….
Warrior Within01 (25 days ago)
Oh darn , its playable online only right ?
Hal Moore (25 days ago)
0:44 Is that a tank from L4D2?
chris s (25 days ago)
People act like there will be 100 people per server
chris s (25 days ago)
People complain about how”No multiplayer” but in the wasteland there will be other people. People act like after nuclear war only one person will live.
Oskari (25 days ago)
Masterkdude (25 days ago)
Fallout NV-4: WE WANT MULTIPLAYER Fallout 76: **WE HATE THIS**
Squirrel Guy (25 days ago)
This is one of the few times I feel good about playing on xbox
KamidakeRed (25 days ago)
I understand they're not being that many NPC's since 76 is supposed to be the first volt that opens. I'm okay with it constantly being online it's a changeup and I do like my Solo playing but this could be fun
KamidakeRed (25 days ago)
Man, That's Not A Drogon..That's a Giant Mutated Bat! Also It Seem To Use A Bats EchoLaction, As A Soundbased Weapon.
silentone503 (26 days ago)
Not a fan of online only but this game might just pull me in.
Dylan.thomas7 (26 days ago)
5:40 Totally not JoJo pose
Lex Murkage (26 days ago)
They should add if your character is evil you can be seen on the map ;)
The Lord Tachanka (20 days ago)
I'm pretty sure there's some bounty system or something along those lines of killing players.
Lex Murkage (26 days ago)
Let’s just say I will be that griefer for killing, all the NPC’s that didnt deserve to die from fallout singleplayer games. I am their Karma coming for YOU ;)
Screen Slaver (26 days ago)
This seems like what destiny should have been
Porter Mafia (26 days ago)
A PvP Fallout game.?? Yeah....fuck that.
The Lord Tachanka (20 days ago)
Sean Syron (26 days ago)

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