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Tutorial: Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 on Android!

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You asked for it! You got it! Here's your tutorial of how to put poekmon black and white 2 on your android phones!!!! If you have 3g it may run with choppy framerate but the game is going to run 100 p
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Text Comments (60)
kentai (1 year ago)
ty ty ty 20/10 works
mini movies (1 year ago)
you are t he best
Tony Valverde (5 years ago)
U sould like will smith
Ka Ninja (5 years ago)
recheck your settings and make sure you have the right ip address, sometimes it changes
Ka Ninja (5 years ago)
yes nigga?
Ka Ninja (5 years ago)
i am not too sure about this one, try googling it bro
Ka Ninja (5 years ago)
its a sony xperia play bro
Ka Ninja (5 years ago)
its a usa rom but make sure you actually own the game before you download it
Ka Ninja (5 years ago)
yes you can play this on any android phone my friend
Ka Ninja (5 years ago)
Ka Ninja (5 years ago)
Yes that is fine, but only a temp fix
Tanenra Ganesh (5 years ago)
is it ok if my kainy is demo version
DJ Rekoil (5 years ago)
Hell yeah ill be 21 still playin pokemon cause it is the SHIT
Ariza Tirta (5 years ago)
can you play it in samsung galaxy win or galaxy S IV?
DREK (5 years ago)
Man i am from Greece is that working with USA rom or i must download EU rom version help me and say me your name in facebook.
Hristiqn Hristov (5 years ago)
What is this phone?
Swanky Simo (5 years ago)
JusSayin1000 (5 years ago)
mine connected the first time then started saying server is unreachable, i took off the firewall already
pj smith (5 years ago)
Do you still have this torrent?
chubis (5 years ago)
Ka Ninja (5 years ago)
you can play it anywhere if you have 3g connection or 4G which is better for playing games.
SpectraLyz (5 years ago)
so u can only play it when u r in front of the pc?
Ka Ninja (5 years ago)
@Hank Moody try turning your quality of the video down to fixed
Ka Ninja (5 years ago)
@mattman1156 I was running a crack it gave me problems so I had to buy the original.
Matthew Parrish (5 years ago)
hey an are you running a cracked version of kainy? I downloaded a crack and I am having nothing but problems with it.
Arnold Ochs (5 years ago)
great job dude i already played pokemon black on my sgs3 that way, but i have a porblem when i play pokemon only on my laptop everything is fine if i connect it via kainy to my phone and start to play the game beginns to lag can you help me pls :D
Lil Quickscope (5 years ago)
rip headphone users at 1:31
GameWizsFriend (5 years ago)
does this work on a touch screen i have a galaxy s3
Ka Ninja (5 years ago)
@xDolphiin the link is in the description bro and if it doesn't work Google it
Ka Ninja (5 years ago)
@dufydf im not Mexican or even Spanish at all.
Ka Ninja (5 years ago)
@RoyaleCafe fuck yeah!
Ka Ninja (5 years ago)
@TheChimpenchen you need an updated version of kainy
Ka Ninja (5 years ago)
@du1649318 if you cut off your laptop kainy no longer works
xSmartty Pants (5 years ago)
Where did you get your black 2 rom download?
ChickensOnTheRun (5 years ago)
great but does this mean if i turn off my laptop it kainy wont work(run) right?
ChickensOnTheRun (5 years ago)
go to your firewall on your computer look for "add exceptions" and search for the kainy you previously download and tick it and press ok or save whatever.
Shane Austrie (5 years ago)
Damn, I see you living that thug life dogg. I see someone let go a couple shots to your phone. Your phone's a soldier
dufydf (5 years ago)
dont trust mexicans
JonJon2627 (5 years ago)
You Got.The Same Celly What I Have
Kristhian Tutoriales (5 years ago)
para huawueid um48 ¡
BQKnuckles (5 years ago)
COME ON GUYS LETS GO PLAY POKEMON!! Sounds a little weird.
RedFoxShadow (5 years ago)
will it work for the galaxy ace
Ka Ninja (5 years ago)
mimi ran it over!!!
Ontreil Taylor (5 years ago)
Damn. What happen to your phone
Ka Ninja (5 years ago)
@Christiaan Barnard google "kainy pc" it shud be like kainy . net or some shit
Ka Ninja (5 years ago)
@ChuRro9713 click the link in the description my nigga
Ka Ninja (5 years ago)
@cpdude86 yes it needs to be on because you are controlling it
cpdude86 (5 years ago)
Sorry about that question already answered but do you need to keep your pc on
cpdude86 (5 years ago)
How do you configure the controls with only touchscreen
Carlos Neder (5 years ago)
Dont do they steal ue ip adress
Ka Ninja (5 years ago)
guys please show me support and check out my music, please. I'm trying to get feedback and I'm trying to get better, check me out don't be afraid to comment
Ka Ninja (5 years ago)
@SoundstormsPokemon I'm a rapper but I was raised on pokemon and dragon ball z and many other animes. I'm not afraid to show my hobbys to the world
daho306 (5 years ago)
please give us the cracked kainy link?
Ka Ninja (5 years ago)
You can play anything, and yes its like cloud gaming, it's not actually ON your phone but it's controlled and played and viewed there.
ursshie1 (5 years ago)
You don't actually play it on android. You are just using remote control to play it. That way you can play fucking crysis 32947 on you android phone :/
Mother Brain (5 years ago)
any idea how much data this uses on 3g/4g?
Ka Ninja (5 years ago)
yeah i do, search up Kanji Zim
Ka Ninja (5 years ago)
@11BigMoe11 what kind of phone do you have? Try googling it
Ka Ninja (5 years ago)
@11BigMoe11 can you at least see your desktop? Does it connect fine? I know some applications that use direct x 11 or full screen mode on your oc don't work at all. You have change the settings to windowed mode
Ka Ninja (5 years ago)
@11BigMoe11 thanks bro, I hope you found it helpful :)

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