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ARK - How the death of a dodo started a war & turned me into a dictator

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In ARK, some wars begin with betrayal, some with territory conflicts, others with ressources conflicts... Our begun with a death of a dodo... (FR) Dans ARK, certaines guerres démarrent à cause de trahisons, d'autres avec des conflits territoriaux, ou des conflits liés aux ressources... La notre a démarré avec la mort d'un dodo...
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JIN ROH Scorpio (8 months ago)
Hey guys, thanks for all the views & your comments. Be sure I read everyone ( yes, even boring people... ). But, please, tell me where did you see my video ? I had like 800/900 views but in 1 week it's now 14.000 😱 By the way, thank you, happy you enjoyed it ;) Edit : we just hit 500.000 views... Hahahaha, you guys are just crazy, I don't know what to say... Still reading all comments, still happy to see people having fun or insulting me for what I did (no regrets, boys, sorry...).
Fairezl (3 days ago)
JIN ROH Scorpio oh god please tell youre not mexican, ark doesnt need tortillas
Alpha Dog (6 days ago)
Haha now u have 1.5M views. Nice job
Memsly Mem (6 days ago)
1.500.000!!! Also don't regret it, Alarm was an amaizing dodo. HOW DARE THEY CALL ALARM STUPID?!
Diether Mercado (14 days ago)
from Philippines here . Enjoy :)
blck forest45 (19 days ago)
Just random appearance.
Bxop :V (10 hours ago)
i am rewatching this like third time after months
THRIVE SNIPES (1 day ago)
lmao think this best video ive seen
Awesome F.T. Frags (1 day ago)
At 15:14 I thought the Spanish was part of the English cuz it said a bed and in Spanish it was un lit or as I read it, “unlit”
Thom Nagtegaal (1 day ago)
Legend 😢😂😂
NaptownSubaru (1 day ago)
You better be careful. Back when I played all the time, I came across a pretty chill guy that just liked to have boat base. Nothing insane at all. But the moment an alpha tribe would start treating folks like shit, he would wipe them...solo. They’d find his boat eventually and destroy it but within a hour or two would be back up and running. You just can’t do shit to someone like that. Eventually folks just got along.
Bryan Childers (2 days ago)
You guys are awesome and if I ever meet you I'll never kill anything you guys have #muchrespect
rants n' rambles (2 days ago)
I’m surprised you didn’t give up..
"Subscribe or we'll raid you" COME AT ME BRO! >:O (LIVE FROM SINGLE PLAYER) lol
Josh Kramer (2 days ago)
This is a really cool video it almost seems fake but it’s not
Life-Line Gamers (3 days ago)
Why’d you blur his name in the beginning but not near the end?
The gaming POKEMON (4 days ago)
This is pvp this is a normal thing that you did
Eyeballmaster 1174 (4 days ago)
It's a dodo you can get another one
DR. Maui (4 days ago)
The prisoner doesn't like you, it's literally some fucked up Stockholm syndrome
Nasory Hero (5 days ago)
Bro this is just a dodo!!!!!!!!!
Mason Simons (5 days ago)
Aniket Sharma (5 days ago)
I feel bad for dodo his all dinosaur
Lixix (5 days ago)
Dodos are the only thing keeping every ARK server's society together, this is proof.
Ashton Hundt (5 days ago)
I knew to subscribe immediately at the end because the troll/evil face
like wolf24 (5 days ago)
I speak ni frensh
ElectroGamer (5 days ago)
And it’s only a fucking dodo jeez :you: oh no thay killed my dodo let’s start a war
ElectroGamer (5 days ago)
Racist 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🙎🏿‍♂️🙎🏿‍♂️🙎🏿‍♂️
ItzFrost 8879 (6 days ago)
Dude U can Use Tribute Terminak to Revive the poor dodo..
The best video of ark survival i ever seen
Kifrie (6 days ago)
lesson number 1 Never kill someone s dodo they will find you
Diamond Reviews (6 days ago)
Trump is good not ugly and fat, people who make fun of his looks instead of his brains is usually uneducated
Rodrigo Almazan (6 days ago)
please name of the song in the minute 13
Rodrigo Almazan (6 days ago)
name of the last song ??
Cameron Starnes (6 days ago)
fuck you all
Dictator wouldn't be the right word...maybe a tyrant? A conqueror?
nelssycr07 (7 days ago)
Saddest story 2018 ( in my time <3 )
therajmister (7 days ago)
U sure about 14000?
Nightchill S (7 days ago)
What kind of retarded shit is this? Bobs fighting each others? Their base was beyond pathetic and yours was too. Fucking rpers.
A Dog (7 days ago)
Si señor j’apprende la langue de francaise
Jegat Johann (8 days ago)
Tf is this a roblox sad story
CloakedProphet (8 days ago)
Wtf is music
MFGamingTV (8 days ago)
I kinda feel bad for Mr.K
Kevin Valdez (8 days ago)
John wick, is that you?
Xxkid25mendezxX (9 days ago)
Rumor has it, The boy is still insulting moms to this day
Mister Sniffer (10 days ago)
Honestly, you're the asshole in this situation, dumbass.
JJ FUN ON GAME (10 days ago)
Where is the next part you died
VeryPeeved (11 days ago)
5:34 "1h plus tard" yeah, that sounds about right
Artjom (11 days ago)
Is that ps4 pro?
GEMINIz _ (12 days ago)
Imagine explaining this to your friends. “Hey dude wanna raid a base?” “What for?” They called our dodo stupid” “*_THEY DID WHAT?_*”
you seem like the bad person here
Cror (12 days ago)
That was just way to funny 😆
Shadow Gamer (13 days ago)
Well i saw the vid at 1.5m and all i can say is well done wish i could get to go to that prison😂
Noah Juarez (13 days ago)
Y trash talk when u no gud???
Spirit Games (13 days ago)
See that is why I use the wyverns as protecters for my smol pets. BUT IF I COULD I WOULD BE IN THE WAR TOO!
NathanGaming DELUXE (14 days ago)
i have a tribe name: Base seekers members: 7 dinos: 24 and i have story A player named WannabeMouse wanted to join my tribe we see that he is a naked player so we let him joined our tribe one day we saw that he died near the swamps and we dont know who killed him or what killed him we found him back to our base when we got there we talked to him we said "How did you died" he said " 2 players killed me" and we said " are they on a tribe??" he said "yes" and we said "what name??" and he said " guardian of efforts " we are shocked because that tribe is one of us we trade and help each other but one of them killed my tribe member i talked to there captain hes name is KenFilling i said to him " why did one of your tribe members killed my tribe member " he said " what! i thought he was alone " i said "you can clearly see hes on a tribe" he said "what no" then i said " you bastard " after that one of hes tribe mates shot me in the head after that i respawned i was pissed off by them i chat to KenFilling i said " DUDE WTF " he said " sorry i have to do it " i said " get ready to be raided " he said " F you " now the chat ended we prepared some weapons armors and arrows and ammos and ready our dinos there base is close to us when we go to there base one of ken filling's tribe mate ambushed us one raptor died but we quickly killed him we have to go back to our base to get another dino for my tribe mate so for now we went to go to ken filling's base after that we saw there gate we ready our hatchets and guns to destroy the gate after a minute we destroyed the gate kens tribe members fired so we fired back with crossbows and guns we killed some of hes tribe mates i think 3 got away and we looted there base it was massive there 12 dinos and alot of arrows and wood and stone and ammos alot so when we go back to our base we saw the three idiots trying to destroy our gates but we quickly killed them off ken said to me fuck you you fucking traitor suck my dick after that we found him again and and killed him again he was so pissed off he left the server So thats the story THE END!! ps. hes the one that is a traitor Idiot.
Diether Mercado (14 days ago)
hahahaha Enjoy
jurassic alpha (14 days ago)
Lol the last part
wealllike something (14 days ago)
We killed the dude 60
wealllike something (14 days ago)
That is what happened to my dodo
Maria Lu (15 days ago)
This looks like killian experience war with the bison kind
pixel master best (15 days ago)
Rides petradon and has an army of wyerns....!!(such a noob) just joking bro!!!
Alpha Dog (16 days ago)
I loved that. The death of a dodo should mean war. If that happened to me I’d do the same.
Happy Boi (16 days ago)
4:08 Takes shotgun Shoots him Can someone make this a meme?
Wehafse (16 days ago)
i set my dodo to aggressive wander and it chased around a dimorph in circles for days and it was the best thing ever
Well if I ever buy ARK and start playing it...I'm definitely joining your tribe :D
Jacob Batch (16 days ago)
1 like equals a prayer for Alarm
Kareem Williams (17 days ago)
Jin you did the right thing
Jadie AXA (17 days ago)
you forgot to censor his name in one chat log thing,5:56
Hacker Billy (17 days ago)
Omg I’m crying
Guillermo Flores (17 days ago)
Its sad bc my cat passed away and they played this at my cats grave
Temple Guard (17 days ago)
I mean, you were still rude, you did the wrong thing, and so did he.
GAME BOY SKULLY (18 days ago)
what is the name on the song in the end
Afiq Arfan360 (18 days ago)
But wheres is Mr K?
Alfredo Gaming Channel (18 days ago)
Lesson learned never kill a dodo xD
Afiq Arfan360 (18 days ago)
What a great Revenge!!
Ralph Ferguson (18 days ago)
I had a unicorn and a dodo named tom. A person raided me a the dodo blocked a shot for the unicorn which gave me time to kill him. I love u Tom
Vin xcxcxcxc (18 days ago)
you guys are taking this game to seriously
Shane (18 days ago)
Why did you have to go and bring politics into this
GHA5TY (19 days ago)
Legit just a dodo
Jordan Graves (19 days ago)
Oh mr kalanji why would you ever raid a stone base with obviously nothing in it
Rahmir (19 days ago)
AsrielDreemur Fr (20 days ago)
Jadore la traduction vraiment thank you
senpai kun (21 days ago)
Wow this is like a adoption advertisement e.g:for every metal door you will save a dodo from being murdered and u even get a free toilet trained human call now at 0800 DodoLivesMatter
Insanegamer3 3 (21 days ago)
I had my first tame a raptor and someone raided me as soon as i came back everything was destroyed and my raptor(rappy)was dead. I asked help from tribes they helped me and avenged me by litteraly trashing thier base the only thing that remains were behemoth gates
Blast Rulez999 (21 days ago)
I think we all learned a valuable lesson from this video, never insult a man's dodo.
Shadow knights Yt (21 days ago)
Never disrespect a mans dodo people
spinoraptorattack (21 days ago)
Jeremiah Edmond (21 days ago)
damn it took me a while to pause at the right moment and he calls me a pervert lmao
Shashwat Vatsyayan (22 days ago)
plz leave him
kiki2000 (22 days ago)
Rip dodo
best video I've ever watched haha
Loading Last Name (22 days ago)
best vid of the day
Novalee Gorden (23 days ago)
Holy shit why was I laughing sooo hard!!!
arman ghazali (23 days ago)
T Scott (24 days ago)
RIP Alarm Justice was served.
Thryztan Casilang (24 days ago)
Kill my T rex i dont care kill all my pet i dk kill my dodo bird me kill him his freinds and life
oxtailime pl (24 days ago)
Nice, what server?
CloakedProphet (24 days ago)
Y u no show name
Dino Mala (24 days ago)
Can you find the diff emoji. 😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😔😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞
Dino Mala (24 days ago)
R.I.P dodo will miss you 😔
temsu jr (25 days ago)
why don't you just open a new. account.. i think thats fake
Wolf Master (25 days ago)
Mr k: hello *gets shot*
KDA A (25 days ago)
Boring content. What a time waster 😑
Monarch Louie (25 days ago)
That's sas
hydragon of death (25 days ago)
lol, that person must really really hate getting ark now hehehehehe XD

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