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Far Cry 5 - Story Trailer

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Get a look at what the twisted Eden's Gate is up to in Far Cry 5's Hope County. 20 Minutes of Far Cry 5 Fly, Fishing, and Killing Gameplay in 4K - PSX 2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STg-lGNo5sk Far Cry 5 Hands-on Impressions - IGN Live: Gamescom 2017: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ANWXC5YMJ4 Subscribe to IGN for more! http://www.youtube.com/user/IGNentertainment?sub_confirmation=1 ------------------------------­---- Follow IGN for more! ------------------------------­---- YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/ignentertainment?sub_confirmation=1 IGN OFFICIAL APP: http://www.ign.com/mobile FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ign TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ign INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/igndotcom/?hl=en WEBSITE: http://www.ign.com/ GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/+IGN
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Text Comments (1598)
Myric (4 days ago)
Ubisoft did something right for once
B-Y Bryce (11 days ago)
How does the goverment not respond to any of this? They already built a giant statue, cut off city limits, and captured a US Marshall. No one sees this on google maps?
Joseph Seed (16 days ago)
I am Joseph Seed, and I approve of this message.
Kibby Productions (19 days ago)
Holier than thou.
delfunker (26 days ago)
This game was trash why did people like this game
Mlg Duck (19 days ago)
why do you think that
michael acevedo (28 days ago)
i dont like it theres still too many problems with the game
Gabe Bear Zilla (2 months ago)
These cult are just hillbillies or red necks.
Beat City PRO (2 months ago)
Outlast meets red dead meets gta 5
kate cadman (2 months ago)
far cry 5 is the best game
Omar Jriri (2 months ago)
Make game like this with zombie any one with me
ZeeC (3 months ago)
He was right, mute rookie couldnt take him. Died.
ki11er gir1 007 (3 months ago)
XxYung SnipezxX (3 months ago)
This game was the best open world and far cry game I've ever played
Kane Fitzpatrick (4 months ago)
it looks cool
Debra Sunrise (4 months ago)
Welcome to america
Thomas Beck (4 months ago)
Deus vult
BRAZZERS NETWORK (4 months ago)
looks like there's new prophet in TOWN
ComradeAlpha (4 months ago)
What Mormonism would be if Joseph Smith was still alive and teamed up with Jehova’s Witnesses
kevin Hill (5 months ago)
The main villain is the only character that changes clothing in gaming history (does not include main character)
The Rockstar Gamer (5 months ago)
Are you sure this wasn’t live action?
dawn parks (5 months ago)
*John seed exists* me: YES
David Lafleur (5 months ago)
Song in backround?
something to say!!! (5 months ago)
Take a trip to Montana this summer
I bought the game cause i so want to kill this lunatic.
SovietToaster_93 (5 months ago)
Of course hurk is in this game
Charles Schaming (5 months ago)
Far cry 3 was better
raptorx 457 (5 months ago)
what is the song at the start
Cameron Blake (5 months ago)
It's made to turn people off Christianity further, by fueling the narrative that all christians are far right racists.
GoldenSkull 2000 (5 months ago)
playing the game now. It is not like far cry 3 amazing but still a pretty good game
Eki Renaldi (5 months ago)
joseph's face and beard reminds me of jake baker
Grimm Ashley (5 months ago)
Jarek813 (6 months ago)
Love this game, just confronted John Seed!
Ricky Orzel (6 months ago)
I requested this game for Christmas, my bday, never got it and everyone owns it lol. I can't be the only one right?
Inari A.M (6 months ago)
Is this about relegious stuff ?
Dan Feanor (6 months ago)
Red State Simulator 2018
Beast (6 months ago)
Dan Feanor maga
Tommy Compiano (6 months ago)
Goddamn do i love cheeseburger and boomer!
Maddylicousdeff (6 months ago)
Such a David Koresh vibe. This game looks so cool!!
SupaSpicyBoi (6 months ago)
Maddy Lundblad Yeah you're right their both crazy cult leaders.
სან დრო (6 months ago)
I like Idea i liked so much !!!
Joseph Seed (6 months ago)
Hello children
I'm Busy (5 months ago)
Joseph Seed Die
Tobby (6 months ago)
Dirt. This game is a product containing dirty propaganda and slander. This product teaches: "To be white is bad. To have a weapon and the right to self-defense is bad. To be a Christian is bad." This product (this game) - created by the enemies of European civilization. _ Эта забава - продукт , содержащий в для себя запятнанную пропаганду и инсинуацию. Этот продукт учит: "Быть белоснежным - нехорошо. Иметь орудие и право на самозащиту - нехорошо. Быть христианином -нехорошо". Этот продукт (эта забава) - сотворена неприятелями европейской цивилизации.
wild kid1134 (6 months ago)
i want a new far cry to be ww2 and i want far cry 6 to be north korea
Nanpez (6 months ago)
Far cry 3 > some red neck gta looking game lol
Wesley Graham (6 months ago)
I had a farcry 5 ad for a farcry 5 trailer waiting on farcry5 to get to my door.
thebestpig123 Gaming (6 months ago)
When you get a far cry 5 ad on a far cry trailer
Adam Johnson (6 months ago)
This remind anyone else a little of the FX Series “Justified”?
Ryan Wilson (6 months ago)
I live in Texas so I can do this any given Sunday
ZachTheGamer 812 (6 months ago)
This is weird but i been a big fan of Far Cry and this one came out on my Birthday March 27th... strange.
Ultra Instinct (6 months ago)
Why is John seed's brother Connor Mcgregor?
Peter Kwon (6 months ago)
This is actually not bad story.
dfg Zdfsv (6 months ago)
this story is boring. im watching netflix while i play, a series I've already been through twice.
liu dylan (6 months ago)
IDK i love it
Looks so much like a movie Ubi make it happen plz ubi
Le Sauvage (6 months ago)
Am I the only one who thinks Bradley Cooper is the one for the role?
Stereo (6 months ago)
Why didn't you guys give Alpharad a friendly "Booyah" in Splatoon 2?
Darren R (6 months ago)
This is the only game I’ve ever seen where the graphics are better in-game than in the trailer 😂
Avery Hawkins (6 months ago)
In the end you can walk away and come back with the us marshals or you can resist and prove him right
Jason H (6 months ago)
wait - I get to shoot militant fundies in the face? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!!
XxωσlfιєgαмєяxX (6 months ago)
Love it I want the game but I might get tomorrow so luck to me
X vMasked (6 months ago)
Paul H (6 months ago)
Don’t like the graphics
Scullans (6 months ago)
Extremely satanic... just like all the other media that is controlled by the devil. The Bible says that satan is the god of this world, jesus offers forgiveness, which is need on Judgement Day to avoid hell
Prestige Steeler (6 months ago)
The antagonist reminds me of David Koresh.
Marc E (6 months ago)
The David Koresh Story?
Jace Evans (6 months ago)
Look at all these YouTube know it alls trying to rewrite the story of a game they haven't played yet
furrygamer 922 (6 months ago)
it all look like bioshock/purge/children of corn in one game
Jelle (6 months ago)
James Filsell (6 months ago)
Imagine the backlash if this was about Muslims....
Jake andrews (6 months ago)
LOve the american theme
neb519 (6 months ago)
Ohhh that's great! Another damn game trying to give Christians a bad name. Bravo Ubisoft >:(
Itz propuhganduh!!
Hector Espinosa (6 months ago)
neb519 Ikr this is offensive
Kasen Rules (6 months ago)
Lol I got a far cry 5 ad
Marty McFly (6 months ago)
I have FarCry5 preordered!!! Can’t wait for Tuesday!!! PS4 is the way to go.
krazy watcher812 (6 months ago)
Far cry 5 is like outlast 2 the main protagonist forces people to believe and kill those who don't believe
Peno1992 (6 months ago)
Can’t wait.
NB0918 (6 months ago)
Um... here's a solution. CALL THE U.S. MILITARY! *NOTE:* Is a joke
FearlessWolf (6 months ago)
QCrafty (6 months ago)
NRA gone wild
Buffed Rick (6 months ago)
If its a another version of ghost recon wastelands NO THANK U...
JayGamerShow (6 months ago)
so if its gonna be shown from the protagonists vision, why include a character creator?
Airaku (6 months ago)
Why is the lead singer of Maroon V a the villain in this?
Darkneonflame (6 months ago)
This looks like it could be the best far cry story in awhile
Atroxx Official (6 months ago)
4 days!!!!!!!
I Am Numb (6 months ago)
As long as they keep the D2 and LK-1018, I'm happy.
fuck life (6 months ago)
B O T D F (6 months ago)
Far cry 3 is still the best!
Dragon Born (6 months ago)
Help! I pre ordered farcry5 and it's saying that I have to wait 19 days and the comes out in 4 days help!
General J (6 months ago)
Getting this on PS4. If anyone is interested in playing co-op, add me: GeneralJury
General J (6 months ago)
Darkneonflame if you don't add me you're not interested in playing co-op with me haha
Darkneonflame (6 months ago)
General J and if I dont
Epic Studios (6 months ago)
Why did we make a video game about a bunch of rednecks in the mountains of Montana with a pet bear and a semi truck with machine guns who are fighting an evil cultist who baptizes people in toxic waste? Because America, that’s why.
Rox Gee. (6 months ago)
. cant wait look really good. Im just waiting to pick this up at gamestop on the 27th. Super excited!
Epic Studios (6 months ago)
Am I the only Christian around here who doesn’t like cults or cultists?
jesus is King (6 months ago)
Don't forget that, Our God's spirit is pure love. He's righteous and every action he takes is just then..look up what righteous is. An he's holy. Love is holy. It's perfect. God made us in his image an we are perfectly and wonderfully made Because God's perfect and makes perfect things because he's righteous and sticks to truth. He's awesome! Such a great father! An he wants to live inside us an be 1 with us
JakeSpacePirate E (6 months ago)
God is a genocidal maniac.
jesus is King (6 months ago)
God is real but he's for us and not against us. So they are making god out to be the devil in this game. Don't forget that. Or you'll lose what matters to yr spirit an existance. Look up how God's real. An how Christianity is real reality and any religion other then that, had the wrong doctrine. That why we think God's not real. The government tries to cover up god. Remember how the devil tried to come off as not real. Because he's the great deciever!
Mr. Sic Pics (6 months ago)
There is a 30 minute movie its on amazon & the guy that plays him looks just like him you should check it out
AvatarCOD LEACh (6 months ago)
Far cry 5 with a far 5 ad. Convenient
Diego Dominguez (6 months ago)
I want a far cry blood dragon 2. A whole game in that universe.
Khaos Dragon (6 months ago)
Got a far cry 5 ad
erozpl01 (6 months ago)
David Koresh?
Alex D (6 months ago)
GTA 6?
Sam (7 months ago)
Was the main antagonist inspired by David Koresh? I got that vibe from him
Edward Wei (7 months ago)
Gort (7 months ago)
I had an ad for this before it

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