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The Biggest Cheater in Gaming History? (1700+ Scores w/ no Evidence)

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Fraud Rogers Dragster: TG Leaderboard: http://www.twingalaxies.com/dragster/atari-2600-vcs/ntsc-game-1-difficulty-b-fastest-time/ TAS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_y1VBIvx2u8 Omnigamer's Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HhaBah7e48lBRA18v8Mgr-fRVZS5DUJb_pnOsBTC34c/edit?usp=sharing Ben Heck's Testing: https://youtu.be/qfXwSYzEjcE Twin Galaxies: Wolff Morrow's Experience: http://nintendoage.com/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=31&threadid=89222 Ron Corcoran Inmate Records: https://corrections.az.gov/public-resources/inmate-datasearch Todd's Post About Ron's Tapes: http://www.twingalaxies.com/showthread.php/174728-Answers-regarding-Kaboom-Donkey-Kong-amp-Robert-Mruczek Barnsotrming: Jeffy's Thread: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/10989-barnstorming-game-1-3204-what-the/ TAS: https://youtu.be/__nweJS8uOM Wolff's Message to Todd and Todd's Response: https://www.facebook.com/todd.rogers.7967747/posts/10151600927550936:0 Suspect Scores: The Legendary Axe: http://www.twingalaxies.com/the-legendary-axe/turbografx-16/points/ Wabbit: http://www.twingalaxies.com/wabbit/atari-2600-vcs/ Centipede: http://www.twingalaxies.com/centipede/atari-5200/default-settings/ Cosmic Ark: http://www.twingalaxies.com/cosmic-ark/atari-2600-vcs/ntsc-game-1-difficulty-b/ Donkey Kong Junior: http://www.twingalaxies.com/donkey-kong-junior/atari-2600-vcs Dragster: http://www.twingalaxies.com/dragster/atari-2600-vcs Galaga: http://www.twingalaxies.com/galaga/nintendo-entertainment-system/ntsc-points-marathon/ Man vs Computer The Dragster Debate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sgo3LOYnT8E Subscribe ➢ https://www.youtube.com/c/ApolloLegend?sub_confirmation=1 Discord ➢ https://discord.gg/6qn8pVU Twitter ➢ https://twitter.com/Apollo_Legend_ Twitch ➢ https://twitch.tv/Apollo_Legend_
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Text Comments (4841)
Masca Chicles (4 days ago)
wow how much of a loser you have to be to lie about achieving video game records
CoolDoominator (6 days ago)
Wow the fact of how many people still support him is sad
Yay SSBB (7 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ii2EKXsEaCQ&t=300s watch this video and skip to 1:34 on that video and it will be proven
John Smith (8 days ago)
Never heard of twin galaxies, but thanks, because now I know that they have no integrity and all records there could be forgeries...
parrot007 (8 days ago)
Anyone whos a fan of this guy is a fucking idiot. How can you possibly root for someone like that?
its quite easy : many people want idols they can look up to , doesnt matter if its a fast runner , someone who holds a nearly unbeatable world record or simply a big brother who is better at games and everytime you get stuck he does it in 1 try right away i asume most fans just are naive and didnt ever think he could be lying and that people who said he was , were lying
Mask McGee (11 days ago)
Todd Rogers is a perfect match to the sketch of the man wanted in the murder of 16 year old Molly Bish in 2000.
BurningAegis (11 days ago)
I had to do a double take when I saw Triforce of all people pop up.
Hirsty (13 days ago)
I’m not interested in speed runs but this video put me on full tilt
unknown takis (13 days ago)
And 30 years for repeatedly raping a girl? That motherfucker RON will be dead before he gets out. Fuck pieces of shit.
unknown takis (13 days ago)
This guy isbjust a old version of a hacker in some ways. Yes fucking pathetic and needs to feel good so he cheats on a game cuz he's a fucking loser and could NEVER DO ANYTHING IN LIFE. fucking fags man. I swear the human race is filled with some STUPID MOTHERFUCKERS
Devosious (14 days ago)
He is like the Frank Dux of Speedrunning
mostafa mohammed (15 days ago)
isnt there a movie about this?, a guy who cheats in games
Troy Wright (16 days ago)
But you know what? Doesn't mean it didn't hap......
Kumquat Lord (16 days ago)
Congrats on getting this scumbag expunged from the record books!
Dark Revelations (16 days ago)
Good job man!
TheMehgend (17 days ago)
-insert comment supporting him- No he doesn’t deserve this at all
Carpet Climber (18 days ago)
Well, at least he has one record, but it's the one no one wants.
Luke J. Fordham (18 days ago)
is he related to DrDisrespect my wife?
Makerrcat (18 days ago)
3:22 There's escalating quickly... and then there's that... That was a HARD turn.
Splinter (18 days ago)
No offense to Apollo Legend, but does anyone care about these records or these people? I'd really like to know what people are so invested in this. Thank you.
many do i honestly never heard about him or dragster but its still important , if any ocarina of time runner was caught splicing or straight up making up false times i would care alot since i often watch oot runners like zfg1 or back when he still ran it , clint stevens its still not an okay thing to fake records and get praised for it
Toad Knight (18 days ago)
He also has a record To Donkey Kong, DK Jr. Galahad and Pacman. That's Not Important that they're fake?
Toad Knight (18 days ago)
A lot of them are very important. His Mario WR Was Proven Fake, A Record That Was Worshiped. He is the biggest gamer in history who is fake, I find that important. I hold the WR for the third tutorial on spelunky. That isn't a big record but I love it. So the fact that somebody that I looked up to is fake ruined me. So I care, and a lot of others do to.
Barj0422 (19 days ago)
He could have a new record, the highest number of fakes records!
Eric Mark (19 days ago)
I personally suspect the world records of Boom Beach game
the fake pewdipie (20 days ago)
Boo shame on you
its dumb todd hasnt died why not say we are in the 21st cenutry , you can keep all your records if you make a livestream of all games with atleast 500 viewers and atleast get close to your claimed record , if you cant after 5 attempts you lose the world record
Nexus9D (20 days ago)
Wow people were gullible as shit back then.
Gianluca Badejo (20 days ago)
Seems this guy has not set any "records" since 2004, because he just wouldn't be able to get away with shit like this today.
Cupshadow (21 days ago)
6:15 32.95 not 32.05
clueless (22 days ago)
Holy fuck.
Fabulous5 (22 days ago)
Guinness World Records stripped away all of Rogers' “records“ on January 30th this year. YES.
Steve P (22 days ago)
Imagine putting this kind of effort into something that actually matters....
Steve P (22 days ago)
Wow... GET A LIFE.....
dollores (22 days ago)
Imagine you have a shitty Atari on a black and white 10 inch TV that is connected by UHF, where a 7 is definitely going to look like a 1, so of course he's going to remember it differently. Let's dox his family and send him death threats now!
Dave Daniel (22 days ago)
Pft naaah, chinese PUBG hacker is the best. (I'm not chinese)
DECK2509 (23 days ago)
My jaw dropped so hard when I heard what the ref was arrested for I almost dislocated the damn thing. Did NOT see that coming. Thought I would hear that he had a history of forging.... something or the other. Nope. Raped a little girl repeatedly. GOD I was watching this while I was trying to go to sleep I'm *#&$ing awake now
DECK2509 (23 days ago)
Also only 30 years? You should do life for doing it once!
2 Songs 1 Kvlt (23 days ago)
who cares
William Dorsey (23 days ago)
Todd Rogers was approved because twin galaxies needed there star player. If anyone found out how much he actually cheated twin galaxy would lose there star.
Tyler Fate (24 days ago)
OMG I GOT 0.001 ON DRAGSTER oh wait... coffe stain
Obi Dark (24 days ago)
Todd Peddo is not even worth a video...
SonicFanBoy98 (24 days ago)
It's just like if I say if my true Speed Run 4 Sonic Generations against Metal Sonic was 5 minutes and 21 seconds I have no video proof or photography proof because I lost everything I had it on my Vita and if I can get ahold of my PSN account I can prove that I did get that time on sonic generations
RobTapps88 (24 days ago)
Just a heads up... the time has been done again proving it possible..
I Like Kittens (24 days ago)
Why did anyone trust him? He looks like Dr.Eggman ofcourse he's a cheater!
Jack Mcloan (25 days ago)
the good thing is thst child rapist get punked out in prison (punked out means you become a sex slave)
Twin galaxies at this point is just crap. If you or someone you know works their you can claim anything happened.
Der Graueherr (25 days ago)
Who cares, its just gaming, it should be fun, nothing more.
dickkickem (25 days ago)
there should be a world record for him for lying the most to get on the guinness book of world records
PooDot StinkPants (25 days ago)
Todd who?
Andrew Baker (25 days ago)
When u say twin galaxies I think of Mario galaxy 2
Big Smoke (25 days ago)
And making this video is giving this douche more attention.
Fullshark 09 (25 days ago)
Just rewatching it. This may be one of the best videos in gaming history by far.
JODA9395 (25 days ago)
Poor Dora.
HeyimSwade (26 days ago)
Looks like paul blart with sunglasses
Samwich417 Uselton (26 days ago)
I'm impressed. Now imagine if you could wrap your autistic brain around something that matters. Anything at all. That matters.
Lol you’re all jealous and salty. God Rogers
LivelyMehOtaku (27 days ago)
A 162K YouTuber brought down a video game “legend” Dam anything can happen
marky mark (27 days ago)
Awesome Video. love how you gather all the evidence to catch out these clowns!
Dang, that be a lot of cheating
Roronoa Zoro (28 days ago)
Joshua Camara (28 days ago)
All i have to say to this is, you "gamers" did this to yourselves, games used to just be for one thing and one thing only, ENJOYMENT! they were literally NOTHING but time killers. enter the faggot ass world that is now "pro" gaming (and sorry there are no "pros" in gaming just hopeless losers who are wasting their times on things KIDS should be "pros" at not 20+ year olds, it's like grow the fuck up and get a REAL job.)and you have esports and all this faggot ass BS like tournaments with fucken commentators acting like it's a REAL DEAL LEGITIMATE SPORT! lmao so here is my issue with all that. you faggots need to PICK ONE OR THE OTHER! you either take this "pro" gaming and see it as a sport OR STFU STOP holding "records" this and "records" that and speedrunning fucken games that aren't meant to be speedran to begin with (GTA V and pretty much any elder scrolls game) yet you faggots literally do it just to fucken do it. it's sad. either stop all this bs and just play video games (because that's personally where gaming has LOST EVERYTHING! it shouldn't be a fucken job like and you shouldn't be able to be a faggot ass YTer aka failure in life and make THOUSANDS of dollars just pissing away playing fucken video games, straight up the way they are looked at NOW and how they were back then it's fucken RETARDED!) OR as i said, TREAT IT LIKE A SPORT! and you know what fucken sucks about that? MANY HALL OF FAMERS ARE STILL CURRENTLY IN THE HALL OF FAME! n guess the fuck what? THEY WERE STEROID USERS/CHEATERS! did/do they ever get stripped? NO!!!!!! what you as the pussy ass video game community needs to understand, is TIMES ARE DIFFERENT! it's fucken life accept it and MOVE ON! you don't see ANYONE in the sports community crying like you people do (to remove "certain" players that we as a sports community KNOW FOR A FACT they were cheating/using steroids) we just accept it and WE all know they are cheaters etc. but we leave it be (or believe me MANY hall of famers wouldn't be in there to this day) it's fucken life it's different eras move on. straight up the video game community is NOTHING but a bunch of whiny faggots (and i mean it's obv reason as to why, it straight up speaks for itself your fucken nerd and you think playing video games is something of "skill" and you're a "pro" at it lmao to a point where it can become a job, the fact that you're all ok with being in your 30's-40's [because most of you are faggot ass mid 20ers for the most part] and telling someone you're a "pro" gamer like that's something fucken cool or like some VIP CEO shit like WAKE THE FUCK UP dude it's sad, if i fucken ever ran into someone in like say a highschool reunion and they told me that, straight up laugh in their fucken face, n walk the fuck away. there is no such thing as a fucken "pro" video gamer ok video games are meant for fucken KIDS if you have that much time in your life to waste on them, you're fucken pathetic not a pro at anything and you fail at this life ok, you're pretty much saying you fucken can't do anything but piss away at VIDEO GAMES that's your "skill", yah that's fucklen sad) and that's why this is really the only community that does this shit. you don't see this done in ANY other sport lmao (point again, is you'd see MANY hall of famers get removed then if that WAS the case, yet MANY cheaters/steroid users are still there TO THIS DAY) so it's like either make it 100% a sport and accept that CHEATERS EXIST (especially back in THOSE days) accept it and move the fuck on don't go all dick tracey like the faggots you honestly are, thought you were pro gamers not fucken news reporters/journalists. like leave it the fuck alone and move on, or again cut ALLLLLLLL the fucken pathetic bs and see games how they were MEANT to be seen. n that's just FOR FUCKEN FUN! the reality is you BRING IT UPON YOURSELVES by turning video games INTO ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL of this bs. n then you cry about it, if you just kept games as they were meant to be, no one would give a fuck. people would just laugh at you. you broke what? who the fuck cares dude i'm just trying to PLAY A GAME AND ENJOY IT! i'm not "PRO" gamer with an inflated ego and a small dick, i don't need to beat world record or be the fastest person ever to BEAT A VIDEO GAME! it's fucken sad dude. like you all need to grow the fuck up, GET LIVES, REAL FUCKEN JOBS, n move the fuck on.
Joshua Camara (28 days ago)
also why are you bringing up the Elite vs twin galaxies? two different brands so obv different mods/ways of handling things. no real reason to even question "why" at the end of the day it's again two completely different sites ran by different people etc. whatever the "rules"/"requirements" are for Elite are most like not the same as TG i don't know what TG covers but the Elite is literally just for Goldeneye and Perfect dark records. so there could very well be different ways of how they handle things. TG seems like they deal with more variety of games, so possible that it does take more time to properly "investigate" the cases before they get removed? also (to point out once again) two completely different sites/brands. you're talking about TG (which was clearly around during the 80's etc.) vs the Elite (which only started up during the goldeneye era, which came out in 97, when video capturing and recording was well a lot more possible/do-able and pretty sure a requirement) So the Elite have been pretty much doing video "proof" since day one, TG clearly wasn't, so i dunno to use them as comparison, idk just def not a good one in my opinion. just cause one "site" that holds records for video games removes a player from cheating etc, doesn't tech mean another site has to do the same, as i said, the "investigation" into those claims may be different per site. who knows some sites maybe just look at claims and instantly remove records that just don't even "seem" legitimate while others may take some time to really look into it. idk, not a gamer, what i do know is they are def both different sites/brands n most likely ran by different people, so they are most likely going to operate differently. just because someone got caught/accused on the Elite and did get removed doesn't tech mean someone who gets caught/accused on TG should be removed. two completely different sites, they obv handle things differently. also just want to point out, if there was already "one" bad apple doing "all" of these things you claim at TG, honestly wtf makes you think there aren't others? again i don't know who runs it, i dunno how many people there are who run it, who ref things etc, n i def don't know any of them personally, so who are you to say they couldn't be equally as corrupt? maybe that's why the records still stand? just yah i wouldn't doubt it, going back to sports, if there is usually "one" bad seed within that "team" that's ok with a player cheating, what says they all aren't in on it kind of thing? i just def wouldn't put it past them is all i'm saying.
Sir. Barnaby (28 days ago)
Second place score: 58,078. Todd Rogers score : 65 million k
Love that salt mail (28 days ago)
I kinda feel bad for Todd. He just wanted to be famous and important so he lied and with the support of his friend he was able to keep a lie going till the public finally found out. Still of course he deserves to be brought down but at least he had his time of fame
Apollo Legend, I know that you probably don't want to talk to the peterfeeliac child toucher but you can look up his prison ID number, send him a letter, offer to put money on his books for him to talk about his fat piece of shit cheater buddy. Would be painful to have to correspond with such a low life scumbag but it is possible.
James Van Bergeyk (28 days ago)
so what, stop attacking him... it doesn't even matter.
Prince Sidon (24 days ago)
Alex Judge (28 days ago)
You ought to watch King of Kong. It is a story about a man attempting to gain the Donkey Kong arcade cabinet WR. But the backdrop to the story is Billy Mitchell the long time holder, acts suspicious and shady when the main character gets close. Reminds me a lot of this fella and coincidentally both Billy and Todd are apart of the old guard at Twin Galaxies. I am no expert on Twin Galaxies but the more I learn about that institution and its figure heads the more confused I become.
Andy JN (28 days ago)
Umm... what a cheat
David Urdahl (29 days ago)
Stay out of my neighborhood Mr Rogers.
David Urdahl (29 days ago)
Looks like he was shut down 6 days after this was posted. Noice.
Keith Dunahee (29 days ago)
The rules for Guinness records must have been different at that time, as far as I know a judge from Guinness has to be present to set one of their records
Charles StevensPlays (29 days ago)
Congrats! You exposed him! You are a legend!
John Dorian (29 days ago)
John Dorian (29 days ago)
Fraught Quill (30 days ago)
That is cool and all, but I think this is legit: https://youtu.be/yfMQlvIzxLg
Fraught Quill (30 days ago)
Nevermind, the fake record was 5.54, the one in the video is 5.57
Gavin (30 days ago)
Part 2?
Gavin (30 days ago)
This is much more serious than cheating in some diamond blocks in Minecraft.
phoenix887 (1 month ago)
LMAO how has anyone fallen for these records? The scores on many of these are laughably high, I mean, if you’re gonna cheat, at least do it in a believable way.
davebaxxxter (1 month ago)
fuck a looser like him..
Terrix (1 month ago)
So all of these videos simply show how absolutely garbage Twin Galaxies is and how it is utterly a corrupt septic tank of losers from the 80s.
Dennis Wittmann (1 month ago)
Thats just a fucking Game...
Prince Sidon (24 days ago)
Oh so I guess cheating and lying would only matter if it was something else?
Happy Hands (1 month ago)
All hardcore gamers are this way.
Mario583 (1 month ago)
I speedrunnned this video in 564.5 seconds*, give me a record. *2x speed
piggy201 (1 month ago)
Raped a little girl repeatedly or had/attempted to have sex with "a minor"? Thats sets pretty different picture if you put it the way you did. But maybe you did the research and that was exactly what happened, I dont know.
Hui Hang Chong (1 month ago)
This guy reminds me of that Adam Sandler movie, uh, Pixel or something lol.
David McGarry (1 month ago)
He's like the Uri Geller of gaming 🥄
Dakota Mayer (1 month ago)
Just cuz the guy is a pedophile doesn’t mean he’s lying 24/7. (Though the faggot pedo you mention is one such lier.)
Omi Manni (1 month ago)
as a punishment he should break the dragster record to get released, he will never become free
Lord Shua (1 month ago)
With so much unethical behavior, were more of them doing bad things to kids?
Rachel Fischer (1 month ago)
The idea of empirearcadia defending the legitimacy of todd rogers is super funny to anyone knowing anything about the smash scene. Like at least it's in character, I guess.
FortWhenTeaThyme (1 month ago)
10:47 Is that Triforce? Hooly shit. You could do an entire video on that guy, he is a total scumsucker.
The Mod70 (1 month ago)
TG means crap to me when I think of high scores.
Shock & Awe Gaming (1 month ago)
You know, when you start a video off accusing someone of cheating with: A) No proof B) A call-back to a video where you also had no proof C) Choose to ignore that the "cheated" run was APPROVED BY A REFEREE WHO WATCHED IT Yea, you get 17 seconds of watch time from a view on your video. If you know the YT algorithm, you know this is bad. Maybe start your videos off with evidence and not random salty accusations.
Solareon (1 month ago)
Roger Klotz (1 month ago)
0:55 :D yeah it was worth it
Fr3ezy YT (1 month ago)
NetvorMcWolf (1 month ago)
Looks like Tom Hanks
Secave (1 month ago)
I don't know why Youtube added this video to my recomendations but damn that cheater wasn't good in math. Seems He got what he deserved thanks to the comments section for the news. I'm glad for that.
Nesouk Kefka (1 month ago)
Honnestly I don't get how anybody could give this guy credit (and even more so the website that was posting them) I mean seriously, most of his scores were obviously lies are most people nothing but blind idiot or what.
Shisukoo (1 month ago)
The guy should get a world record for 'THE BIGGEST CHEATER IN GAMING HOSTRY'
HyperIon (1 month ago)
Some of these arent even creative. Like exactly 65,000,000 on a game no one has even gotten a fraction of that? come on
pecfree (1 month ago)
What a scumbag this fat fuck
Your Mom (1 month ago)
Tod's my fucking idol
Stoneage Productions (1 month ago)
lol who cares about this. just go play hf
Azirul (1 month ago)
*B E G O N E T O D D*
La (1 month ago)
He looks like Senator Armstrong with Morpheus' glasses

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