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SC Cheats & Glitches: Sonic Adventure 2 - Unlimited Animal Usage

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An easy to follow tutorial on how to use the same Animal/Chaos Drive on your Chao as many times as you want! Check out my other channel: http://www.youtube.com/MykLeeGamez Welcome to 1upTV Games! THE Channel for EVERYTHING video games. Reviews, impressions, previews, live streams, full game playthroughs, everything under the 1up-Island sun. If you need your retro, classic and next gen gaming fix, we're it. Check us out, get subscribed and let's play some video games. ► Be social with the 1upTV Games Crew on Twitter: Yoshi1up | https://www.twitter.com/Yoshi1up Yokijirou | https://www.twitter.com/Yokijirou CVAnimation | https://twitter.com/CVAnimation ► Kick back on the 1up-Island: http://www.1up-island.com ► Join our Facebook Group! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1upTV/
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Text Comments (98)
Maria LPSville (1 month ago)
Gonna try that :D Thanks!
Hunter Ingram (2 years ago)
What is that song called when the cheats and glitches screen plays?
Kalorio Gaming (2 years ago)
Im Pretty sure they are copieng son of a Glitch A+Start
MasterGamingYT™ (1 month ago)
Kalorio Gaming Nope
Connor Salvatore (2 years ago)
when i do that, can i still get a chaos chao? or do i need to wait until they reincarnate and then give them the 21 animals?
WeegeeLord1337 (3 years ago)
question: how can i make my chao stop moving for like 1 hour?
WeegeeLord1337 (2 years ago)
oh yea I forgot about that glitch lol
Kingdom Savior (3 years ago)
In the hero garden. Right as you enter that small pillar to your left where that small grass is at. Put your chao there and it won't be able to move.
Super-Sonic Ultra (4 years ago)
Please i need help ! I gave my chao a bat, and its legs did disappear. How can i "fix" it ? 
Super-Sonic Ultra (3 years ago)
DragonEXecuTionER (3 years ago)
+SonicFan1234 or you could give it skeleton dogs, which are located on church mountain in pumpkin hill, and the cage right next to the iron box in pyramid cave. those remove animal qualities and are much easier than 15-20 animals.
Super-Sonic Ultra (3 years ago)
Ok, thanks :D
Destroyer of Universes (3 years ago)
dats supposed to happen
CWI (3 years ago)
You have to give it a boat load of other animals, usually 15-20
Sir Flam (4 years ago)
Do a sonic generations glitch
Nathan Arvin (4 years ago)
Holy crap this ACTUALLY works
Johnny Carson (4 years ago)
MasterGamingYT™ (1 month ago)
Johnny Carson No u
Matias Gaming (4 years ago)
Im number 22222
Ryon Brown (4 years ago)
Like sonic 34 i glith
Calvin Strothers (4 years ago)
much much much easier if you do this along the pillar in the Hero Garden. Do this with the pillar along the left side of your character and the animal wont be able to bounce away. Just spam from there
jose ochoa (4 years ago)
Its awesome
CHAOTICMASTER33 (4 years ago)
no it doesn't only animals or chaos drives
ss4radiz (5 years ago)
omg... thanks so much man! I can now make my ultimate chao :D
fzeromaster2 (5 years ago)
ya dont say
fareedbakhit (5 years ago)
the awkward moment when you learn that the chaos have a cup limit >_< i played this game on ps3 & rise two chaos till they became adults each of them their skills hit 2000 and even higher, then one day i saw them goes back to the tear drop like bubble and return to child form and all the hard earned skills that spend my free times built on them for months goes back to 1 o_o but each still have all the prizes they won toys gems or badges and they still smarts no need to goes back studying.
Blood Plectrum (5 years ago)
Does it work with chao or skills fruit I forgot what it is was called.
Addpar52 (5 years ago)
Jason Griffith
justin aguiluz (5 years ago)
Does it work with sonic adventure 1
justin aguiluz (5 years ago)
Does it work with sonic adventure 1
1yoshi426 (5 years ago)
i'm pretty sure they left this glitch on purpose :P
C H (5 years ago)
i wish i can buy it^_^ sonics rocks
SRapll (5 years ago)
What level does ,my baby chao evole to a hero chao
KyleXlr8 (5 years ago)
Do A SC Cheats & Glitches: Sonic The Hedgehog (Genesis)
3Kaio4Goku3 (5 years ago)
I have done this cheat quite a bit to achieve the types of chao I wanted and yes finish them very quickly so that I could go ahead and get the emblems from the chao races. Very cool and once you get used to it very easy and a very fast way to achieve what you need and/or want.
Sharpshooter3651 (5 years ago)
I remember doing this cheat, but I forgot completely
Maddie of Many Fates (5 years ago)
WOW! this is going to help alot!
Ramon Cornejo (5 years ago)
Can it work in Sonic Adventure???
KingMickeyROLZ (5 years ago)
dammit, my chao is a swimaholic and will ALWAYS start walking to the pool when i'm positioned :/
Skyler Conley (5 years ago)
i am 9 i have been in love with sonic games since i was 7 how long have you loved playing sonic
Skyler Conley (5 years ago)
im 9 crax
hardial saund (5 years ago)
do it in the hero garden then put your chao where the whit piller is then you chao won't move
hardial saund (5 years ago)
might sound funny
hardial saund (5 years ago)
oh ok i didn't know because i'm a 9 year old
1upTV Games (5 years ago)
What are you talking about? If I said "EVERY port" then that automatically includes the PC version
hardial saund (5 years ago)
you forgot the pc version it works on that too
Adonis Girault (5 years ago)
Thanks man. Diffucult but useful.
Bulletpanda01 (5 years ago)
There's an easier way to do this. First you need the Hero Garden (probably the hardest part to do) then as soon as you enter the Hero Garden, go left and place your chao behind the fallen pillar. It gets stuck usually anywhere on the pillar. Then, do what MykLee said!
1upTV Games (5 years ago)
I mentioned in the video that it works in every port. Plus the footage in this video was recorded from the PS3 version
MetiortheHedgehog21 (5 years ago)
this is the easiest as eggman
TheMrSonicFan99 (5 years ago)
The KING (5 years ago)
This was helpful! lol I love this Glitch lol
Fire Kitten86 (5 years ago)
i use it all the time.. but when my "ultimate" chao tries to go swim, he's pretty fast sooo.. that's the part when i do rude stuff; - i feed my chao - i take the food away from him - repeat this a few times - he starts to cry - now he wont run off to swim, as long as he cries, you can give unlimited chaos drives/small animals.. as long as you not screw it x3
Gravesyte (5 years ago)
what the fawk seriously now this is making me want to buy the full version for xbox 360 I had all the emblems on gamecaube to me a hella long time though but it was hella worth it I had this seriously strong chao now I want to make a choas chao and and true angel chao now
VolOpt2 (5 years ago)
manfreako (5 years ago)
I believe they patched this on xbox. I did it with a chaos drive but when it flew in the air it didn't give my choa the stats.
NomCookiez (5 years ago)
Hey Could you do a tutorial on how to make a quick sonic chao?
LazyD4rkn3ss (5 years ago)
ye i just figured that out yesterday. Thx for actually answering tho
pokesonic72 (5 years ago)
this can also work with sadx all versions
Shadow look angry while holding a Chao.... how is that possible?
LazyD4rkn3ss (6 years ago)
Can somebody help I can't get my chao out of the garden to the kindergarten....
Mohammad Aseeri (6 years ago)
Hey can u make a vid on how to get all 21 animals plz so that I can make a chaos chao 😊
LoneVictim (6 years ago)
and thats how kids how you can get a sonic chao faster
Valkyrie247 (6 years ago)
Yeah I mean playing the GameCube version on my Wii.
LoneVictim (6 years ago)
nvm needed to watch mroe of the vid
LoneVictim (6 years ago)
this also works on gc version right?
Mohammad Aseeri (6 years ago)
I thought its patched in the ps3 / 360 version
Cooldude1453 (6 years ago)
Because id you can how do you get it
Cooldude1453 (6 years ago)
Is it possible to get chaos drives in sonic adventure 1
Supergirl Kels (6 years ago)
Thanks for the reply! And thanks for the info! I'm trying to do some cool stuff and now I know where to get started! So thanks a lot again! Keep up the great work and give best regards to Caden!
Eric Schoon (6 years ago)
this works with sa1
Valkyrie247 (6 years ago)
This is very helpful, but I think when I get the game for Wii, I will just do it the actual way, to make it funner. I prefer not to cheat, but this is interesting.
SSBJack911 (6 years ago)
Thanks for the help! I haven't played my sa2b in so long, but maybe now this will help me get back into it
1upTV Games (6 years ago)
Thanks for the support! I use Sony Vegas. However, this intro in particular (with the voice saying "Sonic's Channel!") was made by my brother Caden Redpearl (Cadenskii) with flash.
dinks435 (6 years ago)
thank you mykle
Supergirl Kels (6 years ago)
Heyy Sonic's Channel :D I've seen all your videos, but I have a question that you can hopefully answer :) I LOVE the way your opening is done and the video editing is done, Which program do you use to edit?
sonicpelaaja (6 years ago)
You can just see the stats on the screen!! It was much much harder in the Dreamcast version. The batteries died so quickly on the VMU.
Gamer Ogre (6 years ago)
does this work on sadx
FlaringRose (6 years ago)
whys that
Cereal (6 years ago)
PKspectre (6 years ago)
You'll need the DLC.
MasterGamingYT™ (4 months ago)
pkSpectre No
Weeb (6 years ago)
Same can be done in Sonic Adventure 1 or DX
Angel Nelo (6 years ago)
I remember using this trick on the GameCube ahhh good times :)
AYYKWAM (6 years ago)
@MonkeyManMovies444 Or mabye even a chao named "White"
Codex282 (6 years ago)
DO you think Mad Space is the most painful level to get an A rank on? I never got Neo Green Hill because of goddamn Mad Space
sonicblackboy (6 years ago)
it works for sonic adventure dx as well
DaDigitalMastah (6 years ago)
I have a question if anyone can help me... Is obligatory to buy the Battle DLC for the PS3/X360 version of the game in order to unlock the extra stages, characters and Chao Karate? Or I can unlock them without the DLC?
TheSuspect420 (6 years ago)
im the 234th viewer
1upTV Games (6 years ago)
It's not stuck at 174 actually. Usually gets stuck at around 305
AscensionUSA (6 years ago)
old glitch. Already knew about that before this version came out. Still usefull though because I had completely forgotten about it.
D. Young (6 years ago)
there is also a glitch in the Hero garden. If you go to the fallen pillar to the far right of the stage and put your chao right next to the pillar,he will get stuck in place. Your chao will not be able to walk,he will only take a couple of steps and stop. This makes it alittle easier to use the chaos drives,they should not bounce if done correctly.
MonkeyMan (6 years ago)
Dark Chao named Griffith and Hero Chao named Drummond? Lemme guess, you also have a neutral Chao named "Smith", don't ya?
sonicschanneljr (6 years ago)
Kidundead (6 years ago)
Haha been using this glitch and it's a god send
SonicUpdater (6 years ago)
haaaaax :D lol
MetalSoldier (6 years ago)
sa2 hd is so freakin sexy
Sonicfan3841 (6 years ago)
Thank you! This makes raising my chao MUCH easier. :D

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