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Tele and Ghost Drive

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Ghost drive just makes things sound full and warm. Well it enhances what you have for sure. You can make it transparent or apparent. Jack made something special for me. Love it
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Smoothtlknwhtboi (5 years ago)
Ok let's see. The tele I had made so I got to pick all of the parts to my liking. Neck is a Seymour Duncan Antiquity and the bridge is a JB 59'. My amps have consisted of /13 JRT ,65 Amps London,jacksonamlworks,Kasha Rockmod,Morgan Dual20,AC20. Thanks, so much GFN!! Add me on FB if you there. Keith Gassette
GuitarFreakNation (5 years ago)
Can you me more about your setup? Guitar pups? Honestly, I haven't seen one video in which your tone isn't great.

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