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10 CRAZY Things Dark Souls Players Have Done

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The Dark Souls series (PC, PS4, Xbox One, etc.) is loved by many dedicated fans. Some go to extreme lengths. Here are our favorite stories. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv ~~~sources~~~ https://kotaku.com/dark-souls-3-player-trolls-everyone-by-playing-as-shrek-1773597226 https://kotaku.com/dark-souls-3-pc-cheater-spent-hours-streaming-their-exp-1774313304 https://azmal.deviantart.com/art/Leather-Artorias-Helmet-Dark-Souls-382351870 http://humbros.tumblr.com/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V07r7p4rf3I [https://kotaku.com/inside-the-secret-fight-clubs-of-dark-souls-1780453056] https://kotaku.com/someone-spent-10-months-reverse-engineering-dark-souls-1752974876 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnoSpZMicZU + https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlVoHQp5ddE #2. https://www.reddit.com/r/todayilearned/comments/5rtli5/til_a_man_holds_a_guinness_world_record_for_most/ #1. https://kotaku.com/the-80-year-old-japanese-man-who-plays-dark-souls-ii-1736886933
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Text Comments (1887)
zZNightOwlZzz z (1 day ago)
Has anyone beaten the king
The Damn Beast (1 day ago)
Still think Twitch Plays Dark Souls is the most insane shit.
Splendid Arithmetic (1 day ago)
Being my first dark souls game, i figured the best way to start dark souls 3 was with a SL1 playthrough, not no-hit though, just an SL1
Drejzer (1 day ago)
has someone done a no-hit, lvl1 fist only playthrough of any one of the games?
Trips ;3 (2 days ago)
old man playing video gaem? ARE YOU NUTS?! dont you know that videogames can result in type 6 diabeetus. elder diabeetus..
Apophase (3 days ago)
#1 is the kid who stabbed his teacher from the back
Apathy Silence (4 days ago)
Instead of the old man playing the game U Should've put the guy who beat the game with bananas :D
robert morgan (4 days ago)
Brought the game......have not even gotten into the main menu.......DIED.
奴隷猫 (5 days ago)
I beat Dark Souls on my phone... loading Linux on a rooted phone... play on linux.... beating dark souls at 9fps is hard.
android927 (7 days ago)
You forgot the dude who beat Dark Souls III with a controller made out of actual bananas.
Ali A (7 days ago)
at 0:14 did he have a stroke
Quince G (10 days ago)
number 1 is nothing special
Painter Dave (13 days ago)
Omg...I really tried years ago. I am NOT good at these games lol
RazgrizOne (14 days ago)
I'm surprised the role-playing hackers aren't in the list. Or is it not crazy enough? Anyone remember, The Last Guardian of Asgard from Dark Souls 2?
Hamed Pakatchi (14 days ago)
that last one... RESPECT
Renan Menezes (17 days ago)
funtagekill1e (20 days ago)
well theres one that beat them all imo someone beat dark souls 3 all bosses without getting hit and fists only (so no fist weapons aswell, or spells)
Rhune (23 days ago)
Craziest DS thing I've every seen (though not firsthand): someone beat DS3 without rolling, sprinting, or using a shield. The only way they could avoid an attack was careful placement and very quick reflexes.
The Headless Hunter (24 days ago)
i finished dark souls 3 with a broken sword
Great Dragon (25 days ago)
Dirk Gently (25 days ago)
noobi palium (26 days ago)
14 minute clear of DS3 was crazy
Malohere2 (26 days ago)
A guy completed Dark Souls using a banana (he put some sensors on that fruit)...
三日月宗近 (27 days ago)
Crazy games creat crazy players
Black Iron TARKUS (27 days ago)
Malcolm Gaynold is the soft banner and his girlfriend sounds like a 14 year old boy
Nicolas Alvarez (27 days ago)
that oldman is me in the near future lol
Phaedric Draegar (27 days ago)
Okay to be blunt #1 is bullshit and dumb
m. slayer (28 days ago)
I once fell through the map in dark souls remastered in sen's fortress and when i re-spawned it said victory achieved,gave me gwyn's soul and played the dark lord ending. oh and i re-spawned in anor londo in an area that i've never seen before.
Tyrese Gertze (28 days ago)
Strangest thing I ever saw was watching a noob challenge a Dark Souls Veteran 😂😂😂That noob's word's was the joke of the day Noob: I will go easy on you
Chaotic Simon (29 days ago)
Number 2 is a literal god.
Leif A (1 month ago)
i still can't belive the dude beat all games without getting hit. what... thefuck
IL2 CSI Channel (1 month ago)
Nice. I will be able to play at 80s :)
Husl Wusl (1 month ago)
I saw a guy once that played through Dark Souls 3 literally with bananas. He wired them up so that they give a button input when touched
PabloC4 (1 month ago)
Has you never heard of Zerolenny?
Ileiad (1 month ago)
that was a terrible intro
Daniel G. (1 month ago)
Out of all, completing all 3 games without getting hit is the most impressive imo
The13thMadMan (1 month ago)
what about the guy who beat it with bananas
Flint _ (1 month ago)
Number 10 Shrek
Gaming Account (1 month ago)
Saw someone kill all bosses and all optional bosses with just fisticuffs. Shit was pretty wild
guadalupe vieyra (1 month ago)
Im currently grinding the entire first play through of ds 2 million down to nothing killing everything until they dont come back.
Francisco Moreira (1 month ago)
The nan master rises a Hobs Tale
Akita (1 month ago)
#8 deserved to be higher
TravixGaming (1 month ago)
Maybe the old man wants to learn how to respawn after death.Its only know that one man did that in 0 AD
zX REAPER Xz (1 month ago)
Nah the most crazy thing I have seen in dark souls is when videogamedunky go hit through a wall
Sunshine Gaming (1 month ago)
My best friend battled cancer while we beat dark souls 3, 5 times. I’d say that’s pretty badass.
Hannes C. (1 month ago)
The guy who brought the little crab of the catacombs of carthus to the crabs in smouldering lake and to the crabs in great swamp only to check what would happen And nothing happened
Hidaka Sana (1 month ago)
i did A unbelivable crazy thing , i cant spell it , it was long time since i did it
Flykope (1 month ago)
Wow, these are all CRAZY.
Le Brdl du Barbu (1 month ago)
*draws a bloody comic* "yea, its not professional, its just some random dude who miraculously happen to be good at drawing stuff" *cry himself out the window*
Empire TV (1 month ago)
I think beating the whole series without getting hit is more impressive than being old and playing DS? no offense tho
Malachi The klansman (1 month ago)
I actually broke down and cried over the dancer once but somehow beat the dancer like ten minutes later
MVazer (1 month ago)
DivinePhoenix901 (1 month ago)
Played all games without getting hit, then reverts to number one and has to do it again if? Well then, someone has to do it with fist only... NOT ME!
Nasty Nathaniel (1 month ago)
Beat the game.
Engin Deniz Ucgun (1 month ago)
1- Buying the game
SHASHWATH R (1 month ago)
The second should been 1st
DemonicSword01 (1 month ago)
I don't know how the hell that one dude beat the whole series without dying, but he deserves a fucking award.
Sleepy (1 month ago)
i have heard 'bout a dude who has beaten Dark Souls 3 without healing,dodging,or blocking and on Soul Level 1
BRN BDN (1 month ago)
Has anyone ever fought against lord farquaaad in the arena? Someone made him as a character and its on fuckin point!
CrazyAsylum (1 month ago)
How Dare onion bro get killed in the comic
FiveDaysFitter ! (1 month ago)
That comic is epic!
Utaha - Senpai (1 month ago)
im proud i finished this game, ez
Derived Coyote (1 month ago)
Has anyone ever tried to not make a fucked up characters face ?
FrekansTV (1 month ago)
THanks for not sharing their channel or source. It is their video not yours.
Deividas Liutkus (1 month ago)
how about the guy that beat Dark Souls 3 ON STREAM
SπdR (1 month ago)
Wonder why no armor on no hit challenge? you are not gonna get hit anyway, why bother slowing yourself down?
SπdR (1 month ago)
I uninstalled Dark Souls. Crazy, right?
Spencer Cook (2 months ago)
ZeroLenny beat all the souls borne games and even Nioh with nothing except a broken sword, torch, and wooden sword.
TheGaimingTurtle (2 months ago)
i beat dark souls 3 with fists
Git Gud (2 months ago)
the no get hit one should be number one lol i mean not dying once in dark souls ins pretty impressive itself but my god how many hours did u spend to memorize every single enemy movement for that kind of play Also a streamer named Khan also does not get hit runs with SL1 on every single boss, meaning he is literally just a naked guy with a beginner sword fighting demi-gods and not even getting hit once!
Crash Webb (2 months ago)
#1 should be "beating the first enemy"
BlacklistP226 (2 months ago)
tfw you already knew about everything discussed here and realize the severity of gameranx making a video about your favorite game.
Matihtayu (2 months ago)
Hob deserves number one for beating the trilogy. 1 year it took supposedly of attempts. He should have been up in 1st
Austin Ziegler (2 months ago)
I don't even know they just happened I don't know why but having to me
Austin Ziegler (2 months ago)
I used money cheats when I play Dark Souls but they only happen on accident so that's what I'm saying
TheNikko (2 months ago)
lol me and my cousin we fought "theking" we didnt know who or what it was we just dunked it a couple time for lol sake and moved on lol
SP01 Durugas (2 months ago)
Defeat the entire darksouls series with eyes close.
Amelia the Filthy Casual (2 months ago)
There's a channel called SuperScrubs and one of those guys has beaten the games with rockband guitars, DK bongos, DDR mats, and, my personal favorite that I'm chagrined is not mentioned in this video, BANANAS. He wired up actual fruit into a controller and used that to beat Dark Souls.
TheBossYak (2 months ago)
Craziest dark souls thing I did was play it, god, I've never beaten one, I want to sooo baaddd
Alex aka *Ghostpepper* (2 months ago)
Place 4 its so Unreal But he do it Omfg he made this Respeckt
Frank BIzzoco (2 months ago)
I have seen a person beat Lord Gwyn to death in his skin suit, with his bare fists on SL 1. All while "The Final Countdown" was playing in the background. It was pretty epic. I was both amazed, and ashamed because I cant beat Gwyn without parry-cheesing him to death. Gwyn, and Darkeater Midir were the banes of my exhistance for the Souls series.
wot m8 (2 months ago)
No mention of zero lenny and his feats in the souls franchise. Very disappointed
Simple Cormac (2 months ago)
That no hit run part was crazy
Jon Roos (2 months ago)
So fans of Dark Souls are a franchise?
Sam Gaede (2 months ago)
I wanna 1v1 the king
Jewbacca Is the name (2 months ago)
Yes falcon
WintersunForever (2 months ago)
Hey... I beat it blindfolded... why arent I on here?
Mark Baber (2 months ago)
No mention of the Dark Souls 3 Mr. Meseeks invaders?
Dalton powell (2 months ago)
I wanna see someone take the unused assets in demons souls i.e. the cut content and make it completely playable with bosses and all I’d be amazed
Adam Barkah (2 months ago)
Maybe..fight Midir with a SHIVA build..
Hit-Next-n-Continue (2 months ago)
Craziest thing I've seen was the recent multistream with faraaz, donnyrekt, squilla, and slipperysuzie... that was so crazy to watch all of them compete in the (almost) no-hit run tournament of souls 3 (those are the ones I watched, I dont remember the other 2 competing)
Hit-Next-n-Continue (2 months ago)
Donny against squilla in the finals was just amazing to see them play
WinkHQ (2 months ago)
Craziest thing I’ve done in DS3 is still play it after taking a million tries to defeat Aldrich
xZiosus (2 months ago)
Where’s my entry of breaking 4 controllers over the game 😡😡😡
Chris Popp (2 months ago)
I'd like to see someone do a run like Happy Hob did but add the original start up to the games into their run too. Demon Souls was my favorite mainly because that's where I started on them.
sami Nat (2 months ago)
i still believe we haven't discovered the true ending of dark souls 3 i'm i the only one :( ?
Gaurav Kumar (2 months ago)
The weirdest thing i have ever experienced was to kill abyss watchers on my test run!!.. I am Badass!!
Dunk Master (2 months ago)
to even think that you have defeated dark souls series without getting hit is just inhuman something so good words cant describe that
James D Thorn (2 months ago)
The craziest shit that I experienced in dark souls was in the second game and I had just beaten the first boss and my game crashed and basically mixed with my friends account since we game shared and the results was a really low level guy with the most powerful fucking gear in the game... It was really fucking funny
Concrete Donkey (2 months ago)
This video goes in my cringe collection
Art Gonzalez (2 months ago)
The one where they beat the nameless king without rolling

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