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Bethesda is responsible for Fallout 4, Skyrim, Doom, and basically most of our childhoods. Just how big is the Bethesda empire? Let's take a look at the history behind them. ★ Gameranx Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gameranx ★Follow Jake on Twitter: https://twitter.com/jakebaldino ★Subscribe for more: https://www.youtube.com/user/gameranxTV
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Cricky H (30 days ago)
EA talk about . because they need to die EA is so sh💩 they miss up my Star war childhood come on man. Bethesda can do a better amazing job than EA. Star war will be in the hands 🖐 of Bethesda and they know what the players what you got to tell me that and EA they just what money 💵 I got you there.
Streethawk1219 (1 month ago)
1:49 The legend begins
Resident Evil (1 month ago)
Not big enough since they can't fix all their glitches
Manny Samaniego (1 month ago)
Prey was a dud lol tbh
NoOne Alive (5 months ago)
I hope Bethesda buries EA
Recklezz Thoughts (5 months ago)
this is my favorite gaming company
bio boy (5 months ago)
Love you bethesda :3
whatsthe madrr (5 months ago)
Zenimax Online Studios is probably one of the worst studios out there.. They leave ESO broken for so fking long.. They don't listen to the majority of the community when it comes to changes and fixes for the game..
Elijah A (5 months ago)
Mr.Matty is the equivalent of a flat earther
caden Macdonald (5 months ago)
Taimur Jamil (6 months ago)
Bethesda is an amazing company. I just hope it will not follow the same cursed path as Electronic Arts....
Dragon4568 (7 months ago)
Elder scrolls five is still one of the best games ever. Please like if you agree.
gigi gigiotto (8 months ago)
bah, fallout 4 the most anticipated? bullshit, half life 3 is the most :) and it will be forever.....
xXUndecided Xx (10 months ago)
Thumbnail is wrong cus Bethesda didn’t make fallout new Vegas , obsidian did.
What does that mean the founder of besthada is an institute synth
Иван Псайко (10 months ago)
Bethesda do not dumb down their games? You have no idea what you are talking about, do you? Each game of Elder Scrolls was dumber than the previous one ever since daggerfall...
Carlos E R Pimentel (11 months ago)
Lots of ass kissing here, but Bethesda is a name I trust. Also fucking EA.
Ninja guy TheGamer (11 months ago)
My favorite Videogame company
Bob Hollywood (1 year ago)
Maryland represent! I love seeing the employees wearing their Skyrim gear. And I know a girl that works there.
Crisco 0101 (1 year ago)
Then came Creation Club....
Big enough that they'll try to pump out as many skyrims and fallout 4's
om Singh (1 year ago)
Kyler XD (1 year ago)
Has anybody been able to find the song that is used for the first ~2 minutes
Falcon V (1 year ago)
Capcom. Just, just do Capcom now!
Zombl337 (1 year ago)
So glad to see another large publisher rise to greatness after THQ tanked
Maleficar (1 year ago)
And they don't have greedy publishers pushing their games out. It's helps a lot that they more or less publish their own games thankfully
obsydain fox (1 year ago)
ancientunbound (1 year ago)
I bet that the companies that turned off Todd Howard would be ashamed of their choices
Donavon Summers (1 year ago)
My favorite part of the video... 5:09
Adam Hay (1 year ago)
so sad, before fallout 4 came out Bethesda was good, now they milk the shit out of skyrim, half shitty dlcs for fallout 4, and have a weird paid mods shit coming out
dominoesandtin (1 year ago)
*uses new vegas in the thumbnail* *was made by obsidian* 10/10
Does anybody know where i can get this music? 00:19
Delsanar (1 year ago)
Fallout 4 sucked, stripped of RPG mechanics and heart.
Jargon Madjin (1 year ago)
Bethesda is a gaming God
Robert Graham (1 year ago)
Bethesda doesnt treat their customers like shit. people bitch about FO4 and its overpriced DLC but these are the same people who have become accustomed to the insane amount of content Bethesda puts into their games. and when you figure mods and the fact they still dont use DRM, Bethesda is aces in my book. i hope they never change
Argon (1 year ago)
Todd Howard is just a designer? :O My whole life i a lie! I thought he own Bethesda lol, but he's still a great man, one of the best game designers out there.
Can't wait for Fallout 4 to come out! :)
None of this would be possible without God.......... GODD Howards that is! :)
robot deodorant (1 year ago)
Bethesda makes a quality product. Imagine the tedious work that must have been put into games like Skyrim to make them as great as they are.
Twisted Paint (1 year ago)
do lion head!
LONE PRIME (1 year ago)
not so big if they do micro transaction
Rag Tag Review (1 year ago)
Not guilty of appealing to mass market and dumbing down games. Compare Morrowind RPG elements to Skyrim
Lukis Milenar (1 year ago)
*Bethesda* is equivalent of *Quality* . :D <3
EnderSaga (1 year ago)
I wish bethesda bought westwood, command and conquer was a great francise
platoon mexx (1 year ago)
what I think about bethesda?? fk u bethesda! just fk u! and give me my fkin elder scrolls 6 :'(
Rehazel (1 year ago)
zenimax sucks but bethesda is radical
JLHartsock (1 year ago)
Todd Howard? More like Godd Howard.
what happen to obsidian
Saul Bandera (1 year ago)
when you notice that bethesda is one of the biggest companies in gaming industry. *(meme face of whaaaaat?)*
Braeden Stumm (1 year ago)
Answer: probably about 250lbs
THE GROX (1 year ago)
Bathesda is honest unlike EA and Activision
Dalmain J (1 year ago)
Bethesda is not dumbing down it's games? you sound stupid as fuck. the larger the sequel number the simpler things get.
Vyxel OP (1 year ago)
To date, Bethesda is now the go-to company for great games. Although Bethesda isn't as big as Blizzard, they seem to be the hope for future great games. Especially since blizz is more obsessed with perfecting their slotmachine/microtransaction systems rather than making legit good mechanics for their videogames.
Cameron Henderson (1 year ago)
Fallout 4 was great but after about 3 games it starts getting slow and glitchy which is what sucks because the constant bugs almost ruins the game
Banana Joe (1 year ago)
I actually never played fallout 3 but I'd like to one day
Pedro Janikian (1 year ago)
Could you talk about Paradox studios? I greatly enjoy a lot of their games but I have no idea what the company is about.
Sapphire Axel (1 year ago)
How big is Valve?
Mr. Nobody (1 year ago)
13.2 squared miles.
Abizer Murtuza (1 year ago)
How about taking a look at square enix?
Mario Medinaa (1 year ago)
fuck EA!!
FaZeMcNuggets (1 year ago)
I thought obsidian made fallout nv and if they did why is it on the thumbnail?
shadowxxking (1 year ago)
It's so wired and cool to live in the same place where Bethesda is. Hopefully I could intern there
AFTERSHOCK 7582 (1 year ago)
Bethesda is the best
Ben Blevis (1 year ago)
I won't that thumbnail art please.
Jacob Aragon Cruz (1 year ago)
Not big enough to make a good game
EFTanker (1 year ago)
Hey it's the future! And guess what? Prey is ALSO amazing! Bethesda really is on a roll!
Jordan Johnson (1 year ago)
gotta love Bethesda there my go to for any games
fallout is life (1 year ago)
Tht trailer music still gives me chills
Shahwaiz Badsha (1 year ago)
pls do a video on unity
Steven Cox (1 year ago)
Probably should have mentioned that, with the purchase of id software, Bethesda acquired the Quake IP and so now is one of the few game companies to have their very own convention. Quakecon. It isn't quite Blizzcon status, but it is pretty legit.
uh oh (1 year ago)
I got a Bethesda ad for this
Edwin Fernández (1 year ago)
How great would be this video narrated by Falcon!
I am not The Walrus (1 year ago)
Bethesda's game = Auto Pre-Order
Raging Monk (1 year ago)
Zenimax came about because Bethesda was broke and had to bring in out side investors. That is how it became the parent company and controlling interest. But I watched half this video.
staticishock96 (1 year ago)
EA do EA
Cameron O'Connor (1 year ago)
Mods for elder scrolls online!!!
Zeus TheGod (1 year ago)
rockstar studios for sure should be next. like holy crap what an empire. or even ubisoft, and perhaps how they started out. in my opinion though ubisoft has let me down lately. bethesda and rockstar rarely do.
Dylan Salvitti (1 year ago)
Well Fallout 4 was a dud
Dean Krol (1 year ago)
Bethesda are shite! They make massive games with so much awesome content but.....Most of thier games are completely broken upon release, some of the broken content they never bother to patch and thier season passes are extortionate, often costing more than the base game it's made for. Fuck Bethesda, a prime example of a company getting so big that they give zero shit about common gamers and only focus on screwing every last penny from your wallet.
Larry Stevenson (1 year ago)
Give 'em time. Duds are coming such as "Dudromeda." I won't be playing it.
Relayzy1 (1 year ago)
Bethesda Sucks! I'll never buy a game again with any labelling of this shity company!
Kleiner Rebell (1 year ago)
How many times say he Bethesda?
Wildhelm (1 year ago)
Like this big bro
NegX (1 year ago)
"They are not actively gunning down for casual market and dumb down their games for everyone." Yeah, right.
William Daniels (1 year ago)
god damn love bethesda
AmericanTimelord (1 year ago)
Now I really want to play skyrim.
asdasdasdasdasdasd (1 year ago)
Im so glad there is Bathesda. I love fallout 4
Mr. McDeath (1 year ago)
From software please?
Jacques Lapierre (1 year ago)
and there dlc are pretty good
ZEROgravity54 (1 year ago)
Kizito Dickson (1 year ago)
it just works
FlaminSkull (1 year ago)
Fallout 4 is frickin great! I also like fallout 3.
ARoCkEr (1 year ago)
Bethesda is a publisher close to my heart i hope they dont change
Sleepy Cerberus (1 year ago)
Bethesda is the best video game company to ever exist. Like if you agree
White Wolf (1 year ago)
REFL3X LUCMULT (1 year ago)
Bethesda vs Rockstar
Alex Re (1 year ago)
I do love Bethesda, too bad I couldn't get into skyrim. I still played fallout 3 & 4, Doom, Dishonored 1& 2, Rage, and I will be playing Prey.
Dominique Elliott (1 year ago)
ea games
Oliver Keith (1 year ago)
bethesda softworks is easily the biggest publisher. They have Elder Scrolls, fallout, doom, rage, dishonored and loads more.

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