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a b (3 days ago)
All trannys, look at their hands, and Adams apples.
parvin pal (3 days ago)
they nothing but whores and should be in a fucking strip club they are a disgrace to sports and women and should be locked up in hell , I have two daughters and this is sick really sick my kids go on utube and if they saw this shit they would be like mum what the hell is this but then not everyone is a Angel, going to cinema ...fun! doing some real sports ....fun! watching big arses .... not fun!!! bet they get paid ALOT to do that because I wouldn't ... never
parvin pal (3 days ago)
what the fuck is this???? some sports porn ???? this is disgusting and sexist towards other women who are not perfect like them do these fucking bimbos have any dignity? and who is watching them or what are they watching their fucking fat arses or the game??? If my two daughters were doing that I'd beat them up but then my two daughters have dignity. And these bitches when they get old wont be showing their saggy bums
Tommy Tucker (3 days ago)
When the video thumbnail is not clickbait :)
rebellifemedia (3 days ago)
Not about click baiting here! Thanks for watching!
MultiSuiton (3 days ago)
666.666 views lmao
J S (3 days ago)
I want to drink their pussy sweat.
Phoebe (3 days ago)
Charles Martel (3 days ago)
Wow , I bet this drives the social justice warriors crazy 😜
md fulca islam (3 days ago)
ha ha ha
Arekinable (3 days ago)
Its like football... except the ball goes backwards more than forwards.
Mahmoud Aloulou (3 days ago)
Awesome D
Steven Simmons (3 days ago)
I want to be the receiver ☺
cosmosofinfinity (3 days ago)
For some reason, football topic is on the front page of my YouTube. But even weirder than that... I had reason to click on something in it. Am I going to have to start watching football now?
Your Average Guy (3 days ago)
0:23 Damn I'd love to be all up in that.
chinitos74 (3 days ago)
Degrading America at its best. Sex sells
Philip Baldner (3 days ago)
and men want to complain bout not having enough padding
Setnakhte Amun Re (3 days ago)
Who ever made this is a pervert, and i bet alot of boners happen at that place.
Fortnite F1N1X (3 days ago)
Dude their ass covers up 50% of the screen.
Fortnite F1N1X (3 days ago)
Who also click bc of the thumbnail?
Valla ya ablaron
dino cali (3 days ago)
Sexy football game~~
JSPH : (3 days ago)
Where is this?! Shut up and take my money !!
Ryan Tracey (3 days ago)
Watching women play tackle football is so hot
Justin Dickens (3 days ago)
Ryan Tracey Damn Straight! Got my fishook wet...yeah~~~!
Arthur Manalo (3 days ago)
All I see is tits and asss. Not complaining but Lovin it.
Fresno Pete Games (3 days ago)
So...which one is the tight end?
Ham Chilli (3 days ago)
i love watching for... how good they are at football?
MIKE BARAN (3 days ago)
Gotta Love Fit Athletic Females..
Imagine refing this. How wierd it must be to think this is where you ended up.
Ricardo 2.1 Andrango (3 days ago)
Jordan mercado (3 days ago)
Why The HELL did I watch dis
Michael Serby (3 days ago)
I'd like to tackle the
Sersha Donnalene (3 days ago)
Bikini football? What next?
Popaholics RUs (3 days ago)
D L G (3 days ago)
Clinically Insane (3 days ago)
nice asses
Feed Me (3 days ago)
Man she got a fat butt
Me mysterious Mystery (3 days ago)
Is this a real sport?
Bazooka Joe (3 days ago)
Aside from being half naked, these girls can actually play the sport.
Nikki Lazy (3 days ago)
I love the effort and how they played the game. Now all they need is an actual uniform so that they can be taken seriously
Thor, Son of Odin (3 days ago)
What the fuck did I just watch?
Clark Kent (3 days ago)
Those guys look funny.
kevin harrison (3 days ago)
I may never watch the nfl again.
El futbol norteamericano es para mujeres
Maria (4 days ago)
Alien (4 days ago)
Number 3 could do with a larger pair of panties, I mean, that looks disgusting the way she is bulging out, I have to wonder why they Feminists and the Libtards aren't complaining about this.
Matthew (4 days ago)
I'm not entirely sure if this is absolutely amazing, or utterly disgraceful. Probably both.
Steve Austin (4 days ago)
I would guess that all the dikes that are in the league are having a field day
Steve Austin (4 days ago)
Nobody gives a crap who wins it's all about the round muffin and the big titties
Tony Arevalo (4 days ago)
james ark (4 days ago)
This is not good for a man to look
Hirako Shinji (4 days ago)
Is this really a sport ???? i love america
E Tek (4 days ago)
Two funny observations 1) The whole stands are a bunch of horn dog guys. 2) Where the hell are these girls from?? I’ve never seen this many females that like football. Normally, females will watch football to appease her significant other or some guy she’s interested in.
Mohamed Ali (4 days ago)
all those nice asses
jimmy james (4 days ago)
dudes or dikes? dude waist Lenny dykstra mentality!!!! estrogen whormones is mfer!!!
wivese86 (4 days ago)
Respect, these beautiful ladies play hard. Good football. No judgment necessary.
jonyskinz philly (4 days ago)
I cant take this serious..but these chicks are really serious..good for them
Caleb Mitchell (4 days ago)
Show they generate shore village circumstance since discover works lamp climb toy.
Collins Ongaya (4 days ago)
These women look pretty tall.
Matthew Johnson (4 days ago)
They are trying to kill each other. This is what football used to look like and they are wayyyyyyyy better looking. Best of both worlds.
Troy McClure (4 days ago)
Holy shit this is degrading.
blow me (4 days ago)
Can they humiliate them selfs any more? You wanna play a sport,fine. But why run around like a stripper? Dumb ass bitches and whoever created this idea is a fag and a half.
Chris Powell (4 days ago)
wow these girls hit hard
Blue-Eyed Pagan (4 days ago)
....it must be wonderful to be a quarter back "Sacked" by that lot😵
Blue-Eyed Pagan (4 days ago)
You lucky people to have a game like that to go to. I wonder if my club Manchester City may try this out......if only to watch those beautiful ladies. As any hot blooded male like myself, it would be to watch the game and the technicalities involved. So to speak 😉
Eli Lili (4 days ago)
No offense but they need to make male players wear these uniforms too. I would actually watch sports if this is what sports was.
Abram Rodriguez (4 days ago)
Aaden Daniels (4 days ago)
And why are they playing fb with thongs on???
Abram Rodriguez (4 days ago)
No that's what you call sports
Abram Rodriguez (4 days ago)
My dick Belongs to their big asses!
Abram Rodriguez (4 days ago)
This looks just like avatar the movie.
Deanlee Blankenship (4 days ago)
Dehydrated ,,,,,drooling to much
Besim Selimovic (4 days ago)
They got more balls than NFL players lol no pads only helmets
Besim Selimovic (4 days ago)
Refs got best view hahaha
Francis Washington (4 days ago)
Where is this going on omg
suolihuuhtelu (4 days ago)
this was recommended to me... good job youtube finally a sport i like watching
Soj hua (4 days ago)
Wheres their pants?
BartelDoo (4 days ago)
Why are they wearing panties lmao
Mike Johnson (4 days ago)
After each snap the ball smells like tuna fish. What's up with that?
Prime Time (4 days ago)
Sushiyoda (4 days ago)
Why was this in my recommended?
Erik Muniz (4 days ago)
I bet all the men who were there watching this got out of there with a bonner.
Justin Dickens (3 days ago)
Erik Muniz Yeh dude. I seen one of these games played. During and when leaving the game. 99.9% of the bro's not only was sportin wood but had big shiny wetspots...lol... Hey,a mans junk just naturally reacts to hot pussy. I know my "boys' were tight as hell and blue from watchn with a good pair of binoculars...heh heh heh...
Action Jackson (4 days ago)
Wow bruh! Lol these chicks will f*** ya up!
Tony Benjamin (4 days ago)
Do Houston have a team
Daniel Castillo (4 days ago)
I think I made up my mind after whatching this. I'm going to watch LFL now instead of NFL. They seem to play tougher then the nfl players..
Whats This Button Do (4 days ago)
If they play like this on the field imagine what they're like in bed
OLIVIA DOSS (4 days ago)
it must be embarasing to play in wggies'
abc 12: (4 days ago)
Lets all be honest here. You came for ass and no football.
Memer_ Dood (4 days ago)
Mom can you come pick me up. I made it to the other side of YouTube again
Adam Minor (4 days ago)
This is actually why Men are Falling...
Jamie Fuldeck (4 days ago)
Lol not lol, Im not mad ladies playing ball, but C'mon man this is sooo sexist. Men are going to pay, when women take over the world. Their going to turn us into butt naked slaves: slim guys with big dicks going to be the house niggas; the muscular guys with lil cocks going to be the laborers; the gay birds going to be there stylist; and all the other penis going to recycle trash or get fed to the lions
Ben Dover (4 days ago)
Jello ass, yuck.
Ben Dover (4 days ago)
Jello ass, yuck.
If f (4 days ago)
Actually these girls play very hard, and their skill level is kinda bad ass, if you can forgive the pun...
Rostyslav Suprunov (4 days ago)
All these tasty juicy meat females. You just want insemenate them all wildly and powerfully.
Mike Peace85 (4 days ago)
When does it come back on and what channel
MLGGOD GAMES (4 days ago)
Dwight Hickerson (4 days ago)
I got to go to one of these games!
Awesomesauce Souls (4 days ago)
Look at all these virgins, lmao. I hope some of these women are traps hahhaha
Czah5 (4 days ago)
I'll probably have my man card snatched, torn and burned for this, but after seeing the effort these ladies put in, I think they should be put into more practical uniforms.
Donald Trumpets (4 days ago)
omfg my favorite ass is the niggas ladies

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