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YouTube’s Plan to Save the Mainstream News Media

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Text Comments (1502)
Golden Dragon (13 days ago)
((( Google )))
Those who have the most always get the most, disgusting that now that we have an alternative media that the existing mainstream crap gets all the funding.
Love Famlia (1 month ago)
I noticed that anytime now that there is a viral video or story on facebook, it's not on youtube anymore. If I try to find it in Youtube's search engine, only the major networks pop up showing a very heavily edited version of said video with reporters talking, and talking, and talking like they do in normal broadcasts. You can't even watch the full video. Only what THEY decide to show us and I detest that. We can't just watch the videos as is anymore. That really sucks and I hope Youtube is happy with themselves over that decision because they are going to lose a lot of views. If a video is released, I want to see the raw, unedited version and I definitely don't want to hear reporters yapping about it. Just show me the video as is.
d j v (3 months ago)
From one Ginger to another....Thanks for the Heads up about Bitchute. I've just gone over and made an account (threw you a sub too{12395}). Been on the fence about starting to stream and post on YT in the face of this whole Alex Jones thing.... but Algorithms, PC-ness etc. Thanks for giving me an alternative.
Eric Ellingwood (3 months ago)
#CNNAmericasmosttrustednameinfakenews #BoycotttheMSM #freedomofthepresstodaytomorrowandforever
Glorious Robot Bunny (3 months ago)
youtube should watch out, because i and many others are " " this close to leaving for somewhere else. minds.com and bitchute should prove a deasent substitute, and with time they can improve enough to completely replace youtube, if they continue on this road
GdBiker - Grateful Coils (3 months ago)
YouTube , FaceBook , Twitter etc. etc. , how can they not see the massive hole they are digging for themselves every time they pull stunts like this do they really think that we (the feed up with mainstream media masses) are that gullible/stupid ?
Dutch Patriot (3 months ago)
My television is in my living room without any cable connected to it. Fuck leftist propaganda television.
joe bloggs (3 months ago)
Let's not pretend we didn't see this coming. YouTube will be taken over by another crowd easily but may take time, but is inevitable if they go down this road. People are already pissed off about their suggestion directions. Fucking you tube
mamasnightmare1 (3 months ago)
25 million to te invent the wheel? They can buy my car for 20 million. Well darned thats only 5 million a wheel. Thats a steel.
Gamer Max (3 months ago)
they have enough money to give grants yet channels under a 1,000 subs get nothing. Yeah, that is fair!
Jeffrey Johnson (3 months ago)
How about requiring that all videos be monetized and that the monitization be based on total views rather than the number of views in a given time frame? Also, age restrictions should have no bearing on monitization.
it is sad, but sites like BBC or any German news source all contain fake news articles themselves these days. Let's push fakeness upon the world, as the truth we do not like. Sad, sad world we live in
RC IT ALL (3 months ago)
just checked out BITCHUTE, thanks for the heads up, I think I will be spending a bit of time on there.
harleyblue999 (3 months ago)
Anything ever invented,they will seek to control it,look what they call mainstream media,10 items every news channel,how can that happen,3000 journalists at the BBC alone,what do they do.
Liam McBride (3 months ago)
Fuck this shit, I'm done with YT the msm should be banned from youtube
Liam McBride (3 months ago)
Thank you adblock
Kanley Stubrick (3 months ago)
hot button and getting hotter, ye f--in gobshite, i mean globalist - yes, you're one of them
joistein (3 months ago)
UK is Lost, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYmoCuUIQ2o
Marshal Arnold (3 months ago)
If I wanted to watch or read the drab of the MSM I know where to find it. This will fail.
El Dragon (3 months ago)
These people are evil
Adam Courier (3 months ago)
I just noticed something you can do to the MSM on YouTube: you can block them. I'm curious if enough people block them then the algorithm will push them down the rankings.
Noah Thul (3 months ago)
Guess we need more YouTube alternatives. They've already been on this track for a few years now.
rob mitch (3 months ago)
Well looks like I am sticking to my sub box. Oh wait.
Jia Senghe (3 months ago)
Poor losers getting desperate. This is another branch of the 'Trump effect". The walkaway movement is gaining ground and could be a huge problem for this program.
Noble Tarkan (3 months ago)
Um... what even makes them think that they have a right to censor even anything - once you take on the role - you are not a government
Bojan S. (3 months ago)
If the "Top News and Breaking News" features sections includes an up/down vote feature, then we should not avoid it. We need to click on every single one of those articles/videos and down vote all of them, so that when Joe Average sees that article/video and clicks on it, they will wonder why are there so many down votes and question said news media coverage. My 2 cents in anyway.
Mett-Eagle (3 months ago)
I guess that better news experience started today by clickjacking the youtube logo to not take me to my starting page but to an SABC News stream of an Obama sermon. -What a dick move.
DarkZholt (3 months ago)
It will not work
Latvija27 (3 months ago)
I have seen a lot of mainstream media videos in my Youtube feed seems suspicious.
Joana R (3 months ago)
As long as they don't keep demonetizing and straight down deleting channels...
Grand Muff Tarkin (4 months ago)
All I know is I am looking to move to bitchute and shutting my YouTube account down, I use YouTube as I have zero interest in MSM now if they start shoving this in my feed then I will vote with my feet. Give the option to turn this off otherwise FuYt
Jesse Sisolack (4 months ago)
This is not going to help the corporations as you said. Like you also said, they are being out done by people with a camera in their bedroom when they have enough infrastructure to do almost anything. More money and training is not going to to anything for them.
Kevin Hixson (4 months ago)
The YouTube golden age was when censorship was at an all-time low
Calvin Johnstone (4 months ago)
India, Nigeria and the others have great online access do they?
Nathan Duke (4 months ago)
Some of the best commentary on any topic I’ve heard lately! Love the Orwell references... “Ministry of Truth” HA! For real.
J.R. Handley (4 months ago)
So what is this Bite Shoot thing you spoke about? It might be time to migrate away from the YouTube.
Skepticon (4 months ago)
Youtube made for creators.... yeah right
i7fan (4 months ago)
Maybe this will make Trump finally step in and make the internet a free speech platform again. Large corps who handle most of the traffic will not get away with promoting just one side when it comes to news and opinions.
donnie hinck (4 months ago)
Connor McCloy (4 months ago)
YouTube’s crusade to save the mainstream media
Christopher A.N. (4 months ago)
I love you too
the SantasWS (4 months ago)
i guess Bitchute will be the next honest platform till the marxist cancer get his tentacals into it. Youtube Woke will go Borke
Fred Carrillo (4 months ago)
Facebook is doing this as well by adding MSM on their system. This is their last ditch effort to to save the dying short form news media. One would think they would at least try going long form, which is actually on the rise as Jordan Peterson and Joe Roegan prove. But the MSM can't do that either, because then they'd be forced to think rationally for more than 10 minutes per story. The truth tends to leak out when that happens, so it hurts their agenda.
WildCard2281 (4 months ago)
It won't stop the fact I won't watch any of their videos if they show up on my feed unless YouTube adds them to my sub even then i won't watch their trash. MSM can suck my fat ass you know if the MSM TOLD THE TRUTH then people will watch em but lol nope gotta lie and push agenda
#WeAreQ (4 months ago)
The godless globalists are doing whatever it takes to make sure a repeat of the 2016 election NEVER happens again. The left is currently pushing YouTube and social media companies to censor and silence alternative media channels. No wonder CNN is constantly attacking YouTube and social media for allowing alternative media channels to exist, they don't want the public to wake up! The liberal fakestream propaganda media doesnt want people to know the TRUTH! They want the public to be subject to ONLY THEIR one-sided, leftwing narrative (LIES)! Once again Hillary ROTTEN Clinton just warned social media companies that if they didn't immediately outright BAN ALL "fake news" sites (i.e. conservative​ channels), then the Republicans will win the midterms. See how dirty she plays? Can you imagine how even more biased the media would be if she were President? Truth would be non-existent under her reign of terror. I just saw where she is very likely going to run for POTUS again in 2020! She should be in JAIL, NOT running for president! I guess she figures this go around, all conservative alternative media outlets will be banned and she won't have to worry about so-called "fake news" redpilling the masses. We can't let that happen. If the right doesn't start getting louder than the lawless left, we get what we deserve...
John Hennessy Jr (4 months ago)
Kill the MSM. No propaganda.
Scott Williamson (4 months ago)
This feels like affirmative action for the MSM.
SamStuart07 (4 months ago)
Sorry, as much as the MSM getting ready for the next US elections, it still won't work. I don't watch TV and my CBC radio is almost turned off completely with their constant PC since Trump got elected.
Blaze The Movie Fan (4 months ago)
To be honest I do feel kinda bad for news organizations. I mean there is a good reason people are giving up on them, but they need money to survive.
Leslie White (4 months ago)
Now add this move to the EU move to prevent fair use.
Charlie Roberson (4 months ago)
a perfect opportunity for someone who cares about what viewers/creators want, to start a competitor website and we'll gladly bail like rats on a sinking ship... only we know who the rats really are. Maybe then that skank who serves as CEO here (Susan Wojcicki) will find herself selling her mansion and living paycheck to paycheck like the millions who used to enjoy what once was one of the greatest things about the internet.
Driver (4 months ago)
YouTube is turning into TV 2.0. Look for many people to leave the platform and move to other platforms where they won't be censored - content creators will be able to create, again, without the Soviet Union (YT) watching over them. It will turn into a leftists paradise (like TV).
FreeStyle (4 months ago)
So this is why I have so many cnn and fox videos on my home page
Suicide Booth (4 months ago)
If this works as planned all YT will achieve is kill off their own platform. Sooner or later someone with more economic savy will come along and find a strategy to make money out of this video sharing system and bang, bye bye YT.
nicedog1 (4 months ago)
I had three come up this morning. Delete, Delete, Delete!
Slave Liberator (4 months ago)
I just realized that gay rights are Islamophobic AHAHHAHA
Get Out Of My Brain (4 months ago)
Where was Google to save supermarket shoppers, before the Enquire became the model for modern journalism?
tenshi7angel (4 months ago)
Computing. Try applying. 😀
Mouse-chan (4 months ago)
Great. Fucking great. I must stop being surprised anymore. Independent creators will forever be the way to go.
Thomas (4 months ago)
Not only are they getting YouTube to work in their favor, YouTube is paying $25 million for the privilege to do it.
J L (4 months ago)
What if they spend all that damn money, and *still* nobody watches?
Lejitt (4 months ago)
Most likely complain to Youtube and get more investments from them. I doubt they'll give up so easily
Johnny DiPP (4 months ago)
YouTube has become incredibly successful, the way they are! To try to chase further & larger wealth is endemic of the greed that has taken over the world. More than enough is never enough for these "people". And, the reason these people on here are successful is precisely because they go against the lying & brainwashing of the big syndicated media authoritarians! NO ONE of intelligence and open-mindedness wants it! We are NOT puppets. ACCEPT THAT! 🖕
dieselrotor (4 months ago)
Fakebook is spending 90million to start streaming "legit news" like CNN, ABC, etc. LOL, that outta be fun to watch crash and burn.
andylaauk (4 months ago)
loved the way YouTube buried the coverage of the shooting at their own offices, lol
andylaauk (4 months ago)
Vox lol
Johnny Red (4 months ago)
Refuse to have anything to do with TV and other mainstream media. Isolate them and let them wither. They are so disconnected from reality that they are irrelevant.
Johnny Red (4 months ago)
And now FB is doing the same thing to the tune of $90 million : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjhUtfpP5k8
Cousin (4 months ago)
It's funny how well just telling the TRUTH works...
JawZ (4 months ago)
insanity everywhere. something new needs to be erected from the ashes of youtube.
OpenMusic (4 months ago)
This is no joke guys.Seriously, just go and search a key term like Trump or Brexit, all you get is pages and pages of MSM garbage. I have gone through multiple pages and not an independent creator in sight.
Chris Jokinen (4 months ago)
I am for this, provided they can not turn off the comments. That should make for some entertaining reading.
Jason Forbes (4 months ago)
Has anybody tried to report a MSM video? I tried and it does nothing the link doesn't work. I will enjoy watching YouTube go down the same path as the MSM and dinosaurs.
Henry O'Mad (4 months ago)
rgd963 (4 months ago)
why not put the young turds in charge
luvhungryman (4 months ago)
Do people who work for these organosations sleep at night? I sincerely hope not!
luvhungryman (4 months ago)
So lies are normal now?
luvhungryman (4 months ago)
Mainstream,, blah blah blah! buzzzzzzzzzzzz words wont help you, you ridiculous easily offended boring humourless infidels!!
luvhungryman (4 months ago)
More cat and kitten and makeover vids please!!! I cannot wait!!
Kitpack (4 months ago)
Never throw money and resources into a failing business as they normally have a good reason to fail. The only thing that can save a failing business is new management or a change in tactics/products.
Ingerimm (4 months ago)
YouTube is just going to end up like all the rest, not trusted by the public. It will eventually run its course and fall to the wayside. No worries though, because as fast as they sink one ship, they will build/find/steal another to jump on and so the process goes.
Jekyll Park (4 months ago)
Names like Pravda keep coming up…
DAVID HANLON (4 months ago)
Just block MSM from your Youtube feed by clicking on the three buttons on the right of the video icon when you place your cursor over it. Then all the investment they pour into it will be for naught. Youtube is looking a lot like old-style media just begging for disruption.
Yuusha-MOBA-GAMING (4 months ago)
Why? What is the point of youtube if they're just going to kill their own independent video makers?
Phil Blagden (4 months ago)
The majority of mainstream news is globalist propaganda. BBC, CNN, Channel 4 are the worst for spreading blatantly false stories. There is hours of footage of CNN staging events, not to mention their cooperation with the intelligence community in hiring military and CIA agents specialising in psy-ops.
Tony Randall (4 months ago)
Nailed it.
Krusha Grape (4 months ago)
The libertarians are going to have a hard time processing this one.
jesperFrost (4 months ago)
I’m beginning to move to bit chute.
Aldrick Fon Dracul (4 months ago)
It's the 1920's. The Model T is in full vogue. The Ford motor company announces that they will be scaling back automobile production and spending a significant chunk of profits to partner with the horse and buggy industry, all in an effort to "provide trusted transportation options to Ford's customer base". Moreover, Ford execs have decided that they don't like the way assembly line workers assemble things, so they will be fastening led weights onto every factory worker's limbs. You know, to prevent "bad actors" from gumming up the works. (If Google ran the auto industry.)
J L Sky Media (4 months ago)
I watch Fox news and am very happy with their take on things. If you are not subb'ed to Fox you should be, their bias is bias towards sanity and away from the loony left
MCADHD666 (4 months ago)
Like and comment for you. To fuck the MSM.
Galen Thurber (4 months ago)
I'm calling it, Soros will buy YouTube
Whatever4690 (4 months ago)
Guessing the comments will be turned off on these news articles.
WOKEN'T (4 months ago)
5:00 And everyone will turn that shit off immediately, if possible ... so it won't be. "Here's another thing no one wants or asked for! Love, YouTube." Bitchute, you say ... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
WOKEN'T (4 months ago)
Soooooooooo ... the MSM will now be massively unprofitable, treat it's contributors like shit and become pathetically PC and gynocentric. Soooooooooo ... more of the same. Hire some more fat, ugly, incompetent Polack cunts, YouTube!
W McKee (4 months ago)
I'm of the opinion that there could be a YouT-exit. Existing channels posting, idk, once a week for 3 months or so. Stating they'd moved primarily to Minds or another similar services. Make YouTube about as relevant as MySpace. Remind "TPTB" that you play with fire, i.e. people's livelihoods, they've got no choice but to abandon ship. Users and their followers could make the new platforms the "new YouTubes" free of big business 'dicksuckery'. I see the problems, of course but if _absolutely everyone_ starting with PewdePie, etc. was doing it, would not then youScrewed have to be forced to capitulate or die? Just my fourteen cents.
Purebred0Chaos (4 months ago)
Easy now lol i watch youtube on my television.
Keshad Davis (4 months ago)
Damn the second you said 25M my video started buffering.
betondo fukutu (4 months ago)
You can buy very expensive, gold-plated garbage cans and there'll still be garbage in it. The only victory sure victory is for YT to outright ban channels they don't like.
Billy Holmes (4 months ago)
So YouTube is gonna be Captain save a hoe for main stream media

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