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Priscilla Kelly's ring entrance - gets ref hot and bothered

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The very strange Priscilla Kelly makes her way to the ring. The ref was about to pass out as he searched her for weapons.
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Text Comments (13)
ICEGOD2 (19 days ago)
Dat ass is a foreign object.
Silent Studios Skits (20 days ago)
lol, I recently went to an indies show and she was there, and the ringside area including me started to chant, "PAIGE RIPOFF"
Eryka Peirsol (21 days ago)
What happened to making grilled cheeses and cleaning shit lolol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
LeahSkii Oo (14 days ago)
I bet she cleans the ring after she bleeds all over it
roaddjack2 (23 days ago)
wwe would turn priscilla into paige's cousin sister or niece
roaddjack2 (13 days ago)
Jason Kreitzer oh ok see i know almost zero about whats outside the bubbles of wwe or impact. so i came across priscilla by accident when i was looking for female wrestling matches. her name and a bunch of other ladies i had never heard of before popped up and took a chance on her
Jason Kreitzer (13 days ago)
+roadjack2: Which is why it's good that she stays in the independents and Japan so she can control her own character.  She calls herself "Hell's Favorite Harlot," meaning she'd end up in some kind of storyline with Kane, "The Devil's Favorite Demon."
A. J. (2 months ago)
That booty 🍑😍
Romulan2469 (2 months ago)
Priscilla is so damn hot! If I was the ref, I would have a serious bias for her winning the match through ANY means possible!
leka nikolloj (2 months ago)
what a ass on this girl
Harry Olas (2 months ago)
Whoa.. 😓😫😍
Jason Kreitzer (13 days ago)
+Harry Olas: Made me think of the Velvet Underground's "Venus in Furs." "Kiss the boot of shiny, shiny leather/Shiny leather in the dark/Tongue the thongs, the belt that does await you/Strike dear mistress, and cure his heart."
gree (4 months ago)
Let me smell yo thang

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