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The Stanley Parable Easter Eggs And Secrets HD

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All Easter Eggs, Secrets and References found in The Stanley Parable FULL standalone version (not Demo, not HL2 mod) including Secret Endings. I honestly didn't expect this game could have so many Easter Eggs! Music: Countdown OST The List: 01. Screen Input (Heaven Ending) 02. Payday Mask 03. Employee of the YEAR 04. Lovely Textures (FacePunch Cheat) 05. Gone Home Note 06. Escape Pod 07. Secret Disco 08. Button Icons 09. Anticlockwise Clock 10. Whiteboard Ending 11. Window Glitch 12. Music Elevator 13. 1 2 B 4 14. You Are Not Alone! 15. Enhanced Credits 16. Bathroom Poetry 17. Code 18. Minecraft And Portal (Games Ending) 19. YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58mE7Vy1Xrc 20. No Cheating (Serious Room) 21. Broom Closet 22. Coward Ending 23. Behind The Scenes (Museum Ending) Thank you for watching! Stay tuned for more Easter Eggs!
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Text Comments (332)
iiBlack Genesis (7 hours ago)
There is more dialogue in the broom closet, For example: if you wait for a long time the narrator says this: Maybe if you go talk about this with your friends you’ll say: *”OH, DID U GET THE BROOM CLOSET ENDING? THEB ROOM CLOSET ENDING WAS MY FAVRITE!!1!1XD”* I hope your friends find this concerning... | yup.
Jas Tarnowski (1 day ago)
for the disco easter egg do you have to go back after pressing the lift button? cuz the doors close on me while i try to do this please help
Invinci-Creep 7049 (11 days ago)
who the heck is whitney? do you mean wheatley? from portal? if so, work on remembering names, bud. or else you will look like a idiot
Z Man17 (16 days ago)
the secret room is possible to get without the escape pod ending.
wissards (23 days ago)
His name is wheatly not witney
Moyasser Mohammed (27 days ago)
can you do a vid about saints row 4 or prototype 2
Audi A7 (29 days ago)
False. 1957 was the code, not 1947. The narrator'll open it whatever you put.
Mr.Finland707 (1 month ago)
7:13 it's wheatly
Roman Colangelo (1 month ago)
The music sounds straight from a horror movie.
TehSniper (1 month ago)
Finally,You are a good boy
TehSniper (1 month ago)
Wait in the broom room there was an TF2 Engineer Wrench
Jason (1 month ago)
Of course Stanley’s heaven is a ton of colorful buttons
Mindaugas Udalcovas (1 month ago)
counter lockwise clocks are behind windows to other offices
Mindaugas Udalcovas (1 month ago)
employee of the year not of the month
Smol Trash Cat (2 months ago)
What's with the extremely stupid music?
HeyIt'sDave (2 months ago)
Sierra Likos (2 months ago)
Haha I've never heard of payday but clicked this because the mask was Dallas mask, and I've only heard of goat simulator payday.
Nivec (2 months ago)
This game has the most creative easter eggs ever created
Muchen (2 months ago)
The background music is annoying
MayhemGames (2 months ago)
I actually found another one. In the portal section you can actually glitch the cube out of the door so you're stuck in their forever. The narrator just leaves you for the lost cause that you are XD
Oliver Pyke (2 months ago)
Oliver Pyke (2 months ago)
Oliver Pyke (2 months ago)
Escape pod thing is a ending too
Oliver Pyke (2 months ago)
Heaven is a ending
SPREAD EM NOW!!! (2 months ago)
At the broom closet on the bottom of the shelf that wrench is from tf2 :)
15:16 the broom closet you miss engineer wrench from team fortress 2
Onion Player (3 months ago)
Yasemin Ateş (3 months ago)
there is engineer' wrench from TF2 in 15:30
skulleeman (3 months ago)
The music is a bit much
Z Gamer (3 months ago)
U forgot the 10000 boxes
UnonkeR (3 months ago)
Half-Life 🅱️
The one who waits (3 months ago)
This game’s starting to scare me I. I” the random encounters just feel unsettling to me (reading through discussions on steam, people talked about phones ringing and scattered papers) the confusion ending is also just... off. It won’t stop me from playing this amazing game though! Also, nice video :)
Rhayzan craft (3 months ago)
Dallas ?
English Guy4 (3 months ago)
Its pronounced "Wheatley," not Whitney. If I didnt replay Portal 2 100 times I would have thought it was Whitney too.
Jessika Romeo (3 months ago)
Where can I play this game?
d1bbl3s (3 months ago)
Mikestion (3 months ago)
ayy, dallas's mask. ah luv it.
Marvin Pacada (3 months ago)
How do you know this easter eggs
Thijs van den Heuvel (3 months ago)
The portal game in the games ending can be broken using the radio and the cube the narrator will talk about stanley's dream with the giant button, then you have to restart manually.
Dylan Mir (3 months ago)
Who is Whitney? at 7:17 Do you mean GLaDOS and Wheatley?
Fathan597verɪfɪed ̇ (3 months ago)
Vendy Bird Švadl (4 months ago)
when i expoling computers i found employee database said that 604 employees works in but only two employees are in office and the second employee have no id#
Prem Ruklittikul (4 months ago)
There's the Easter egg where you had to somehow move the cube into the elevator room, out of your reach by using the radio to stick it in the doorway, I think. Then the narrator would say you somehow broke a very simple puzzle and you'll be stuck looking at the Big Red Button. I know this was made awhile ago, but that could of been a nice Easter egg to add to the video.
Just a human (4 months ago)
What happens if you put >bark in the console
Dis guy (4 months ago)
The place was just robbed, that is why everyone is gone
Daniel Hibbs (4 months ago)
The baby one makes me sad!
Daniel Hibbs (4 months ago)
Window ending
Daniel Hibbs (4 months ago)
Again the escape pod secret is the escape pod ending
Daniel Hibbs (4 months ago)
The heaven secret is actually called the heaven ending
D. W. (4 months ago)
missed a lot.
mannystella (4 months ago)
7:19 ....Whitney? You mean *Wheatley*?
Cetin Taner (5 months ago)
16:50 XD
luckyboss072 (5 months ago)
14:41 SAVAGE LEVEL 1000
Waluigi Cult Member (5 months ago)
Ray (5 months ago)
Make a part 2!!!
Ahw1231 (5 months ago)
I found almost all of these just playing the game, other than the ones you needed to enter codes for. I think it was intended for the average player to find these just playing normally.
hilario (6 months ago)
did you get the broom closet ending, theb room closet ending was my favourite
creative name (6 months ago)
does anyone hear someone saying "stanley" during the elevator
Raptor (6 months ago)
8:02 Listen Closely To song and you might hear "Stanley"
Evan'sWorld (6 months ago)
Raptor (6 months ago)
7:46 Is a easy Secret to actually get, but The bathroom was hard for me to catch
Raptor (6 months ago)
5:01 Is my favorite one also i do it everytime!
Ok so this is a mild theory but I think that the narrator (AKA the bitch) Is cloning Stanleys
Leiser (7 months ago)
Dude tone down the music for fuck sake
Adam (7 months ago)
Wheathly *
Sleepy Egg (8 months ago)
Brian Beach (8 months ago)
theres an easter egg that i think has 12 or 13 steps to do but it pretty much breaks the game. the secret lets you play as Chell from Portal games :D you even get a portal gun. but after doing this, the narrator stops talking :/ leaving you as Chell i think until you restart :/
I love these “Easter eggs and secrets”
Sid Duck (8 months ago)
RobloxGamerVN (8 months ago)
VINH is a name in vietnam country
Captain Yoshi (8 months ago)
Captain Yoshi (8 months ago)
The clock was fine, you just looked at the thick part
Husnain Naeem (8 months ago)
Well that's a lots of Easter egg I have seen but I like the pay day mask
Sans Le skele (8 months ago)
Well, the broom closet has the engineers wrench from TF2
Ibrahim Alawadhi (8 months ago)
8:42 "so were are not alone" ?
berkcan şakru (9 months ago)
at 15:29 you can see engineers wrench
Beverley Thomas (9 months ago)
11:48 That's one of the deaths from "Who's Your Daddy?" 14:11 it was a legitimately good song though
Rían Glynn (9 months ago)
The narrators voice sounds like Ardyn from Final Fantasy 15 :P
mad gold (9 months ago)
8:36 Wait a minute...Wait, How could I haven't noticed it sooner? I just found some sort of encrypted numbers. 4B6=436 4B7=437 (if this is true then there are 2 rooms numbered 437 4B5=435 4?8=438 4B9=439 4B2=432 4B1=431 4B4=434 0B5=035 0B4=034 0B3=033 0B2=032 0B1=031
Julian _Wire (9 months ago)
Kacpi26 Play More Easter Egg and Secret In game👍🐸
slaimi Ninja 74 (9 months ago)
Kacpi26 ar you fro poland
Max Myzer (9 months ago)
William hides the best secrets
Brian Beach (9 months ago)
(the pencils and sharpener is right on your desk in room 427 :D
Brian Beach (9 months ago)
theres another secret. when you start, keep clicking on the pencils and sharpener, and a voice will yell out, DENIAL!
Brian Beach (9 months ago)
you missed the art ending. do the baby game for 2 hours. then you have to do a game where you have to stop the puppy from eating the pirahnas, at the same time doing the baby game. do that for 2 more hours and bam! you are in a room with a few messages. :D
Brian Beach (9 months ago)
you missed the art ending. do the baby game for 2 hours. then you have to do a game where you have to stop the puppy from eating the pirahnas, at the same time doing the baby game. do that for 2 more hours and bam! you are in a room with a few messages. :D
matesz93 hagyma (9 months ago)
You are the best easter egg hunter!!!
rabbid man (9 months ago)
you can get trapped in the portal room by pushing the cube at a angle through the door and there is a extention to the broom closet room
Morgan Kidd (10 months ago)
At 7:52 you can hear Stanley singing (might be someone else) you might need headphones on and turn on the sound loud to hear it
I don’t know (10 months ago)
Stanley needs a medic bag
Russell Watts (10 months ago)
Glados and Whitney? You mean Wheatley.
Pinhead Larry (10 months ago)
true that... whitney houston sure does talk a lot...
Jaxxx x (10 months ago)
The guy walking look like Stanley I'm talking about the shirt
SirTroyish (10 months ago)
you know there is a lot more dialoge if you stay in the broom closet
Lt Scouton (10 months ago)
I have a question: WHAT IS THE STANLEY PARABLE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
GuGa you know (10 months ago)
Someone knows a song from the end of the kacpi videos?
Sir.Bacon (10 months ago)
You forgot that you can get stuck in the first puzzle the same way as in portal when you do the game ending.
Carlium (10 months ago)
you can get yourself stuck in the portal game
angela 227788 (10 months ago)
And also for Josh Jepson his text was different from that money one. His is about bathrooms or toilets.
angela 227788 (10 months ago)
Dude check your grammar
angela 227788 (10 months ago)
Whitney? Did you mean Wheatley?

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