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Text Comments (2012)
Move_I_Got_This (40 minutes ago)
"I prefer PUBG" - Shroud
Slow Snake (4 hours ago)
shroud you're an animal and i love watching you play fortnite :) just don't play too much i like winning.
Tristi (8 hours ago)
personally i dont like fortnites heavy focus on the building, but if ppl have a good time, thats cool :)
Beecky *CS and MC* (13 hours ago)
Shroud you should play more csgo
HELLO I HAVE NO EYES (17 hours ago)
Zebra Swag (1 day ago)
Time to move to fortnite because fortnite is meta now time to get the stream money
FoxerBoxer (1 day ago)
DeadKnight Blue (1 day ago)
This is the first time I've seen shroud not look like a stillborn baby in a stream
PLADAPUS (1 day ago)
Fortnite = gay
Jumbo Shrimps (1 day ago)
fortnite bad
Oshen Piller (1 day ago)
Fortnite gay
I am Pepperoni (1 day ago)
Hey shroud play free fire man
Jonte baba (1 day ago)
fortnbite is trash
Smeagol (1 day ago)
love ur content shroud! i would watch you if you played any 1st person game. hell even if u started playing an RPG game i would love it. cause i know you actually like to have FUN when playing vidya games
OSQR (1 day ago)
Pause at 2:38 he killed shroud
H20 Kingery (1 day ago)
Me looking at how many v-bucks I have and thanking wow 1,200 is kinda a lot Also me looking at how much shroud has 32,000 v-bucks and thinking why am I alive
Rodolphe Fouquet (1 day ago)
Some pubg players are so entitled, that's really hurting the community as a whole.
Lunar Prism (2 days ago)
Did they remove smoke grenades? I literally never see them
CheeIsma (2 days ago)
2:33 This cocksucker names him self Shroud
Nathaniel Williams (2 days ago)
Ur trash ninja is ten times better then u
ScorpioN (2 days ago)
yo shroud,any tips on improving aim and positioning your mouse smarter? also any tips to find a perfect sens?
Kamui Ruketsu (2 days ago)
Both games are trash and set a bad example for the industry.
Jubsa 11 (2 days ago)
Shroud's first fortnite video where there is no pubg players calling fortnite complete trash
Jubsa 11 (2 days ago)
I so agree with shroud on just everything he said in the beginning
Mister Doggo (2 days ago)
WA. DU. ..... ..... HEKK
UbiRock Team (2 days ago)
LLV (2 days ago)
pubg crybabies, they think they own you. Fuck em and play Fortnite 2 months straight. xD
Raouf Razak (2 days ago)
Basically i like your energy and your skills. so it doesnt matter which game you are on. Keep it up!
ThePatuPes Patu85 (2 days ago)
50 players vs 50 boths simple
Apollo1785 (2 days ago)
I play both but when ever I play PUBG while my friends are online I go to school the next day and all of a sudden all I play is PUBG to them.
Sois Cool mon amour (3 days ago)
you're still in cloud9 , and you stopped CS GO?
Get Memed (3 days ago)
Plus from what I've seen PUBG has lots of bugs and glitches, me trying it out on my friends acc is no different than watching other's footage gameplay of it
Y-force Ian (3 days ago)
I’m really just a fortnite and pubg fan😂
건우이 (3 days ago)
This is GOD Game
Cringy Kid (3 days ago)
So I’ve played fortnight on pc and PlayStation also on phone and I’ve played pubg on pc and phone I really don’t get why people hate fortnight there both fun really pubg people need to get there shit together okay I hate how toxic the pubg community is really there both good games
DenooberGaming (3 days ago)
As a response to the hate between loyal PUBG and Fortnite fans, I am writing what is admittedly a ridiculously long Youtube comment about my take on the issue. As someone who plays both games on PC and watches Shroud regularly, I feel I can objectively critique either. As someone who plays PUBG more often, however, there are several slight problems with Fortnite that tend to make me prefer PUBG, given it is what I am used to. The main, inherent issue I find with Fortnite is the damage model and shield system. I find that the time to kill, increased dramatically by the shield mechanic of the game, can make it incredibly frustrating for anyone who attempts to take a close-mid range firefight with an AR of any tier, particularly with the inclusion of shotguns that seem to completely override the system, and deal vastly greater amounts of damage. The time to kill is worsened still by ridiculously low damage per shot of the SMGs, which can vary between 15 and 20 shots to kill, if every shot is hit, which in itself is impossible because of the highly erratic spray patterns of these guns. The same can obviously be said about pistols. I know that the intent of Fortnite isn't to be a highly realistic TPS. But it seems almost laughable that the system in place is eliminating the viability of two classes of weapons that might otherwise be somewhat useful and diversify the game, rather than just fixing a game which almost caters to the low-skill player with the shotgun. It is obvious that there are effective ranges for all weapons, but with building and with the seemingly insufficient damage of the rifles, it becomes almost to easy for the mediocre, shotgun wielding player to close the distance on and kill the AR-toting player, who otherwise might have every other advantage in a fight. This has happened to me plenty (albeit as the victim or the winner of the fight)- obviously the game isn't perfect, and owing by the large number of hate comments I will undoubtedly receive from Fortnite players, there are clearly people who like it as it is. Still, this is the main issue I have with a game that I otherwise enjoy playing.
Crivi (4 days ago)
Just play csgo
Dlihc (4 days ago)
fortnite is a better developed title i dont care for the building or color pallet so i play pub G
Ollowayn (4 days ago)
Love to see you play both games, preferably Fortnite though :)
Aidan Oliss (4 days ago)
bongolowjoe it’s funny how you tell me to get a life when these streamers and people like you literally play video games 24/7 I’m sorry I’m just stating facts dumbass
Aidan Oliss (4 days ago)
ClassicMist360 you’re* also YOU’RE fucking stupid for thinking that 3% of his money comes from YouTube do you know anything at all?! Most people make more money on YouTube than they would ever make on Twitch you dumbass. Also, why the fuck are you talking about twitch when I’m clearly talking about YouTube... I’m talking about the hate he gets on YOUTUBE not fucking gay ass twitch.... Do you know how much money you can get from one 10 minute video with an advertisement pulling up a million views on YouTube? $100,000... And that’s just one video and he posts daily, and say he averages 500k views daily for a month that means he will earn 1.5 million with ads from YouTube in one fucking month so go fuck yourself
paiin - editor (4 days ago)
This game looks like cancer but hey, its free
SGTJOCKY (4 days ago)
I like pubg but i like fortnite too
Detaine (4 days ago)
6:30 I just busted a fat nut watching that play
ThiVas (4 days ago)
Long fortnite player bought pubg because I like trying games and my friends are there as well. First impressions are not positive but I do want to get my first win before I can say anything with confidence. That being said, fortnite will always be my preferred game and here is why (for pubg players that dont get fortnite. I am also big into FPS games like CoD, CSGO and Overwatch to name a few that I have spend more than 200hours) I really love reaction and more skill based dueling gameplay. I dont want to just die within 2 seconds and not being able to do anything. Building can protect you but you can also counter it with many ways. Fortnite provides reallu great fights and you can tell when you fight a good player from the first encounter. From there its all about outplay.
Craze XD (4 days ago)
In my opinion PUBG is still the best but fortnite is fun to play
Peter Koenig (4 days ago)
not sure why double barrel tac shotty is better then, eithter shotty and a tac sub mack gun
Lizarddafrog (4 days ago)
the impules dont throw but u throw the game by doing a retarded plan xd
FranzJ (5 days ago)
braindead builders
PureMojito (5 days ago)
Everyone that loves Wadu Hek is just a really young child that thinks its hilarious to constantly follow somebody thats a popular streamer and harass them and ruin their games.
Alex7 (5 days ago)
Lol he’s already better than that streamer Ninja
10 subs without video (5 days ago)
Fortnite sucks!! Like if u aggre w me
Darkиezz (5 days ago)
- i am so confused - where tha fuk i am 4:51
Spoony Thunders (5 days ago)
11:41 me trying to be like ninja
Krypton (5 days ago)
I dont understand why ppl hate on fortnite. I mean i prefere pubg, cause i dont like the jumping/building aspect in fortnite. But with friends i can enjoy fortnite too. I think both games are great and deserve to be where they are right now - on the top.
Kyle Drake (5 days ago)
Both games copied Minecraft Survival Games
Shivaxi (5 days ago)
props for finally putting the clip that the title references in the beginning of the video this time
James Ramsey (5 days ago)
They are the same fucking game, just different appearance. PUBG will bounce back, then fortnite, etc. only reason i don't play fortnite is that lack of FPP, only reason, i cannot play TPP style games.
Dra gon (5 days ago)
The man got 32000 vbucks
NickStone68 (5 days ago)
To his first statement - it's because PUBG is a better fucking game.  Straight up.  The building ruins battle royale.  It eliminates the need for good strategy and positioning.  It removes consequences for decision making because you can always just build your way out as long as you have materials and have mastered the mechanic.  PUBG is good because every decision matters.  Position is extremely important and how you move truly influences the outcome of the game.  There is no one mechanic you can master in PUBG to guarantee victory.  But if you master building you are just a god in Fortnite regardless of your other skills.  Fortnite is shit.  That's why your PUBG fans get pissed when you play this childish game
ewwwppl (5 days ago)
as someone who likes both games (i prefer pubg but will admit i’ve had more funny moments playing fortnite with friends) i will say tha the pubg community is highly toxic when discussing fortnite. branding it as a kids games for people who are poor and have either no skill to play pubg or don’t have a good computer to run it. and i feel like it’s because a majority of the community is upset that fortnite’s gained more popularity an has more players. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Reflex Spartan (5 days ago)
I prefer PUBG but both are fun But honestly PUBG is soooooo fun when you play it with friends
TimoBaader (5 days ago)
u know why ppl say one game is better than the other? Cuz they're fags, thats all. End. Dont give them any attention
Maksgit ™ (5 days ago)
Shroud is playing better than Ninja ! I mean in aim not in building or amount of wins just shroud better. My opinion.
Senti (5 days ago)
I don't actually watch the stream but the places I go to it seems PUBG gets more hate. And I don't even like Fortnite, I just love the way Shroud plays and such
Chris Mitch (5 days ago)
But if u r sitting in a bus with kids from skoll they talk bout fortnite.
Redlytning (5 days ago)
Omg 2;54 he killed me 😂 .. jk he didnt
Andrew Melay (5 days ago)
Spin it to win it
Young Adolf (5 days ago)
MysticDude 1 (5 days ago)
id like watching u play any game :3 pubg and fortnite are good games
IMrAverage (5 days ago)
It seems Shroud only see's one side of the argument. Ive seen just as many fortnite players trash talking pubg and its players. Probably because his fanbase is mostly pubg players but meh. Its always been like this, PS3 vs Xbox, CoD vs Battlefield, PS4 vs Xbone vs PC, PUBG vs Fornite. Itll never end.
Lord Grim (5 days ago)
make video playing pubg mobile
zyke ragasajo (5 days ago)
shroud can i get 1 knife in csgo pls.....!!?
Brock Woods (5 days ago)
I can’t stand either of them, if I had to pick I’d rather play Fortnite because it seems to actually function.
GameyGamer75 (5 days ago)
i am not hating on fortnite but it kinda is boring at some Point.....on the other hand PUBG is much more enjoyable to play. different people have different opinions i guess...
Dimitris melaxroinos (5 days ago)
shroud is wadu
parentaladvisory66 (5 days ago)
plz do csgo )":
Stogian Playz (5 days ago)
I really dont care if you play fortnite or pubg i will still suport you
Marshal DeFord (5 days ago)
CS 1.6 is > PUBG > Fortnite
McDandu (5 days ago)
WTF ??? videos in 1080 ?? yessss biatchezz
Choukair Gaming (5 days ago)
you ugly boi
Panha Both (5 days ago)
Shroud kill shroud😹😹😹😹
Uio err (5 days ago)
Fortnite, yeeah. Thank u, Shroud ^.^
Johnny Boy (5 days ago)
Keep going at it shroud either wAy pub or fort keep beasting brother
J3RX Eruption (5 days ago)
Dorknite is so stupid
Rokas (5 days ago)
шрудаи ту вежис
Rokas (5 days ago)
pasigydyk шрудаи
Daniel Diego (5 days ago)
Why all of your videos have "the same" thumbnail inlcuding your face from an interview, just different positions
Elo Murz (5 days ago)
Yo da pubg guy I watch you for pubg not fortnite there are already a dozen other player way better than you at fortnite which I could watch I mean if you was the best at fornite then I'd watch you for pubg and fornite. But that ain't the case stay the god of pubg
Charles Couch (5 days ago)
I have played fortnite Battle Royale for all three seasons all three seasons I have maxed out my battle pass not by buying tears but by grinding for them but I still do not have one solo win I have watched all the tip videos and have tried everything the assault rifles do not land all of their shots in the shotguns do very inconsistent damage so what is the point of continuing to play if you can't get a solo victory so I am done playing fortnite Battle Royale I'm a come back four season 4 but I seriously doubt it so I'm going to unsubscribe because 90% of the content is fortnite not going to play the game no more so I don't want to watch it either but shroud is a awesome player I wish you continued success
CancersiCla (5 days ago)
Fortnite is better than Ros
Limp Wibbler (5 days ago)
Pubg community is the worst. I get in a game and 100% of the time in my hundred matches someone yells "NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG****************************************" and al I can do is mute. IT is annoying and cancerous. So I quit it for the much nicer fortnite.
Son Labay (5 days ago)
240 FPS ! wow my pc can't even handel 30 fps well ps. i have potato pc, so . yeah!
Peterjohan01 (5 days ago)
12:20 "it doesnt throw" *shows iBuyPower logo*
zac (5 days ago)
Banashi (5 days ago)
i personally prefer pubg to fornite and thats simply because i dont like the building, thats my personal preference and idgaf about other people liking one or the other and dont get why people have to whine about one or the other just go play ur preferred game and dont have a wah if ur favourite streamer wants to play something else u cucks xD
YEAAAAA New movie Thank Shroud
Sam Kunde (5 days ago)
The way i see it, pubg is objectively better while fortnite is subjectively better. I’ve played both plenty and I’ll say that fortnite is more fun and pubg is more immersive. They’re just different games, it’s like comparing Mario and Zelda lol
Jesus Lope (5 days ago)
Keep playing fortnite
manish gurung (5 days ago)
-wadu hek-

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