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Top 10 Best PC Platformers | Platform Games for Windows, Mac, and Linux

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Presenting a list of the best platformers on the PC. Run, jump, and slide with these top-rated titles for your Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs. Buy these games here and help support this channel via the Amazon affiliate links below: * Antichamber https://goo.gl/9OMFtk * BIT.TRIP Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien https://goo.gl/f4Z75S * Broforce https://goo.gl/pc6Tsx * Ghost 1.0 https://goo.gl/BXOZBD * Gunpoint https://goo.gl/PmHD1L * Hollow Knight https://goo.gl/ct592X * INSIDE https://goo.gl/6zaHqa * LIMBO https://goo.gl/DJsBro * Mark of the Ninja https://goo.gl/iGk3kh * Ori and the Blind Forest https://goo.gl/1RzyMk * Rayman Legends https://goo.gl/Tc8UGo * Shovel Knight https://goo.gl/SmndnC * The Swapper https://goo.gl/9iHRsL * Trine https://goo.gl/V7S3gp whatoplay updates you with the latest, the most anticipated and the best PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, iOS and Android video games today. Subscribe now at https://www.youtube.com/user/whatoplaychannel Discover and Share your video game choices at http://www.whatoplay.com. Connect with other whatoplay followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ - https://www.facebook.com/whatoplay - https://www.twitter.com/whatoplay - https://instagram.com/whatoplay - https://plus.google.com/100536220375867144593/.
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Text Comments (150)
DarKodama (3 days ago)
I thought ''Metroidvania'' was the nickname for Castlevania games which are Metroid style, and not the genre for all Metroid-like games.
videakias3000 (7 days ago)
pc gamer:i just don't understand why people still buy consoles me:maybe because we consoles have more 3d platformers than you do.where is your mario godessy?
Lukas Kasperavicius (7 days ago)
No kirby.
whatoplay (7 days ago)
There's no Kirby game for the PC...
Brain Gaming (14 days ago)
whatoplay (13 days ago)
A Hat in Time on the PC has a Playscore of 8.87.
loganfreilly (25 days ago)
Where is Battleblock Theater?
nounou da (25 days ago)
i need one but for free please any1 knows a game ?
ben king (1 month ago)
Where’s Cuphead?
Harrazotamegane (1 month ago)
Where's Geometry Dash? By the way Rabi Ribi is my favourite platforming game (for now) Check it out on this link: Geometry Dash : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DOWqj3hc3w8 Rabi Ribi : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7-4eDj_FQk
David (1 month ago)
I don't see how antichamber belongs on this list. Is it really a platformer game? Hmm... Otherwise great list. A lot of amazing games.
Any of here has played to the new Space Zombies Invasion that has been released on 3 of March, it is a retro 2D game, but it is really cool, I've laughed a lot with it!.
Stevepunk (1 month ago)
You compressed the video too much before uploading.
jorge sanabria (1 month ago)
que clase de niño rata hizo esta lista?
Theodor THFC (1 month ago)
Unravel deserves a shout in this
Gabriell Florentin (2 months ago)
andrei chis (2 months ago)
After i saw Limbo i stopped watching.
David (1 month ago)
And why is that? Limbo is amazing.
Miguel Herrera (2 months ago)
http://tankionline.com#friend=fc06c41a6 the best of all my friends.
Paul Xaxier (2 months ago)
Nice list, but you missed something that should definitely be here SLIP. It should probably be at the top.
azuarc (2 months ago)
"afurvissant"...that's eff-er-vess-ent. Plenty of other times when the guy reading the script said things strangely, too, though mostly in the accenting and pausing rather than overt mispronunciation.
KnightMD (2 months ago)
I was so worried Ori wasn't going to be the first and that you'd go for Braid or meatboy... LOVE ORI.
Diego Alfaro (2 months ago)
Hollow Knight and ori are the best
Samir Aggoun (2 months ago)
thanks man it is .......mazing
Mr_Rkar (2 months ago)
5.first person not shotter
Iam Arab (2 months ago)
GodOfMyPants (3 months ago)
How the fuck is Antichamber on a "best platformer" list, more than that, it's listed between 2D platformers...
Kasiru Maheshan (3 months ago)
Qwe Asd (3 months ago)
Ori and the Blind Forest is very hard and overrated game, i think. I could not resist.
Quentin Umbra (3 months ago)
"LSD sold separately" lmao! Already a fan of this channel.
Tomas Aguirre (3 months ago)
9 11
I really loved Ori and the blind forest. Best game ever!
Ivo Variva (3 months ago)
Omg i love ory
Shaheer Rafiq (4 months ago)
i am looking for a fast paced plattformer like mario or metroid. i dont like puzzles. what i need is color speed and thrill. oh by the way i have a pc
Shearman360 (1 month ago)
Get Sonic Mania
David Johnson Ekka (4 months ago)
No Guacamelee
Kunal Chavan (5 months ago)
no shanks and shanks 2
Ayush Pandey (5 months ago)
Now Cuphead wins the list.
illogical 06 (4 months ago)
I think I still liked Ori more. Both were amazing games. I stumbled upon Ori. So happy I did.
Annie Max (5 months ago)
child of light?
Ákos Kulcsár (5 months ago)
No Geometry Dash, no like
Overrated Redstone (17 days ago)
Be May not be one. But it's hella close, and hella good
loganfreilly (25 days ago)
Geometry Dash is not even close to a platformer.
Utkan Aktaş (5 months ago)
Ori actually its not good for PC .. Specially with keyboard controls... Hollow Knight warn you for using (recomendin to the player) gamepad. But even Hollow Knight's keyboard gameplay far better than Ori.
Renn Stkevid Loloy (1 month ago)
Played Ori with keyboard + mouse and HK with keyboard. and finish both games without control problems. its a matter of gitting gud. and remapping if can be remap. the only advantage the xbox controller for me is you could sit back and relax much better.
Shearman360 (1 month ago)
You do realise you can use controllers on pc, right?
Paolo Grasso (2 months ago)
You can play it with a Microsoft Xbox controller on Microsoft Windows.
_ZGAMER (6 months ago)
do like top 10 Minigames game to Play with friends in home with controller (pc)
Stevan Y (6 months ago)
Zdena (6 months ago)
https://muffinman1.itch.io/red This is the hardest platformer I've ever played, I bet you can't finish it
videoghost (6 months ago)
I find the lack of Shantae games disappointing.
Chronicle- (6 months ago)
Ákos Kulcsár (5 months ago)
Zhan Terraria is not a platformer. A platformer is usually 2D, and cointains levels, parkour and maybe even enemies. Terraria is a sandbox game
EngineerZ.Games (6 months ago)
I think gameboy like pixel art is the coolest. I got inspired to make my own little pixel art retro game, a jungle survival platformer :)
Mishima Gasai (7 months ago)
fix your title
Encounterpart (7 months ago)
I trust no man that did not include Abe on the list!
killuminatiGIB (7 months ago)
i remember when limbo first came out, i downloaded it on my iphone5C i was absolutely hooked. i mean ive never been hooked on a phone game before so for me this was a huge deal, i was obsessed with this game when i found out about the other game (inside i think) i bought it straight away on the xbox! since the day i finished it ive been looking for similars games but nothing yet
isra mintTM (7 months ago)
omg best intro i saw in my life (HD and smooth)
brandon brown (8 months ago)
no shantae rip
Skrenex (8 months ago)
you forgot dust an elysian tale
whatoplay (8 months ago)
An action RPG, Dust: An Elysian Tail currently has a PlayScore of *8.63*.
Hisyko (8 months ago)
I wonder where the hell is ''The end is nigh''
Hisyko (8 months ago)
hollow kinght? it seems cool yeah but i bought it and i can tell you its not cool! u never know what to do, where to go, whats suppost to defeat, what is the history, it only have good graphics. No more. believe me
Xanthor86 (8 months ago)
A good runner up would be dead cells
Monty Kashyap (8 months ago)
Already expected ori and the blind forest game to be #1 otherwise i would be writing this comment full with swearing words.
DukeofAnger (9 months ago)
It says top 10 but it is a top 15 😂
Pedro Jose (9 months ago)
aww, no momodora? :(
Esfar (9 months ago)
@whattoplay how did you miss "Braid "?
whatoplay (9 months ago)
Sadly, Braid does not have a PlayScore yet at the moment. Hopefully, it will receive more reviews soon.
Daniil Pautkin (9 months ago)
Where's not a hero?!
whatoplay (9 months ago)
Not a Hero has a PlayScore of *8.02*.
śmieć (9 months ago)
i doubt smb and hollow knight deserves to be here broforce and rayman legends sucks spelunky deserves to be on list, not in honorable mentions but i agree ori is the best
Tim Tom (9 months ago)
this list is perfect! got 90% of the games
whatoplay (9 months ago)
Aw, thank you. That means a lot!
SolinotheWolf (9 months ago)
But gunpoint is not platformer in any sense. It's a puzzle game. No, not even a puzzle platformer.
digest (9 months ago)
I think Super Meat Boy is one of, if not the best platformer ever created.
Maurice Higuera (9 months ago)
You just nailed it with Ori and the Blind Forest on the first place, the game is just perfect. The only thing I don't get is why Braid didn't got a place on the list?
Taye Hinds (9 months ago)
where is dead cells ?
Vucub Caquix (9 months ago)
No FEZ is a huge disappointment.
Mohd. Al-jaber (10 months ago)
u mean top 15, right?
Super Nova (10 months ago)
So where can we see those "playscores" ourselves?
Super Nova (10 months ago)
Thanks for answering. I'm curious to see what it will bring!
whatoplay (10 months ago)
Glad you asked! We have a website that's currently in development. We will launch it very soon. :)
Slepi Mis (10 months ago)
On title says top 10, it should say top 15
Legit Tutorials (10 months ago)
bii dii (10 months ago)
Please whatoplay make top ps4 platformers as soon as possible! I'm really confused which one is the better for platformers ps4 or pc
whatoplay (10 months ago)
Thank you! That's definitely the plan (but don't tell Metacritic). You'll be glad to know that we're launching our website soon, so you can find all the PlayScores you want.
bii dii (10 months ago)
whatoplay you guys are best☺ hopefully one day you become famous like metacritic btw I'm a subscriber for more than a year respect from Saudi Arabia
whatoplay (10 months ago)
We can't promise it'll be soon, but we'll definitely put it on our scheudule. :)
Mohammad Owesat (10 months ago)
Man! i saw shovel knight in your videos many times
whatoplay (10 months ago)
Yup! It's a highly praised game. You should try it out. :)
cartoon episodes (10 months ago)
top 15 or top up 10? cuz the title is top 10 and the video is top 15 ....
cartoon episodes (9 months ago)
whatoplay :D
whatoplay (10 months ago)
Thanks! :)
cartoon episodes (10 months ago)
whatoplay it's OK still a great video!!!! 💚💚💚💚
whatoplay (10 months ago)
Sorry, our mistake! The title has been updated. Thanks for the heads up!
cartoon episodes (10 months ago)
Fathurrahman Zuhdi (10 months ago)
"Lsd sold seperately" -antichamber <3
Dusan Bursac (10 months ago)
No geometry dash :/ well it's to throw the phone are computers game xD
Supertartory (10 months ago)
Read the title again
whatoplay (10 months ago)
No One (10 months ago)
Love all of this games so much <3
Skerty (10 months ago)
we all knew Ori will be the first !
N0N4ME (10 months ago)
Top 10 or Top 15?
Bá Quát Cao (1 month ago)
10 months and still top 10 :::
Leiner S (2 months ago)
whatoplay still top 10 lol
Panvick Yamanaka (5 months ago)
it's actually top 20
nazarenko.maxim (10 months ago)
It's still top 10.
whatoplay (10 months ago)
15, sorry. We've updated the title.
Zino El Gato (10 months ago)
Interesting list although there's some games on here that I'll definitely wouldn't call platformers.
Zino El Gato (10 months ago)
Artiq I don't think that Antichamber is a platformer, more like a fps puzzle game like Portal. Gunpoint feels as much a platformer as Not a Hero would be, and again not sure I'd categorize is as a platformer...Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, *just no*! And then there's a few, not sure what I'd call em, like Bit Trip, who's more a rhythm game like guitar hero, but I'll let than one slide.
detnoball (10 months ago)
Momodora - Reverie Under the Moonlight
whatoplay (10 months ago)
Momodora - Reverie Under the Moonlight nearly currently has a PlayScore of *8.50*.
ThatUndeadLegacy (10 months ago)
Indies are way more creative than AAA games.
Hannibal0098 (9 months ago)
+Mugiwara no Link Do you consider that recent CoD games are better and more creative than Minecraft?
ThatUndeadLegacy (10 months ago)
exactly, claiming a game is better because it's AAA is stupid. it has the potential to be better since the budget is there, but not all AAA games are masterpieces.
Mugiwara no Link (10 months ago)
+ThatUndeadLegacy idk
ThatUndeadLegacy (10 months ago)
+Strawhat there is no defined term for it. would you consider Obsidian indie devs? the ones who made an "AAA" games like South Park, Star wars, and fallout? lol
keL Fernandez (10 months ago)
No Salt and Sanctuary?
her0ju4na (9 months ago)
it definately should be top 5 imo...
keL Fernandez (10 months ago)
whatoplay too bad it didn't make it to the list hehe.
whatoplay (10 months ago)
At the moment, Salt and Sanctuary has a PlayScore of *8.29*.
Anonymous (10 months ago)
The Title written as top 10 but the video is Top 15?
whatoplay (10 months ago)
Thanks for the heads up. We've updated the title.
Cloudy / Mac (10 months ago)
the tittle is wrong, it should be top 15
RiseOfTheFlutes (3 months ago)
whatoplay it says top 10....
whatoplay (10 months ago)
You're right. Sorry about that. We've updated the title to reflect that. Thanks!
Nicolas Rambeau (10 months ago)
Cloudy / Mac you are right , I think they should change it ASAP
Ahmed Ikli (10 months ago)
I have meatboi
ᴅɪᴢᴏʟɪᴢ (10 months ago)
Nice, This is really one of little quality channels
Mr Wolf (10 months ago)
Visual novels for android plz :D!
whatoplay (10 months ago)
We're not sure if there's enough games in competition. We'll see what we can do. :)
Juan E. Saavedra Dávila (10 months ago)
isnt child of light an rpg? I played the Game and never thought It was a platform
cantfindafreenick (10 months ago)
Juan E. Saavedra Dávila It is. it's turn based RPG. However, movement is set up in platformer style and it have strong platforing elements. So, it can be counted as platformer. I personaly just count this game as RPG.
Plural (10 months ago)
Do the worst version
Wyatt Is The Best (10 months ago)
(I have hollow knight, whoever doesn't have it right now should get it and continue their life with this game forever)
Shearman360 (1 month ago)
Saul Osio it isn't on the switch
Shearman360 (1 month ago)
TSZARIFBUJ better than ori? yes...
śmieć (9 months ago)
better than ori? no...
SomeDude96 (9 months ago)
yeah, the exact same feeling I have with Ori.
Wyatt Is The Best (10 months ago)
It is probably better than ori, don't listen to the playscore! It just has that feel of wanting to finish the game and wanting to uncover all the secrets and upgrade yourself so much.
Marco Monasterio (10 months ago)
Notification squad. Where are you?

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