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What Killed The SEGA Dreamcast?

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The Dreamcast was both a failure and a massively underrated machine. Let's take a look at what happened with Sega's biggest console. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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gameranx (1 year ago)
We kinda love the Dreamcast.
Katarina Berno (2 days ago)
gameranx had one when i was a kid. My favorite game was fur fighters
Tom (26 days ago)
It's very simple. Sega's systems before DC sucked and ruined their fan base. DC didn't have a DVD player. I was one of the people that actually got a DC on 9/9/99. I remember friends missing out because the launch sucked.
Nathan Yager II (1 month ago)
First system I ever bought myself. Such glorious memories.
Antonin Havelka (1 month ago)
PlayStation 4 life
Happy SpaceInvader (1 month ago)
I still love the Dreamcast... but hate its poorly designed controller.
Gabriel Afonso (1 day ago)
Dreamcast > PS2..... plus the controller was way better
AUGUST PFERSICH (2 days ago)
In my opinion the sega Dreamcast would’ve been a better console if sega didn’t die cause it would’ve had more good games
Timothy Lee Topicz (2 days ago)
Fur Fighters!
Xavier Garcia (2 days ago)
Swigity swoty
Manaf Benayache (2 days ago)
PC is the master of all the consoles, thanks to the emulators ! i have PS 1,2, Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo 64 etc.... ! it s thanks to PC the system of consoles was programmed so ! no PC = no console !
T SexyRexy (2 days ago)
A fatal mix of fan mistrust and otherwise not being able to compete with the ps2
pranayy p (2 days ago)
I miss sega it was better than play station graphics..that time..dreamcast
John Perkins (3 days ago)
Nfl 2k and nba 2k were the most amazing sports games I think I've ever played when they came out. Nba 2k1 might be the best basketball game I've ever played. Live was always the game to have but once I played dreamcast nothing else compared. It was sad cuz no one had a dreamcast back then so no one would believe me (I didn't even have one I had a Playstation, I played on my neighbors dreamcast) lol about 6 yrs later no one played live anymore and nowadays 2k rules every yr. Haha they even stopped making live for a while
LK (3 days ago)
I remember seeing the 2K football previews before movies at the theatre and man it looked awesome. Granted I was playing Madden which had to come out early because FIFA flopped
SuperHydrow (4 days ago)
The Playstation 2. There, saved you 7 minutes.
charles1964 (6 days ago)
I remember going into Funcoland one sunday afternoon and they had "NFL 2K" playing on the monitors and saying to my girlfriend, "I thought it was a four o'clock game?" That's how good it looked at first glance. Also have fun memories of "R.E. Code Veronica", "Soul Caliber", and "Crazy Taxi". A nice system but couldn't stand up to the PS2 with games like "GTA-3" etc.....
Midnight Rocker41 (6 days ago)
Playstation is where it is at, waited for the PS2 instead, went from PS1, PS2, PS3, and now to PS4, I have the Dreamcast Emulator on my PC, so finally playing Dreamcast games after all these years, would of liked to bought a Sega Dreamcast back in 1999, but already bought the Playstation in 1998, and played it for a couple of years and lost interest for video games at the time, and finally bought a PS2 in 2004 when video games were improving, and stuck with the Playstation brand ever since
Vulcan Heist (7 days ago)
Uh the PS2 slaughtered the Dreamcast.
SabbathFan4Life316 (7 days ago)
The PS2 didnt kill the Dreamcast, Sega being run by a bunch of asshats did. All their dumb mistakes like the genesis add ons, the Saturn launch, snubbing Sony (to be fair Nintendo did the same but they made fewer mistakes) and pissing off third party developers (which is ironic considering during the Genesis era, Sega had the better rep among 3rd parties compared to Nintendo iirc) just came to bite them in the ass by the time the Dreamcast came around. So the Dreamcast was fucked from the getgo pretty much
alex_de_tampa (7 days ago)
Dreamcast didn’t just die.... it was murdered !!!
psovegeta (8 days ago)
Well they didn't fail because of me. I was an early supporter of the Genesis. As soon as I started my first job, I purchased a Genesis model 2 from Walmart. Also when I started working at McDonald's, I had a friend who was a few years older than me, introduce me to online gaming on the Dreamcast. Up until then, the only internet I've ever used was the computers in the school library to look up Game Genie codes from Galoob's website. I had no idea online gaming was even a thing. But I purchased a used Dreamcast at the Electronics boutique and oddly enough, it had all the documentation and still smelled like it was newely opened. I think the first purchaser tried it and returned it immediately but it wasn't defective. It worked just fine and my first online game was Phantasy Star Online. It was awesome and I played it every single day consistently for the next few years. Even after I got my Playstation 2 to play Everquest Online Adventures. I would go between both games and play them equally. I still have my Dreamcast and it works just fine. The plastic case is a little bit discolored from age though but I still have the box it came in.
Mr.Mr. (9 days ago)
No one is mentioning how sega killed off all third party support for their console by releasing it a lot earlier than they told third party publishers, effectively betraying their trust and ending support for the Dreamcast. By the way I loved the Dreamcast and wish it would of worked out better for sega.
Robert Featherstone (9 days ago)
In my opinion sega and Nintendo should hav merged back when they released the original game boy and game gear the Nintendo switch would probably be league's ahead of everyone amagine the kind of games they could hav made 25 years ago blowing are minds with all kinds of collaborative type games
absolute royalty (9 days ago)
no noop
E erisen (9 days ago)
We used to play Shenmue a lot as a kid with Dreamcast. It was amazing that time.
Greatest Ever (9 days ago)
I think ultimately dreamcast failed initially due to lack of rpg titles. While it had some good ones and its graphics were alot better than the ps1 it just didnt have the title quantity that Sony and Nintendo had. In the long run I would say it didnt fail as its last big company title released in 2015 which is 14 years after its discontinue. How many other consoles can boast that?
Chris McCue (9 days ago)
I'm a big Sega fan, and I was bummed out when the Sega console era ended. but even if it were an option for them to get back into the console market I'd want proof they'd learned from their mistakes in the '90s. I agree with you, focusing on just trying to make good games is fine. If they worked really hard at re-publishing their old library on Steam and other virtual consoles and made everyone love their brand, with that cash they could get back into some really high quality and creative games like they used to do.
Tania Espinoza (10 days ago)
Sega keep making consoles and Sony made there ps2 that took down Sega Dreamcast
Michael Galleher (10 days ago)
I loved my Dreamcast. I miss it 😭
Nobbs66 (10 days ago)
Buy one on ebay. They're pretty cheap these days.
anthony Lee dickinson (10 days ago)
Lol sega Dreamcast never lived, never mind killed it. The last sega I bought was the megadrive,that shows how down hill sega went for me.
xmen9791 (12 days ago)
I love the dreamcast especially to this day even in this game called hyperdimension neptunia you get a easter egg on a game console on the 4th game you get to seee the dreamcast logog many times which is awesome also brings back many memories well this is my comment cya later
Son of Odin (12 days ago)
I think the Sega Dreamcast just couldn't compete with the Sony PlayStation. I thought and still think the Dreamcast was the best system at that time. I loved the Power Stone series.
Creative Lozer (13 days ago)
Were is sega now..... Leaching off Nintendo and PlayStation
Matthew Martin (13 days ago)
BuT GAmErAnX SEgA iS MaKInG a DREamcAsT 2
duell collins (14 days ago)
Playstation and Nintendo did trashbox just took their spot once they were weak enough
Roadside360 (14 days ago)
It amazes me that the same company that makes the Yakuza series is the same company that's responsible for all the crappy 3D Sonic games
jag (14 days ago)
Built Electric T.V. (14 days ago)
Bootlegging killed dreamcast
777Eliyahu (14 days ago)
I have lots of fond memories playing my Sega Dreamcast. Sadly, the system's fate was sealed by Sega's mismanagement long before it ever came out. These days we have one true gaming company left producing home hardware (Nintendo), and two mass market companies that don't have nearly the level of innovation that we saw in the 90s.
Conrado Javier (15 days ago)
Sega could have Recycled the Saturn when producing Dreamcast, instead of using Microsoft's Help.
Jennifer Royal (15 days ago)
I miss my Saturn and Dreamcast.
Brian J Malmsteen (15 days ago)
I’m one of those disappointed fans of the console.
SuperJustineBros (16 days ago)
XBOX cause he is the one killed the Dreamcast.
FOSSIL FUEL (17 days ago)
Pour decisions from Sega of Japan. Fact!! That's what killed the dreamcast.
SabbathFan4Life316 (7 days ago)
ding ding ding we gotta winner!
Demitri Savic (18 days ago)
dreamcast really died because everyone could just burn their own discs
MrDrevnak (18 days ago)
Matching if Samsung acquire Sega?
Ps2 without watching..now to watch
Shinethelight (18 days ago)
Well it just had a lot of competition...remember the Playstation 1 and 2 had a lot of cool stuff that didn't get put on Dreamcast.
Martin Osorio (18 days ago)
Initially you do present some decent arguments, but then you walk hand in hand, with the common arguments. Too many game consoles, Sony PS1 this and that, Saturn can do 3D, but not like.......? Oh, yes the PS1. The old arguments, heard it before, maybe a 1000,000 and counting. How about mentioning the moody Japanese market, they support the Saturn, but not the Genesis, run with rage and killer instinct to get the N64, then figured, ah, I get the new toy the PSX. How about the Sony's deep pocket, and the way they were able to muscle the market, Sega in a battle of marketing with Sony??? See my point. How about, Sony's ability to buy developers, a la Nintendo, oh yes my friend, do your homework, and not the common and obvious scenario. Yes, may factors you and common Joe points out, and believe there are over a 100,000 common Joe, are true, but to they hold might, water, weight??? How about a market you can set on your own terms, Did Sony do that, no, of course not. I believe you need to stop searching, just for common denominators, and research fact that power that engine, remember NFL receivers can get away with running short routs some some years, but then they need to go deep, if not they are tagged as average or "BUMS" Go for the the deep ball, show some variation, Good luck, man!!!
Lou Sensei (19 days ago)
I'm not going to watch the video but I came here to make a short guess since I was gaming before it came out. How did Dreamcast die?; Bad release timing.
Adam H (19 days ago)
I did like the fact they were bringing the arcade into your living room. I wish arcades were a thing even today but this current gen of gamers have trash taste if any taste at all. Fortnite, League of Legends, Roblox and Minecraft (just scroll down youtube gaming) have replaced the magic and wonder of gaming with hollow ego gratifying free to play CRAP.
wallie dizon (19 days ago)
No no no power Stone was a really good fighting game but the best game on the Dreamcast was marvel vs capcom 2
THE MAN CHANN (19 days ago)
My dick
D.M.K. OKA (20 days ago)
IDC what ppl say the DVD would've added more years for them to come up with something else different
rocksoldier1990 (20 days ago)
Dreamcast = the last real console....
Shady76 (21 days ago)
I wasnt even born yet when the dreamcast died and it makes me sad
Starkiller1036 (21 days ago)
A A Ron (21 days ago)
3rd party publishers
Tomasz Sterna (21 days ago)
There already was a Dreamcast 2. It's called Xbox.
ClassicalGamer (21 days ago)
Reasons why the Dreamcast failed: 1: PlayStation 2 (that doesn't mean the PS2 is a bad console) 2: Stuck with a crappy GD-ROM format 3: Not backwards compatible 4: Barely any third-party support 5: Piracy 6: Sega had a bad reputation with the Saturn and the 32X.
mohsin alimax (22 days ago)
theandroids (22 days ago)
Saga was DC Playstation was Marvel
Richard Chilcott (22 days ago)
Sony killed Sega i chose the PlayStation over the Saturn loved the Mega drive back in the day
I liked picking plays on controller for 2k football
Catunyti.6 .4 (24 days ago)
Wut M8?! 5:27 Compatible with Microsoft® Windows©CE?!?!?!?!?
Sal Luz (24 days ago)
Sega sold their console outline to Microsoft and Xbox became the Sega Dreamcast 2. Xbox 360 is DC3, Xbox One is DC4. Why do you think that Jet Set Radio Future hit the Xbox?
Rafael Ramon (26 days ago)
Dreamcast is somewhere between PS1 and PS2. This arcade approach was what make me happy on these times. Games like samba de amigo, power stone, Virtua striker, Virtua tennis, snk vs Capcom 2..
Rafael Ramon (26 days ago)
One word , PlayStation II
PV5150II (26 days ago)
Well...look at that controller. That killed the system immediately
Eric Addison (26 days ago)
The DreamCast was badass
The Shield (26 days ago)
Sega Dreamcast was my first game console 1999
Evil Pig (27 days ago)
I loved that console and actually still own a working dc. From the way it looked to the controler to the games it was an amazing console.
Sabin1981 (27 days ago)
Isn't anyone else going to comment WTF at SFA3 on the N64? Seriously? WTF? When? How? Why? What??? Check 1:36 in the vid and just... WTF?
Angel Vargas (27 days ago)
I loved the Dreamcast
New Goliard (27 days ago)
Who remembers Soul Calibur? Played that shit tournament style with 20 dudes at Texas State with a beer in one hand and Slipknot blasting the apartment out
theprofessor1250 (27 days ago)
The game at 2:01 looks like the game John Connor was playing at the arcade in terminator 2
ma70er (27 days ago)
Two things killed the Dreamcast. 1. Bernie 2. Stolar
MIKEL Celebi (28 days ago)
D r e a m c a s t (LOGO)
ttgk (28 days ago)
I remember playing sonic adventure for hours...those were the days...
MaxX (28 days ago)
The SEGA Trec~ccst
Hashirama Senju (28 days ago)
Now I why Sega Dreamcast I hope they do a come back
AyK S (28 days ago)
I've never had a Dreamcast. Though I was going to get one just for Marvel vs. Capcom 2, but something came up and I couldn't get it. Can't remember what it was. Yet I remember the console being on display and showcasing Sonic Adventure. I was awestruck just seeing Sonic run like that with a dolphin on his back. I really would have liked if SEGA stayed in the console market as a fourth company. That would have helped us gamers a lot.
Dragon Blade77 (29 days ago)
What killed the Sega Dreamcast!? Everything about it, that's what!
suiken (29 days ago)
Sega's mistake was jumping on the shark too early. Should have waited for the DVD technology to rise. Another mistake is their poor marketing. Most games on the Dreamcast were never exactly well-marketed or rather Sega is always known for poor marketing. You have Shenmue, one of the greatest games of all time with underwhelming copy sales. I didn't even know Soul Calibur was released for the system until later when I played Soul Calibur II on the PS2.
Ewald Cárcamo (29 days ago)
Is that Street Fighter for N64? In 1:35
DanCelsing (30 days ago)
Remember that the DC was so expensive back in 99
Mike M (1 month ago)
Bought a second hand one the other week. NFL Blitz 2000 is still hilarious.
Crimea river (1 month ago)
Sega will always be the OG Japanese company.
Tyler Petersen (1 month ago)
I thought the Dreamcast 2 was the Xbox 😂
RogueNinja (1 month ago)
Yes I remember, Soul Reaver and MDKII. Man, those were games!
Tyron Kelly (1 month ago)
2k was all they had
Nathan Yager II (1 month ago)
Charles thekinglov (1 month ago)
i bet you 100% if they re release the dream cast as is with a new dvd rom instead of just a gd rom people will still buy it no matter how old the games would be or look
Artie Knight YT (1 month ago)
1:54 Unless if you have siblings.
Danny Snitzky (1 month ago)
Dreamcast was fuckin amazing
video gamesman (1 month ago)
Biggest reason why the dreamcast failed is because it didnt have a dvd. That's why sales dropped get a ps2 get a DVD player
misteur axe (1 month ago)
PS2. there. saved you all watching 7:39 minute video.
elin111 (1 month ago)
It was the least relevant factor. The real reason was the Saturn. Gamecube and Xbox were also blown out of the water by the PS2 but they survived, Dreamcast was dead on arrival with or without the PS2 because of the damage done by the Saturn, the PS2 just happened to fasten the process.
Anthony Bedingfield (1 month ago)
The Dreamcast didn't fail, Sega failed because of it's awful business decisions. Sega released five consoles in the 90's, the Saturn and 32x being notable and costly failures. From the day the Saturn was confirmed it wasn't Sega's future, Sega had no console until September 9.1999. You can't sell your games if you don't have a console. The Dreamcast would've had to do Genesis numbers to save Sega's ass. While selling 10 million in it's short life span is pretty good, the competition was legit, way more consistent and wasn't losing money every year. It wasn't going to do Genesis numbers. Maybe if it had stayed around as long as Gamecube and the X-box, it could've sold 20 million but that number wasn't going to save the day.
Willie Deval Parker (1 month ago)
I had 1 when I was a kid 🧒
The201Ray (1 month ago)
I loved the Dreamcast but the final nail was DVD!!!
MY LEG (1 month ago)
If your console controller has a screen, it's automatically unsuccessful
Joh Joh X Solve (1 month ago)
Released before PS2 ... Good bye!
Action Boss (1 month ago)
Piracy is what killed the Dreamcast I been to people's houses with ripped cds, I didn't even know what the hell they was playing lol and the Dreamcast was ahead of it's time it had windows support to play online
Phasor Pain (1 month ago)
Maybe they have closed about the pizzagate logo.

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