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Citrece Fox-Birdwell preparing for Legends Football League play

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Atlanta Steam defensive back Citrece Fox-Birdwell working to get ready to play Chicago Bliss in both regular and post seasons.
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Text Comments (31)
Roque Santos (25 days ago)
KEN L (2 months ago)
I'm in ❤
mark marrow (2 months ago)
Love black woman..damn
nick beam (3 months ago)
I like the tall girls with the big juicy, luscious booties!!!
Hustle4theMoney (3 months ago)
Jesus Christ
WINYBOYARD TV (3 months ago)
Isaac Cristan (3 months ago)
Damn !!! My heart just skipped a beat watching this
rebellifemedia (3 months ago)
Don't pass out. Thanks for watching
Reginald Nixon (3 months ago)
Girls who play football are the new sexy 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Miguel Rebollar (3 months ago)
This is so hard to pick all asses are fine as hell I
Jeff Jones (3 months ago)
Look at that booty shaking as they run and dance...DAYUM
Leo Bookman (3 months ago)
I don't understand how men can be gay! Look at those amazing creations!
Yadada (3 months ago)
If I was a billionaire. I'd want them all to be my girlfriends. On a payroll of course. Million a year for each.
Sir Peeps-A-Lot (3 months ago)
Yadada reason I play lottery. I win I’m following Hugh. I’m building a Trickboy Mansion. Ass everywhere. All mine
Mix Master (3 months ago)
These coaches are just trying to fuck
Hollywood Hawkins (3 months ago)
If a tranny even mentions this league.. An assassin will have a new assignment.
Once A Marine (3 months ago)
Some of these girls can really play, even though their beautiful figures are nice to look at, can we get them proper uniforms so we can respect what they are doing more instead of just staring at the booties.
Randy ThirdSun (3 months ago)
Wow these are my dreamwomen!
Me 93 117 (4 months ago)
Where can i watch these games.
Tez E (4 months ago)
Brittanya Razavi should play
Richard Francis (4 months ago)
My dick is so long and hard for them.
P S (4 months ago)
who is that big tall girl comes to screen at 0.03 from the right?
Miguel Gamez (4 months ago)
Hello where you from ferrell
P S (4 months ago)
thanx for the name and video. she is great
rebellifemedia (4 months ago)
Arryana Barton is her name. Here is more of her: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lE9zV_JQHmc
Richard Francis (4 months ago)
Good question.
LazarusStirs (4 months ago)
Seriously, this raw video is the best. Put up every second you have of it. Thanks.
Cnote Ali (4 months ago)
I'm in love with Brittany Demmery💞💘
Ty Randolpg (4 months ago)
Who was the girl at the end of the video?
superkane (4 months ago)
tell us that you have much much more of these candid moments.....these are gold
Cnote Ali (4 months ago)
Atlanta steam has the finest team in the lfl !

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