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Asphalt 6: Adrenaline - iPhone/iPod touch - Game Teaser

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NOW AVAILABLE ON THE APPSTORE! : for iPhone, iPod touch: http://j.mp/hJ6DKU and for iPad: http://j.mp/gFlXLS Vehicle list also available: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=477859823504 Official site: http://www.gameloft.com Friend us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Gameloft Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/Gameloft Visit our blog: http://blog.gameloft.com
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Text Comments (221)
Long Nguyen (9 months ago)
Can't wait to play this game!
Jimmy Hopkins (3 months ago)
Long Nguyen sarcasm?
Michael The cat (6 months ago)
What the heck are you,Vietnamese? Huh?!
Sheikh Ahmad Imtiaz (2 years ago)
I like it
pierce yu (6 years ago)
I cant wait to play asphalt 6 whooo hoooo
deadkiller007 (6 years ago)
Gameloft will you please update this game so the car smashing bug can be fixed
NextToTheGM (6 years ago)
guys check my channel out for some asphalt videos!!!!
I AM KC (1 year ago)
NextToTheGM fake
Amgd Al-Otaibi (6 years ago)
اي عربي محمل هذي اللعبه يعلمني
Gameloft (6 years ago)
Hi there! I'm sorry that your experiencing such issues! You'll need to contact the Support Team at Support@Gameloft.com and inform them of the situation, and they will help you as much as they can! Thanks and have a nice day!
deadkiller007 (6 years ago)
Gamloft their has been a problem with new update the problem is that you can not smash cars offline which makes it impossible to beat the levels that require car smashing Please fix is bug
undertoes (6 years ago)
i tested asphalt 7 at focus group, it was pretty good
Gun_n3r (6 years ago)
@gameloft hey when is asphalt 7 going to release!!!!!!!!!! plz reply
Gameloft (6 years ago)
hey, Please contact support@gameloft.com, describe them your issue and they will get back with some answers for your problem in order to fix it. Thanks :)
Moritz Müller-Ibold (6 years ago)
Asphalt 7?
Lulu Deng (6 years ago)
I got it on my Playbook
Hoàng Long Nguyễn (6 years ago)
Hey, i got this game at last version on iPhone 4S but i got 2 problems. 1. When i got higher level, this game seems heavier and slow my phone. 2. In mission duel, i can't get 5 stars through i did all the task.
Monkeylabs (6 years ago)
Every time after a cut-scene (knock-outs), especially before a corner, you do not have the time to prepare for it, nor it does help you manage the steering to keep you on the track, resulting in a crash. There's also too little tracks to play with and the car modelling is not too great. Other than that, the actual gameplay is good.
thong nguyen (6 years ago)
@dark231131 lol, U did it for real xDD
Jobet Aguirre (6 years ago)
@hoangthong2409 hahahaha
Jobet Aguirre (6 years ago)
@hoangthong2409 I SPAM YOU :D
Jobet Aguirre (6 years ago)
@hoangthong2409 :D
Jobet Aguirre (6 years ago)
@hoangthong2409 and ipod
Jobet Aguirre (6 years ago)
@hoangthong2409 and Asphalt 6 FULL VERSION!
Jobet Aguirre (6 years ago)
@hoangthong2409 i have NPS too!
KingKobraMan (6 years ago)
metal dra900n (6 years ago)
sweet! im going to get this once i get my ipod touch this xmas! (this should be better than Asphalt 3D, that game was dissapointing)
Dan Ferreira (6 years ago)
This game runs on the device "Samsung Galaxy Ace" to "Android 2.3"?
Zan Zev (7 years ago)
I I like how the MotorCycle Wheels Don't Move Very Legit.
thong nguyen (7 years ago)
You have Xbox 360 ? I have Ipad 2 You have NFS Hot Pursuit? I have Asphalt Adrenaline (^_^)
Mo So (7 years ago)
This Game is Awesome !! Only need the cops :( !!
FutureTechie (7 years ago)
This game is awesome for Mac
patriotdawg04 (7 years ago)
@ongyewhwee. But I never paid for the app it was free does that still count?
patriotdawg04 (7 years ago)
Gameloft I have a question. I downloaded asphalt 6 when it was free(the full version) and then it was deleted.Now It's 99 cents. If I download it do I have to pay for it?
Gameloft (7 years ago)
@lFeernandol Please feel free to write an email to support@gameloft.com with all the details of your problem. Good luck!
Fernando Bremauntz (7 years ago)
I complain of the game through a lot to me! Me out of the application when I put in the race I do?
pa65342 (7 years ago)
Might someone tell me how on earth they get the video like so big?!
Don (7 years ago)
Hello Gameloft. Asphalt 6 is the best race game in the app store. The best cars, but could you please put these cars in Asphalt 7: Audi RS6 2012 (When it comes), Bugatti Veyron Supersport/Grandsport.(2011 version), Audi RS7 2012 (When it comes), Audi S8 2012, Audi A1 Club sport Quattro, Audi E-Tron, Audi Quattro Concept 2013, Audi RS6 C5 2003 Mercedes Benz SLS AMG (please please please!) Audi R8 GT(plz plz plz), BMW M3 E92, BMW Z4, Corvette ZR1, Ford GT, Porsche 911 Turbo, Porsche GT3 RS. Bye!
RandomDudeUnknown (7 years ago)
This game is free from appstore only for today...so start downloading fast !!!
James Clarity (7 years ago)
I can't believe it's free today. I'm so lucky to have it ^^
Vietsub Channel (7 years ago)
Buy a Galaxy S2! it has Mali 400 gpu kemel and iphone one is powerVR SGX 535 less than a half performance.
Gamesloft, please release the sound track for that game on iTunes or something
@sonicadx I dont like HP, I like racing games where u can tune your car, Import Tuner Challenge is an example of that type of game. People like different things
sonicadx (7 years ago)
@IrrepressibleGuile you must be like a 14 yr old or a teenager if you cant play good ol nfs hp just cause theres no tuning id slap someone if they said that just to make sure there right in the head
@020stevenleu I've played those games, but didnt like them. I prefer midnight club / NFS underground/carbon type racers, where u can customise ur car with aftermarket parts and race in urban environments at night. The new NFS the run looks pretty good.
iridiumfairy (7 years ago)
@IrrepressibleGuile Really? Check out Split Second, Burnout, or Need For Speed. Asphalt's just the mobile version of those games combined plus Gameloft's own creative twist on racing games.
@020stevenleu thats a shame, there are no good street racing games on the xbox 360 and adrenaline 6 is a really good game (the only thing I dont like is how easy it is to wreck your car). I hope gamesloft would consider releasing this on xbox 360
iridiumfairy (7 years ago)
@IrrepressibleGuile Just saying, Gameloft makes games for mobile platforms only.
ch00bee (7 years ago)
@gameloft alrightttt, tks for prompt response! hope we can find a fix for this asap! :-)
Gameloft (7 years ago)
@ch00bee Hello, Please send an email at our Support team at the following address support@gameloft.com. Make it a great day!:)
ch00bee (7 years ago)
hi has anyone had any luck with wifi multiplayer, with more than 2 players? gameloft, any tips on troubleshooting? tks :-)
CA62Mini (7 years ago)
This game is as good as Need For Speed
Gameloft (7 years ago)
Hi everyone, Thank you for your suggestions. We will forward your demands to the Development team that and they'll take them into consideration for the future:) Have a nice day!
Hi gamesloft. I really like the music in this game. Is it possible to request the sound track to be available on iTunes, especially the track that goes "I don't wanna talk about it". Thanks, also I would love this game for xbox 360
I like this game. Any chance of a xbox 360 version of this game?
Gameloft (7 years ago)
@DimDiDima Thank you for reporting the issue you've encountered. You can contact our support team using the following e-mail : support@gameloft.com. Have a nice day!:D
DimDiDima (7 years ago)
Hey, im having a terrible framerate issues with Asphalt 6... I'm running this game on iPhone 4... please help me?
jamesb131 (7 years ago)
absolutely love this game. drift baby!
Gameloft (7 years ago)
@bayonnetah Thank you for reporting the issue you've encountered. You can contact our support team using the following e-mail : support@gameloft.com. Have a nice day!:D
Gameloft (7 years ago)
@Anitrex4Anitrex You can see if the game will run on your device using the "games for your phone" widget found on our online store, at gameloft.com/mobile-games :)
Aceofsnipes (7 years ago)
@gameloft no PC?? WHY??!!
This will be available on Android, wp7, and symbian anna at the end of the year... But the game will be massive and it will be up to 500 MB
Gameloft (7 years ago)
@ericcarroll23 Hi there! I have informed Customer Care about this issue and they will contact you as soon as possible. Meanwhile send a valid e-mail address by Private Message. Have a nice day!:)
Eric Carroll (7 years ago)
How come I can only get three cars and three tracks. How do I get past that? I've played every track and I think I have beat everything on those levels but it will not let me buy any other cars or use any other tracks? Why?
TrogWarZ (7 years ago)
Great game!=) Where i can find a list of music from this game? Thanks.
WhiteAngel1000 (7 years ago)
Hello Gameloft, I'm a Nokia N8 user and I really enjoy playing Asphalt 5 on my device, but I'm curios, will you make Asphalt 6 available for Symbian^3 devices? I'll be more than excited to buy ALL of your new HD games (including Asphalt 6) that are available for Android and iOS. Thumbs up if you agree so Gameloft sees this on top of the comments!
Carla Hansen (7 years ago)
Can you lower the price of this game please.
dongymadre (7 years ago)
I got this for the mac
jullian davis (7 years ago)
how do you sell cars?
Gameloft (7 years ago)
@VirtualBilly Yes, you can see from the bumper of the car.
Gameloft (7 years ago)
@rubix63 At this point there is no pc version :).
rubix63 (7 years ago)
Is there a PC version???
Gameloft (7 years ago)
@TheSallicca You can check your achievements on Gameloft Live! If we can help you with something else, please let us know :) Have a nice day!
TheSallicca (7 years ago)
Good game! The graphic is awesome, gameplay not so hard but not bad for relieving your stress. I got this on my mac from app store and loving it. BTW, how to check your achievements?
spidera4 (7 years ago)
why were is no Chverolet models?
Dharmesh Patel (7 years ago)
i need help with the dueling races, i always get a 4/5 stars. what all do i need to do?!?
Tableuraz (7 years ago)
@stirfrycomedy Can't wait to see it on my futur Android Handset, the upcoming LG Optimus 2X ^_^
Gameloft (7 years ago)
@stirfrycomedy We're glad you're enjoying the game :) Regarding the Xbox version, I'll forward to our dev team that there are requests for such a version and they'll see what they'll be able to do :) Have a nice day!
Gameloft (7 years ago)
@mrjohnishotpink Thank you for submitting your suggestion. It has been forwarded to our team :). All the best!
Gameloft (7 years ago)
@19tvh I will forward this to our developers and let them know that there are requests for a Bada version :) We'll keep you updated. Have a nice day!
Gameloft (7 years ago)
@AnshulB1 Thank you for your post. It has been forwarded to our team :D.
Gameloft (7 years ago)
@AnshulB1 Thank you for your suggestion. We try to make our games available on as many devices as possible. I'll forward to the team that demands for Symbian 3 versions exist and they'll take them into consideration :) Have a nice day!
Gameloft (7 years ago)
@jacobbubble2 I have forwarded your message to our team and they will study this possibility :). Thanks!
drake1636 (7 years ago)
thank you so much for porting this to the mac app store! Finally a cheap easy and totally awesome racing game for my mac!
Gameloft (7 years ago)
@Sam3031996 Thanks for this suggestion, it will be taken into consideration for further updates. Have a nice day!
Thanh Vu (7 years ago)
update map on asphalt 6,thanks gameloft
ichithekiller85 (7 years ago)
Aint this on android now as well?
spidera4 (7 years ago)
Asphalt 5 is better
Oleg Golovliov (7 years ago)
How ugly car looks
UzbekQ8 (7 years ago)
ReunitePeace777 (7 years ago)
@SuperiPhoneWorld Go to the app store and make a review about you problems, hopefully they'll make a patch for it. Have you got the latest IPhone? If so, they should definitely make a patch. If you can't wait then you could try deleting it then re-installing it.
vindicator2008 (7 years ago)
Haha games like that were top notch on pc's in early 2000's and now its on a phone. Rememer i was wowed by seeing a friend of mine with a cool new Nokia phone playing snake lmao
AlaDin AbuRamadan (7 years ago)
@2bad2hack when u start a race, choose the car u want to tune and dont press race, there will be 3 option at the bottom, pick the one in the middle and tune ur brains out :)
2bady (7 years ago)
NEEW HELP : I got bodykitts and tattoos, but how can i tune my cars ? can i tune these cars ? If not, why did i get Bodykitts ? .. Need help Thanks
osbely (7 years ago)
Game looks like it spits HOTTTT FIYAAA!!!
NUT SAMA (7 years ago)
@sushilraipelly just tap the screen on the left side normally it is brake but if you do it while you are turning a car, it will drift
Sushil Raipelly (7 years ago)
how to do a drift???????????/ plzzzzzz
Brandon Reyna (7 years ago)
i had bought this game on itunes today. it is way better than asphalt 5! the graphics are a major improvement from asphalt 5. and the gameplay is another major improvement! but the downside to this game is that the size of the game is to big. it is nearly a gigabyte. you better have room on your ipod touch o iphone if you want to play this game.
Alan Tan (7 years ago)
oh, btw, instead of that ugly "nitro full" at the top when it is Full, its replaced with - you guessed it. Adrenaline
Alan Tan (7 years ago)
i love this. i play it like everyday
Ashik Sorake (7 years ago)
@pluszowyXP its under dev for android will be released soon.....check out the leaked vid on youtube......"asphalt 6 on android 3.0"
Tard (7 years ago)
Meh.... this looks nice but the best Asphalt ever was number TWO on the old N-Gage platform – I loved it. This is utter crap. Did you see those drifts? Real Racing is the only "realistic" racing game on iOS in my opinion.
Afrokid678 (7 years ago)
Why does the graphics look so bad

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