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Serious Gaming Industry Evolution Latest Analysis Available at RnR Market Research

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View Complete Report @ http://www.rnrmarketresearch.com/serious-gaming-state-of-play-challenges-and-market-prospects-market-report.html . RnR Market Research adds latest report “Serious Gaming – State of play, challenges and market prospects" to Its Library. It is based on an in-depth study of four European markets with varied profiles, namely Germany, France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. This report dealing with the Serious Games sector. We chose to focus its analysis on a specific segment of SG: human resources management. This was chosen mainly because this type of SG is currently the most widespread among businesses. This Report measured SG’s distribution level in the economy by focusing on its deployment in companies. In the 2010 edition of our study, we anticipated SG growth in SMEs around 2014, so it was therefore appropriate to see how accurate our estimates were. We also wanted to thoroughly test the games and discuss with their creators the trends and economic prospects of this complex sector that is difficult to comprehend as a whole. Purchase a Copy of this Report @ http://www.rnrmarketresearch.com/contacts/purchase?rname=251990 . Report contents • Fact: CAC 40 companies are adopting SGs • State of play and current issues facing SGs • Presentation of Manzalab’SG : ” My Experience of the Annual Interview “ • Presentation of KTM Advance’SG: ” Boost your sales “ • Presentation of Daesign’SG: ” M comme Manager “ • Presentation of Interaction Games’SG: Play’INN • Presentation of 3DS’SG: Play Merit Review • The SG market • 10 key success factors for an SG development and publishing strategy Table of Contents 1. Executive Summary 2. Methodology & definitions 2.1. General methodology of reports 2.2. Methodology specific to this report 2.3. The SG market valuation methodology 3. How SG is currently being used in HR management among CAC 40 companies 4. Trends and challenges in the SG market 4.1. Trends and challenges in the SG sector 4.1.1. Serious Games, a sector born of skill convergence 4.1.2. Technological challenges related to devices and accessories 4.1.3. A rapidly growing sector driven mainly by supply 4.1.4. Activity and production: what about critical size? 4.1.5. Business model: from customised to off-the-shelf games 4.2. Interviews with 5 French champions of SG for HR management 4.2.1. Manzalab 4.2.2. KTM Advance 4.2.3. Daesign 4.2.4. Groupe Interaction 4.2.5. 3DS (Dassault Systèmes) Inquire Before Buying This Report @ http://www.rnrmarketresearch.com/contacts/inquire-before-buying?rname=251990 . 5. SG case studies 5.1. "My Experience of the Annual Interview" – Manzalab 5.2. "Boost your sales" – KTM Advance 5.3. "M for Manager" – Daesign 5.4. "Play'INN" – Interaction Games 5.5. "Play Merit Review" – 3DS 6. Valuation of the Serious Gaming market 6.1. The global market is expected to accelerate in 2016 6.2. The North American market, three times larger than the European market 6.3. The United Kingdom dominates the European market 6.4. Basic and ongoing vocational training will represent more than two-thirds of the market in 2018 7. Conclusion: 10 key success factors for an SG development and publishing strategy
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