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The Crew 2 gameplay - 7 reasons you'll want to play

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Whether you want to screech around in a sports car, drift through the skies or, err, wave hello to some power boats, The Crew 2, released on 29 June, has it all - here are 7 reasons you’ll want to get involved. When you want to push the boundaries of play, Play Advanced with Logitech G. http://www.LogitechG.com http://www.twitter.com/logitechg http://www.facebook.com/logitechg https://www.instagram.com/logitechg
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Text Comments (275)
PeRsPeCtIvE 1998 (4 days ago)
What sets this apart from Forza H4? Other than the boats and planes (which i am 100% not a fan of)
Ploper Dung (16 days ago)
love the accent (see I'm not racist lol)
Ammaar Sayed (18 days ago)
Finally a reviewer who gets The idea of this game! And sees it For its true beauty.... I was part of the closed beta For part 1... And i played The hack out of that game...i just drove and drove and i saw some of the most beautiful sight imaginable in a video game...and then u have all these reviewer who wanna complain about it... Thanks For this👌👌👌
Giacomo Lorenzoni (1 month ago)
but in this game can you go where you want?
William Andersson (1 month ago)
Amazing video, thanks a lot for the information. I can't wait until it's release:)
PECOSO (1 month ago)
I did the closed Beta and WOW!!!!!
GrowOZ (1 month ago)
What's that song in the end?
GrowOZ (1 month ago)
Logitech G ~ Thanks bud!
Logitech G (1 month ago)
Hey! It's called 'Spring Twilight', from a website from Audio Network
Smakosz Gaming (1 month ago)
i love Logitech G and The Crew 2 :) ♥
Slinky slinkz (1 month ago)
And struggle to play with friends “crew” like the crew 1. What the crew when you cant even crew up
Kremson Kahn (1 month ago)
Im playing the Beta At the moment and the GAme is Freakin Amazing! althouh it is crashing alot and many bugs im sure that wont be in final game Other wise 8/10 game :D
MrStam1234 (1 month ago)
I dont like the physics
FD36 (1 month ago)
Does it have cops?
BAZZDROP (1 month ago)
This will crush nfs payback and Forza
Taunus Downhiller (1 month ago)
Can you play it with the lg29?
SajPlaysGames (1 month ago)
Im in the beta YESSSSSS
DUTCH YT (1 month ago)
3:45. Farming simulator 2017 music😂
Chipwood (1 month ago)
I feel like the handling still looks bad
Franklin Clinton (1 month ago)
Switching vehicles feels sucks
Daniel White (1 month ago)
So it’s forza horizon with a bigger map, and extra vehicles? How much is the game again?
THE LOL GUY (1 month ago)
Daniel White forza horizon has better graphics
Muhammad Yuda (1 month ago)
i don't wanna play since they stolent my side mirror, i can't race without my side mirorr :( how dare you ubisoft.
falitiana Ramah (1 month ago)
Too bad m computer is not strong enough to support this 😖😖
Martin Malý (1 month ago)
How works connection with friends ??? Like crew1? Or IT Is fixed?
Saad Golandaz (1 month ago)
Give the code to download this game when released
P.D.R (1 month ago)
>so much supercars, less street cars >no toyotas
kelo richards (1 month ago)
The Memulous (1 month ago)
I've been waiting for like 4 months now
Rise (1 month ago)
Condensed? I'd rather it take 11 hours to get to the other side
Jonathon Guenthner (1 month ago)
If I can't change into a boat, drive off of Niagara Fall's and then switch to a plane and fly off dramatically, I'm not playing.
Official White Wolf (1 month ago)
Screw ubisoft. They have not fixed the beta codes for this money grab of codes that on release date will have a patch that needs to be downloaded
Saucy G (1 month ago)
Can I drive cross country on a lawnmower?
Tre Salas (1 month ago)
Hype! It will be hard to mess this up from where it is now
German Enthusiast (1 month ago)
" In A Quick Animation That Puts Optimus Prime in Absolute Shame" LMAOOOOO
Kevin Harvey (1 month ago)
Because of the graphics make me want to play this game
Nedii (1 month ago)
This was by far one of the best reviews for a game I've seen in years! Thank you so much for sticking to the positives and not going straight to the negatives like everyone else!
Terrance Hylton-lyons (1 month ago)
No story boring
Blaze Kazama (1 month ago)
A lot of these reasons actually don't make me want to play. Especially the shiny loot stuff. I like to buy my car parts.
Aaron Meyer (1 month ago)
So they turned The Crew into Forza Horizon
David Wilhite (1 month ago)
The upgrade system is garage. It's a racing game, you buy parts to make your car faster not a rarity system for the parts. I hated that about need for speed. U don't buy cards to make your car faster. I feel like it's going to be destiny level of grind
Gonzalo (1 month ago)
I love her voice more than the game, because I don't have the game yet I think...
Harry Lin (1 month ago)
The map seems to be smaller than the first game
Mister Wah (1 month ago)
Test Drive Unlimited 2 still had more freedom well Minus the Planes n Boats
PLPlolol 1 (1 month ago)
the driving looks as godawful as the previous game can you play with more than other 7 randoms? can you do your own paintjobs? are they gonna cut content to release it later as "free dlc" again? is the first place still being slowed down in races ? is there police and if yes, is it still garbage?
PLPlolol 1 (1 month ago)
help finally someone with a brain the crew is made for casuals who dont care about driving they dont get what good handling is and just call it arcade arcade handling can be good as gta5 proves it
help (1 month ago)
In a purely hypothetical case where I played the closed alpha I would say the driving in the crew 2 is super arcade like and that there will more than likely be no police. Hypothetically I would not know much else about the crew 2 because driving, flying, and sailing was hypothetically ass on keyboard.
Saqib Ahmed (1 month ago)
Is the crew 2 compatible with g29
g7lethal (1 month ago)
Why does every game have a photo mode, seems pointless to me
Forever Neil (1 month ago)
as long as you could just cruise around the country. racing gets old.
Viktor Nikolayenko (1 month ago)
amazing vídeo! Huge like!
Aayush Dua (1 month ago)
She sounds like a mix of Irish and Canadian accents
Aayush Dua (1 month ago)
The GMSloth Oh yeah, didn't think of that
The GMSloth (1 month ago)
Aayush Dua so Scottish
JazzyJuggernaut (1 month ago)
TYT Zekrom (1 month ago)
The crew car sound is sucks The crew 2 is awesome
So what your saying is that Ubisoft has finally sorted it out with Logitech? Can I now use the G29 wheel on PS4?
However the pre selected vehichle spec classes sucks...
Theatlantateen (1 month ago)
It’s 2018 and you can’t get out of the damn car.
The GMSloth (1 month ago)
Theatlantateen its a racing game tho
Dayfitnl (1 month ago)
7 reasons Not to buy. 1. Physics 2. Clipping 3. Rubberbanding 4. No Law Enforcement 5. Character models look like they come from 2004 6. Lack of story 7. No Offline mode
O B (1 month ago)
Most of these reasons seem like console excuses lol
JazzyJaw (1 month ago)
Dont forget the sound of the cars, they're horrible, not even close to real life. imo
Eric Scrofano (1 month ago)
Dayfitnl who gives a shit about physics this is an arcade racer. Clipping? Every game has this to some extent. Rubber banding as if other racers catch up? What are you that bad? Lack of story who cares? Nobody players racers for the story. Reasons why you shouldn’t post: nobody cares
The GMSloth (1 month ago)
Boi you spend all your time in and on vehicles why does having a bad player model matter also the story in number 1 was super forgettable also I'm not sure about rubber banding anymore
FabLoveGA (1 month ago)
Well I'm still buying it despite telling me 7 reasons not to since those 7 reasons must be your opinion. The features of this game like walking around your custom house and the car list made me fricking hyped for this game. Don't tell people what to do with their money since it's their money and you don't control their everyday lives. If they like it, they like it and they will buy it and you cannot stop them from doing so. It is their choice on whether they will buy it or agree with your 7 reasons. I'm definitely buying it since it is my decision.
Zachary P (1 month ago)
This sounds like Test Drive Unlimited 2! So excited!
Xingyu Zhang (1 month ago)
Sounds like Steep with engines. Count me in!
Eric Scrofano (1 month ago)
Xingyu Zhang ehhh... don’t say that :( as an avid skier steep was a let down
Agustí Febrer (1 month ago)
But. Will work with the g29 as they say? Let me see a video of that and I'll pre order it right now.
NightAvenger375 (1 month ago)
2:03 anyone see the Camaro that’s crashed into the bus?
Jason Mascarenhas (1 month ago)
Will this game support the Logitech g29
Bangu7 (1 month ago)
Whats the music for reason 7?
Dimitri Prout (1 month ago)
June 29th needs to come quicker man I’m so hyped for this game
Eric Tan (1 month ago)
That Irish accent....so basically this is you could say TDU3 since it has TDU2 main story concept.
D13H4RD2L1V3 (1 month ago)
Well, I hope the world feels more alive. The thing I disliked a lot in the first game was that it felt like a barren wasteland. There’s barely anything around.
ItsFabioGames (1 month ago)
Cool video men!
Alumi (1 month ago)
forza horizon 4
Blitzz (1 month ago)
Alumi yeah
Ayyyflow da King (1 month ago)
Wow this video made me want to buy it
Kayden Low (1 month ago)
Can wait for it to get released! Great video!
SNSVaDeLmA (1 month ago)
When that beta starts?
Eric Scrofano (1 month ago)
Tomorrow morning :D May 31st
Blitzz (1 month ago)
:D June 31st
GXD (1 month ago)
the physics are still really weird, drifting looks terrible
FUZRE (1 month ago)
Not gonna lie, I miss the criminal part of "The Crew" Especially the cops
FUZRE (1 month ago)
though they had room for loads of improvement
Snazzie (1 month ago)
1 reason im not going to play this game. ARCADE PHYSICS
hi6588 (1 month ago)
They took the followers thing from forza horizon
Eric Scrofano (1 month ago)
hi6588 Please, games have had a system like this since the 90s where have you been.
Ishmam Chowdhury (1 month ago)
Birthday is on the 30th I know what i want :))
SniperProX (1 month ago)
Reason number 1 bugs
Iglobgogabgalabb (1 month ago)
Look at dem bad physics. Totally worth playing
Rbj (1 month ago)
Triggered alert in the first 20 sec she says oobisoft not Ubisoft
GD Trends (1 month ago)
I just preordered it and I can’t wait
hrjohn (1 month ago)
did they fix the FFB issue?
Arcl1t (1 month ago)
1 reason I would not want to play this - it's an Oobisoft product. So you know its gonna be all hype and no game. You can already tell its gonna get boring fast.
danny thigiti (1 month ago)
Have you payed attention to Ubisoft lately? Look at FarCry 5 and AC Origins. This is not the old Ubisoft of downgrades and map collectibles
Tanishq Ghadge (1 month ago)
Arcl1t Can't say that about Far cry 5 and AC Origins...both one of the best in their genre.
Hooded Dreamer (1 month ago)
I’m too hyped
TheFanboyHater (1 month ago)
Crew 1 was dissapointing, but this looks much much better. This is what happens when you don't release a rushed sequel every year.
Latched (1 month ago)
7 reasons why you should lower the price of your products
ToXicZ HyDrA (1 month ago)
The game Runs nativ 4k and 60fps on one x
Filiboy (15 days ago)
But did they mention the graphics
The GMSloth (1 month ago)
crazy person (1 month ago)
Surprised you didn't mention how your Logitech G29 race wheel is compatible
Ademus5 (1 month ago)
What about car physics
Matthias Colin (1 month ago)
What about the physics???
Meme Ogt (1 month ago)
This does look good but I feel like there is a lot taken from Forza horizon
Eric Tan (1 month ago)
Meme Ogt Yeah but Forza ain't the first racing game either so don't start that argument again about who copied who....just either buy it and enjoy or get Forza instead through the cancerous Window Store which is why the reason why I still don't own the damn game what a shame...
Veroxzes (1 month ago)
Weird, a game that actually improved? Rare these days.
penguin raging (1 month ago)
Veroxzes SO TRUE
Agusta AMG (1 month ago)
Ohh im waiting for my beta code..
Dirty Dan (1 month ago)
Plz fix romer g keyboards. I hate the metallic ping
Ramboedah (1 month ago)
I hope they sneak in a fighter jet or something
Eric Scrofano (1 month ago)
I was hoping the same thing... something more like Just Cause has
Phantom RaZiz (1 month ago)
Ramboedah theres a helicopter tho...
LazerzZ (1 month ago)
only reason i need is that it's the crew.
The GMSloth (1 month ago)
LazerzZ bloody James
D C (1 month ago)
Sonny Rowles (1 month ago)
Yep its all fantastic. Except from the fact that the handling ruins pretty much everything...
BOOM ii (1 month ago)
Sonny Rowles and if everyone that played the alpha tells them that, they'll make the handling better as that's kinda the whole point of an alpha pointing out the games current flaws
Sonny Rowles (1 month ago)
I'd know becuase i have played the closed alpha and believe me, it still feels like a 90's arcade game.
James Pendergrass (1 month ago)
Sonny Rowles how do you know? You can tune every little piece of your handling, it’s not like the crew 1 where everything was floaty.
mircea savu (1 month ago)
it's funny how each day, a different channel uploads a different content of the crew 2, like it was calculated or something :o (sarcasm)
Mister K (1 month ago)
mircea savu I‘m sure there is a big YouTube conspiracy there buddy, keep looking you may find the point!
VinChaotic 11 (1 month ago)
Can't.....waiiit....aaah..... (spartan rage)........AAAAAAGH!
NicoNicht (1 month ago)
Will PS4 users finally be able to use the G29 wheel?
NicoNicht (1 month ago)
Now I am just wondering how we are going to be steering planes with the wheel;-; :D
gtlegacy1 (1 month ago)
NicoNicht yes sir!!! Just saw it on their website today, the g29 was the first listing on the PS4 list. Funny I didn't see the t300rs on the list... Logitech is King
Tiogár (1 month ago)
It's fucking The Crew. Nr 2. I loved the crew can't wait
Robo J22 (1 month ago)
What's that background music at the end, trance much
Logitech G (1 month ago)
It's called 'Spring Twilight', from a website from Audio Network - Matt
Marcus Bonus Playroom (1 month ago)
Can’t wait to try a multi-controller let’s play on this game! But still I’ll have to find something for bikes haha
steve (1 month ago)
looks boring and generic like all ubisoft games
Garitzar (1 month ago)
well he can still watch it and dislike the game, how else is he going to get info about it?
Mister K (1 month ago)
steve Yeah, remember how generic and boring R6S is
somgs Bhutia (1 month ago)
steve then why did you watch the video lol your opinion is not going to affect us all who like the game
jam201984 (1 month ago)
this game can''t release soon enough . there's nothing to play.
The J (1 month ago)
jam201984 thanks to fortnite killing every online game we have to wait for Crew 2, RDR2, and BFV before we can actually start playing some good games again
Eric Scrofano (1 month ago)
Too true, so excited for the beta dropping tomorrow morning.
Phantom RaZiz (1 month ago)
jam201984 onrush is also coming ;)
It'sAlexForShort (1 month ago)
Awesome video

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