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How to download Naruto Shippuden Ninja Storm Revolution for PC For FREE 2018

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Leave a like SUBS for more do a lot share Naruto : https://pcgames-download.com/2014/09/naruto-shippuden-ultimate-ninja-storm-revolution-codex-update-mega-uploaded-turbobit/ Winrar : https://rarlab.com/download.htm Daemon Tools : https://www.daemon-tools.cc/downloads
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Text Comments (54)
TheUltimate Gamers (14 days ago)
pslplsplsplspls help me i need a code to come in in the link on mega :((((( omg i love this game and really want it in pc
Nutchanard (21 days ago)
Can it play on laptop?
Manuel Inocencio (28 days ago)
After completing this steps can I delete the parts that I just downloaded?
Manuel Inocencio (28 days ago)
Sure thanks
Vlaroxe (28 days ago)
Dont forget to share to your friends ok?
Vlaroxe (28 days ago)
After you get the game and you played it you can delete it :)
Lorenzo Bongolan III (1 month ago)
It Says You need to start extractions from a previous volume to unpack NSUNSR- iso
Vlaroxe (1 month ago)
Extract the part 1 then wait till it done and you got NSUNS iso then double tap it after it just install :)
Tre _Titan (1 month ago)
can it run mods
Vlaroxe (1 month ago)
Tre _Titan Yes it is
Dani GLOBAL (1 month ago)
Can play online?
Vlaroxe (1 month ago)
You search on youtube/google and search for Naruto Revolt multiplayer
Medas Gaming (1 month ago)
I can't download,the application put me on steam...what should I do?
Vlaroxe (1 month ago)
Dude watch my video clearly dont skip :)
Ziyqd (1 month ago)
how can I control it with my keyboard it says "Press (B) to Start the Game"
Vlaroxe (1 month ago)
Dude you have to control it ehen you launched the game so you press controll setting and its up to you
marcia flemmings (2 months ago)
i downloaded only one file hw can i fix it???????
Vlaroxe (2 months ago)
marcia flemmings dude download all part and exctract part 1 only
Giorgi Chikadze (2 months ago)
umm do ihave todownload all 3 parts or does download at once? @Vlaroxe
Vlaroxe (1 month ago)
Giorgi Chikadze download all parts and extract part 1 and then open the setup
BLUE_ SPIRIT_64 (3 months ago)
does it work without daemon tools
Vlaroxe (1 month ago)
Iso tools maybe work
Mirco (3 months ago)
does it still work?
Vlaroxe (1 month ago)
No,it is heheheheh
Jover Aguillon (3 months ago)
application error :(
Legenda Animea (3 months ago)
Ty man :peepolove:
Vlaroxe (1 month ago)
Love for ya
Savage Beats (4 months ago)
Can someone help me its saying bass.Dll not found
fn tv (2 months ago)
Download the missing dll from https://www.google.com.np/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.dll-files.com/&ved=2ahUKEwiK1NyKs-rcAhWVYysKHbLDBAwQFjAAegQIABAB&usg=AOvVaw2pkOto8GO_s_XcP-Otexmh
djemel abid (4 months ago)
does it make damage to the computer
Vlaroxe (1 month ago)
Good question : it doesnt damage to your PC dude
Mendel Anwar (6 months ago)
Which demon tools do I download?
Vlaroxe (1 month ago)
The free version could do!
Mendel Anwar (6 months ago)
Could you get naruto ninja storm 4 from this link too?
Mendel Anwar (6 months ago)
Which daemon tools do I download? Lite?
Mendel Anwar (6 months ago)
K thanks
Vlaroxe (6 months ago)
Mendel Anwar but first thing you need to check and match your PC spec and the naruto spec
Vlaroxe (6 months ago)
Mendel Anwar Yes it could
arsalan khan (6 months ago)
thanks bro
Vlaroxe (6 months ago)
arsalan khan no problemos
eugene gomez (6 months ago)
Vlaroxe (6 months ago)
Veii Chan (6 months ago)
thanks man :)
arsalan khan (6 months ago)
Vlaroxe (6 months ago)
No problem!
Yuzu HD (8 months ago)
ML7 ! ! (9 months ago)
*can i run it on 32bit ?*
mrr lykh (5 days ago)
your pc 32bit
Link (1 month ago)
so did it work
Vlaroxe (9 months ago)
deadshot43 Fade (9 months ago)
Vlaroxe (9 months ago)
your welcome
Vlaroxe (9 months ago)
Comment what you want me to download and upload it
MOONIE (3 months ago)
hey does this work online?

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