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10 Nintendo Switch Games Coming August 2018!

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August 2018 is not the most exciting month for the Nintendo Switch, but that doesn't mean that we have games to look forward to! Like Okami HD or Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate! Inside Super Smash Bros Ultimate this Saturday! Support us on Patreon and get your Pin!: https://www.patreon.com/Commonrealm Subscribe to Commonwealth Realm: http://bit.ly/Commonrealm Follow CR on twitter! https://twitter.com/Commonrealm Join our Discord Server Today! https://discord.gg/PkXTHbS
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Text Comments (462)
abdel aziz ibrahim (1 hour ago)
Poor games
Jason Arruda (1 day ago)
switch games are hella expensive for most of the games not being open world. i get paying sixty dollars for a open world game, there’s a lot to do, but for a flat static game where you play it once and have done everything, these games are wayyyy too expensive.
Tyone Field (1 day ago)
iPhone is more powerful than the Nintendo switch
issaciams (1 day ago)
I have such a huge back log of games for the Switch already! Playing games on multiple consoles and PC makes it so difficult to even keep up. Sounds like a good thing but I hate getting to good games way after everyone is finished playing it. Oh well. 😔
NSD (2 days ago)
I'd rather play against cpu's in Smash than any of these games...
DawnLynnCat (2 days ago)
Freedom Planet, it maybe a port, but I love it. It comes out August 30th.
tywan diggs (2 days ago)
Only reason I haven’t brought the The Switch is because the games are just ass plz make some good games dam
Paul Rone-Clarke (2 days ago)
Nope. Not going to buy any of these games. Not interest in the game styles at all. Waiting for the new Valkyrie Chronicles next month then the real Fire Emblem game after that. These games you've featured here feel like browser flash based bore fests.
leozar69 (2 days ago)
Question for those who know. For Monster Hunter Gen U, i know you'll be able to transfer your saves from the 3ds, but can you transfer your saves from the Switch back to the 3ds?
Irene Magdalena (3 days ago)
TWEWY is coming to Switch and I havent been more excited. I played Okami (Chibi?) In the DS and even though it was a tiny screen, it was still beautiful. Can't wait to play and get Okami. I also agree with what you say. I was so psyched for Dark souls but I'm really impatient. I just want it now
Jason Lee (4 days ago)
really excited for Cosmic Star heroine but I dont want to buy it because I bet there will be a physical in some form. Most likely Limited Run Games, but even official releases lately have been coming out later. Its annoying.
Carsten Bager (4 days ago)
Moonligther is also comming out at the 28th
Optimus Gamer (4 days ago)
Not great games for me! Don’t understand all this 2d stuff. Looking forward to V rally as it needs a proper driving game on switch. I enjoy Zelda which was main reason I bought the switch
t williams (4 days ago)
Dollface_ Shazam (4 days ago)
RIP Dark Souls on that “Summer” release
My Stuff (4 days ago)
8:40 for that systEm
Max Krampe (4 days ago)
I would Love to See some 360 games on the Switch. Its easy to Port and would please a lot of Fans. Fallout Series, GTA 4 and 5, red dead redemption, the Arkham series. These are the Games i would Instantly buy and Love to Play on the go
Kiran PhantomGryphon (4 days ago)
"A rock star who is also a wizard" I'm sorry, the word you were looking for is *bard*.
Arlen Tsao (5 days ago)
What I want is Resident Evil 7 on the Switch. The system is capable of handling that game. On another note, port over Wonderful 101 and Xenoblade Chronicles X.
Arlen Tsao (5 days ago)
It is impossible to starve for new Switch games since there are over 20 full fledged games from the 1st year. Unless you don't work and have summer months off, you wouldn't be short of anything.
Dusky roc (5 days ago)
Never played MH, still gonna try!! OMG, it looks amazing!
Coffie star (3 days ago)
Its a clunky game but if your up for a fun challenge then my friend code is 7551-1341-4146. I would gladly help you get your first set of armor.
Zion Josh (6 days ago)
Nintendo switch is dead
Vash (3 days ago)
You just came here to comment that? Aight dawg
Carsten Bager (4 days ago)
Its sleeping.. Getting ready for the browser and new eshop release.. I hope..
Stephany Lopez (6 days ago)
Animal crossing 😭😭
saron anto (8 days ago)
*By the way where is Fortnite*
Vash (3 days ago)
saron anto it already came out bruh
FromPlsNerf (8 days ago)
Victor Vran is the voice actor for Geralt of Rivia
tsukisakura1 (8 days ago)
I would play Okami if some of the monsters and music didn’t scare me to death. But the little dragon cafe sounds interesting.
tsukisakura1 (3 days ago)
Vash i actually played the wii version up to a certain point (gave up because the wii version is NOT left-hand friendly for me, it was difficult to draw a circle and a line) It’s mostly the “surprise! You’re getting attacked” along with creepy music that freaks me out so that’s why I hate playing alone. Also those monsters with many or one gigantic eyes. I find those quite disturbing. But other than that I think it’s a really beautiful game
Vash (3 days ago)
tsukisakura1 Lol monsters from Okami scare you? How though, it’s a good game and can sometimes be downright the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen, I’d give it a go, it has really good moments
Carlos Colon (8 days ago)
So tired of all these indie games.
SegaDisneyUniverse (9 days ago)
Lol, the next on the list was Overcooked 2, and I got a Domino's Pizza commercial right after!😂
Jimi Barker (11 days ago)
fuck the switch it really is crap im not going bother getting one true fact
Daniel Males (11 days ago)
Bad month again
A Random 2D (11 days ago)
Dynamon Ruler (11 days ago)
Looking for a birthday present and I think Okami will be my best be
Dynamon Ruler (11 days ago)
eliack95 (12 days ago)
Little Dragon's Cafe looks like an awesome game... for $40 tops. $60 seems a bit out of scope for what the game seems to offer, but I'll definitely keep an eye out to see if I can get it for cheaper. Okami for $20 which I've never played before sounds like a no brainer.
the_smershed hatter187 (12 days ago)
So Dead Cells Costs $35 not 20. and it comes out august 21st not august 7th, maybe your info was relevant at time of original post
LOL i havent actually had time to turn my switch on and check! but thats great to hear
keith macalino (6 days ago)
the_smershed hatter187 dead cells is already out on the eShop and it's $24.99 not $35.
The British Pilgrim (12 days ago)
Why did I buy a switch, it’s by far the most expensive console because the games cost so damn much plus it’s so buggy that it will only work in handheld mode.... so basically I just have a very expensive game boy with very few games worth playing :/
Vash (3 days ago)
The British Pilgrim Wtf do you mean buggy only in handheld mode, it’s not the most expensive console, the games all cost the same across all consoles for the most part, seriously what the hell are you talking about dude
Texas Showdown (13 days ago)
all these games blow.... thumbs down
Mikael Hébert (13 days ago)
vance astrovik (13 days ago)
Meh, not a single interesting game for me. Okami is a masterpiece but I already have the PS4 version...Dead Cells...i dont like Metroidvanias or fighting games..I already have Monster Hunter Generations for 3DS...the only rpg looks pretty shitty...Not a single JRPG which is my favorite genre, because anime and japan are superior...meh. overall a dissapointing month.. I'll go back to play Octopath Traveler
bacho beats (14 days ago)
nintendo disappointed me it buys shittiest game just look first one its so shit nintendo wants to be popular console but doesnt want to buys good games fuck that console
김신욱 (14 days ago)
What's the name of the game on August 15?
Crystalitar (14 days ago)
Paul Bayram (14 days ago)
Got okami downloaded on my switch ready for the 9th got it for £9.71 after using my gold points 😍
Cheshire Megurine (14 days ago)
just one word. OKAMI
Young Hoon Jeong (15 days ago)
is anyone going to talk about not writing the titles for each game in his video ?
Giuliani Reynoso (15 days ago)
Don’t say monster hunter was perfect and true on Nintendo when mostly all played it on PSP first.
Andrew Lopez (15 days ago)
Awww still no animal crossing well seems like a good line up
Crazyboxmonkey GW (15 days ago)
You forgot Dark Souls Remastered
Genxtasy 99 (15 days ago)
I wish Okami was physical. although I'm getting use to digital. so convenient
P_kapa (15 days ago)
Victor vran.. bring on the loooot
Junhaw Liew (16 days ago)
Dark souls..... Only u
adon tsel (16 days ago)
a rock star that is also a wizard... spongebob!?
Carl Orell (16 days ago)
20$ in my country is: 68.000.000 BsF you can live with 20$ per month.
MatMat35 (16 days ago)
Okami and overcooked 2 are my top picks for only 45 bucks
Hashib Sadik (16 days ago)
no racing games? :(
Ozzy Zarate (16 days ago)
DAMN YOU! You made me hopeful for a second that there was an Animal Crossing for Switch that I hadn't heard of :(
Hannah E. (16 days ago)
I hope they put Okami den on switch also.
The Duke Of Dorks (16 days ago)
Ive actually never played okami buy im happy its coming so I can finally experience it
Jörn of the rebellion (16 days ago)
You fogot megaton rainfall. The biggest open world game i know. I mean... You could fly to jupiter and destroy it...
Jacob Williams (16 days ago)
Great more games I don't want or gee already played thanks Nintendo 😁😂
/\ THEWITHEREDNOOB /\ (17 days ago)
I thought for a sec that Black Friday was GTA V
ダソヌマソ (17 days ago)
大神は神ゲー ゲームで唯一泣いた
Dale Chalfont (17 days ago)
I'm not someone who thinks there is a lack of switch games or a lack of diversity. But as someone who doesn't think that absolute shit tier ps2 and ps3 or 3ds and wii ports of JRPGs that were already 20 years dated gameplay wise when they came out ( as most jrpgs are ) or that mobile game quality indie games on the switch store don't even count as games in my mind....all of these lists are garbage and defending them is shameful. I have bought so many games for switch that I haven't yet finished that I am set for the year. Octopath traveller....40 hours in...abd nowhete near done, south park...15hrs in, rayman legends. Ages to go on that....I'd rather have 2 good games a year than buy 50 terrible ports and digitial only garbage games.
Vash (3 days ago)
Dale Chalfont That’s true, the eshop is kinda dogshit with indies, neogeo ports and mobile games, but I’ve bought like12 fully fledged games for the switch and shits awesome, I’m excited for dbfz and mhgu, also bought Okami and loved it, probably one of my favorite consoles despite glaring flaws
Shystsi (17 days ago)
faisel mmorpg (17 days ago)
monster hunter 🙌🙌🙌🙌
Bad north
Hunter Davis (17 days ago)
What was the first game for 8$?
/\ THEWITHEREDNOOB /\ (17 days ago)
Hunter Davis deez nutz
Neceal (17 days ago)
Dude Thank you so much. I didn't know about Little Dragons Cafe or even Dead Cells.
Blah Blahs (17 days ago)
If okamki is physical i’ll buy it!
Tom Golden (17 days ago)
Planing on getting Okami for the first time. Gotta finish Skyrim first tho!
Nord Productions (17 days ago)
Great video! I would like some improvements though, such as adding the game name and pricing together with the date.
Jeff Cook (17 days ago)
Mhgu all others were irrelevant
VulcanFaux (17 days ago)
Wait.... Okami for $20? That sounds. I may actually need to get it. But I also hope hyper light drifter gets its release date soon. Mostly because once mhgu comes out, well. You know.
Hunter Fxxx (17 days ago)
You trying to tell me Starlink, Super Smash Bros, Mario Party, Captain Toad, Metroid Prime, 4 Pokémon games and then some is an empty desert. 😂🤦🏼‍♀️
Hunter Fxxx (14 days ago)
Yeti It may be a drought to someone who has money to throw away at it but Quality over Quantity is something Nintendo has always been good at. 5 main IP’s Mario Zelda Pokémon Metroid Smash Bros Also Starfox but they aren’t doing well there because not everyone is comfortable with the idea of a Furry figurehead just consult Sony about this with Spyro,Ratchet, Jak, and Crash Bandicoot. Also you don’t want Nintendo to spread itself too thin like PlayStation or Xbox Especially with Japanese inflation and this Micro Depression the world is in Financially. For example look at PS4 games like “Life of Black Tiger” Xbox games like “Sea of Thieves” Do realize Zelda won game of the year and don’t be surprised if a Nintendo game wins game of the year again
Yeti (16 days ago)
ports, games with no release date in site, fucking mario party? yeah it's a drought
Alanna Tabares (17 days ago)
is overcooked 2 coming as a hard copy too?
Hend Farid (17 days ago)
Okami and Dead Cells are on my list. But top of the list is Salt and Sanctuary which you guys didn't include.
Christopher K. (17 days ago)
Little Dragon Cafe looks really fun didn't even know about it till i watched your video. Going to wait for some reviews on it first though to see if its worth the $59.99 or if i should wait till the price goes down.
Desaturateful (17 days ago)
Getting emotional and losing my shit about the release of Okami till a wild Reggie appears "what´s wrong with you?!" XDD
T SMACKS (17 days ago)
I just want another viewtiful Joe
Javier Mendez (17 days ago)
It is very stupid as some youtubers and "dedicated" pages qualify a game as children only for the design of it .. It is not uncommon for other consoles sell their games so badly and many do not reach the 7 million copies.
soulfulfool (17 days ago)
switch is too potato to run monster hunter world :D its a toy not a gaming machine, show me pokemon game that will never come or be a failure xD
soulfulfool (17 days ago)
for some players mostly pc users visual aspect is important so there is your answer and dont worry MHW is growing
Darknova 256 (17 days ago)
Who needs an incomplete game when MHG have triple the amount of content and more diversity for weapons
idonotmakevidsyet (18 days ago)
No mention of digimon game?
FrnchFriez (18 days ago)
Maybe I missed something but I feel like the Switch doesn't really have many good games... any recommendations? Don't exactly want to buy an iphone app game for the switch....
Vash (3 days ago)
FrnchFriez Okami, MhGu, dragon quest builders, sonic mania, Skyrim, Mario, shit like that
Jamie Lishbrook (18 days ago)
From this list im most excited for dragonball fighterz
Oberon D'Argo (18 days ago)
My loins tingle with anticipation.
Fox Mulder (18 days ago)
Im sorry I fell asleep what were you saying?
Aleen R (18 days ago)
I love my Nintendo Switch, but I'm not interested in any of these games.. =(
YoasterToaster (3 hours ago)
Monster Hunter My Boi
Irene Magdalena (3 days ago)
Brandon Hekel I'm so excited with this oh my goodness
Brandon Hekel (8 days ago)
The World Ends with You is one of the best RPG's I've ever played, and it's coming to the switch (originally on the DS) on October 12th. Already preordered mine
Energetic Dog Nova (13 days ago)
There has been a lot of RPGs and JRPGs recently released on Switch.
vance astrovik (13 days ago)
Yeah, not a single JRPG like Octopath on the list...bleh
Krazi ShadowBear (18 days ago)
I really wished they would release some sort of character info or something for Smash Ultimate these coming months..... Then again, the background art for Smash Ultimate's Main Theme showed all the characters included in the 2018 E3 Reveal.... That moght mean that no other new characters will be added to the game... :-/
animegirl16091 (18 days ago)
i cant wait for dragons cafe.
Sebastian Michaelis (18 days ago)
#Commonwealth Realm.Dude you forgot to put in the name displays in each of the games in the video.How are we supposed to look it up afterwards.
Metal Charizard (18 days ago)
I am more salty that Monster HunterXX/ Ultimate was released in Japan a year before it was here. Also Okami is only a digital download, but it's physical in Japan. Thanks Campcom.
Roy (18 days ago)
FighterZ can be played with one Joy Con !!!
Andrea Mello (18 days ago)
I'm still waiting for the real Pokemon Switch game :( can't wait for 2019. Hyperlight Drifter, Smash, Dark Souls are definitely on my list
Ahmed Al-Khalaf (18 days ago)
Add iconoclast and salt & sanctuary
Samer Khatib (18 days ago)
ahh man. I don't want a 3ds port of a monster hunter I already played. :(
Getdragged Ho (18 days ago)
Generations is the only thing worth buying
Zeles (18 days ago)
I think games over the price of 20 should always have a physical edition
Axcell (18 days ago)
FUCK I NEED MONEY.....and you forgot Iconoclasts ist coming to the switch on second of august
HottestBurrito109 (18 days ago)
Swole Calibur (18 days ago)
But is it $20 for the physical version of Okami or only digital?

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