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download best naruto game 1gb only pc 2017

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don't forget to subscribe and like my page https://www.facebook.com/CH7AHMED new video tutorial better than this about how to play naruto impact on pc http://adf.ly/144i7g download the game from here http://adf.ly/ulQHo sonicstage http://adf.ly/ulQJI
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Text Comments (220)
Gamer VG1S (6 months ago)
Win xp can play?
mounir dbz (1 year ago)
music name ???
Mythical Ninja (1 year ago)
Can we play this game as 1p &2p vs cpu or somethin'?
Macho Band (1 year ago)
umm ey im already playing it on phone why would i need it on pc then xDD
Treaon The Gamer (1 year ago)
Maybe cause PC's can run the game faster and higher settings than Phones
Afro (1 year ago)
U could just install ppsspp then download the rom its like 10 times easier that way
Văn Nguyễn (1 year ago)
i can't install sonic stage
D.KONO_HA (1 year ago)
رائع واصل
Black Muffin (1 year ago)
How can i unlag it cuz its lagging
badreddine laifa (2 years ago)
slam tanks
Taric In a nutshell (2 years ago)
i install but no WIN RAR . THIS IS A CRACK
KenjiD5 (3 years ago)
can i fullscreen
KenjiD5 (3 years ago)
i heard this is not working.. im still not sure if i will download that.. i have a psp but i dont want to pay on downloaders to have this game on my psp.. and other problem is my analog is not working properly. so i decide to install this on my pc.. is this working and nonlaggy like other ported console game or this is laggy? just reply ASAP so i know if i will download this form my pc or psp
freddy SHAMS (4 years ago)
download the iso naruto impact and the psspp emulator and launch the game
Irving#11 (4 years ago)
go to coolrom easy as shit
Cosl Yo (4 years ago)
hey can some one help me with the sonic stage are there any alternatives for it?
Stupid Youtubers (4 years ago)
thx for your help but one thing what is the serial key i know it but how you didn't need one this vid is old for you 2014 users but thxs for your help with me 
Gusts Šulcs (4 years ago)
It says that i dont have the right verson of java! WTF?! help!1!
Dante Namikaze (4 years ago)
why Naruto Shippuden is not going to open i installed the 3 programs then the Naruto Shippuden is not opening please help !! 
singh anmol (4 years ago)
work this on ppsspp???? tell me plzzz i will wait
singh anmol (4 years ago)
no its ok i have it thnx
Ahmed Essam (4 years ago)
singh anmol you can play naruto ultimate ninja impact on ppsspp but when you load browesr you can find the game in umd file after setup the game
Dafit Efendi (4 years ago)
thx for share.. :)
INFERNO KILLER (4 years ago)
big fucking frad i got wrong files u asswholes its not the same as u got
its say Network error but why
yousef taha (4 years ago)
you are the man .. you are the fucking man 
W KingdomSlayer (4 years ago)
YES!!!!!!!!!! Finally someone with sense !! Thanx for the Vid man ;)
mario tripa (4 years ago)
i have a error of sonic stage of instal :(
Stefan Doronjski (4 years ago)
and how to save a game??? when i click yes i turned off the game and when i entered again at load game it was empty
Stefan Doronjski (4 years ago)
how to set quality...it laggs too much when more than 10 opponents show up
Lamb Family (4 years ago)
sonic stage was stopping for me and saying "can't retreive data" please help
WOlf Production (4 years ago)
the same thing for me
Altin (5 years ago)
Hamza Inoubli (5 years ago)
naruto nenja IIIV
Sauqie Cakue (5 years ago)
How to fix the lag ?? it was lag when im playing it :(
amjad Mousta (5 years ago)
salam i have install the game in my hp2000 pc but the game work slowly i don't know why i think i didn't install sonicstage because i don't have internet can you anser me plzzz
Zeewan Limbu (5 years ago)
plz send me the link to download xuggle
zouhal kassabi (5 years ago)
thanx man that helped me a lot
flyssss (5 years ago)
I fucking love you!
dexter soronio (5 years ago)
all download link have a survey....
Mola Dealove (5 years ago)
i can't install SonicStage.exe the note is appeared and ask me check my internet connection, but everything is ok about my internet connection. then i try again, but still can't install.. can give a reason ?
ShiVA sHIvu (5 years ago)
when trying to install sonicstage , it is shutting off.. could you please help me with that
ShadowRioGamer (5 years ago)
Thank you bro :D
Ryan Doan (5 years ago)
At 1:30 What does it say?
Dwi Rizki Kiki (5 years ago)
Sonic Stage whether it can in Windows 8
Samir Mustafa (5 years ago)
Hey when i try to Load this UMD file it doesnt work and it also have no Disk ID or Firmware x.x Please help ??
DanteSparda (5 years ago)
thanks a lot dude :D !
Ravindu Prasanjith (5 years ago)
when i enter the username it closes pls help
Cente Dames (5 years ago)
HEY MEN it doesnt work please help me?
Miloš Drobnjak (5 years ago)
i have i question.. when i download it, from this torrent, its not same as yours. i only got iso file to open it with daemon tools. help pls
JustAGamer (5 years ago)
Best game ever!!!!!!!!!
Nguyễn Xuân Thu (5 years ago)
I don't understand 2:23 how to open java and naruto :(
Aashov Baniya (5 years ago)
81756-81965-09817-01876-81648 here u go..code
Aashov Baniya (5 years ago)
where is new video...
NaCoTo223 (5 years ago)
guys can someone plssss help, when i run start-windows x86 it says that it cant find the specified registry key or value.I tried to reinstall java and the hole game but it dident work, pls help
TheMalGan Dannte (5 years ago)
man i do like 2:23 but when i press run ... nothing happened :|
AEC (5 years ago)
I can't sauvegarde !! can you help me ?
Kris Wingates Hellsing (5 years ago)
hey what`s the serial number ?! :S
J-M-X (5 years ago)
thanks yo
syybie karim (5 years ago)
I want DataEngine.dll I want that so muuuccch (DataEngine.dll)
White Pantera (5 years ago)
thnx for this! man!
White Pantera (5 years ago)
can i play other games for emu
Plank Gang (5 years ago)
Does it work?
Sravan Kumar (5 years ago)
the one u showed in the video and the one that i downloaded from the link u have given is different. it is asking serial no.. can u help me please
YapHetZ ShadowfieldPro (5 years ago)
Damm I have a problem Why its so lagging -_-
YapHetZ ShadowfieldPro (5 years ago)
81756-81965-09817-01876-81648 :))
YapHetZ ShadowfieldPro (5 years ago)
81756-81965-09817-01876-81648 Please use this serial :"> I hope I helped you :">
Duc Hoang (5 years ago)
lucifier charade (5 years ago)
i installed the game as u described in your video but when i open the game from the shortcut on desktop, dos window shows "running jpcsp 32-bit error occurred during intialisation of vm could not reserve enough space for object heap could not create the java virtual machine a fatal exception has occured.program will exit" please help me with this...thank u..
sư cọ (5 years ago)
me too. i can install sonicstage and i have an error like that
Alex jacob (5 years ago)
man i can't install sonicstage!! i m running the sonicstage.exe and anerror occurs saying: "Data was unable to be retrieved fromserver.. please check your internet connection and try again but there is no problem with my internet connection.! PLEASE HELP AS FAST AS POSSIBLE!! I M ADDICTED TO NARUTO!
me pide contraseña cual es porfabor
scoppato46 (5 years ago)
sorry but where i cech the enter passwoard?
Marko Vukicevic (5 years ago)
ti shvatas da on nezna srpski
Kareem ElZeny (5 years ago)
could i install it at C paritions ??
Kristijan Mitrovic (5 years ago)
Kristijan Mitrovic (5 years ago)
Meni nece da otvoti Naruto Shippuden ikonu sve ostalo instaliram i opet nece
Tiffany Roberts (5 years ago)
after i install it and load it won't run??? help me please
i Dont have docs too
Hengga TJ (5 years ago)
Bruno Andrade (5 years ago)
Notice to Customers using SonicStage® CP Software - Discontinuation of Download Service for SonicStage® CP Software (SonicStage Version 4.3) !! how can i instal Sonicstage now?
يعطيك العافيه يا احمد لكن سويت كل حاجه وتطلعلي مشكله لما اشغل الinstall
Rev3rb_AON (5 years ago)
Now the game won't come up
Rev3rb_AON (5 years ago)
It won't install sonic stage, it keeps saying check your Internet access
manish yadav (5 years ago)
goto properties and convert dat file to exe
ismaeel abdo (5 years ago)
i have a problem, after installing everything when i press run in the java program it doesn't open the game
Laert Gjata (5 years ago)
Now i have a problem with the sound so the sound of the wind or others is ok but the sound of the characters does not work
Laert Gjata (5 years ago)
nevermind man i just fixed it :)
Laert Gjata (5 years ago)
hey i installed it and when i open it the game stars well with the icaon of theg mae at the side but then it happens smth and th image is zoomed and i cant fix it help me plzz
ADEL SAYED (5 years ago)
Ppig Klivn (5 years ago)
me too
Ppig Klivn (5 years ago)
why i downloaded it in isos,but you have the .exe?
Ppig Klivn (5 years ago)
download winrar, right click,add to archive,then open it ,you see an isos,use the sonic stage to start the isos
Ppig Klivn (5 years ago)
fuck you,any secret cant say it here?
tarun ponneri (5 years ago)
bro when i download the game it come up with Roxio media image program or something, where are the files, its a program that can burn stuff on discs, -.- where is the game
Zer0 Tiper (5 years ago)
hey i download game and when i click it's say runing Jpcp 32bit and disappears more and nothing happens even to load anything. pls can you help me??
Bust3rnaut (5 years ago)
Thanks dude YouTube realy helped me out :D
LigerZeru (5 years ago)
Hey dude, I cant find a Dataengine.dll for the game to copy into the folder? Where do I get one?
Jack Trmple (5 years ago)
dude i don't know where to download Xuggle
Legendary Rab (5 years ago)
bro.. need some help,, the naruto shippuuden is in blank paper logo,, how can i install it?
Da Do (5 years ago)
Da Do (5 years ago)
I don't have Docs,please help!
Christian Uchiwa (5 years ago)
requirement ?
Amitoz Gill (5 years ago)
thanks it was very very helpful thanks very much great work man
Fady MUFC (5 years ago)
I INSTALLED THE GAME AND IT WORKS.....but there is no WORDS OR VOICES....please help!!

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