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Freedom of Speech on Internet ENDING ON DEC 14TH 2017

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Save the Internet before Dec 14th sign here https://www.battleforthenet.com/ Sign with 200,000 Others https://www.change.org/p/save-net-neutrality-netneutrality Call FCC at 1-888-225-5322 Email Ajit.Pai@fcc.gov Learn More https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UsyzP5hejxI Transcript Below Net Neutrality is threatened by the FCC, and the internet as we know it may change forever. Net Neutrality requires to give everyone equal access to everything on the internet. That means that Verizon, Spectrum, Charter, AT&T, Comcast, and so on can’t charge you for using specific websites. What they want to do is what you see here, The FCC is moving to end Net Neutrality right now, and will give big cable companies the ability to charge you for using email, video packages, banking, listening to music, Spotify, Discord and Skype, or make you pay $5 for news packages. They want to make fast lanes, and slow lanes, depending on what packages you’ve paid for or haven’t paid for. They can also charge you $5 or $10 a month, or whatever price they want, for you to even use Youtube This also implies that these companies will have to barter to Verizon or AT&T and that will drive up their own prices - BUT also smaller sites and small companies will have no chance to grow, and will be at the mercy of these ISPs making their site go down to a crawl. This isn’t just about prices going up though, if someone makes a website exposing these companies or their affiliates of crimes or goes against their agenda, they can just block that site from you even accessing it. Whatever site they think you should be able to see or not see, they can change that in the near future. You see this piece of shit? This piece of shit is hoping you idly stand by until it’s too late. Once these things are decided shit falls apart, and could take years to reverse, if ever. I’ve left several links below, but signing the change.org will only take a moment or you can use Facebook to login to sign it even faster. I know you may seem like just one person, but seriously, if everyone just helped protect the internet, yes, even you watching this, we will actually save the open internet. I don’t care if you’re democrat, republican, independent, or none of those, it really doesn’t matter, this will screw us all. This will shatter innovation, artists, start up companies, and give even more monopolies to the top 1%, and basically create a shitty internet experience. Help save the internet.
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Text Comments (344)
Move to Washington everyone they just announced they are having net neutrality laws!
CornNutFanatic !!! (8 months ago)
Nothing happened, fear mongering FTW
johnnycatR58 (9 months ago)
I guess freedom of speech online didn't end, did it?
Irenexis (10 months ago)
It's December 17th.
Orion (11 months ago)
Oh hey would you look at the day Dec 14th 2017 1:01 PM
baul104 luigi (11 months ago)
It's a good thing I've signed the petition and explained to the congress about this monstrosity; otherwise, we're all screwed!
Kenji B (11 months ago)
It's gonna pass regardless but there gonna challenge it in the court of appeals with enough evidence the decision is going to get reversed hopefully that's the case
Truth Fairy (11 months ago)
Taxation is theft!
UltimatePisman (11 months ago)
I'm not an American myself, I don't live in America, and I'm certain this petition won't have any effect at all. Nonetheless, you got my support, since Americans are by far the largest group of online users, so it'll be a huge loss if they would disappear into a bubble like the Chinese did.
AllenRogue0 (11 months ago)
Time to financially struggle.
Kenneth Jones (11 months ago)
In 2017, money, again, this time with quicker trickery tries purchasing an Internet that is worth the world. Not worried about aspects of domestic and foreign cultural value undermined; www is being just handed over to robber baron monopolies. It is the crime of our age. Our rightfully owned property is subject to being stolen/grand theft ruined, eventually or sooner. After first try failed, fast switch game plan v.2 is political Washington over-driven. Authorities ill serve everyday people. Government spent and bought into power they have not enough Aristotle to handle wheels and deals ever further outside morality and ethics, at behest of statistically insignificant strictly less than 1% of constituents. Stealthily stolen dollars contribute to elected and appointed officials concocting devastating rules, as though they were expressions of goodly needed natural law, frantically enacted to the . Agency standards already were weakened, written regs outside proper process not wielded all along. Entrenched incumbent, jaded legislators tended to lean toward free voices of this Net squelched. Unless Title II Net neutrality is preserved, and strengthened, our entire world countless ways is harmed. I essay style comment dead seriously, concerning not letting FCC bestow exclusive control on carriers. ISPs have long essentially consolidated extra legally, in collusion conniving. Now greedy capitalists want absolutely decreed that only what content they decide is to go through pipes, delivered by a very few, officially endorsed, enfranchised custodians, those carriers that are enabled to exclude upstart competition –which defines a market tied up opposite of FREE, OPEN AND FAIR. So-called providers were actually already primarily takers, wild hogs at liberty to find profits feeding at the public trough, even while they were still pretty well regulated. Private corporations are chartered legally bound to consider just the bottom line. Finance investment is not worried about legality, anyway though, nor public interest, nor their mother's admonition not to steal. Owners are interested in riches enhanced with rules by hook or crook, and in every way possible for them to finagle, stacked in big business' favor. Armies of crafty lying lobbyists professionally experienced at shady dealings are arrayed to dispense darkly artful disinformation for widely misleading, falsely disseminating junk as news releases, believed by many. Corporate paid fake experts, shills for the industry, through our highest public servants, and from unknown nethers, pump hugely unrecognized lies without a shred of real truth, fed via disastrously sewed up, corporate owned media monetized to the devil and back; so long been inside monstrous, all consuming, rogue machinery of unguided, limitless misgovernance as to be unable to tell truth from lies. Coming from business and commercial enterprises amok, and on the take as usual is glaring clue that veracity is probably lacking. Whenever private corporate interests get to dictate utility pricing regimes, companies naturally rob. ISPs, if enabled, would worse overcharge under slacker preconditions, increases right under our noses snuck under unsuspecting radar. Secretly rigged cyber connectivity providers, if given leeway, can collect from bits and bytes users all they can bear to spare and will pay. Suddenly budgets of households are more at mercy of telecommunications infrastructure entities. A few behemoths so empowered will extort the market, while utility bandwidth capacity suffers worse anemic, with fewer new features implemented. Increasingly sneakier, duplicitous billing tricks could cheat users. Rarer would be chatty, customer service agents, now commonly outsourced. Convoluted menus will closed loop back to the same options. No combination of recorded messages possible to select may be designed to satisfy prior gouging redressed, nor statement errors adjusted. Waiting, subjected to bad music is to no avail. You frustrated just hang up all the wiser from a comm company not answering their phone! Instead, compartmentalized clueless, but overly friendly service personnel picked up to desperately insist, as malnourished kids squall in the background, on scheming offers brazenly sold by overpriced package and bundles. The unsuspecting, more pliable, amenably gullible are easy targets deluged and inundated with ads suggesting that all their neighbors already succumbed to subscribing to uninteresting, indecisively elected, seldom used bigibytes included in worse bloated accounts. </> At this point in future history, hoping for the common people to be served is pie in the sky. Plenty will have to file into our streets, first, too numerous to kettle, corral like cattle to their slaughter, proportionally not vulnerable to mass arrest, too hard to handle hauling all off for trumped up felonies charged, held as long as wished; after merely exercising our right to assemble for directing attention toward any of many problems crying to be fixed. Incommunicado, out of sight, every sole citizen rotting in jail is a gross human tragedy. Their kind is strongest from among us. As such, their staunch personal strength lost from larger society is immeasurable. Still, fill every Bastille jail with kidnapped state victims, susceptible to worse sentencing and harsher fines unless and until legally sanctioned, unlawful theft of an activist's money be paid, or possibly by courts order more lengthy confined, under constant threat of being dragged from crowded bays into solitary cells of a system beyond anyone's control, where no one knows what goes on. Uncle Yankee Doodle Dandy damned Federal Sam was imperfectly flawed as Gen. Washington shot barefoot deserters, taxed hard apple cider, etc. Fucking founding father's instituted slavery. Undermining national morality is tradition. Ill gotten, ever more money buys confidential influence on Capital Hill, with notable exception of one fictional, incorruptible senator. Makers of that wholly good, simply saintly innocent movie were censured, if not hounded plumb out of Hollywood, blacklisted; and clear from DC powerfully lambasted for producing "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington," instead of some mind rotting film that towed a party line version of free-and-brave. Unauthorized authorship of bills, ability of lobbyists to write our rules and regulations into so-called laws of the land, unquestioned enacted just to suit them, makes us subject to unwarranted authority like under King George. Slave wage labor workers today are denied their natural born rights. They would be even less aware informed of that, if not alerted to roots of oppression, cops shootings and all, on our uncompromised Web, intact, basic technology left in place, unadulterated, just kept up, maintained. Do we like A G Bell's invention now flooded with unapologetically impolite, wrongly dialed numbers known as robo-calls, over phone lines costing three prices, with charges always only rising?
Kenneth Jones (11 months ago)
Officialdom considers lying foremost part of their job, inveterate practiced at artifice and deception. Government helps wealthy elitists easier steal more riches. What we want does not matter, as long as we are controlled, preferredly jailed. If not, sufficiently pacified, vegetating on couches distracted by lying entertainment or perhaps under CIA sourced supplied illegal drugs subdued. FCC went dark this summer. John Oliver, I think, was blamed. A stone-age-short, live-streamed message essentially read: “Down because we can be unresponsive as we please.” At the time, Sen. Chochran's grammar school dropout intern feigned inability to understand, like she could tell no difference between leaving the Internet perfectly accessible, unbridled, or haha improved. She tried to switch subjects confused to another issue: that of providers, hehe providers?, staying in narrow capacity as non-interested pipeline utilities, while not siphoning off and leaking population data to corporations. She put on a tour de force of densely not comprehending, actually competently practiced. We both knew that particular unpopular legislation was a done deal already been enacted, which Trump had gotten passed that week, as one of his first successes. Therefore I was not interested in talking about it, for getting diverted, sidetracked. Eventually she just hung up, abruptly, without prior notice. Contacted with some difficulty, my other senator's staffer was David, answering to exhibit a smart fifth grader's dodgy replies. David finally just said, “Sounds good,” after I had said, “The Internet is wonderful just like it is. Don't fuck with it.” Days later, from Sen. Wicker's office on impressive stationary --all office expenses, like travel junkets covered by taxes --came my cookie cutter form letter, contemptuously obviously meant to deflate the most generic attempted try to meddle in our government's affairs. Aloof, detached, worded to deflect anyone's independently arrived at thought to withered and bewildered, fondest wishes just shunted aside by balderdash posing as esoterica insiders get, yet but so still anyway, just perhaps my own personal opinion maybe got recognized as a single “yes” and even-handed counted as canceling only one “no,” as all calls were kept track of by with marks which David makes on the wall beside his phone, so all callers get their calls counted, with results tracked over days accumulated, now and then tallied for the public record, eternally archived always accessible through freedom of information inquiry. Otherwise, quite possibly possible though, while some plenty many wanted a Net kept like now, common national communal desire is going to be denied from having its say-so, personal disagreement with opposition to official position positively squashed, and all our shouts and earnest cries will have gone unheeded, originally from the start been intended to just get disallowed, stifled, muted, ignored, not to make any difference whatsoever, a foregone conclusion because the predetermined outcome from the day one of NPR process (bothersome formality), leaves this www.Internet, over which our voices soon no more may be transmitted, vetoed as a people's medium. At long last a vast world population finally can terminally be disallowed a soapbox to stand on and speak from, snuffed, quelled, whether kitty purr soft or God damned loud, batted down like poor whispers in a gale. (Between 2009 to 2014, my US Mail was unbelievable. Service got decreased by degrees, boxes destroyed and when repaired, stolen. I sent various responsible officials 17 letters. It taught the hard way that they are all not there, not senators, not police, none of them. But never mind. After pick up and delivery vengefully cut as penalty for my trying, service denied for awhile; begrudgingly reinstated mail gradually became more acceptable, especially after carrier and other postal employee turnover, including new 39204 Station manager. Now USPS seems to like me okay.) David's officially clogged senatorial machinery cycled stubbornly refusing to note, each time I several ways unequivocal said that I want our Internet left just as it is, for the people to use however we may please. Apt is, my determined effort amounted to no more than one concerned citizen's voice defeated, not duly registered polled, although emphatically as possible with definite purpose stated. A slick, colorful advertisement sheet was stapled to my fake senatorial correspondence. It ballyhooed new and novel innovation whenever developers are deregulated for getting to create undreamed of progress. Wicker's signed words evidently were composed to be head-scratching ambiguous on purpose. Governmental communication seems aimed to thwart feedback inputted. They are all just a bunch of sneaky money grubbers. How do I know? Mostly from what has been gleaned and learned, available, clic, click-clik. The WWW was not meant to be built into just a neo-McCarthyite fishing net cast and closed over a captive audience, society entrapped like dumb fools, many of us languishing exploited in for-profit prisons, where even stupid ass TV is a trustee privilege. Especially since fewer sites, till more lately, were not instead screened out, soft censored at congressional behest by nefarious search engine algorithm code designed to deny eyeballs from seeing appropriate links easier returned connected to all likeliest key words on a wider, broader, unfettered, freely openly accessible taxpayer funded researched and developed Net, also plus while, as, and because ISPs have been well enough held at bay by regulation from government; online experience has been rich. Fascism --by fiat of loose canon congressional committee activities against honest, simple, grass roots America --is happening fast. We are squeezed at accelerated rate, every which way you look. This is MY NET. This Net YOUR NET. Our taxes bought and paid for it!
Leo Casi (11 months ago)
10 more days ,HELL YEAHHHHHH fuck the indian tech support lol.
Ljj277 (11 months ago)
Angry is an understatement for how I feel about this
Patient Master Killer (11 months ago)
TEHCONIP .A (11 months ago)
HAVE YOU LOOKED INTO WHO IS BACKING NET NEUTRALITY? I suggest you do.. if you like the large media companies (Comcast) and money grubbing lobbyist, along with wall street bankers(Chase, Soros, Goldman) then by all means keep pushing for net-nu . But I'm gonna stick with the net that wasn't changed 2 years ago by the oligarchs I just listed above.. STOP SPREADING PROPAGANDA!! IT'S GOING TO DESTROY FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!
DanielleJew (11 months ago)
*laughs israeli*
TikiToki (11 months ago)
good luck my american brothers
THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!! THE FCC SHOULD BE TERMINATED! If u like this, reply "death to the FCC
Ricky Fleir (11 months ago)
EA: im proud of you son
Gerald Barker (11 months ago)
So, Net Neutrality has never been implemented. It is on a hold. None of the evils that you feel we need the government to prevent has ever happened. Why? Each one of your scare points has a counter argument that seems valid as none of the scares in the article has happened. So if we cancel a bill that has never been implemented, dust bunnires will come from under your bed and the scary clown in the closet will follow. Seems to me you should worry abour if/when the system is broken, then do the minimum needed to fix the problem. This is opposare this method of dreaming up problem and solution to keep the people in line and make money for your coffers
Ruben Gislason (11 months ago)
internet nazis
TeddyB3AR (11 months ago)
This is the problem of Capitalism
Niseshin Kuroma (11 months ago)
This would be the equivalent of the Government shooting each other in the legs and then infecting the wounds with bacteria then saying 'It's for the better good' In other words this is complete bullsh*t and will only lead to more chaos. Why do we allow such mind-numbingly retarded men to have this power? What happened to democracy, people?
The Nowaf 8037 (11 months ago)
Frank Grimey Grimes (11 months ago)
So, they're pretty much turning the web into directTV?
Elongated Muskrat (11 months ago)
Oh my god, I'm broke as a joke right now. I can barely make payments as it is. Now I have to pay for my email? What the fuck Ajit, what the actual fuck...
Derek Selmon (11 months ago)
I guess I'm gonna have to find other ways to entertain myself. I'm really gonna miss the internet
Strawberry Deathcakes (11 months ago)
from philippines, sign with my 2 accounts hope it helps
HauntedMusic (11 months ago)
There is only one way to get away from this. Your data. The rules are only wifi companies can do this. Now, people with phones can only do this unless you have the amount to use your phone as wifi hotspot.This is a way because this is only your wifi. And you own that . So no company can take and spread your privacy.And I doubt this is going to happen. First of all as a 13 year old they are going to spend they're life trying to get net neutrality back. And what if the guy was assassinated before this. Now nobody go and kill him. But what I'm saying is this would take away his ability to do this.I will release a video on my channel talking about this in a hour.
Nolan Shaw (11 months ago)
It won’t happen. Every company that is trying to push this to happen will be boycotted to the point of bankruptcy
Benobi's Theatre (11 months ago)
Let's hope us Europeans and everyone else around the world don't get this shitty system brought to us. I wish you luck America to win to stop that shit.
nemanja pejcic (11 months ago)
well if you live in eastern europe you are 100%safe
EpicFace 640 (11 months ago)
And they say America id a free country. Will you braindead-ass Americans see whats wrong with the US now?
Sturmtruppen (11 months ago)
Won’t websites loose lots of people loosing money?
PianaGlass (11 months ago)
There are consequences when voting for an abusive asshole for president.
Flex Gopnik (11 months ago)
Well i think we should see how this goes as i want to try a bit of the capitalist shit!
Shocking, Isnt It (11 months ago)
Rip all the 12 year olds watching porn
Sooo, who want to come with me to Canada??
Rxrest Gaming (11 months ago)
Why Would They Do This Shit Before Christmas .
dgbeck (11 months ago)
If I were to download tor, then use the deep web to browse the internet, would this still affect me
R8V3N (11 months ago)
What the fuck are wrong with these people
R8V3N (11 months ago)
Fuck these people I'm not having someone put it in my butt here wtf
Toalow (11 months ago)
What?! Theyr fucking greed!
Deathsea12 (11 months ago)
Chances are, if this is in the USA, then this would actually be nearly impossible since it will be invading or First Amendment. If this was to take place, then americoat action not be worth living no more, because the free people would not have the freedom of speech and the Constitution would lose its value completely.
Tamas2020 (11 months ago)
Well...damn My problem is I'm a kid, and my parents probably aren't going to pay for things like YouTube and Games, my leisurely time
ceezy (11 months ago)
What a shame I can't do anything as an european guy. Will wish you americans goodluck!
Crazando anonymous (11 months ago)
Get your protesting signs
DeltaGaming (11 months ago)
Everyone is whining that,"MY FREEDOM OF PRESS AND SPEECH IS GONE! REEEEEEEEEEEEE" but really, the Federal Communications Commision focuses more on ILLEGAL and prohibited radio/comms traffic, and even if this vote passes, then there's not going to be a way to enforce it, and that just means more hackers and the all so naughty CYBER TERROISTS!!!! that everyone hates, so when people say this, SAVE NET NEUTRALITY!!, think about the factors that the FCC goes through and everything else, not just (not hating on you volvofollower),"Freedom of Speech on Internet ENDING ON DEC 14TH 2017" that title is such an easy sale, its like saying,"The rich are picking on the poor, help the poor" you could tell that to anyone who's not a psychopath and has sympathy/pity for the victim and they would say something like,"Lets get rid of the rich so they stop hating on the poor!" and then they stop feeling even slightly bad for the rich(the FCC in this case) and then they start helping and patronizing the poor,(the general public in this case) Don't take this as i don't want net neutrality, but when people make it seem like the latter sentences of the previous paragraph, it makes me angry, because these are the same people that when getting arrested are going to scream,"I KNOW MY RIGHTS THIS IS ILLEGAL" when in fact they know nothing about laws and investigation. So maybe that's not everyone, but sure enough that is a big chunk of these people standing behind Net Neutrality.
Rocky Desert Flower (11 months ago)
This will make Tor very popular
Little R Gaming (11 months ago)
Paying for porn? Fuck that we need to do something!
N O (11 months ago)
ButtercupIowaPlays (11 months ago)
Fuck this ISP shit!
More left wing paranoia. I just unsubscribed from this channel.
The Random Pineapple (11 months ago)
Nikitoz9595 (11 months ago)
Welcome to Russian internet since 2013.
T&DubbleG (11 months ago)
stoner w3d (11 months ago)
even my favourite thing in my life gets ruined wtf man
MiniRoboRoyal (11 months ago)
I miss being a kid playing games and not caring for anything.....
Panzer (11 months ago)
*Laughs in European*
Effect Gamer//SkyLeaker (11 months ago)
*laughs in Croatian*
Panzer (11 months ago)
*Stares motherfuckingly*
I am a hater (11 months ago)
Panzer *Realizes this might also affect you*
EDWARD G.y (11 months ago)
Only in USA right ? Hahahahaha
EDWARD G.y After they do it to USA they will do it to the WORLD next
stoner w3d (11 months ago)
rip internet 1990-2017
GounterMcSnounter (11 months ago)
Im from germany but I signed, hope it still helps.
Zinos ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ (11 months ago)
GounterMcSnounter It does thank you very much it also helps you because if this does pass and Youtube gets less traffic because of it Youtube may start charging a fee for everyone no matter the country this goes for other websites as well
Markus.H. Mortensen (11 months ago)
it’s woahpotato (11 months ago)
if ISPs block pornhub, would that not only hurt pornhub, but also hurt the porn industry as a whole?
stoner w3d (11 months ago)
fuck facebook
stoner w3d (11 months ago)
it will hurt everyone exept facebook and twitter cause they will be free
Church 313 (11 months ago)
Let's crucify them.
FlubahDub (11 months ago)
nah trump wont make us pay for twitter lol
Bot Bash'd (11 months ago)
Y must everything in life be ruined
Alberto Felix (11 months ago)
Bot Bash'd because life isn't fair.
James Ozim (11 months ago)
I hope trump wont allow this shit
Zinos ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ (11 months ago)
James Ozim The government can't do anything unless we the people bring it to them showing them that we are not okay with this hell if we're lucky we might even change the FCC's mind doubtful but we can hope
Mr. TOP?! (11 months ago)
Its funny how people think they can just fuck with the internet... have they never heard of 4chan? Those motherfuckers will kill this shithead
QuiKZ (11 months ago)
Always gotta be the foreign motherfuckers who have to fuck shit up. Full racism intended. Get offended I don’t give a fuck it’s 2017 you hear shit like this all the time.
Zinos ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ (11 months ago)
QuiKZ I'm not offended at all I'm American and I agree 90% of Americans are dumb as fuck *cough* FCC *cough cough*
VenomZ INDO (11 months ago)
*THIS COMMENT HAS BEEN BLOCKED BY YOUR ISP* you should pay $25 if you want to see this comment !
Ljj277 (11 months ago)
Sounds about right
Alberto Felix (11 months ago)
VenomZ INDO ok I payed the money now let me see that comment.
toni3393 (11 months ago)
How is it so easy to just change this law? NOBODY wants this
toni3393 (11 months ago)
But why?
Dokterjack (11 months ago)
money my friend
stoner w3d (11 months ago)
ODST Gamer (11 months ago)
I cant decide whos worse the people who came up with this or Adolf Hitler
Alberto Felix (11 months ago)
The dickhead is worse.
Commander Rainbow Ducky (11 months ago)
Have in mind, there are more people in the world than those controlling the internet providing, they are outnumber by the internet itself, the world is more likely to forget about the internet and replace it. Or rather they'll crush every site online bending the internet unusable, obligating the providers to revert their mistakes, you know social media and pornography are powerful demands. Its stupidly impossible that they were about to win, in that case what are the chances of reverse engineering the modern internet and host it on our house computers rather than an a provider controlling it, to create a public internet.
so★ (11 months ago)
this is all bullshit theory crafting and speculation
Haps Meems (11 months ago)
I hope the guys making this shit dies from cancer
ODST Gamer (11 months ago)
IS BEBE REALLY HARAMBE?!?! yeah they kinda deserve to greedy souless bastards
j7k4x (11 months ago)
Seeing how Net Neutrality has only been a thing for 4 years, and there has been no valid evidence of ISPs breaking any Net Neutrality principles prior, I don't see why repealing Net Neutrality would do any of this. Not only that, but economics comes into play when you abolish a government regulation like NN, causing more economic competition in the telecommunication field; therefore, if this were true-- that we would have to pay-per-site-- then that would cause the ISP immense economic damage to its company. And that raises another question: how would the ISPs learn about new sites popping up everyday? This whole Pro-Net Neutrality argument has a lot a flaws-- simply because it throws out common sense and economics 101.
j7k4x (11 months ago)
You're comparing micro-transactions to a government regulation.
Robin 142 (11 months ago)
Format Thing is things change. For example, in gaming there were never micro transactions in games but now there’s much more in games like OW, Battlefront (or atleast would have been), CS:GO, etc.
Isaac Grunge (11 months ago)
Daniel (11 months ago)
Well thats dumb...
Keilerbie (11 months ago)
The Netherlands seem nicer than normal today...
Dokterjack (11 months ago)
Keilerbie noo man the netherlands is shit all the fun thins are not legal
rick mook (11 months ago)
When you have to pay for ftp games
Kamień Pospolity (11 months ago)
poor amerikanski
Adolf Hitler (11 months ago)
zdrux (11 months ago)
Everyone has this thing backwards.. companies have zero incentive to block content, because the ISP that doesn't block will always get those customers from the ISP's that block. That's competition. Governments are the ones with incentive to block and restrict. And Net Neutrality hands over the power to regulate and deem what is fair to watch over to the government. How are people not seeing this?! Net Neutrality = MORE GOVERNMENT CONTROL OVER INTERNET.
The cunt trying to abolish Net Neutrality is absolutely fucking brain dead. He better be getting paid a fuck ton of money, because if this goes through he is going to be hated globally. There will probably be riots and he will most likely be receiving death threats everyday. So I hope that money was worth it.
Lazer Thor (11 months ago)
We’re fuckeddddddddddddddddddddd
rasmus löfqvist (11 months ago)
RIP ;(
Swert4hire 2 (11 months ago)
I hope that fucker chokes on a god damn apple jack
Sh4d0w (11 months ago)
laughing in germany :) still hope you Guys make it ^^.
FLIPOUT (11 months ago)
Im glad at least somebody is using there youtube following to share this
Skyjack99 (11 months ago)
Yeah we're pretty much fucked no one thinks this will happen which makes them not care
Skyjack99 (11 months ago)
Which is bad
DigidyDOG Gaming (11 months ago)
I don't care if non of this video ever mentioned how gaming could be affected since its..."Valve Follower" but I support net neutrality!
Chroll (11 months ago)
You have to pay a fee to play on things like steam though
Saxtoni (11 months ago)
Civil War 2 Inbound...
Scyte89 (11 months ago)
And that's how you create a massive TOR demographic :P
モㄗ口メㄚ (11 months ago)
This is fucking gay, if it actually goes through they all deserve to die
Matt B (11 months ago)
What about porn?
bum Jr. (11 months ago)
Wooden Floor they are not taking my POOOOORN
Wooden Floor (11 months ago)
Matt B You got to pay now. Isp's will provide porn packages
emporer15 (11 months ago)
In the hypothetical event that it passes, and I pray that it doesn't, won't this result in the biggest economic backfire ever when people protest by not using the internet?
s'wit (11 months ago)
Good. Fuck the internet.
Vojtěch Jílovec (11 months ago)
Luke Pickle (11 months ago)
We will have the Internet that North Korea has :(

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