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These women go to war on the football field!
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cüneyit arkin (3 days ago)
Yakinda 2023 te erkeklerde Böyle Top oynayacaklar götler acik
Me mysterious Mystery (3 days ago)
Are kids watching this
Este deporte si me gusta!!! Solo por las chicas blancas, parecere racista pero las negrotas altas si dan miedo!!! Parecen hombres!!!!
Edgar Tapia (4 days ago)
I'd fuckem all at the same time
mike jones (4 days ago)
Just take the dam lil shorts and top off so that’s one less thing to worry about geez
Kenneth Petrovic (4 days ago)
Kenneth Petrovic (4 days ago)
Kade Donohue (4 days ago)
can we slap those assess because those women would make a good partner
Ron Steurer (5 days ago)
But men, don't look or stare as they don't want to be sexualized and looked at as an object or anything in today's society! Sorry girls, you can't have it both ways.
RAMPEGE old school (5 days ago)
Show de nalgas
尻がエロすぎ 舐めたいわ
İbrahim İbrahimler (6 days ago)
Cennet amk
Killer Klown (6 days ago)
I'm just here to look at some asses and pass judgment on them 😂
shehab hamzawy (6 days ago)
OK I have a question, why is it when women play a sport that men play they have to get more naked, am not joking, there must be a reason, who made this rule. I mean check every game. women have to get more naked than men playing the same sport, except football they dress the same way.
Juliano Prado (6 days ago)
Agora sim da gosto assistir futebol americano!
Pat Roberts (7 days ago)
Stinky gorilla asses...WTF!!!
Frank Legnaioli (8 days ago)
Lovely asses.
Elevating Vibration (8 days ago)
Just like in real football, it looks like the QB has the weakest body. I love how they maintained respect to the source material.
Elevating Vibration (8 days ago)
You know what's sad though....all these poor women...every last one of them...probably suffered a concussion during this game....this truly is the sport of pure ass....pure savage ass.
Elevating Vibration (8 days ago)
My god........look at these savages. I need to tame all this ass.
Elevating Vibration (8 days ago)
Yooooo....look at those bold sluts in the thongs. Yes indeed.
Hezekiaah E. (8 days ago)
Are they playing on turf dressed like that? 🤔
Rod Kindred (9 days ago)
Can i play the QB just for one game only.
Madi King (9 days ago)
I want bi really of this game
Liberato Nibiru (9 days ago)
Musty asses😂😂😂
Tireek Walker (11 days ago)
How do you not get hard watching this?! Lol
TheMetuneter (11 days ago)
What a game, what a game,what a game YES
Samuel Sakyi (11 days ago)
American is very free country but gun violence is their problem
Are you a lesbian?
NaKa NàShuN (12 days ago)
Why all they asses so lit tho
Elevating Vibration (8 days ago)
Because in sports it's this thing called getting chose for the team...if you don't have the right equipment...you get cut.
Pirini Edwards (12 days ago)
I liked it... But another.. Can't believe this exist!
Armando Rodriguez (12 days ago)
Oh sooooooooo good to watch this Football....I mean where do they get these AMAZING BEAUTIES to play at this level and not be afraid to show some skin,come on really....👍👍thumbs up is an understatement don't yawwwww
padams24 (13 days ago)
I haven’t watched Football hardcore since i was a teen, but looks like I just reignited my interest in sports :)
gunofpatriot00 (13 days ago)
Che Culazzi cazzo!
Sideshow Bob (14 days ago)
The Refs encourage instant replay reviews
Branko Vukovic (16 days ago)
All of them are public sex objects!Public shame!Western culture make man and woman sex slaves!Idiotism and nothing more!
Harry A. (11 days ago)
Branko Vukovic dude shut up
Beatifull 01 (17 days ago)
Play strong mommy lift carry baby men
Kill Bill (17 days ago)
Put some clothes on them and nobody would look at this twice
milton cedeno (14 days ago)
I would say not once
Ricochetrabitt (18 days ago)
Fuckmeat football.
Me 93 117 (20 days ago)
#13 ass is perfect.
David Perez (21 days ago)
Alguien esta interesado en el partido? O dolo ben los culos. Guachitas ricassss
bracoop2 (21 days ago)
Chocolate women are beautiful , they’re just not my thing.
Elevating Vibration (8 days ago)
Your balls say otherwise....you can lie to us all you want...but you can't lie to your d**k. You like to keep it in the dark how much you like dark meat. Don't be ashamed of your love for women of all colors....that dark poon is so so good.
Bb Thompson (21 days ago)
really? where are the big girls, that would be effective blockers? All for male consumption. we should call this what it is, not football tho. maybe bootyball or something.
Robby Daniel (22 days ago)
I'm a dirty old man but Umm, used to be a dirty young man, I've consulted with both of us and we 100% approve of this new style of athletic contact sport for all viewers between the ages of 6 (Months) and whenever we finally kark-it, Amen ;-)
jamaal shaikh (22 days ago)
FFS America what is the need for showing so much flesh? on the one hand, you claim to be trying to eradicate objectification from your society then you do shit like this......why?
8a6y (23 days ago)
black women got the best bodies. period.
Elevating Vibration (8 days ago)
And on top of that they are the masters of rhythm...so they know how to use them. But from what I've heard...Asian women have the best snatch...in some Eastern countries...they have trained their kegel muscles to do ridiculously pleasurable things with those busted bodies they often have....and the guys small as they are have trained their shlongs to lift ridiculous amounts of weight. Go look up a video if you dare and care...of an Asian man lifting 300 plus lbs with his flaccid...most likely tiny as spam sausage...shlong. I tell you...the Asians compensate like a motherf**ka for their shortcomings. Somebody long ago must have told them little aliens that they are stupid and can't fight for sh**....now look at em. Somebody also told them...your numbers are as small as your stature...they responded..."Is that right?" Popped out a billion plus on the world's @$$.
Godwin Ogabo (24 days ago)
I am trying to focus on the sport but I just can't 😂😂😂
Godwin Ogabo (14 days ago)
milton cedeno he really doesn't 😂😂
milton cedeno (14 days ago)
The camera man doesn't help
Andrew Flood (25 days ago)
Eric Matterson (26 days ago)
More cake than a bakery
Elevating Vibration (8 days ago)
And I just provided enough creme icing for each one of those cakes.
Laxer 01 (26 days ago)
this should be on porn him not youtube lol
a b (26 days ago)
All the players are trannys, YouTube it when you get done barfing.
Elevating Vibration (8 days ago)
Only in your messed up mind...you've been tooled by all the LGBTUVWXY and Z bullcrap that's being forced into your face and into your mind....and probably into your bed.
Pierce McManus (27 days ago)
Wtf America
Every Girl Should be REQUIRED to rub Baby Oil on their Breast & Asses During the Pre-Game, (For Security Reasons Of-Course).
Steve Burris (27 days ago)
BFL... Boner Football League.
Juan Rojas (28 days ago)
Lo mejor que inventaron los yanquis
Felisiano Kalamafoni (28 days ago)
The he'll with NFL this is the best
Thomas Bäcker (29 days ago)
Unglaublicher Sport den Man Gerne Sehen Kann.
Daniel Le (30 days ago)
if i am the ref, i will be falling on top of these girls all day.
jean M (30 days ago)
Still don't get it, is that because they are female that they have to play almost naked??? It look dangerous, outrageous and ugly to me, why males counterparts are dress properly and females not???? Are they happy playing with that type of outfits???? Ridiculous
milton cedeno (14 days ago)
Men football game is suicidal. Even mma fighters have said they would not do it.
Will Clark (1 month ago)
Elevating Vibration (8 days ago)
Me too, I just don't use my hands to do it...but I'm standing tall for them....while sitting down.
Area00 (1 month ago)
those thick asses! Yum!
BreuckelensFinest (1 month ago)
You're a smart man or woman whoever you are to grab as many eyeballs as you can to get as many subscribers and hits sex always sells
Who is #3? Her ass jiggles like there is no end....
david aaku (1 month ago)
This shit is not football
Kurt Patterson (1 month ago)
Young athletic women have nice bodies.When you put them in sexy uniforms that accent their figures,this is what you get.No one complains about women's bodies in the Olympics, and guys are on here ogling those women's bodies as well.Women do not look good in men's football uniforms and this sport is professional entertainment as well as athletics.I think some women are hating this because they have or desire fake bodies instead of athletic bodies....
Levi Croker (1 month ago)
Ok, is there a specific reason why they're all dressed that way? O.O
Harry A. (11 days ago)
To sell tickets...why the hell else would anyone watch women play football?
Retro Stuff! (13 days ago)
To keep us with bonners!!
milton cedeno (14 days ago)
To keep them cool
Blaise 2067 (15 days ago)
Athletic briefs allow the greatest freedom of movement and allow female athletes to perform at their best. This is why they have become the favored bottom in women's track and field.
Branko Vukovic (16 days ago)
Levi Croker yes there is a reason,western culture gave them right to be sex objects and public houres.....!Womans freedom god bless freedom!
Nico Bakkernes (1 month ago)
Jamie fornal you are sport girls you beauty lwomens .
T-wizzle M (1 month ago)
Sure beats the nfl all day everyday
Eulises Parra (1 month ago)
Mamitas todas
joe wolf (1 month ago)
can you say fat asss
Dave442 cc (1 month ago)
Thick !
GUnot33333 (1 month ago)
This need to be in 4k slow motion
Дезертир (1 month ago)
Норм спорт :)
Blast (2 months ago)
Damn.. that moment before the snap😍
Dave N. (3 months ago)
The tight end for atl is amazing.
Harry A. (11 days ago)
Dave N. they all got tight ends
Javi Tovar (3 months ago)
what kind of people humanity became and where we lost the way isaíah 5 20
Henry Biggs (8 days ago)
Tell God to hurry with the wings, liqour, & weed... Since it has no power or say over the blatant wickedness being done to the globe daily by 5% of his "beautiful" creation...
Guan Williams (25 days ago)
Sodom and Gomorrah. God is furious.
odogwu nwoke (3 months ago)
Doctors should start recommending this game to men as a prescription for reduction of stress and high blood pressure
I want to fuck one of them right now!
phantom spectre (3 months ago)
status247 (3 months ago)
These ladies are going at it for real
John Smythe (3 months ago)
This is just stupid. If it were a true sport, you'd see a lot fatter women in this, or women who were more muscular. I can take any 11 guys off the street of average strength and size and kick the shit out of them. So let's be honest, it's about sex. Great...instead of these chicks making asses (pun intended) out of themselves, why not just put them in bikinis and have a 'Wrestle Bowl'. More entertaining and we avoid the thin pretense it's anything other than chicks acting in a possibly 'sexy lesbian' fashion.
3drhodes (4 months ago)
Ass oasis out there. Boongie for days
carstuck fan3000 (4 months ago)
Wow, never seen this before.
Cory Arthur (4 months ago)
they actually good
ItOnlyHurtsWhenYou Lie (4 months ago)
But I'm wrong for saying they are all prime candidates for rape though right?
david aaku (1 month ago)
ItOnlyHurtsWhenYou Lie idiota
oldschoolsinger (5 months ago)
This is some of the stupidest goddamn shit I've ever seen in my life. Are you motha fuckas so desperate to look at naked ass that you have to come here to watch shit like this when there are literally millions of videos and pictures online of naked women? Get a fucking life.
Agent SuperArgo (5 months ago)
My girl walked in the room and was shook...I said calm down its just Football 😂😂😂
Elevating Vibration (8 days ago)
Hahahah....you's a hoooooe......@$$ mitch. If it were me I would have told her don't enter the room unless you have a beer...then I'd have told her...baby this is what I want you to dress like in our next roleplay. Go get the face paint...you are about to get tackled and touched.
Sailasa Raisuqe (13 days ago)
rebellifemedia (5 months ago)
Agent SuperArgo yeah boo, calm down, it's football.
M Black (5 months ago)
The coach 🏈🏈has the best job in the world🌍 I wouldn't be able to focus I'd see 👀👀a phat azz and be like home run⚾....😂😂
Ralph Eberhardt (6 months ago)
Why their pants are inside their ass! So tight !!!
W Wickers (6 months ago)
i love the Bliss!
diz0973ify (7 months ago)
RealTalk100 602 (7 months ago)
You know a male invented this !
Elevating Vibration (8 days ago)
But these women are willingly doing it....why, you ask....because women love sexual attention...women love to turn men on...even if they aren't giving it up...FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACTS. I'm a descendaaaaaaaaaaant.........of crispy creme.
MG HAITI TV (7 months ago)
Okay... I'm with the whole beauty of the sport but the lack of clothes looks dangerous to me...
Emmanuel Joseph (26 days ago)
Ah monchè medam yo bien bel lool. you right but let's be real we all here because of the lack of clothing
Jake Thunderbird (2 months ago)
The only thing other than the shoulder pads we wear is the girdle. It's only a cushion on your thighs that help soften your fall so they're pretty safe, we also look more safe cus we have actual pants on
Dewayne White (7 months ago)
kalei Dudoit (7 months ago)
Thatz a lot of asses
ASSMAN/FEETMAN (7 months ago)
Mel MatrixsLawncare (7 months ago)
Trying to focus but the asses is too much
Dr. killpatient (7 months ago)
Wow! They actually appear 2 actually know how 2 play foot- ball,,,, ( better than me)- Is this a gimmick,??? Is it gay,???? Wtf is this?????!
Dr. killpatient (7 months ago)
My tongue is speech- less, & my cock is HARD!!!!!!!
Victor Rogers (7 months ago)
Ass, ass, ass.

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